Small Time Grower, Long Time Resident Writes of Being Surrounded by Industrial Marijuana Gardens and Being Threatened by Neighbors

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mountain of marijuana money

Image adapted from one distributed by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office in 2015.

Erika Morlan sent a very similar version of this letter on August 3 to Supervisor Bohn. She has not yet heard back.

Dear Rex,

I’m writing to you, my elected representative, to express my sorrow, frustration and anger at the way this so-called Green Rush is destroying Humboldt’s rural communities. As I sit here inside my house in Honeydew, I am bombarded by the noise of two neighbors’ industrial fans and I am assailed by the painful odor of diesel exhaust from one neighbor’s generator. It is about 10:00 am as I write this – I could say the same if it was 10:00 pm or 5:00 am or any time of day or night, because the fans and generators never go off and there is nowhere in my house or on my land where the noise and stink do not reach me.

The open meadows all around me are gone, replaced with plastic: plastic greenhouses, plastic shade cloth, plastic tarps, plastic ground cover, plastic garbage. Where there is no plastic, there is dust, dust which is constantly being churned up by dozens of trucks and 4-wheelers, dust that will inevitably end up in the Mattole.

I used to feel safe in my neighborhood. Until now, I never felt the need to lock my doors or have gates on my driveway. I used to trust my neighbors. No more! Now, there are armed robberies which are not reported to law enforcement, there are dozens of imported workers milling about and guns going off mere yards from my house.  And to add insult to injury, one neighbor has threatened to wage “war” against me if I report any of the illegal activities that are happening here.

(Let me stop for a moment and acknowledge that you have a personal relationship with this particular neighbor and that you think of his non-compliant, unpermitted operation as a model farm. Yes, that makes this awkward, but I really hope and believe that you are here to stand up for all of your constituents, especially those like me who are feeling helpless and afraid.)

I have lived on my land for 12 years. My ex-husband and I built everything by hand and with very little money. We raised our two daughters here, volunteering in the classroom at the Honeydew School every week. I have been an active member of the Honeydew Volunteer Fire Company for over a decade, sacrificing my time and livelihood to serve and protect my community. I have welcomed the recent newcomers to the neighborhood, handing out free eggs, veggies and cheese from my farm and even helping out in their greenhouses for no pay. I have worked very hard to earn the respect, trust and affection of the folks I have lived with and served since 2005.

And now, I find it unbearable to live here. My dream-come-true homestead has become a nightmare. I cry everyday. I have headaches and stomachaches everyday. My outrage and grief are so overwhelming, I am having a hard time with the daily tasks and chores that are necessary to keep my farm running smoothly.

My neighbors are unresponsive and even defiant, telling me that “it is what it is” and that they have no intention of changing their practices. I have begged and pleaded to no avail. These neighbors have no interest in being good neighbors – they are only interested in financial gain.

I’m not sure if there is anything you can do for me, except to hear me and to understand that I am not alone. Neighborhoods like mine all over the County are being held hostage by this new breed of industrial drug manufacturers (they are not farmers!) and it feels like us regular folk and long time residents have nowhere to turn. I guess I just want to put my concerns on record, especially in light of the threats I have received.

I’m also not sure what I am going to do; moving is out of the question- I am too young to retire and too old to start over. And unlike any of my new neighbors, I actually have a permit for my commercial cannabis garden (1900 sq ft specialty outdoors) – I worked too hard to just give that up now. My options seem so limited – I’m afraid of retribution if I “snitch” and while I fantasize about planting a field full of male hemp plants, doing something that mean is just not in my nature.

I could go on and on, but tears are making it hard to type and I have my farm to take care of …. so I will end here. But thank you for hearing my concerns, Rex. I would appreciate it if you could share them with your fellow supervisors and other county officials – I would like for as many people as possible to get a sense of what’s really going on in rural Humboldt.

Sincerely and with a broken heart, Erika Morlan

Note: the first version of this letter here did not include the author’s name. She changed her mind and we’ve updated the post with it.



  • I don’t weep. You live by the sword you die by the sword. What did she think would happen around her, butterfly farms and pickle producers? Humboldt has gone over to the criminal class, a “lifestyle” promoted by websites that do almost nothing but report dope news/crime-in-general and carry grow-biz advertising.

    Yes, it is sad, sad that America has descended into mammon and drug-induced madness. Pop culture promotes it. Hollywood, in fact, is a sewer that does nothing but pump out the sexually explicit and violent “entertainment” which cretins with bongs and trucker hats crave.

    Thomas Jefferson (soon to be missing from Mount Rushmore, no doubt) said we get the government we deserve. We also get the culture – and the neighbors – we earn.

    • Don’t forget that Humboldt has also gone over to those who read those awful websites. Damn, what are you doing here?

      • Fighting the good fight. This land was once beautiful until greed and drug-induced lunacy fogged the brains of everyone in the hills. No one has a constitutional right to be a criminal. No one has the right to ruin other lives because of their greed – or addictions of their hapless “customers/clients.” Calling something “medicine” doesn’t make it good for society. I can call any opioid “medicine.” These unoriginal gangsters in trucker hats behind the wheels of their immense grow dozers don’t frighten me. [edit]
        Semper fi

        • As he sucks down another Budweiser.

        • Stormy said: “No one has the right to ruin other lives because of their greed”.
          Everyone has the right to start their own business, find their own niche, make their own riches, or make their own beds.
          Everyone has the right to ask their boss for a raise. Everyone has the right to run for office. Everyone has the right to autonomy. Everyone has the right to find or create the work that suits them.
          NObody has the right to oppress others or to dictate over others.
          If a corporation monopolizes, then it is oppression, not greed, that the corporation is guilty of.
          For instance, the Government is guilty of monopolizing health care. First they made a deal with the pharmaceutical companies to cap the costs of medications for Veterans. This was a good thing. However, the government monopolized where the Veterans could receive their care from, and the waiting lines were so long, the Veterans were literally dying to get in.
          Next, the Government made a deal with the pharmaceutical companies to never cap the costs of medicines for Medicare. The sky would be the limit. The more the medicines cost, the more the governments would raise the taxes to cover them.
          Next, they unconstitutionally pushed a ridiculous universal healthcare plan that everyone would suffer from. This plan had been tossed back and forth since the days of FDR.
          Next, the State’s pushed against the universal and promoted “single payer”, where.. surprise surprise,.. MEDICARE with runaway pricing, will be the “new” wonder care for all citizens.

    • It is so sad to see the ‘get big or get out’ business model come to humboldt. It sounds like you were living true to your heart, treading gently on the earth so that she could support and nurture you and your family. Now that it’s the cash crop that it is, this ugly corporate (aka mafia) element moved in.
      I truly am worried for this small farmer’s safety. If something happens to her, the perpetrators will be obvious. Now, Rex, will you stand up and protect this small farmer? She has young girls, friends and family that need her.

      • For a good laugh….. (International Business Times) In a shocking incident, 15 teenagers were treated for rabies after they reportedly sexually assaulted an infected donkey in a Moroccan town, according to local media reports. The youngsters, from a small rural town of Sidi Kamel in Morocco, were treated for a week at the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital after the donkey transmitted the disease.
        According to the Moroccan daily Al Akhbar newspaper, the news of the teenagers raping the donkey has left their families “in distress and horror.” Authorities believe that the number of people infected could be higher and families might have taken their children for vaccination outside their locality because of fear and shame.
        Local authorities are also trying to find if there were other people, who “admired” or “approached” the donkey, in order to avoid the risk of spreading rabies in the locality. So You Think We Have Troubles !

    • Thomas Jefferson would have told Congress “Show me, right this minute, show me where the people listed pot on the list of the delegated duties they gave you to do”.
      It’s not enumerated. It’s not delegated. It does not exist.
      Show me. Which number is it?

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      Poor you. Wait, WHAT do you do for a living? A pot farmer!


      1) Life is about change. If you embrace the changes, they still may not make you happy.

      2) Take a lesson from AA : You can’t control everything. You can only control yourself.

      The changes that are making you fretful, they are changing for everyone else at the same time.
      The guys burning diesel 24/7 will learn about cost vs profit. The neighbors with the creepy dudes coming around, they will learn about pirates. YOU may learn about randon shit you never even thought about.

      Running an industrial pot farm is expensive! Change happens to everyone.

      “It’s the politics of contraband”.

      Guess what else?

      Making a living doing ANYTHING, is stressful. Life is hard for everyone.

      If you have to leave, leave. If you want to stay, stay.

      One thing for sure, you whine and complain like a true Humboldt County Lame-o.

      Smoking weed chronically, makes you into a whiny baby. That’s why I stopped.

      Get over it.

    • Stephanie Bennett

      Rural communities being held hostage to the ravages of industrial users is not new & not unique to cannabis growers. For 30 years now & continuing, we small farmers in rural Elk River have watched our formerly thriving watershed be turned into an industrial trash ditch & we’ve got no industrial cannabis grows here. Instead, we’ve got the sacred cow of timber & even cows. Timber harvest pollution has destroyed the water quality so severely that the salmon just aren’t running here anymore. We’ve got no water supply because our industrial neighbor is permitted to use the river as his personal pollution disposal ditch. Our homes are flooded (unnaturally & therefore could be prevented) every winter; our lives are taken so that our privileged neighbor can pollute. Disgustingly, our rural community is forced to suck up preventable pollution as well as the ugly truth that our government intends it because we are second-class citizens. And yes, wealthy polluters whether legal or not, always get their way. Don’t expect any rescue from government–we’ve been begging for relief for 30 years.

  • I almost felt bad for you until I read you have a 1900 sq ft grow… don’t hate the player… hate the game. All of it is still illegal! Wish the Feds would arrest you all!

