Missing Orange County Man’s Vehicle Found Near Leggett

Press release from the Orange County Sheriff:

Duane Masher

On August 15, 2017, Duane Masher was reported missing by family after not being able to contact him since August 10th. According to family members, it is out of character for Mr. Masher not to notify someone if he is going out of town.

On August 15, 2017 the California Highway Patrol located Mr. Masher’s vehicle at the Redwoods River Resort located at 75000 US-101. Leggett, CA where it had been parked for 4 days. Mr. Masher is not a guest at the resort and has not returned to claim the vehicle. DETAILS: 

Duane Stuart Masher, DOB: 11-07-1961 Residence: Coto De Caza

Clothing: Unknown

Vehicle: 2004 Cadillac CA# PIJ076 (Vehicle Located on 08-15-2017)



  • Emerald triangle aka Bermuda triangle

  • Hope thay find him safe praying for the family

  • He has been eclipsed

  • Oh dear. I hope he’s found safe and sound.if your not from around here and unfamiliar with the area it’s not good to wander.im not saying that’s what happen. But also alot of drug deals gone bad.im praying for this family 🙏

  • You are right,Burmuda Triangle

  • Any guesses as to how many secret burials there are in Mendocino & Humboldt Counties?

  • I feel for his loved ones right now.

  • I feel for them too.
    As with most missing person cases around here, the family ought to hire a private investigator. Its not a strong point of any police agency in any county/city here, the missing people cases get pushed to backburner.

    Dont assume the worst. A woman was missing a month or so ago and her family on the east coast heard all these stories from someone here about sex trafficking and that she was probably being held against her will,raped, abused.
    It caused a huge amount of anguish for her family that was unnecessary,it turned out that she walked away from her brothers house here in anger and was found drowned in river a few days later.
    There was no foul play.

    Just to say dont assume the worst. People get hurt in drug deals everywhere, its not just here. Some people do come here to disappear but thats by choice.
    He could have just left his car there and rode off with someone else, does the parking lot have security cameras??

    • This resort is next to the new bridges around the confusion hill slide. The bridge has been a location of a suicide in the past. I hope this is not the case but, he didn’t check in at the resort.

    • Thank you for being the voice of sanity.

    • Just keeping it real

      That sounds like fowl play

    • Marianne Anderson

      Very well said. A friend of ours from Willits was missing as well and she was found in some water right off 101 where she ran from an accident. Drug deals gone bad everywhere across the board, thank you for putting that out there. I pray for the best outcome for this man and his family💗

  • There was a search rescue there yesterday no luck

    • Thank you for that. We don’t know much (he’s my son’s dad). The police are not much help it seems, tho they did send dogs out a couple of days ago, with no successful find of anything. Duane’s brother flew out from Kansas and got his abandoned car and has driven it within an hour from our house. Jared (Duane’s son) and I will go retrieve it this evening. This is all so bazaar. Duane has a degree in aeronautical engineering. He’s not stupid. This just isn’t like him to do anything remotely like this. He’s never done anything like this. We’re all very worried.

      • Genrall Custard Stand

        We camp in the area where the vehicle was found, a major search there would be needed to check and then, who knows, tough terrain. Hope it works out.

      • Just curious does he smoke/grow weed?

      • Please try not to worry. I know it’s hard. But He may have left in someone else’s car. How old is his son. That does worry me.

      • Kathy Haikey do you know if the law took fingerprints, etc from the car before it was driven back to So Cal? I wonder if something happened near Duane’s home or work and the vehicle was stolen and driven to the resort parking lot and just left there.

  • >”Any guesses as to how many secret burials there are in Mendocino & Humboldt Counties?”

    IMHO: About the same as Yeti coolers buried full of money.

  • The guy goes missing in what appears to be suspicious circumstances and this joke of a press release is all the OC cops are saying?? Way to engage the public for assistance on the case guys, most ‘missing dog’ posters have better information. This is either flagrant incompetence or helping to make a person disappear like if they were going into witness protection. Hope it all gets settled for the family, good luck.

    • What more would you like them to say? We have a photo of the man. We know at least where his car was found. They have no idea what he is wearing. What information would help you out?

      • Well, are the cops investigating or seeking public assistance about this disappearance or just announcing that he’s gone? There’s standard questions involved with missing persons like
        – Location of last mobile communication
        – Does he make regular trips to the area?
        – If yes, where and who does he visit?
        – Include a picture of the car model he was in, etc etc
        If someone you cared about just vanished, wouldn’t want to see as much detailed information out there in hopes of finding out what happened? Wouldn’t you want the authorities to @ least pretend that they gave a fork about finding the person? Sometimes minute details can jog memories and ultimately make a difference in a missing persons case. Someone may have seen something that may have appeared normal @ the time but may hold a clue – like maybe 3 dudes with picks and shovels walking downhill off the side of the road in a random spot.

        • The family has been posting flyers and info all over . How dare you speak about the poor family. Cops don’t ever do much for missing adults till there’s evidence of a crime. And even then. But the family is trying.

  • Some folks don’t even realize they know something. Anything helps.if it were my loved one I’d do the same and more.id go to,or do whatever I have to.i hope news comes quick for the family. God Bless

  • Thank you (most of you) who have left comments of care, prayer, and concern. This is my son’s dad. This is just not like him to do this and we are all very worried. We don’t know why he left or if he even left of his own accord. He was not into the drug scene, so there’s some hope there. However, he’s not an outdoorsman and we are very concerned about his safety in this very natural part of the state. Please continue to pray that he will be found. He has family that love him and want him home. Thank you.

  • It’s so weird! He just like dropped off the face of the Earth. From what I hear his stuff was in the car wallet etc

  • I wonder where he stopped for fuel and perhaps food.

  • Patrick Kerrigan

    I wonder if there was any recent emotional issues. He could have developed an dissociative fugue, which is a sub type of amnesia. It causes the person to forget who they are, and assume a new identity, and flee from the source of the trauma.

    There are a number of disappearances connected to this psychological disorder. In fact Agatha Christie disappeared with this issue in 1926.

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