[UPDATE 6 p.m.: Arrest Made] Structure Fire in Manila Area With ‘a Crew of Suspects on Foot’

Burning structureA fire broke out at a structure in the Manila area around 9:30 a.m. Fire crews responded as the flames spread to the surrounding vegetation. However, reportedly, this is a crime scene with aggressive dogs as well as possibly armed suspects

Firefighters are going in to fight the fire. “Sheriff’s deputies prepared with force protection,” reports one law enforcement official over the scanner.

Park rangers are near a “crew of suspects on foot,” according to one report on the scanner.

One lane of 255 is now closed.

UPDATE 9:52 a.m.: Scanner traffic is reporting there is a victim with a gunshot wound. The Sheriff’s Office reports this incident began with an assault.

[Photo by Stormy Taylor]

UPDATE 9:56 a.m.: Both lanes of Hwy 255 are now shut down.

UPDATE 10 a.m.: The structure on fire is at a homeless encampment. The homeless encampment has been cleared of people, according to the scanner, but there may still be someone in the structure.

UPDATE 10:05 a.m.: The fire is controlled and firefighters are searching the structure.

Fire and law at a fire and assault

[Photo by Stormy Taylor]

UPDATE 10:08 a.m.: According to a witness interviewed by our photographer Stormy Taylor,  the witness claims a man set the fire and ran.

UPDATE 10:09 a.m.: Allowing one-way traffic into the area now.

UPDATE 10:20 a.m.: Both lanes of Hwy 255 are again being closed.

UPDATE 10:27 a.m.: Photos below from Bobby Kroeker:

Fireman with dog.

Fireman with not so aggressive dog…

Fireman with burned structure
UPDATE 10:30 a.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page estimates the road will be shut down for two to four hours.

UPDATE 10:40 a.m.: Photos below from Bobby Kroeker on the scene.

A firefighter spraying down the structure that was reportedly set on fire.

A firefighter spraying down the structure that was reportedly set on fire.

The Lost Coast Outpost’s Andrew Goff photos the scene of a homeless encampment that is near the structure set on fire.
The encampment appears to have multiple piles of possessions tarped.

An officer walks a man and his dog through the encampment.

UPDATE 11:33 a.m.: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

At about 9:30 this morning, August 18, a male subject living in Manila phoned the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office requesting a deputy and medical assistance. He said he had been assaulted at his home in Manila by an unknown subject. The victim said he believed the suspect left the scene riding a bicycle. He also stated he believed shots were fired and he may have been shot. The scene was secured by deputies and the victim was transported to the hospital where it was determined that he had a minor laceration on the back of this head. The victim did not know what weapon caused the injury. The investigating deputies found no evidence of shots being fired around the location of occurrence. The victim’s home was an illegal structure he’d built in an area where transients are known to frequent. The structure was burned to the ground. Humboldt Fire responded and suppressed the fire. CHP responded to close Hwy 255 and create a bypass while the fire was extinguished. The deputies did a systematic search for the suspect, or any additional victims, at the scene. The reporting victim was the only one at the location of occurrence.

UPDATE Anthony Michael Domenicio6 p.m.: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office reports that “[Fifty] six year old Anthony Michael Domenicio (07/22/1961) was arrested and taken into custody this afternoon by Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies. He was charged with two felonies, assault with a deadly weapon and arson.



  • What the hell is going on the scum bums at it again .

  • Good thing that’s a fireman, not a chp officer.

    • Ah… referencing the poor dog that bled out after being shot by the scared-for-his-life CHP officer not so long ago. Sad that.

  • Obviously not aggressive dogs! Luv how the pooch is leaning against him, sweet pic

  • Good use for pristine california coast line, sure glad we got them dam fourwheelers off the dunes, lmao

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Staged photograph of the firefighter and pitbull.
    Lefties encouraging pitbulls, pro-bum, and marijuana.

    • Not to mention encouraging firefighters…

      • That is beside the point, particularly the one on top of someone I won’t name otherwise I might insult them while they are insulting everyone in the thread, head!!!

      • Kym, why do you let the Chump keep spewing insults?

        • It’s called freedom of speech, and kym is amazingly lenient and awesome about letting people express their opinions and idiotic rants (especially mine😉), I love to see all peoples views no matter how dumb or offensive I find them, I wouldn’t even know what other kinds of crazy people are around our area if I couldn’t read it first hand.