    • Her grow as reported by her is very small and well within State guidelines. By the standards you set, the whole state of California is behaving illegally and, if you are still living here, presumably you are too.

      • Thinking allowed

        You need to explain that. How does the illegality of the State mean someone not growing is illegal simply by living here?

        • If you believe that an ineffective federal law should supersede state law but you are living without protest (more than anonymous comments on a small website that is) in a state that flouts those laws, then aren’t you culpable also to some extent?

          In the state of California, this woman’s garden (as she portrays it) is easily legal by the laws that were easily passed by the majority of voters in 2016.

          The practical reality of politics makes breaking an ineffective and ill-informed law one of the most effective ways to bring attention to the foolishness of a law and overturn it.

          Meanwhile, the Federal government can watch the various forms of legalization play out in different states and learn from what amounts to a huge test.

          • Replace the word “ineffective” with unconstitutional and you’d be more on course.
            Replace the “breaking an ineffective and ill-informed law” with Nullifying unconstitutional laws as the Oath to Constitution REQUIRES each state to do, for checks and balances.
            An unchecked government, either local, state or Fed, is a tyrannical government.

            First, California needs to grow some brains and actually NULLIFY the unconstitutional Federal Law, then they can legalize it if they want to stay tyrants or they can DECRIMINALIZE it if they wish to be in keeping with their OATH to the Constitution which was written by the people to restrict government and to SECURE the liberties of the people.
            Creating blackmarkets is not securing rights. It is a tyrannical scheme to raise taxes for wars upon the people.

          • Thinking allowed

            I was culpable to the extent that I was conflicted about reporting my neighbor for his grow. Pot growers are vindictive and aggressive people. The authorities ineffective and pot smokers unlikely to allow themselve to believe an inconvenient truth about the damage their suppliers do. And the Fishers had already disappeared and were likely to never return anyway. I learned to shut my windows in the summer when the smell of pot was too repulsive and to expect idiocy from them in advance of them actually doing it.

            I did argue on forums like this whenever I could. And in person. If for no other reason than being willing to provide support for any others of the same beliefs when the pot heads rain down hate on them. Pot lovers are very hateful, spiteful and aggressive but they believe that the person who dares to object to their fallout is actually the hateful party just for saying so.

            But as for holding as responsible for the mess pot heads make because the public chose to by their song and dance, pass a proposition and decided it was more convenient to let them have their way? Well that is pretty bad reasoning. Even people who move the other from the herd want to survive.

          • According to her own account she’s was operating illegally long before 2016’s election.

            • Yep. There might be a few growers who weren’t but that was one of the purposes of legalizing marijuana so that so many otherwise law abiding citizens would move towards legalization.

      • Hilarious shoe on other foot, Kym! You just told a commenter that since they were still here in Humboldt they were probably illegal too?! Ha Ha! When the people reported their big water bags stolen I wrote in saying they were growers and so I didn’t care about their personal problem. You aggressively defended them saying well, we don’t know and how dare I jump to judgement. Then the cops found the thief and they did not want to press charges….because they were growers!! Kym- you reveal your prejudism here with every weed story. I get that you only know wonderful people that grow but for many of us actual long-term residents (1982 for me) this situation has turned very ugly. Perhaps you don’t see it. Perhaps it’s working out for you in some way and so you are …influenced. But what this woman is going through is happening all over the county and down through Mendocino and out to Trinity. They almost make me hate weed! Our county government is sold out and corrupted. Funny part of this story here is- She is a greenrusher! I don’t consider 2005 as long-term ha ha! That is the greenrusher era. And she got permits…so she’s an idiot who will get run over as she wonders why there is zero enforcement still. AND she writes to Rex Bohn?!! Har-dee-har-har- Rex is in bed with the industry and nothing is going to happen anywhere near Honeydew. Just drive out Ettersburg Rd or into The Gap- it is nuts out there!! All ignored by the sheriff for a decade now. It’s a complete shitshow and an environmental disaster and it’s because we never put our feet down on any of it. We turned a blind eye and whistled a happy tune but now it’s not so happy at all and many will lose their homes and land while the industry chews up everything that was good about Humboldt. Congratulations everybody! Hope you made that stack of cash you OG gangstas yo! Dumboldt County fer sure

        • I did think that was funny, 2005, lmao!

        • First, let me state that I am very pro small mom and pop growers who grow in environmentally sound ways. I’ve explicitly stated that multiple times over the years. Also, since 2008 I’ve been writing about the harms caused by growers in these hills and sounding the alarm. I’m a founding member of Grow it in the Sun that worked for low impact cannabis gardens in 2008.

          I’ll try and respond to your post point by point.

          You misread what I was saying in the previous comment. I was saying IF the other commenter thinks that federal law should supersede state law and yet still hangs around in a state that is “defying” federal law aren’t they somewhat culpable EVEN if they don’t grow IF they also believe that someone who is growing well within state law should get arrested by the Feds. In other words, if anyone is holding someone else to a very high saint-like standard, shouldn’t they also be held to a similar standard.

          I remember the stolen water bags and how that the owner didn’t want to pursue the thieves. Again, let me say we have no EVIDENCE the person is a grower no matter what our personal theory about the matter. There are a few other theories that might fit the situation–one possibility: the criminal and his friends threatened the person.

          Next, I don’t only know wonderful people that grow. I live in a neighborhood that is more affected by growers than neighborhood described by the writer of this letter. My personal life has been affected adversely. BUT I also know wonderful folks that I would trust with my life, my children, and to take care of the environment.

          This is a side point but I was born here and I love to tease my husband who came when he was nine that he is an outsider but really, anywhere else in the United States, 12 years is a long time resident. Anyone who defines a greenrusher as someone who is growing less than 2000 feet, doesn’t have a clue about what is happening in these hills. In my opinion, anyone who is environmentally careful with the land and treats the community with respect is a resident if they’ve lived here one year and anyone who grows marijuana using poor practices and disrespects the community no matter if they were born here is effectively a green rusher.

          Then, this is the crux of your comment that really bothers me: You say people who grow deserve to get things stolen—that it is their personal problem. Presumably, since you don’t seem to hate marijuana this is because the person is breaking the law by growing? Then you mock her for getting permits and going legal…I can’t even untangle that to respond to it.

          • Thinking allowed

            One more time into the breech.

            If you think that being forced to endure a grow that is devastating to the social fabric and the environment without leaving is being culpable, why are you still here? Why you must be culpable.

            Which is the point most have been trying to make. That criminality leads to more criminality as soon as the impetuous to avoid it is weakened. You simply can’t expect that you have such a fine control over what other people do that you can say that my damage to the law and environment is good but your one inch over is bad. Because standing to that ‘incher’ is another to take it another inch. And another. And another. And you made the law and public will to stop it toothless so you could proceed with your own ideas.

            The minute you condone breaking the law in a lesser way, then the law can’t protect you from the rest. Change the law first. Don’t make the law toothless then change it. Nothing to do with sainthood. Common sense from people who could see what was coming. Once toothless, it takes a lot of effort to rein people in again. They resent it.

            Even the response is insulting. Someone objecting to your ‘mom and pop’ grows- never as harmless as you allege- is referred to as needing to live up to their own ‘saint-like high standards.’ It’s very easy to do that. Just don’t grow illegal stuff. Not that it is such a saintly standard of behavior to not grow.

            • I do as a rule think that breaking the law is a slippery slope. I also think that not breaking laws that are patently wrong leads to more and more restrictions of personal liberty. Breaking laws helps change laws. Holding these two ideas as true simultaneously requires me to think about my positions seriously and sometimes to shift them. And I don’t think that is wrong. I think that is good. I think that it is work to maintain a good society.

              Let me go to an extreme case to make a point. Helping slaves escape to freedom was stealing people’s property according to the laws of 1850. But which is the greater good?

              Conflating marijuana with evil and then using that to conflate anti-war protestors with marijuana allowed the government to crack down on protestors: Here’s a quote from John Ehrlichman former advisor to President Nixon:
              “You want to know what this was really all about?” he asked with the bluntness of a man who, after public disgrace and a stretch in federal prison, had little left to protect. “The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. … We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

              When people in the government stoop to using tactics, which is worse–breaking the law or obeying the law?

              • Thinking allowed

                Breaking laws regarding slaves can not be equated to growing pot. There are laws that are so egregiously inhumane that a decent and strong minded person can not help but object. Equating that level of horror to pot use is ludicrous.

                Pot, growing or smoking, is no more a matter of moral rectitude than brownies are needed for survival. Pot is an indulgence at best. People actually survive very happily without pot, going about their lives as well as they can achieve. In fact pot is more likely to cripple lives.

                The only thing about pot that might be more serious than frivolous is that it might be useful as a real medication for real disease and should be a subject of scientific study. Which we both know is not how the vast majority of pot is destined to be used.

                One of the things most scary about pot is the desperate way its users cling to it. How angry they get at any criticism or what they perceive as a threat of its use. There is no doubt that what ever it does or doesn’t do, it’s users can’t stand the idea of not using. That you’d even come up with such a distorted idea that laws concerning banning pot is in any way similar to slavery is evidence of that.

                • I did not equate it with growing pot. Hence the sentence “Let me go to an extreme case to make a point.”

                  Let me also be clear. I do not smoke recreationally. I do have a 215 and I use cannabis for various medical issues none of which require me to smoke.

                  That being said, I believe marijuana being smoked for relaxation is at least as therapeutic as using alcohol or most medicines prescribed for anxiety by doctors and not nearly as harmful. I don’t normally use alcohol or prescription drugs either.

                  However, I do think the principle behind what happened with marijuana being criminalized is worth fighting for.

