Juvenile Detained for Possible DUI After Passenger Received Major Injuries in Traffic Accident

chp major injury featureJust before midnight last night, emergency services received a report of an accident. A 16-year-old juvenile driving a vehicle containing three juvenile passengers was involved in an accident. The vehicle collided with a tree on Fire Road 6N66 off of Titlow Hill, according to a California Highway Patrol spokesperson.

Two of the passengers received head injuries–one had minor and one had major injuries. A medical helicopter was requested but declined because of the weather. The patients were transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka.

California Highway Patrol officers arrested the 16-year-old driver for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.



  • The Apache Warrior

    How in the hell did he get a car at that age and why was he out that late at night and where in the hell were the Parents of the other 3 juveniles? All of the Parents needs to be locked up also. You can’t call them Parents if their kids are out running around this time of night and in this type of area. Luckily, none of them were killed.

    • What world do you live in? I had a car at 16 and drove “just before midnight”. That’s not odd.

    • You can’t judge everyone without first knowing the full story…. Plus since you are not perfect either cause no one is, then maybe keep it to yourself….

    • Any kid can have a liscence at 16 and it’s extremly common for kids to have cars right when they get their liscence. What’s the point in getting the liscence if you can’t have freedom to drive your own car. Also it’s called a party. This thing that high schoolers do. Kids drink at parties and do stupid shit.

    • Where did it say the juvenile was a “he?”

  • The drunk part is what bothers me. He could have killed innocent people.Now his insurance gets to pay for all passengers!!if they happen to have it that is.i hope their going to be ok.16,dui.Dont they take your license away?hopefully his parents take the car away

    • At under 21, your license is taken until you turn 21 if convicted of under the influence. With major injuries, there could be additional problems when they reach 21. Insurance, etc.

    • And I drove drunk at 16. Of course it wasn’t very illegal back then. The judging that goes on by some of you is utterly disgusting btw. I realize you are quite perfect. Don’t worry, God will punish you for that before he even gets around to the admonishment of “judge not lest you be judged” that he already told you about.

  • Thank heavens no one was killed! I had a car at 16 and made some stupid mistakes that didn’t result in loss of life either. I just hope this is a wake up call and these kids learned a valuable lesson.

  • Look at the location, camping trip. Most parents wouldn’t bat an eye. When I was 16 I was doing the same thing only in the mountains of the San Pedro Matir, Baja. I got lucky…well I spent a lot of time in mexican jails, but no one got hurt.

  • amazing how many drove under the influence when they were so young . geeze . yup , stupid asses . really amazing how many still do ! !

  • In Ca, from 11p.m. – 6a.m., a minor can’t drive without a parent, guardian, or other adult over 25. So technically, the cop had a right to stop them, just on suspicion that everyone in the car was underage. Things have changed since some of us were that age.

    • Yes! And also, a new driver is not allowed to drive any other minor (unless a sibling, for school or work purposes) for the first year they are licensed.

    • The cop stopped them on suspicion of driving under the influence. And I minor cant drive other minors till they have their liscence for a year and no one follows that law anyways.

    • If you read the article, the cops were sent to the scene of an accident. It happened to be a car full of teens and the driver hit a tree. And turns out they had been drinking.

  • Who were the kids involved?

  • Man for this being a supposdly county area , i sure dont see many county folks . I had a car when i was 12 it was beat up and didnt run. I learned how to repair it bought the parts and had it running before i turned 13 , drove all over the place old logging roads down to the one store for 20 miles, used to race drunk off our asses at parties under bridges , it is what kids growing up in the country do. And since there is little to nothing to do around here for teens as far as entertainment what do you expect them to do ? I hope everyone is ok and lessons are learned. For those judgemental types , no wonder you are so uptight , you never had a chance to be a kid.

    • So I guess cause y’all did it, that makes it ok. In 10 years, nobody under 25 will be able to drive anybody around except between 10 am and 2 pm on a perfectly clear day during the week.

      • It does not make it okay in any way shape or form. What people are saying is that times sure have changed, and there are a lot of hypocrites on the comment section here. I know as a kid in high school there were fights all the time, parties, kids driving stupid to show off for their girlfriends or bros. the big difference now, is there is the Internet to put everyone on blast.

        • Well that and people wont get out of darwins way. What good is life if you dont push. You never know how sweet something is unless you taste something bitter.

        • Oh I get it and I did it too, doesn’t make it right then or now. One of the biggest things I am thankful for is that I didn’t hurt or kill anyone in these episodes. I gets me how folks are braggadoci about what they did while drunk and/or driving and I have done it. This is the internet and it does reach more people than the town cryer, so tell kids it is ok not to drink or get in the car that is driven by someone who has been drinking. Kids seem to get not to get into a car with a stranger. I think it is a cop-out to say kids will be kids and they will take it as a justification. To end my little rant, why do people lose or loosen their sense of morality when camping or in the country ? Life is not less fragile when there is a tent or trees involved.

    • Driving drunk was stupid when you were a kid, and its stupid now. 20 to 30 Thousand needless deaths a year thanks to booze. Funny how its not so funny when someone you love has their life taken by a goddamn drunk. (And I suspect the loudest ‘defenders’ on here would be screaming bloody murder if he had been smoking some weed instead.)

      • Well they may have just as likely smoked weed dui is driving under the influence, could be alcohol or weed or crack or whippets ect. None are ok

  • Firefighters wife

    You people are all saying “no one got killed so its ok”. Are you kidding me? HEAD INJURY… MAJOR INJURY ACCIDENT… I’m sure these parents are saying that it’s fine cause no one was killed and kids will be kids. What ever happened to knowing where your kids are and them being home when it gets dark. Being killed isn’t always the worst thing that can happen.

    • Being killed is definitely not the worst that can happen. Teenagers just don’t have the experience to be out running the back roads even sober with their buddies. My brother and three of his best friends, all sober, were headed home one night when they were all 17-18. The kid driving swerved to avoid hitting a big dog, hit a ditch and flipped. Everyone walked away but the driver. He lived but now he is blind and in a wheelchair and will be 17 forever reliving the accident over and over thinking he killed his best friend. My brother. It’s been 29 years.

    • I don’t think anyone is saying that.

  • Poor kid has the example of the greater Eureka area to learn how to drive. You all blame each other. Look at the ridiculous mess on 299 to view a solar eclipse. Everyone of you should have been hauled off to jail for thinking that your viewing pleasure is more important than FOLLOWING freeway laws. It is a miracle multiple people didn’t die.

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