        • Because unpopular opinions still deserve a space to be said. I could control the comments here so that everyone agreed with me but then, I might as well write the comments, too. I don’t often agree with the Chump but as long as he follows the rules, he gets his place to speak just as I would like to be heard if I were on another website that didn’t agree with my opinions.

          • I appreciate your policy, Kym. One of the things I worry about in these present times, is current government officials seeing the public outcry against the Nazis, and using it as an excuse to violate their constitutional rights, so that after setting the precedent with the Nazis, they will then be able to go after their real enemies, “liberals” and “progressives.” Seeing you allow an open forum, regardless of how unpleasant some of the opinions may be, you are setting a good example of “American Values.”
            If the Nazi can’t speak, then I can’t speak. If the racist can’t write and publish his stupidity and cowardice, then I can’t write and publish my opinion of his stupidity and cowardice.
            So thank you, and keep up the good work.

    • Back so soon? How was the bus ride? Good thing there’s no wall yet eh,

    • Awwwww, how cute. You want to be just like Alex Jones when you grow up.
      The photographer must’ve poured something in that dogs eyes to make them look red….emulating a dog that had been super close to a smoky area.
      This ‘staged’ production obviously flew out the the woman who runs Pitbulls and Parolees, how else would they be able to have on hand such a well behaved nice dog?
      Jeez guy, who stood you up at the prom? It must’ve been over a hundred years ago, stop being so bitter & get over it.

  • Rob arkley owns that property ,and look at all the garbage . isnt that area ,a wildlife sanctuary?well that guy ,and his dog can diffently qualify. Looks like Browntown from Alaskan douchebag people.

    • That is not Arkley’s property. His property “Dog Ranch” is on the ocean-side and was recently fenced off creating the nightmare we see above.

      • Actually this camp has been here for years. Stumbled upon trying to get pictures of the last big fire that was on Vance a couple years ago. Quite a shock thinking you’re on a nature trail to the bay then land up in a homeless camp.

    • charles engebretson

      Sorry Kym… There is way too much ugly…what the hell does this have to do with Alaskans? I don’t get it.

  • What a mess. Who’s land is this on?

    • That is “our” land, public property.
      Not long ago that was pristine, now it is a defiled
      forested dune, the most sensitive habitat known to man.
      There is only one thing uglier, forested dunes after the “Friends of the Dunes”
      have ripped so much vegetation out that the geology collapses, at which point everything dies both native and non-native.
      See the Overlook west of the Manila Montessori school.

  • Same place as the crossbow killer?

  • How about providing basic services for the houseless?
    Like garbage/recycling and toilet?
    Instead of continually chasing them off their camp sites?
    Humanity and helping others goes a long way to improve
    moral in such circumstances!

    • Good idea! lets put em up at your place.

      • Ya because anyone who differs from your peabrain opinion is a nazi right, [edit]
        I have nothing but sympathy for people struggling for food and shelter I support when I can with what I can it brakes my heart, what I don’t have sympathy for is the drug addict scumbag thieves and parasites that even pray on them, they have no ambition to better themselves other than through robbing or stealing, they wouldn’t take a job if payed 50$ an hour, I know we have one in our family and it’s a fucking nightmare, that’s mostly what surrounds our towns NOT just people down on their luck, unfortunately some are but not the vast majority. I don’t have the answer but enabling them doesn’t work at all.

      • Hi kym my comment get deleted because of me or that other axxhole?

      • Ok, we’ll make him responsible for the homeless situation, since you don’t think that’s the purview of the government, and we will assign you road maintenance. He’ll have to house the homeless as his punishment for expecting those who receive our taxes to actually perform certain, societal functions. You on the other-hand, will now be responsible for fixing the roads if there’s a problem. And of course, if you want roadways to be safe, it’ll have to come out of your pocket.
        See how that works?

    • This land owner needs to provide water and sewer for his squatters until they get jobs and are able to provide for themselves,lmao, they don’t want to work and neither do I, otherwise they would

    • How about the homeless respect the land they are squatting on and not trash it?? They contribute nothing to society nor do they want to. Take, take, take, and when that isn’t enough they steal.

      • Wow you know so much, bet the 85 percent of homless persons that are disabled vets have done more for this country then most ever will. They need help just to be able to hold down a job. Most of them dont feel like they fit into the modern day work force.