                  Here’s a history lesson from the Drug Policy Institute but this is mainstream information. See PBS’s Timeline here also
                  “To understand how we ended up here, it is important to go back to what was happening in the United States in the early 1900’s just after the Mexican Revolution. At this time we saw an influx of immigration from Mexico into states like Texas and Louisiana. Not surprising, these new Americans brought with them their native language, culture and customs. One of these customs was the use of cannabis as a medicine and relaxant.

                  Mexican immigrants referred to this plant as “marihuana”. While Americans were very familiar with “cannabis” because it was present in almost all tinctures and medicines available at the time, the word “marihuana” was a foreign term. So, when the media began to play on the fears that the public had about these new citizens by falsely spreading claims about the “disruptive Mexicans” with their dangerous native behaviors including marihuana use, the rest of the nation did not know that this “marihuana” was a plant they already had in their medicine cabinets.

                  The demonization of the cannabis plant was an extension of the demonization of the Mexican immigrants. In an effort to control and keep tabs on these new citizens, El Paso, TX borrowed a play from San Francisco’s playbook, which had outlawed opium decades earlier in an effort to control Chinese immigrants. The idea was to have an excuse to search, detain and deport Mexican immigrants.

                  That excuse became marijuana.

                  This method of controlling people by controlling their customs was quite successful, so much so that it became a national strategy for keeping certain populations under the watch and control of the government.

                  During hearings on marijuana law in the 1930’s, claims were made about marijuana’s ability to cause men of color to become violent and solicit sex from white women. This imagery became the backdrop for the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 which effectively banned its use and sales.”

                  The government criminalizing a medicine in order to control a minority population is a battle worth fighting. I also believe that the current illegality of cannabis and the social stigma (albeit a stigma that is crumbling) puts barriers to adequately test cannabis’ medical properties and that is also worth fighting for.

                • Morphine, opium, oxycodone, cocaine, valium, alcohol,etc. All plant based narcotics with sedative qualities abused by humans for recreational purposes. The only real difference is that most of their users will simply say they use them to feel good and had no medical need for them.

                  If only pot users were as honest.

                  BTW knitting , pool and chess have calming effects and rarely have caused their users to drive into a tree.

              • “Defiance and Nullification
                In the spirit of southern statesmen such as Thomas Jefferson and John C. Calhoun, northerners worked to prevent the Fugitive Slave Act from being enforced in their states. This “nullification” of federal law was first introduced by the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, in which Jefferson and James Madison declared that states had the right to nullify federal laws they deemed unconstitutional.”
                …….”The Chicago City Council called northern congressmen who supported the act “traitors” like “Benedict Arnold and Judas Iscariot.”
                When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states could not free federal prisoners convicted of helping runaways, the Wisconsin legislature called “this assumption of jurisdiction by the federal judiciary… an act of undelegated power, void, and of no force…”
                In addition to local governments, the people themselves took matters into their own hands:

                In Syracuse, New York, a jury effectively nullified the law by acquitting all but one of 26 people who had been arrested for freeing William “Jerry” Henry; he ultimately escaped to Canada.”…..


          • Smalltimer for real

            “Small” is not 1900 sq ft. Small is what I do. 280 sq ft greenhouse dep. I make a living and don’t even need a permit because my “canopy” is under 250 sq ft and I am solidly medical for 20 years.
            I may be poor, but I can be a happy grower, not a hater, a lover not a fighter.

        • Hi I’m the brother of the woman most of you are lambasting in these comments. To be fair we have owned our land in honeydew since 1972… we have been coming to the Mattole valley for over 40 years. So I wouldn’t rush to judge her as a “greeneusher” at all. It’s only since the law went in our favor for obtaining a legal license that we started growing on our land beyond personal use…

    • [edit]
      Her grow is legal. Growing pot is legal now.
      This is california, the average size of a farm is over 350 acres.
      Thats 15,246,000 square feet.
      Stop blaming the people who are and have been doing things right.
      If all you got out of this letter is the size of her space then i truly hope you dont live here anymore. Her whole point is how awful the huge grows and intentions behind them are. Why would they bust her when she’s the smallest grow around?
      In case you dont know,a huge percentage of growers didnt grow to become bizillionaires, they grew to support themselves, be able to be home with their kids, grow their own food, build their own spaces, and really build the community they wanted. They built festivals, community centers, radio station, volunteer fire depts, schools, supported musicians and artists,etc, etc.

      The problems she points out are huge. Having a supe with friends who are destroying the land while he purports it as a “good grow” is a major issue. The fact that all these big grows around her are not being busted is huge, they obviously have no permit!

      Again, its legal to grow and if you have a problem with it, direct your angst appropriately towards your reps. They threw us under the bus by getting rid of the rule that you had to have proof of residence since 2015 to get a permit, that was supposed to protect the smaller folks.
      Stop wishing ill on someone who has been brave enough to openly write this, she is risking personal harm and all you can say is i hope the feds bust you?
      Maybe you should go to the midwest where theres lots of like minded non critical thinking off the cuff folks who dont care about the truth, just rhetoric and unfounded claims.
      We’re gonna try to save our land and community here.

    • Fuck off there to many of us they can’t arrest us all haha.$$$

      • CRI, it can be corrected and though there might be a lot of us, things can change in a second. You haven’t seen the troopers yet when they come well-armed. Watch the youtube stuff about what and how we do things in Afghanistan. Oh, and if you have any, get your friends to help you with that CRI stuff.

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      Let’s see here, you have 1900 sq ft, so that’s, say. 20 x 100, or about 200 plants, so, you could yield, maybe 2-400 pounds, even at $500/lb, that’s a pile of money! So WTF are YOU complaining about?

    • And 12 years is a ‘long time resident?’ Please she’s a greenrusher too. Bad neighbors are the worst, no disagreement there! There’s ways to deal with bad neighbors, be creative.

    • That is a small grow; under the limit that the state water board even gets involved.

  • Cry a river…

  • This winey ass [edit]. The smell makes her nausious the crime the headaces from the garden come on now ur doin the same damn thing! the dust on and on HIPOCRIT!!

    • But, that’s the point. She’s growing a marijuana garden but it isn’t an industrial garden. There isn’t the plastic, the dust, etc.

      • Kym, remember that Randolph Hearst played a huge role in making Cannabis illegal. He was freaked out by the longevity of paper made from hemp; it lasts for 100 years or more, and is simple to grow and seasonally harvest. Hearst owned enormous tracks of land with forests of prime wood…which he used to make his newspapers via his stinky pulp mills! There is more to the Cannabis story than bigotry, but bigotry is a good start.

      • Calling out the Hippocrates.

        She makes it sound like there are piles of plastic trash everywhere which is a complete fabrication. Both properties are in the permitting process and are running within the county guidelines and regulations. Her letter is one-sided and full of exaggeration and falsehoods. Her neighbors have made every atempt possible to work with her to adress her concerns and have been met with nothing but a constant barrage of verbal abuse and profanity. Since she trys to make it sound like the two different owners of these properties are new to the area they are not. One was born and raised in that neighborhood and the other has been a Humboldt resident for about 20 years. The letter is nothing more than an eloquent distortion of reality to vilify change and play the victim.

    • *Hypocrite

    • Did you Not read? Its the fumes from the generators that make her feel sick not the smell of the plant! Dont people read before they post!?

  • I hoped I was wrong but judging by the comments here Humboldt County is truly filling up with assholes.

    • Food for thought

      Exactly. I think the comments showing so far only support her statement. Lol. Goodbye to the Humboldt we once knew.

    • Be the Humboldt you want to see. Write the comment you wish somebody was saying. I can’t do this by myself.

      • DreamsComeNightmirror

        Please view my comment and feel free to publish it, real talk, we can change our country for the better if we act responsibly. Great freedom requires responsibility, and we’ve been met at home by the beast that is law. Once things become record, there will be a response by whatever industry thinks it can gain something here. If we act like a bunch of gangsters, the drug war will only increase in capacity, if we show that Cannabis is worth protecting and helpful, we will be supported. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. I swear sometimes people seem so lost, “You decide what happens next by your actions now!”

        With love always.

      • Black Rifles Matter


    • You mean Full up with?

    • Maybe, or maybe all the great folks here are out enjoying nature, with their family or volunteering to help our communities in some way instead of sitting inside staring at a screen and seeing just how much hate they can spew.

      • Actually there are but I never see you walking the trails, so how would you know?

      • One wonders just how much all these keyboard cowboys have ever done for their communities. They love to slam people who are already demonized, yet somehow I doubt they volunteer to fight fires, attend MADD meetings, etc.
        Its so much easier to just hate your neighbors online than say any of this to their faces.

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      Filling? Where have YOU been? California is PACKED FULL of assholes! Humboldt is just a tiny part of it all!

  • sorry you have such lousy neighbors, i am lucky i guess with good ones, would be hard to live that way…

    • Don’t many people all over the world yearn for “The Good Old Days”/or the world how it was when they were young& happy? The secret is still& always will be to live one day at a time, mindfully. Change happens and we make our own choices. Be brave and open as this tide ebbs&flows. Add to the sum total of positive energy or add to the sum total of negative energy…choose for yourself.

  • Honeydew you say? Must be surrounded by chumps workers.

  • Thinking allowed

    So this illegal is good and that illegal is bad? If she and others had stood firmly for no illegal grows at all, there wouldn’t be that issue. I’m sure that some neighbors of hers were pretty upset with her too at one point. They feared she was the camel’s nose in the tent. Well, the big, stinky camel is all in but the tip of the tail. And doesn’t care about her. Too late to object now.

    And 12 years ago, she was definitely not ‘within State guidelines’ and she ignored other’s opinions about it, just as the author does now.

    Just wait a bit. Cultivating a totally self-serving life style has just started to run over the little folk, who simply object it when it becomes their problem but didn’t when they thought it was only a problem for people who disagreed with them. Wow, could all these small minded, uptight law abiders been right? Reminds me of the story of the German minister who did not object to the Nazis coming for others but found there was no one left to stand with him when the Nazis finally came for him.

