[UPDATE 5:34 p.m.: Wireline Service Restored] Many AT&T and Verizon Customers Without Service

AT&T outage map at 7:37 a.m.

Late last night many AT&T and Verizon customers lost service in the Emerald Counties.

Attempts to call an AT&T service representative for this area on a Verizon phone this morning resulted in the message, “Cellular network not available.” The same message was repeated when we tried to call Verizon.

Verizon outage map at 7:38 a.m.

UPDATE 9:14 a.m.: California State Senator Mike McGuire tweeted, “We’re working the #Humboldt internet/fiber outage. We are in contact with AT&T – More information soon.”

UPDATE 10 a.m.: McGuire tweeted, “AT&T reports that problem is located at the fiber repair from last week’s Saw Fire in Southern Humboldt.”

AT&T stated, ”

Some customers in the Humboldt area may be experiencing issues with their wireline service as we work to repair a cable in the area. Technicians are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
 UPDATE 10:32 a.m.: McGuire tweeted at 10:30a.m., “No estimated time for restoration. 4 of the 5 circuits within the fiber line have been restored. Crews on scene.”
UPDATE 5:34 p.m.: Power was restored by 1:30 p.m. for “customers in the Humboldt area whose wireline service was affected earlier today”, according to a spokesperson for AT&T.


  • Verizon is not what it used to be.
    What’s the best alternative?

  • US Cellular still working here in Rio Dell.

    • Ya US Cel didnt go for the ATT bundle all the cables in one big wire so when its cut, everything goes down plan. They know people will cut the lines for copper. ATT really did a number on us all, its a stupid idea for rural areas. Is 911 down again??? How many times has it been now? In a natural disaster that could easily harm the lines, we wont be able to call 911 with ATT. Keep a watch handy, we’re all too used to checking our phones for time.

      US Cel was the first to have reception in the hills, and for me it still works better in the hills than in town.
      Landlines are great, when this happened before a woman i know still had her DSL going and was able to get online. Theyre getting expensive as the companies try to phase them out.
      You couldnt pay me to use att or verizon, who is now the floundering company Frontier, ya? Worse than verizon for sure.
      At least when you call us cel the people are in the US.

      • Bozo the Clone (I am a CLONE, not a clown)

        Yes, US Cellular has worked best for me as well. I get coverage in most places. I had Verizon for a while …it was spotty with weaker signal.
        AT&T is one of the worst corporations in the world, in my opinion. I went round and round with them for a long time. For them, the bottom line is: how can they give you the least service for the most money. I dropped them four or five years ago. They are weasels and they suck, plain and simple.

  • Love my u.s. cellular too!!

  • My wifi signal at home was very weak since 6 pm last night. Took a couple hours to watch one (1) episode of Spartacus on Apple TV.

  • what is the cause when will the service return?

  • I’m in Rio and my Verizon is working fine.

  • My verizon near alderpoint is working fine

  • Service was slow/unusable on Verizon in Fortuna most of Wednesday (while showing 2/5 bars LTE from my normal 4/5); usual service was restored by morning.

  • Live in Rio Dell Verizon working fine.

  • Table Bluff here and Verizon is working fine.
    However, the smoky haze is very heavy this morning.

  • I tried calling EKA Sheriff office and the calls kept getting dropped. My Verizon cell is working fine in GBV (called Ukiah earlier). Haven’t tried my Frontier land line this morning. Thanks for the info other wise I was having a grudge against the HCSO for their crappy phone etiquette!

  • My Verizon service was bad last night but it evened out & I’m in McKinleyville

  • Liberal hypocrisy

    Thank you Kym once again you are providing the best information that’s available on the internet, well at least the internet that’s available to us

  • All them eggs in one basket……

  • Garberville, Verizon. 4GLTE and full service

  • In Eureka: AT&T Internet out since shortly after midnight; Sprint cell service–phone and data– still up.

  • Sprint…

  • I have u.s. cell and have been happy with the service for over 10 years now. The reason they do not go down when everyone else does it because they use satellite service out of Eureka to send their signal out. not fiber optics. so when the lines get cut or burned up, it does not affect US CELLULAR customers. for that reason alone I have not even wanted to try another service. good luck all

  • I’ve got Verizon in Redway.

  • Christopher W Lenington

    Google FI, works off of Sprint, US Cellular, and TMobile. Wonderful service!

    Use this code. XAC8KM

  • >” …They know people will cut the lines for copper…”

    IMHO: Internet lines are (mostly) fiber optic.
    Not much resale value on it !

    AT&T internet was back up at 12:20 or so.
    Verizon wasn’t affected for me.

  • I just got rid of AT&T yesterday because they are horrible. Talk about impeccable timing. Went to T mobile. Do some research. They will beat out Verizon in 6 months and that’s unheard of but the facts are there.

  • Project File works Great!

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    “AT&T reports that problem is located at the fiber repair from last week’s Saw Fire in Southern Humboldt.” — NO. The problem is located at AT&T headquarters where they made a *business decision* to not pay for bandwidth on the redundant fiber line. They’d rather have the money for the CEO than to provide reliable service.

    AT&T is a crap company.

  • Us celler works fine

  • I realize I’m probably showing my ignorance by not understanding this, but we have AT&T for cellular phone and data and it has never been affected by the cuts. Why? Tower based and not the lines? We have Suddenlink landline/ cable/ wifi so never affected there either.

  • I’m in western trinity and I don’t have service…. oh wait, we’ve never had service.

  • I seen at about 1256am today that my phone was stuck on a different date and time. Then u pushed menu button and it’s lije it reset itself. Same thing with Spectrum cable. I looked at the DVR and it had these weird letters then was consistently blinking and had rebooted itself. Spectrum is not AT&T… just found this all to be weird. Mind you, thus all happened at the same rime. I can say this because the light on my DVR went out when I touched menu button on phone. So it must be something bigger than what they are saying

  • All of the US Cellular customers probably don’t know that you are running on Verizon Cell Towers and Service. So here we are again Verizon is by far the best service in the States.

    • US Cellular has its own towers too. If you’re outside of the US Cellular service area, then you may be using Verizon’s towers. But they do own and maintain their own towers in areas where they offer service.

  • Local TV news just reported the outage was due to AT&T system upgrade. Would indicate that they knew there would be problems, but said nothing to customers. ???

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