    • Just what is needed, more free stuff to be stolen or destroyed. The fault is not of the 99.999% who take care of themselves, more or less. It is the fault of the infinitesimally small group of destroyers who insist on their own way and try to inflict it on everyone else. The ugliness of their world is self imposed, where ever they are. It is way too hard work to force some people to take care of themselves. A never ending effort that will never be sufficient or containing.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Every time anyone puts in a toilet or piped water for public use, it gets destroyed. Often by a homeless mental patient or sociopath. Look what happened to Betty Kwan Chinn’s project. Why do you think public restrooms are often closed? Vandalism. You’re living in the weeds, so destroy the public facilities. Del Norte St. Has a public fishing pier. Once there was a nice fish cleaning station. Even had piped-in city water. Don’t need a fishing license on the pier. Drinking water. Destroyed. There are programs to help people, but you have to get off your dead ass and try.

      • One of the biggest contributors to the problem is the lack of mental health services. Cops take those who are completely lost to the facility, only to have them released as soon as the morning shift comes on duty.
        The money is gone. They’re not even trying to deal with the problem. We can blame Ronald Reagan till the “Antichrist” comes, but it won’t do any good. We have to deal with the casualties of a society that believes money is the only value of any worth.

        • Thinking allowed

          I blame the lawyer that created the ‘not a threat to themselves or others’ hold policy that gutted the involutary commitment rules a decade before Reagan gave it up as an unmanagable task.

      • Is it true that fishing licenses are not required on the pier? Any California ocean pier?

    • When they do establish places like that they get trashed by the homeless. I was homeless for years as a kid. I dont know why people have such naive sympathy. They cant even respect childrens restrooms in public parks. Give em something and theyll trash it while expecting someone else to care for it.

  • Homelessness is going to increase a lot more in the next few years as costs increase while wages dont and services for mental health get cut to almost nothing.
    Its happening everywhere, just read about placer countys camps.
    You would be surprised how many people work jobs but cant save enough to pay first last and deposit so they end up in a tent. HSU students are living in their cars, its hard to find and afford housing.

    So we can sit and bitch and say “take them to your land ” to anyone speaking to the needs of social services, or we can do something we actually do well here, lets get creative about some solutions.
    For instance, these folks could own a junkyard, theyre obviously good at collecting scrap metal and such. Pay them to sort recycling. I see meth heads by the eureka library literally sweeping the street with a broom, why not have them on supervised clean up projects? Who cares if their high, theyll clean stuff spotless.
    We’ve got to do something proactive, it will benefit us all in the future. Pushing people out of one spot just moves them to another spot, where are they supposed to go?

    People, take the time to read about homeless and RV issues all over the state. I was surprised to see how bad it is everywhere.

    • People have made their home as in the above photos. Is it spotless? Is it even safe from each other?

      Eliminate cheap housing because it does not meet county standards and is socially ugly then expect remaining landlords to rent to people who can’t keep their persons clean?

      Maybe the problem has more to do with drugs and no mentally ill forced residential housing in addition to housing regulation than with expensive rent.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful, intelligent comment. You are destroying one of the favorite mythic-tropes of the right-wing. Those factions who are against any investment in communities that doesn’t involve resource extraction or corporate giveaways. As you point out, the problem is statewide, and nationwide. The right says that anything we do to alleviate the suffering of people is a clarion call to homeless people all over the country to “Come to Humboldt County, CA! They have a public restroom! They have a bench!” And the homeless will come here, like a million-man-march of zombies. Emptying out the towns they are presently in. They will all migrate to Humboldt. Of course this is nonsense. It’s the same all over. They didn’t really come from anywhere else in any great number. There are travelers, for sure. But there always are.
      What’s really happening is the same ol’ story. Corrupt government, at every level, are milking the treasuries of their municipalities to reward corporations in the form of tax-breaks, all in the name of “Jobs!” Never mind that those jobs never seem to appear. The local officials get their graft for arranging the looting. Everyone is happy. Except those individuals who have to deal with the problems that are not going away, and are getting worse every day. But still, with no funds for dealing with mental-health, homelessness, drug-addiction, alcoholism; these municipalities are still clinging to offering huge tax-credits to corps. Still giving billions to billionaires, claiming that somehow, making the rich, richer is going to solve all our problems.
      “That’s why we can’t have nice things!”
      It’s true, the homeless are the reasons given for the lack of public space. Can’t have public restrooms in the middle of a shopping area. It’s embarrassing to host friends from Europe, and try to explain why there’s no restroom, when there are crowds of people all walking around, shopping. Or no bench to sit on. I did see that they reinstalled one or two in the middle of Old Town. How long before they too are ripped out to deny the homeless a place to be.