    • She’s not using generators, having sketchy people work for her,making threats or disrupting others peace of mind and space.

      • Thinking allowed

        As I said, this illegal good and that illegal bad? Crime has a life of its own once the thing that keeps it in check- redpect for the law- has been eliminated. The bigger dogs come and eat the little dogs because that’s the nature of predators.

    • By 12 years ago, there weren’t any uptight law abiders anymore. Even the ranchers had figured out that they could make pretty good money with a little bit of their land used for weed, and that it never approached doing the harm the “outside world” told them it did.
      Now to make anything like that kind of money it’s acres of plastic and all the other crap that goes with the greed-houses and the green rush. For someone to complain that that’s un-neighborly and unwanted is not, in my book, hypocritical. We had a pretty tight community for a while, and growing a little weed in no way put you at odds with that community… nor did not growing any weed. Tolerance was easy when there was very little aggravation to tolerate. We were all in it together, at least those of us in certain rural areas.

      • Thinking allowed

        There are uptight law abiders now. But they have been run over by those who knew better. Still are. And those who cheered their defeat still can’t get the point that once the flood gate was pried opened for them, they can’t shut it do easily. They damaged it, probably beyond repair.

      • Yes, I agree with what you are saying. It’s just a little stretch to complain when you have only lived here 12 years, and are part of the growing community. I mean, I think that the going bigger thing has happened because of increased legalization. Increased property prices. The greed of the land sellers has as much to do with it as anything. Most everyone is part of the problem. The growers themselves are in a world of shit right now as they have purchased their properties for such a high price, and prices for the product are dropping hard. You actually have to be a savvy business person to make the numbers work now.
        I feel bad for these newer green rushers… not a pretty picture for them going in to 2018. Especially if they are going for permits. Lots of money down the drain to engineers and paper pushers.

        There are still lots of good people out there in the hills. I’m afraid this woman got a bad draw and has some crappy neighbors. There are a lot more obnoxious growers out there nowadays than in the past, but we owe it to our neighborhoods to keep them out of this area. It used to be a much more unwelcoming place. I think we are all guilty of being too nice to crappy neighbors that have ruined some neighborhoods. Something to think about…

  • Some of us are back to the landers. Grow most of what you eat, live peacefully on our own land and try not to harm anyone or anything. When our lives are taken over and everything we stand for is shit on, we should be allowed a voice just like anyone else. It is sad to see what some of our neighbors are doing to mountains that are so unique, our rivers and streams that provide so much if you would just let them flow.

  • Your neighbors sound like the classic bully.

    You need to quit being nice. I know you say it is not in your nature. You either need to step outside your comfort zone and stand up for yourself or accept it is your nature to be a doormat.

    Dont be a doormat. Be strong. Be swift, silent and deadly. Learn them. Everything. Humans are creatures of habit. Learn theirs. Prepare yourself to take back your peace, comfort, security and sanity.

    • I like it!!!

    • Doormat? This poor woman’s surrounded by people who are armed.
      What’s she supposed to do? Writing this letter was very brave and we should recognize her for it. I seriously fear for her safety. By signing this letter, she has not acted bullied or whiney. She’s standing up to them in the only way she has a chance. All of us who love Humboldt, love the concepts of autonomy and community should stand with her.

  • Magpie from mendo

    If you have only been here for since 2005 you yourself are a green rusher my dear… sorry that you have crappy neighbors but join the effing club love! Just think how all the rest of us feel, that have been here for 20+years and more! We are all stepping on each other’s feet… brace yourself for 2018 when it all comes into effect! Either sell out and move, co-op with your other fellow grower, or continue what you already are doing.. because let’s face the fact, only the master growers that grow the bomb are going to make it here. Mediocre green rush weed won’t be able to sell, and they will have to figure out another option. Good luck to you.

    • She’s not complaining about not being able to sell her buds; she’s complaining that her rural homestead is in the middle of an industrial complex.

      • Magpie from mendo

        I relize that Kym… it has been hard to see these people come up, destroy our land and pollute our water! Obviously this is not what any of us signed up for. I hate that Garberville and AP have turned into places I never want to go to, when I used to love it there! I was saying that hopefully her neighbors don’t know what they are doing and have to move on from this industry. We all are just grinning and bearing right now! if Central Valley takes over the game, who knows what we are all in for!

    • Envy is a nasty trait

      Agreed she was still dreaming about the house she built by hand with no money when camp was all over us. I bet her grow probably paid for you dream homestead. Sounds like SWEAKY didn’t get things her way and is fearful of the market bottoming out so she’s gonna put her neighbors on blast. Old school Humboldt would have ran her out of Honeydew she should be thankful. Planting a crop of hemp to seed you neighbors out is a pretty radical thing to say. If you think your gonna get anywhere putting people on blast your wrong all your gonna do is start a battle you can’t win. BTW if you don’t like the change in the community maybe you should sell your place and relocate. Oh thats right your a grower too…. this is just another case of envy. Maybe you should go talk to someone about your emotional issues cause it sounds like your an unstable person… Your not the mayor of Honeydew and we sure don’t need people like you in our community that feel its your way or the highway… You would have gotten a whole lot more backing if you would have left out the fact your a grower as well.. Hater are always gonna hate. Change is good! This county needs something besides welfare, meth and heroine.

  • In my opinion pleading to Rex is not a fruitful option. I consider this man to be of poor quality.

  • I hear a lot of this happening. We loclas NEVER asked or insinuated we wanted this shit. Threats of all kinds. Threating people with their lives if they don’t sell off their land,threats of murdering anyone who comes down the driveway other than the homeowners (no friends or family can visit,cuz your neighbor will kill them) its disgusting. A lot of these people use chemicals and divert streams,messing with our nature and our gardens that have been here for years! Veggies gardens,orchards,berries….God damn people. I hope you haters get your karma for speaking without knowing.

    • Thinking allowed

      Comments about the careless misuse of resources, the violence, etc were just dismissed. Have been for decades. Are still dismissed. The pot steam roller just chugs on, spewing its vituperation.

    • I have lived in this county since 1952 and things always change. I lived in Petrolia when the water was clear and we could fish in the river. My family was threatened periodically because we were Okies and didn’t belong here. I watched my father more than once fly into the house and grab our only rifle because someone objected to our existence. I heard the weapon cock and the old man say get out of your car and die or turnaround and live. Every one turned around.

      I have neighbors most of whom have small indoor operations and sometimes their motors require ear plugs and their exhaust requires air filters. I am not happy about that but they probably aren’t happy about some of the stuff I do.

      I realized one of them was night prowling on my property and examining my stuff. I found an opportunity to tell him how I had to shoot foxes and raccoons at night to protect my chickens and that my eyesight was getting bad so I used just my hearing to shoot, you know, like brush shots for deer. He hasn’t been around at night, according to my infrared cameras since I told him that. So, he’s not as stupid as I thought.

      The young ones showing up every day however, do concern me. They are arrogant and believe that might makes right and that it’s their time and they are going to become millionaires, not knowing those slots are already allocated to people a whole lot smarter than them. The big grows right now are the criminals trying to take money out before they are closed down by regs and the state. Some will make it out with their money, some will not even make it out with their lives.

      Mourn for the past and prepare for the economic collapse. Find other ways to make a living cause this one is going away. If you are local, join with your neighbors and form mutual assistance associations. Help one another out. Let others know your concerns like this lady that wrote the letter and figure out how to protect yourselves. Learn from the Vietnamese about how they got the biggest government to get out. Use these techniques on the uncaring and the greedy. There are thousands of ways to get even rather than get mad and getting even works. And these little victories can turn into big victories. I am an optimist and I have many tools in my arsenal. You can do it too. Be careful and live well.

  • While the author’s story is touching, it is a consequence of the black market that Humboldt has encouraged for the last 20 odd years. One that she no doubt benefited from in the past. It’s a point that seems all but lost in our collective greed to benefit directly or indirectly from that black market. So while I can feel a bit of sympathy, it’s balanced somewhat by the knowledge that the author’s chosen source of income laid the groundwork for her current ills.

    • It’s not always people only income,it’s a secondary, or sometimes third, income. We aren’t the only county/state encouraging the black market btw.

    • Exactly!!
      I lived in SoHum in early 80’s, saw the shitshow firsthand and how everyone who grew justified the trashy lifestyles behind the scenes.
      Alcoholism. Coke. Neglected children and flakey parenting.
      Black market prices kept the ball rollin and vaycays to Costa Rica, new 4runners and all the trappings off an unsustainable life until now. It’s the end and the rats are jumping off the boat. Hopefully they don’t claw their way back up on land.

    • Naw. When we were outlaws everyone was (relatively) small and we all minded our own business. THAT was when we all contributed to the non profits in the COMMUNITY. Now KMUD is struggling. Hospice is struggling. Healy senior center is on the brink of disaster. Greenrushers give not a damn or a nickel

  • This is about being a decent neighbor- which means a decent human being, you know, getting along with others…not being an asshole.

  • I grew up in Humboldt & Trinity Counties and have seen it devolve into an unethical lifestyle.
    Being a Native of the lands for 100’s of generations and being part of the land, I grieved at seeing what happened to all the small communities, and still grieve for what it once was.
    I am in Oregon now, hoping to settle in a small community that will keep a reign on the marijuana grows.
    From my point of view, comming from a recreational growing family, the medical aspect has been completely corrupted by greed, even in my family,and I felt it was in me and my childrens best enterest to move away.
    We saw that codes werent being enforced, desecration of land, watersheds and wildlife. Children were growing with parents, and smoking because it is the new way of life there.
    I feel it needs to be downsized where only adults, or children with true health issues use it and recreational beyond personal use be illegal.

    • I agree, should of stayed under medical.

    • Katrina – I have been thinking along those lines myself for some time now. And there seem to be places in Oregon that are not infected with the madness yet. Maybe it’s just an Emerald Triangle thing.

  • Oh poor thing. It’s business. Act accordingly

  • It is gross. My view is alit in Spring. The fans blow in Summer. The creek that used to run in fall is puddles by July. I heard workers, not residents, get stuck on the uphill last night. Gunshots used to seem like target practice til gardens became monstrous, and people are broke. It is scary. I’m not a nut. Hippy with longtime roots here. It’s sad. And it’s not worth S* and our land looks like S* and we can’t eat gold or drink silver. Wishing for the 90s isn’t going to help though.

  • I think folks who are in the marijuana business, and also serve on the board of supervisors, should recuse themselves. Same for city council

  • I grow up in the blackmarket side of growing if these punk ass kids would have been around 20 years ago you would have a lot of missing wannabe baller city kids.

    • I’d like to see these newish so called growers pack wet chicken shit on there back in the rain for 2 miles over hill and dale like ‘back in the day’. I consider all these green rush industrialists a bunch of wusses.

  • What goes around, comes around! Instant karma’s gonna get you. Better get yourself together, join the human race!

    • Nice John Lennon quote, but maybe you should credit him. just for giggles!!! So no one thinks it’s an original thought!!

  • I fully stand in support of Erika’s letter. She is spot on to what is going on and how many people who came up here to nurture and love the land feel in today’s paradigm. Many of us in the Emerald Triangle seek to co-create a better lifestyle and growing marijuana fits beautifully into said lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with growing marijuana, but there is something wrong with pimpin the land you grow it on. This new wave will come and go, I assure you, as the aina (land) does not like greed, ignorance, and people who do not know how to tend to it in a respectful manner. Some of you in this feed could humble yourselves and knock off the rude commentary. Unless you are a Native to this land, you are a guest living on stolen lands as well. The least everyone can do is be clean, respectful, and live in balance with their little corner of Earth. Marijuana is a plant medicine with a spirit and heart meant to help the people. Some of us get it, know it, and promote it. Some of us are just ignorant and have our head so far up our ass we can’t see the light blinded by our own darkness. I choose to stand in the light of my truth as a woman of greatness and ya’llz macho ego bs belongs somewhere else, not on this feed, and certainly not in our county.
    Lady Flavah

    • This is an example of exactly the point I was trying to make. You cannot benefit from a black market and then condemn the inevitable results. While you may have grand, touchy-feely, namaste spirit connections with the ganja, the money comes from a black market and black markets are all about the money and the evils associated with greed. It’s the only thing that’s really important to the participants. If you didn’t care about the money you’d give it away or sell it for cost. But that isn’t happening, you’re using it to fund your chosen lifestyle and as a result, you have to live with the negative consequences.

      You don’t get your cake and eat it too.

  • Good neighbors are such treasures, maybe she could utilize the counties relocation efforts for cannabis farms!! Wouldn’t hurt to ask! Hope you find your peace Erika Morlan, not everyone on here is an asshole <3

  • The Board of Supervisors and Law Enforcement gives less than a damn about their constituents that just want to live peaceful normal life in rural Humboldt.
    I am in a small town and surrounded by grows. One neighbor put in 9 greenhouses. Cat work went on for 3 months this spring. Industrial fans and generators run 24/7. It’s never quiet any more , even if the town is quiet. My other grower neighbors are less obnoxious, but the smell is overwhelming.
    What the fuck. How many illegal unpermited grows have been busted yet? If I put in for a permit I’d be so pissed that Law Enforcement is just about doing NOTHING about unpermited grows. Law enforcement has put the burden on us to turn people in , saying it’s Complaint Driven. Lazy bastards.
    The Board of Stupidvisors? Sellouts. They don’t give a crap about what has happened. They don’t give a crap about people that don’t want anything to do with growing. It’s all about accommodating growers.
    Growers can’t even get rid of their weed. Mist are sitting on hundreds of pounds from last year, yet doubled their efforts this year. What a shit show.
    I’ve lived here 45 years. Thank god I got to experience a Humboldt County before the despicable green rush SOLD it out.
    Thanks Board of Supervisors and Law Enforcement, you fucked up big time.

  • Fern Gully ain’t got shit on Humboldt!! Ruining our rainforest and rivers for a bunch of dope that the person who grew it won’t even smoke it because it’s been sprayed with who knows what. SMH!

  • All these industrial grows need to go! It’s a joke and so are the people it brings around here. Good hard working people are gone, shit head out of towners and greed moving in more and more. Redcrest industrial park needs to go too

  • Thinking allowed

    There’s some serious (pot induced?) delusion going on here. I was told when I moved here in 1981 to never go out in certain areas as pot growers were hyper aggressive about their grows. Also that if I stumbled on a grow to back out carefully the way I went lest I trip a booby trap. There were and have continuously been murders, violence and intimidation in the pot industry.

    You all were never the combination of the Waltons with the Peace movement you think you were. As far as I can tell, there’s a bunch of little sharks being eaten by the johnny-come-lately bigger sharks and complaining about it.

    • Bet you don’t think about how KMUD, the Mateel, CCUSH, Trees Foundation, Friends of the Eel, Hospice of the Redwoods, and Women’s Shelter in SoHum wouldn’t exist without generous growers. You never lived in the hills and saw the neighbors pitching together to help out someone who had cancer. Or ran a fundraiser for a small school and watched folks pitch in $60 for a cupcake. Don’t get me wrong, there have been problems and there are worse problems now. But the vast majority of growers lived closer to Little House on the Prairie with harvest balls and potlucks than to the Sopranos.

      • I agree, Kym. At least in my neck of the woods, and apparently in yours. Maybe there are other areas of rural Humboldt where things weren’t so sweet… but fact is, a lot of well-educated and high-minded people moved here to Southern Humboldt and the Mattole Valley–and their educations did not make them snotty and money-hungry; their privileges made them want to give up all that and live simply and naturally. The fact that they were imperfect humans does not make them hypocrites… it makes them humans. Their intentions and very often their creative results were beautiful.
        And the fact that there were always a couple of obvious money-and-leisure lovers doesn’t cancel out the fact that the majority kept it low-key. I would say the money-flaunters were more like the proverbial (and nonsensical) “exceptions that prove the rule.” And, although they did enjoy those tropical vacations and state-of-the-art sound systems and expensive hand-made hippie crafts, they shared very generously with their communities. In place of taxes, it was voluntary giving to support neighbors and the environment.
        I don’t think i’m glorifying it because it’s the past… this is not nostalgia. I was singing this song for decades, because i was afraid it was too good to last.

      • Thinking allowed

        As I said, serious delusions. The Mafia runs many beneficial programs too. For it’s own. And kills off those who object to the source of their generosity.

        Pot growers could afford their generosity. They pay no income taxes while using services that were paid for with other’s taxes. They pay no employee taxes. They paid for no permits, and they stike otherls share of the water. While they drove giant pickups with flashy chrome with 4 giant guard dogs in the back and their owners prided themselves on their having paid sales tax. And chortled at the poor fools who did not make their clever arrangements to avoid the rest.

        Did you do anything to stop them? Did you leap to the defense of people who complained of diesel generators, poisoned water and wildlife 10 years ago? Did you have a standard of conduct and enforce it for illegal growers 10 years ago when they were bothering only a few people and wikd life? Before the population explosion that now dares to bother you?

        Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

        • Are you personally addressing me because you must not be a long time reader if you are questioning what I’ve done to bring attention to problems with some marijuana growers.

        • You are the deluded one, TA. All old-timers I know pay their income taxes because it’s easy and builds up whatever Social “Security” we’ll have when the time comes. Many folks I hang with start a small business or two on paper, and make the income justified. And taxed.
          It’s the same deal taken advantage of by Rich Folks on “Legit” Incomes. And it enables both classes to freely make charitable donations (with receipts) which are then tax-deductible. Also deductible are the depreciations on farm equipment…like ATVs, etc.
          Taxes do many good things for our society, and one doesn’t need a building permit or septic tank to pay them!

          • Thinking allowed

            I don’t know who you know, so unlike you, I can not say you in particular are deluded. I can say that in none of the many tax returns I viewed over the years did anyone ever report a profit in any agricultural product that could have conceivably been based on the profitablity of pot sales.

            In fact I handed kleenex to mop up the tears of a few who suffered an accident or illness and had nothing to fall back on because they never paid taxes. I have talked to people who recommended filing for welfare to act as a cover for no reported income. And if you can find one story about someone who had a whole bunch of pot sale cash in their house who reported any part of it for tax purposes, I’ll agree that some do. But most don’t.

            For a discussion, look below for a dose of reality


      • Smalltimer for real

        But that is all from the blackmarket days isn’t it? KMUD fundraiser this year took 3 weeks and only raised 1/3rd the amount they used to get in a week. The industrial newbies haven’t a clue about the “community”

        • I agree that many current growers don’t have a clue about the community. There are however many who care. To tar both types with the same brush is irresponsible.

        • People vote with their wallets. According to many sources, they only listen to KMUD for the emergency reports. They’re no longer considered a “community” radio broadcasting station. They’re too political. One sided political at that.
          Ipods and Sirius radio are the new community.
          It was their choice to either include all members, or to exclude a portion. They chose to exclude.
          It’s funner to blame the pot yuppies though.

      • “Ooh ooh ooh yeah
        What have you done for me lately?”
        The bulk of those organizations took form decades ago. The people who started them aren’t the same as the kids they raised who are clearly more concerned with luxury than homesteading and community involvement.

        • I’m not saying that every grower is perfect but there are a number of good organizations that receive substantial money and time donations from some growers. Yes, there should be more. But ignoring the good is no better than ignoring the bad.