  • They kicked them out, from behind the Bayshore Mall, so here they are again just different location. Looks like kicking them out place to place works. Fuck giving these folks a warm safe place to live and get there shit together. Let’s kick them out again & again, so they can play musical chairs across the county. This plan sure is working great!

    • they don’t leave the area. as you can see from the amount of stuff that these individuals have been recently evicted, probably from a Squire rental. I was just in Redding and they have the same problem with local evicted drug addicts living under the bridges. but there is no fixing these individuals and I mean ever, we can only help their kids at this point and we should. everyone that is able should become a foster parent. I have. the solution is to stop the cycle.

      • I was being sarcastic, der! They all need help, including the drug addicts. Props to being a foster parent.

        • i know you were sarcastic. i can assure you there is no helping the evicted drug addicts. i don’t call them homeless for a reason. i even have one in my family. these scumbags rob the elderly homeless of their SSI every month and are beyond evil.

          • I recovered after someone kind, gave me a lil help & was able to talk a lil sense into me, 18yrs ago. From what I’ve read, the crap today, is worse, saturated with all sorts of synthetics, not to forget this fentanyl shit. It’s apparently harder to kick and you also risk dying, detoxing off this crap. It’s a national crisis that deserves to be taken care of, by the industry that created and spread it in the first place. Sorry luv but I feel your opinion is a lil biased, because your current situation. I’m also sorry you’ve had to endure pain from someone with an addiction problem. I still have years to make up for what I’ve done to my family & friends and hopefully yours will try & do the same someday. Thumbs up on the foster care, breaking the cycle is a great route but not the only one. Take care.

    • [edit: Please stop advocating violence or I will have to ban you.]

  • Which homeless man pinched a duece in the microwave?

  • I truly feel for the homeless people everywhere. But, I imagine they dig holes allover to use as a bathroom; and you can see they have piles of junk all over. Plus they damage vegetation and parts of the environment. With the exception of sometimes diverting water, they are very similar to why people hate growers. Not referring to the ones who extreme as far as leaving trash, chemicals etc on public grounds. I am talking about the responsible people growing on private property, but don’t have permits. They use their own water, clean their trash and care about the land. Several people that have been responsible on private property have been busted this year. At least they are spending money in the county and trying to work for an income that returns to the county. Plus, they are not a drain on county resources and a nuisance to the public; unlike the homeless. The money spent on busting all the responsible growers on private property could be used to help solve the homeless problems. A win for the homeless and the county.

  • Mr guest your comment is one of the best, so far I completely agree with you In fact I could not have said it better BRAVO.

  • Kym the Time Standard said there were 2 children missing from this encampment, AFD said no persons were found in the burned structure.
    But no updates, have you heard anything?

  • Thinking allowed

    According to KIEM 3, the man in the last picture with the pitbull who has been living there 6 months, said he had a fight with the person living in the burnt down camp and set it on fire.

  • Save the homeless

  • Save the rest of us.

  • Who’s tweaked? I’m not tweaked! Guy wants to have gay relations with me, shit!

  • Isn’t the Accused the same guy with the dog on a leash? Hope the dog is OK.

  • what interesting it takes years to build any building west of 101 because of Ca. coastal commission .It took redwood marine 12 years.yet you can build a structure and defecate at will where ever u chose, with no enforcement .
    Under Samoa Bridges the encampment are growing daily.
    Seems like the home free have all the rights.and can do as they please.
    And to all you bleeding hearts ,You should all take in some home frees and let them camp in your backyard and see how long you are willing to put up with disrespect and violent ways let them pile up their stuff and poop around your flowerbeds.

  • Look to what San Diego has done after 500+ cases of Hep-A hit the homeless….they provided a safe tent city with toilet & handwashing facilities. Furthermore…why can’t the 1,000s of cheap shipping containers can’t be modified and provided to our poor/helpless/addicted/mental citizens? We spend over a $BILLION$ a day for defense and yet we must suffer this wave of homelessness??

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