    • Well yes that was what my point is about. Their used to be a little more neighborhood vigilance. We used to give newcomers a hard time u til they proved themselves. Now we are cool with whoever has the cash to buy the property next door and just hope they are cool. We need a little more of that old west attitude and make these new guys earn their place in this beautiful piece of heaven we have here. We are WAY too nice and easy going, in my opinion. That’s a part of the problem. We need to deal with neighborhood issues amongst ourselves and definitely not call our supervisor when we get our panties in a bunch. I am a big supporter of nonviolence, but you can take a stand for your neighborhood and be creative to make asshole neighbors feel unwelcome.

  • To all the people who thought that making growing pot legal was the answer to making their lives full of riches and complete are going to find out different. This whole thing is nothing but the makings of a living hell, it is going to destroy the land , the water will become nothing but a trickle , the wildlife will die off due to the food source and water for them will cease to exist. This once beautiful place will become nothing but an ugly dust bowl filled with plastics of every kind, the destruction will be astronomical. The only thing that will be left to grow is the GREED. Just how much money does a person really need in their lifetime, there are millionaires and billionaires in this world that have more than enough money to last them more lifetimes than we could ever imagine but they have been infected by greed so to them they feel they never have enough and they don’t give a flying fuck about how they get it or who they step on. I like to be able to live comfortably and not have to worry if I am going to have enough money for bills, food and a roof over myself and my family, And yes I grow and I’m happy with the 50 lbs or so I pull off, but now with the prices being driven down to nothing it forces one to grow more. I could have gone the greed route but I chose not to knowing that route would end up like its doing. I have lived here my whole life and over the years I have seen the greedy people appear more and more , I have had friends threatened by these bullies that are coming here wanting to own all and forcing people to sell to them. There are many of us who live on their land, that work the land, they take care of their land , they are good decent people who don’t deserve this crap. All of you GREEDY FUCKS don’t deserve the space you occupy, you don’t care about the people or the destruction you are doing to the land the only thing you care about is yourselves and the money. GREED is a sin and someday you will pay for it . For all of you GREEDY FUCKS may you go to sleep tonight and not wake up in the morning, so much for all your money your not going to be here to spend it….

    • Look at San Jose, Campbell and that whole area. It used to be nice fruit orchards. The contractors and builders loved it so much that they paved and built it all over. Now you are hard pressed to find an orchard there. Greed in any industry is destructive.

    • It’s not about greed, in my view. I think we have to accept that once we legalized cannabis, it will become like any other product. A small scale dairy farm is 1000 or so acres, a small family vineyard is at least 20 acres. It’s going to go that direction, and if we don’t have some nice ag land we are going to have to do some logging or something. We’ve been spoiled for way too long, only because we were in a black market sweet spot.

  • speaking as some one who has been here more than 40 years and has been a good stewart of the land ,there is something that really sucks,when some one comes along and plops down a diesel generator and runs it day and night,then drains off the water,thinking not of there neighbors needs but only of the profit to be had or perhaps not.Haveing the simpler times taken away,by future gold rushers SUCKS.And thats all I have to say about that, and as for the grammer police and I know you will chime in, go away.

  • So who smokes all this marijuana? It`s being produced by the ton — probably hundreds of tons or more. Is it going into a diffuse distribution network and ends up all over the US & Canada?

    What`s not addressed here is the very large elephant in a very small room. There are too many humans — everywhere! The human population is increasing at a rate of around 12,000 tons per day, which is over 8 tons of humans per minute. In 3 days this would be the cargo capacity of a medium sized container ship. How long can this keep up? There is a lot of nonsense about “green this” and “sustainable that”, when the reality is we passed the point of no return of sustainability a very long time ago. My best guess is the point of no return was about the year 1900. So…. a bit of an adjustment is ahead…..

  • I agree with Erika. I do not grow, but I have no problem with small grows. I was born in Garberville and my family was one of the earliest settlers in the area. The large grows pollute the land, streams, and air and ruin the peace and tranquility of our home. Crime is completely out of control and it seems our elected officials are as greedy as the large commercial grows. Where is their concern for the common man? They’ve sold us out!

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      Goobsterdam sold itself to the growers, long ago. It makes me sick to listen to the crap you “born in
      Goobsterdam” idiots snivel. It’s a crowded old word, so shut up, or leave.

  • Hmm how much did her old neighbors sell their land for ? Property values have shot up through the roof !! If you want to control what happens on someone elses la d you should buy it the minute it comes on the market, what ? They sold it for 20 times what they paid for it , and thats just 2 much ? Well someone thought they wantwd to live there and would grow weed to pay for it just as many have done here for decades, the only differance is the price of land has gone up while the price per lb has fallen, so they have to grow 40 times what you had to grow in order to pay for their land.

    • How about if you want to control what happens on your land? If they don’t cover their greenhouses, their light is on your land. If they run heavy equipment at 6 a.m., their sound is in your ears. If they tear up all the plants, the dust from their land ends up on yours…

      • Again price of having neighbors , dont want any buy enough property. Lights, i know most decent people cover them, but it is less then living in town when a neighnor gets a street lamp installed , shining right in your kids bedroom window…. but at least you font have to pay the fuel bill.. unlike a street lamp they bill you for the power

      • Yes property rights end when you negatively affect your neighbor.

    • So the answer is, if you move somewhere because you love the surroundings, you have to buy those surroundings so they don’t change? NO, that is not how it works. If my neighbor wants to build a 3 story addition and block my view, By law, I can stop him.

      • Ever stop to think maybe no one wanted you there when you moved in ? And no you cant really stop them , depending on who has the money… your land your rules their land their rules.

        • Thinking allowed

          No. They are not stopping to think now. Just looking to the officials they eviscerated for their own profit to now raise up from the dead to solve the problems they created.

          I wish the would come over and clear out the pot growers who now have taken control over my water source and are draining it dry. But I suspect that they would call them ‘responsible’ growers.

  • You reap what you sow. How many years have you been growing? That means for all of those years you were illegally selling. How many decades since you paid taxes? Now you want tax payers to feel sorry for you and you are mad that along with legalization and the market being flooded your profits are slim. Your illegal activity has been bringing crime to us tax paying, law abiding citizens for decades but that never stopped you. You were more concerned for your illegal profits than our safety and now that others have joined you by growing next to you, you feel unsafe. I cannot count the hypocrisies in your letter and in the way you have chosen to live your life.

  • Agribusiness has a common destructive force all over the country. The mega dairy farms, pig farms. They are noisy, stinky and polluting. The ‘new industrialists’ are taking one large diarrhea dump on our environment. They have the power of money and the ear of the politicians. When the price of pot drops to $300 or $200 a pound and you all go bankrupt, hopefully sooner than later, I won’t morn. Please let us know if the ‘honorable’ Rex Bohn ever responds.

  • Start a GoFundMe for a commercial size air purifier.
    Research the desert dirt roads dust maintenance solutions. Start a GoFundMe for the required supplies. Ask your neighbors to research and chip in.

    Loggers would be watering and rocking the roads. Their hours were sunup to sundown. There were fewer forest fires and smoke filled skies. But they were the devil according to the misplaced city folk who moved here to grow their naughty pot in healthy nature. The loggers were bullied & over regulated out. They folded.
    Now the shoe is on the bullies foot. Funny how that works.

    It’s not fair. Life’s not fair. But we deal with it by holding discussions and fundraisers. We research solutions, create new innovative ways of improvements.

  • Funny how that works; love it.

  • In the Ferndale Zone

    Hang on if you can, because in 5 more years when it’s widely legalized, old school farmers will be growing it by the hundred acres in Colorado and lots of other states, and the price will drop so far that it will no longer be profitable to use diesel to grow in greenhouses. Think about it: how many vegetables and herbs are grown in greenhouses vs. how many are grown in open fields. We shouldn’t kid ourselves: The “Sacred Herb” is really a “Weed” and farmers will quickly discover how easy it is to grow. That’s when the diesel greenhouse growers will depart. Right around that time many of the old school growers will be retiring on Social Security on their paid-for parcels and they, along with a few who have home businesses, and a few who commute to town jobs, will be the ones who can afford to live on these remote parcels. There will be a hella mess to clean up but after that things will get back to how we remembered it was like when we moved here in the 70’s and 80’s: people caring about each other and the land.

  • A painful lesson I’ve seen many around here learn — letter-writing will get you nowhere.

    You have to go big or go home and that means using the courts.

    If the fact pattern in this letter is true, there are numerous torts including private nuisance and violations of both various state and federal environmental laws.

    If you want to change the behavior of public officials, the best way to do it is by suing their associates and producing evidence through discovery & deposition. People in office don’t want public wars over such information.

    I have no doubt that the threats you are receiving are real and dangerous. The only way to fight back is to show strength. I am certain that there are attorneys who would work with you on this.

  • Industrial farms down south and in the valley are going operational as we speak. “Someday” has arrived. My buddy who works with a couple of these farms says they are poised to pump out commercial grade produce to supply LA and beyond at sub <$500 a lb. with that number falling in years to come. Seems like the local commercial "blow out plastic fests" will be unsustainable at <$500 much less current prices. Not to mention enforcement will be huge next year with millions in funding. Theoretically the "bad" players who have no regard for their neighbors or the environment will feel the heat and begin to drop out (or get dropped).
    Moral of the story is if your in it for the good of it better focus on getting "really good" at it and band together with others of like mind. Remember folks the "real" medicine will be invaluable in times of sickness so grow the best and hope for the same!!!

    • I agree. It’s just about over for Humboldt County as a major factor in the cannabis business. I figure in about 2-3 years a lot of this shit show will have died down.
      I can’t wait to be able to drive to town and not be almost run off the road every time by a grow dozer. Pulling an empty trailer all summer.
      The schools are hurting and enrollment is down. This explosion in population isn’t families, it’s mostly men and foreign workers. They aren’t invested in the communities in the slightest. They are here to exploit them. The money from sales doesn’t stay here.
      Healy Senior Center can barely stay afloat. With all the cash in Southern Humboldt that is a travesty.
      When the rest of California and other states become fully operational you greedy green rushers can kiss your asses goodbye. Your exit can’t come soon enough.

  • What is a truckers hat. ?

    • foam front, mesh back, sizable never fitted.. um… that help? think of an old hat w/ Penske or Mayflower or UPS on the front.. before skate companies and everyone else started making em..

  • This too will pass. In good time, the enforcement power is going to catch up. Just like it did with logging. By next year the limits on licencing will be set, and there will be more have nots than haves.

    • Clearcutting is butchering northern california as we speak. You’re a long time shill for the industry.

    • Thinking allowed

      What I’m afraid of is that the mass of money will have finally so disheartened and corrupted officialdom, that what will be left if they are driven off will be even more poverty, joblessness and crime anyway. A new third world country.

    • It will end because the County Planners gave away the farm. Handing it to the Biggest Grows with tens of thousands of dollars on hand for inspections, permits, papers, equipment, upgrades, etc… maybe thinking, more likely grabbing. Sight and Vision are very different. Nothing new t/here…

      It will end when as mentioned above, the vast swaths of the state already covered in greenhouses that take 5 minutes to drive past (ie. along I-5) flip the switch, and don’t have to truck dirt, tanks, generators, building supplies and land movers, even WATER out our little dirt roads. (How exactly one presumes to run a farm w/o water boggles my battered brain)

      It will end when ACTUAL LEGALIZATION happens, which it will. The UN is done with the Drug War as made clear in their “Ending Discrimination in Health Care” statement. For now, like most commodities, it’s just being stripped from the little guy and handed to the uh.. fiscally fierce. From the hippies (of all generations) to the capitalists (of all generations). Nothing new t/here…..

      I hope at least the County Planners did well with the “Legalization Legislation”–an oxymoron–cause no one else did. If you think you did just wait till those switches in the Central Valley are flipped. Maybe a couple will remain, this new one in Benbow has a great location (how’s that saying go? location location location) born-n-raised capitalists (of which there are many) running it with some hippies in tow .. in Briceland (doubtful) for tourists wanting to see what it used to be like here.

      The direction the County Planners should have gone= encouraging the smaller mom and pop style grows that gave Humboldt it’s name, had they vision not just sight, instead of a last dash cash grab on ALL sides.

      Where are the little cannabis cafe’s? The little storefronts? The little garden tours and grow schools? Where have they been for the past decade? Oakland. (Where the prices are NOT in free-fall)

      Humboldt will retain it’s name its prime cannabis climate and primo growers.. but it’s gonna look a lot different. I’ve never been a fan of capitalism at least as presently practiced. It leaves may more living lives of extreme stress in Ohio, the Carolinas, in Maine and in Humboldt raising traumatized children with .01% striking it rich. More stress = more addiction, depression, pain, etc for those dogs that don’t want to eat other dogs. Might have something to do with penis size, I don’t know and can’t relate…

      This is not a Humboldt problem, this is manifestation of Western Capitalism run amok. It really took off (the size of grows here, that is) in 2012 with Richard Lee’s legalization proposition and the ensuing “This is it! Grab it fast!” attitude. One greenhouse became ten and ten became thirty. Only exponentially worse in years since. Reminiscent of the mad Tree and Fish grabs of the 19oo’s?? What do you old timers think?

      I came from the East Coast megalopolis in the mid-90’s and fell in love with SoHum= for the community Kym mentioned above= MCC, KMUD, Hospice, FOER, RRHC, ROTR, Redwood Run, et al thriving thanks to GROWERS living and giving on their own terms. No gov’t assistance or regulation needed thanks. Oh.. that and the REDWOODS!

      Who else on Earth has a COMMUNITY CENTER that the entire Wu-Tang Clan played????????

      If cash means more to you than a relationship with your neighbors, you should run for office and threaten em with nukes. Scrooge McDrumpf is our president.. does that help clear anything up?

      History: When the first settlers arrived rivers across the country were so filled with fish one need only grab em, made it hard sometimes impossible to row an oar in. (As documented in letters sent to family still in Europe) Those rivers are now empty or polluted across the country. Mattole Valley as another dustbowl fits the script nicely.

      As the DOD put it: Welcome to the Post-Primacy World. Thank you “leaders”. Fuck your parking meters.

      One more thing: “I predict in the near future drug addicts will be systematically demonized as the ugly face of our collective addiction(s)”.. and the stress and pain they produce -W.S Burroughs. You think WE have a drug problem now? Wait till the money and little security it provides goes. Cue the dueling banjos.

      • Nice post, except you left out a few important clues.
        The county planners and the UN have been in cahoots for forever. The comprehensive plans, the training seminars, all of it.
        Some of the officials are innocent.
        The others are a bunch of grant hungry state sellouts.

  • No one should be frighten to live in their home,NO sure the law would say,we can’t do anything until something happens.or someone gets hurt.with no where to she grows,so what , we live in HUMBOLDT.but telling some one they’ll do things to your life,those are the people who have to go.the real folks of Humboldt don’t threat their neighbors like that,we help them make sure their ok and we share!!we don’t hate we love.ya,I still think that way oh well✌

  • How’s this Dan? “If I had my way, I WOULD TEAR THIS WHOLE BUILDING DOWN !” Greatful Dead 💀. Ballad of Sampson

  • She and her EX-husband toiled the land. She’s got the breakup blues, and is largely misdirecting her hosility.

  • Thinking allowed

    So growers. This is in essence the problems you created. You go solve it. The rest of us could not stop it from happening when it was you who were the biggest problem so I doubt we have the solution for you.

    I agree that if you can restore some rule of law, it will be better for all. But I doubt as if you will strike at the root of lawlessness itself as just a few months ago you were reporting as if the law was the enemy. I just don’t think you know how to fix the problem of others while protecting yourself from being included in the solution. I think you will waste what power you have trying to protect yourselves and thereby be ineffective at stopping others.

    Market forces may be the only solution and that hurts the small as well as the big fry equally.

  • People are so rude. I feel for you Erica. I guess all the yabbos out there that laugh about this won’t be satisfied until they’re walking around with a gas mask on their face and everybody has lost their identity. Keep the land rape Keepin On because before too long there is going to be nothing left.

  • I sympathize with the writer, but as a 35 year resident, I think of her as a greenrusher, just like the 1st generation growers and multigeneration residents would consider me a transplant. I saw the writing on the wall when 215 passed (about the time the writer moved here), and Harborside starting pushing the limits. Throw in Gallegos and the our fate was sealed. I hope the process continues until the only growers left around here are small boutique organic growers supplying quality bud to discerning smokers (black market of course, nobody wants to pay taxes). Of course that isn’t going to make anybody rich, but at least we will get our peace and quiet back.

  • Problem amongst many is, Rex Bohn. The truth is, he does nothing, and will do nothing for this county or community that is not a direct benefit to himself. He’s involved in cannabis through friends and family, yet is truly clueless about it.

    The county allowed the foreign armies to buy up the land and grow unimpeded for the last decade. Now it’s way to late to curb. They could have easily stemmed and stymied the flood of eastern european mega growers, but they and theirs were making SO MUCH MONEY off the remote properties and ranches being subdivided.

    We lost our county due to inaction by the leaders, and complacency by the plebiscites.

    And the county basically bending over backwards to hand out gigantic permits for new grows to people like Honey Dew Farms or The Humboldt Low Standard up in willow creek.

    With any luck and grace, the bottom falls out on the price for a few years, a bunch of people have to abandon ship, and things return to being somewhat sustainable.

    In the meantime, fire up the torches! Not the tiki torches, like the numbskulls in khakis! No, fire up the blazers and melt away!

  • Boo fucking hoo I have a 2k permitted gro and a headache

    Omg stop whining and shit talking about your neighbors!!! . If a noisy generator or fan or water truck Jake brake (im not kidding entire threads of tender-eared butt-hurt locals crying about a fucking h20truck brake) are the worst of your problems STFU and GIVE THANKS .

    Are u blind? This world is full of so much hurt. Your life is golden. Solutions: ear plugs iTunes or rephrasing your experience “I’m grateful that -Fill in the Blank- ..

    And GROBA DUDE nailed it. We can’t control everything!! Only our own behavior! So mind your own business…(and have business to mind)

    • Damn, you move to the country for quiet, spend your savings buying a piece of property that fits that definition and put up with the long drives into town for years so you can have your piece of heaven, then a neighbor decides to put in an industrial grow that requires water trucks to suck up a substantial portion of fish habitat and drive past your quiet retreat multiple times a day with their jake brakes on and in addition he uses fans and generators that hum loud enough that you can no longer sit on your deck…and now the guy who does that wants you to give thanks that you weren’t born in Syria….

      If someone dents your car are you still supposed to smile and walk away without complaint because your life could be worse?

      • Actually yes. We can only control ourselves. Is a dent worth the upset? Maybe to some. But people are making themselves miserable with obsessing over this bright noisy new normal.

        Where was all this loud moaning and upset when Moore Fuel ran endless deliveries and many old school neighbors or their kids routinely leaked diesel from their shitty haul-tanks in truck beds fueling indoor grows for gennys 24/7 leaving trails of fuel in the dirt for a fucking decade ??!?

        Oh right. The internet was barely invented yet. And it was a small minority who weren’t blowing it up indoor.

        Raining heavy diesel particulates down on our air 24/7 year after endless year and fouling-up virtually every watershed in so hum with BENZINE far outshadows a greeny glow or h20 delivery rig imo.

        I’ll take this uncontrollable parade of delivery/water trucks and the glowy glow worms COUNTY-WIDE over that uncontrollable toxic mess any day .

        • How do the glow worms glow…? With diesel generators.

          And as to this where was all the moaning and upset? I covered it in 2008, I attended meetings in 2008. Here’s just one:

          We made a small difference and began swinging the conversation to sungrown and organic. Where were you? We might have made a bigger difference if you were there. Join the conversation about the issues now. The dent is worth the upset because, just as now, the mess is going to get worse if people don’t try to speak about what is right for a neighborhood.

  • Lmao to your last phrasei concur about Mr Bohn.

  • Who cares if she is a green rusher? Who cares if she has a small cannabis garden? Who cares how long she has lived here? Why should this distract from the fact that her neighbors seem like complete assholes and are ruining her living situation? Lack of respect and greed has caused these asshats to behave the way they are. Maybe they should humble themselves a bit and make living next door enjoyable. The problem isn’t they are growing cannabis or even doing it illegally, the problem is the are infringing on someones right to a peaceful life. If they are a nuisance, then something should be done to correct this problem. Growing is ok as long as you are not an asshat. Good luck with Bohn. He’s directly tied to the cannabis industry and he will protect his friends. Screw everyones opinion about welcome to the jungle bullshit.

  • DreamsComeNightmirror

    Those who disturb the freedom with insubordinate disrespect, will face the consequences and ruin everything for everyone else at the same time. Perhaps the law should be mended to say “No grow without power lines.” And then clean up shop because we all know the rotten apples will get our freedoms taken away.

    We’ve hidden behind the redwood curtain for a long time. After years of outside news outlets and inside residents putting a light on Humboldt, we’re now facing the beast we came here to escape.

    The answer is not the same as it may have been in the past. We cannot fight, chase, and hide any longer. It is time to respect our values, it is our responsibility to uphold our sovereignty with dignity and integrity. National legalization is inevitable, if we prove it’s worth and our ability to remain civil through increased freedom, if not we can invite military “supervision” and say good bye to our way of life.

    Establish some values for goodness sakes.

  • So the Volunteer firepeople are stoned?

  • Worms ..Worms..Worms..can clean up all the pesticide dirt that growers use. Let the worms do all your work. Some of you that can read, read Amy Stewart’s book, When the Earth moved, you will be amazed at how much Worms can benefit this area. Pot Growers as well as Veggie growers. Worms make rich nutrient dirt from your leftovers. Stop buying it and let the worms help this area.

  • Neighbors need to be respectful of one another. If that happens, problems are at a minimum. I grow 100 plants and have done for five years. My garden is not viewable to any of my neighbors and poses to threat or nuisance. This year one neighbor took issue. And rather thN come talk to me face to face he turned me into the county. No I’m facing losing everything. I tried to reason with him but he will not rescind the complaint. This is not being a good neighbor. My garden doesn’t impact him or his property at all. His complaint is bogus but because the county system is flawed his bogus complaint will be investigated. Neighbors should be able to talk to one another and arrive at a compromise that works for all involved. Everybody has to be willing to give a little. It’s too bad people don’t talk anymore.

  • I read through about 1/3 of the comments till I became too disheartened. I am surprised and disappointed that people are hung up on the aspect of growing pot being legal or illegal.

    I honor Ms Morlan for her bravery to tell her story, knowing that hundreds of other people suffer the same effect of losing the quality of life we have known here in Southern Humboldt (and beyond) for decades. It all comes down to GREED; putting your ability to make as much money as possible above the health of your property, your neighbors, your community, and often yourself, etc.

    Like myself, the majority of those who are in or who benefit directly from the cannabis business are caucasian males, living on the west (progressive) coast of the most powerful country in world history. We (in general, as a group) have opportunities like no other, ever. That places us, in my way of thinking, way high on the karmic wheel, from where we can ‘fall a long way down’, for the missteps and misuse of the opportunities we have at hand.

    Many of us may come back as wood rats.

  • Kneehoffinghasslewipe

    Thank your supervisors.
    That greedy bunch that thought it would be allright to tax without representation.
    Its over!
    Sell the place while the price is still up, unless you want to hang around to really get reamed.
    Prices are dropping alll around, its going to suck living with no jobs in a meth infested community with all them diesel fumes. That shit is a neurotoxin. Surely in your system already.
    Take a hairsample and go to court.
    No wealth is worth your health, not that your getting a single cent for breathing in the exhaust from next door.
    Its all a complete joke. The legalization they intend doesnt look out for folks like you apparently!

  • Kneehoffinghasslewipe


  • As a hard working tax paying Humboldt county citizen I voted yes on the legalization of marijuana. I don’t smoke, grow, or deal, however when I see 20 year olds driving 50 thousand dollar grow dozers and pulling out wads of 100 dollar bills to pay for two cases of Budweiser at the local gas station it just does not feel like the old saying “them there farmers are supporting our community and economy” in my opinion all they do is drive up property and real estate prices so decent hard working people can’t afford to live here. As all of these green rushers sit around fertilizing and watering this years cash crop there is a Southern California city called Adelanto that is currently gearing up to flood the market with more product every month than all the grows in Humboldt/Mendo/Trinity could produce in five years, just like alcohol you will still have your small market (eel river, lost coast, and six rivers breweries) but you don’t see the local dirtbags brewing product in there garage even though the demand for the product is out there. The supply will soon overcome the demand and with that we will see all these local commercial grows abandoned and left behind for our tax dollars to clean up.

    • The Brown Rush: locals starting dirty grow clean-up companies.

    • Um… you voted to “legalize” 6 (six) carrots. The only folks who can have more than 6 (six) carrots are those with a FLEET of growdozers = the cash to pay off the county.

      Yes there are parts of the state encouraging the growth of their economy. Meanwhile Humboldt is collecting exorbitant fees while encouraging we move to prime ag land and tear that up instead of improving existing soils. Leaving most in the dust.

      I miss your logic. Enjoy your 6 (six) carrots.

  • I think Jack Straw got it right about 100 comments ago. The county kind of blew it when they decided to issue commercial permits just to make a buck. Hindsight is 20-20 but that was a terrible move. I have a “permit” holder above me that has 14 greenhouses and is harshing my spring . Thanks bro..your really in touch

  • My God what have we done? (TAlking Heads) What a sad, sad situation! (Me)

  • anyone here who doesn’t have sympathy for someone who has to listen to someone else’s stupid generator is probably running their own and ruining their neighborhood…

    • Thinking allowed

      Nope. I hate it. Just as I hated the pot grower who left bags of fertizer to pollute the creek during the winter rains, or the ones who poisoned the Fishers with their rat poison, or who had their obscene electric grow light bills paid using subsidies that I funded ,designed for the poor,while making piles of unreported money, or never paid their income taxes while making demand for other to fund, or who brought sleazy trimmers in to harvest their crops and create problems all around or got subsidized school lunches when they were anything but poor or used the illegally derived funds to jack up the price of land to the point no one else can afford it or used up the water, brought violence and murder here, etc etc etc.

      What people are finding so damn humorous is that, after decades of having dismissed, abused and taken advantage of others for their own purposes, they now expect that those others will rally around them now to fix their mess. They wasted no sympathy on others and now expect otherwise?

    • You are right. It is more frustrating to listen to someone’s generator who is powering their grow, than that which is powering their domestic needs. Truth told, I don’t like to hear them at all (even mine, which I need to run on occasion). I ENCOURAGE ALL PEOPLE TO BE CONSIDERATE OF THEIR NEIGHBORS AND SHIELD THEIR GENERATOR NOISE (especially when it is a regular occurrence)!

  • Erika, tell your neighbors that they must purchase your crop, at top dollar, by Thanksgiving or you will file nonstop complaints with the county, state, and feds. [edit]

  • The sad truth is nothing will be done about this. Rex will protect his friends. The asshole next door will continue to grow and be sucky neighbors. It comes down to how bad she wants them gone. Enforcement is done only by complaints. A letter to Bohn, who is friends with these asshole is not a complaint. A phone call to the drug task force and the planning department is a complaint. Grow all the weed you want. Make more money than you can spend. But don’t be an asshole neighbor.

  • I’d tell the lady to buy some protection if she doesn’t already have any, and to document everything the one who threatned to start a war with her ever says to her again. And if you can get proof that they are not in compliance with the any of the ordinances report them and have all your neighbors report them.

  • Her neighbors are obviously growing without permits.

  • The county is expanding code enforcement. Turn them in anonymously.

  • Diesel exhaust is poison
    People using diesel generators are poisoning themselves, their neighbors and their own plants which will likely fail a test for contaminants.

  • The county is making the problem way worse.
    When I originally applied for a permit I asked for 5 k square feet.
    By the time I got done the planner had me convinced to apply for 58000 sq feet.
    It’s totally out of control

  • Might be time to start growing a new side crop that doesn’t make any money at all. For some it could have a very strong ecfect, for others, no effect at all. Over time, potency could increase for any reason or no reason at all. You might try every method possible and never see a thing, or it could grow like crazy the first day you start. It’s a goofy thing to plant and you might be seen as a naive idiot for even thinking you’d see a sprout. To many, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense and Hell, messing with this stuff around here might even get you killed. It’s beconing more and more rare every day and you’ll probably kick yourself on occasion for even trying. One thing for sure though, it has the coolest name I’ve heard yet. and it’s free! Yeah. It can be absolutely beautiful and responds best with a seriously dedicated grower who will do just about anything to see even the smallest harvest. Some call it ‘’Good Luck Sucker’ or ‘Foolishness’ or Yeah, Right’, but it’s best known as ‘’Love Your Neighbors (Nomatterwhat)’

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