[UPDATE] Male and Female Dogs With Thick Collars Found in Briceland; Now Roaming Redway

Two tan and white dogs
The information below is adapted slightly from an email we received:

A man who needs to remain anonymous found these two dogs in Briceland near the cemetery. They were laying in the road. He brought them to town hoping someone would be able to help with them. When no one was able to help, he released them and they are roaming Redway because the traffic is at least slower here he reasoned.

Anyone who is missing them, a male and female with heavy duty two inch wide leather collars, but no tags, should look around in Redway.

Note: We highly recommend not moving dogs from the area they are found in unless you are able to provide them a safe place.

UPDATE from the Garberville Vet’s Office: Currently, they are at the Garberville Vet’s Office but will be heading to the Animal Shelter tomorrow. Shawna wrote,

Shawna from the vets office here with an update on the 2 big lost/found dogs. We received many phone calls about these 2 dogs this morning.  As I was dropping my son off with his dad I planned on checking on them and scanning them.  When I arrived 2 sheriffs were really confused what to do with these dogs.  I attempted to load them in my truck and they started fighting. Finally, we got the separated and I got them to the vet.  They appear to be anatolian Shepherds that probably have not been off they property much and are slighty unruly. We already called animal control for pick up because they have our kennels in an uproar. There is no officer available today so I assume they will be picked up first thing tomorrow. They have been posted on Humboldt paws cause. Please keep us posted if you hear anything on them.”



  • This dude needs to return them to where he found them. If you take an animal YOU are responsible for it. Dumping them in Redway and rationalizing that the traffic is slower is just sad. Rationalization is a defense mechanism that keeps a person from admitting their mistakes and learning from them.

  • Sharpen your pencil

    What a complete DUMBASS! Way to rationalize your lack of a brain!

  • Not only was it stupid to take dogs away from where they live, but it is illegal to dump a dog like this. There was a pit bill that had been abandoned near our place. After a week of watching it poke its head out everytime a car went by, it must have spotted a sympathetic eye because next time I saw it, it was on my porch, almost a mile from where it had been hiding. I lured into my car, and drove 15 miles to the HCSO shelter, which was closed. They dont allow drop offs without someone there. So I had to babysit that poor dog all weekend until Monday morning.

    I hate to pile on the homeless/ travellers especially considering the hope and companionship a dog can provide, but do you ever notice how often they have a puppy with them, but rarely a full grown dog.

  • Oh no,bad idea.i hope your right,that the dogs are from Redway how would you know that? God Bless

  • Now that is about the stupidest shit for brains idea I’ve ever heard. Moving dogs that were probably close to their home. Way to go, city boy.

  • I had someone pick up my dog and take 120 miles from my home, then expect me to come pick him up. Unfortunately dogs run off, its what they do. It is best to just leave them be they will probably go home when they get hungry. Kinda like teenagers.

  • Saw heading towards garbervill about 15 min ago…the would not get in my car 🙁 They seem to have no concept of cars and where walking in the road while people honked and drove around them.

  • Time to alert KMUD and the vet’s office, both go-to places for reporting lost or found pets.

  • Someone got them just saw them being picked up 😁

  • kym doing what she does best saving dogs lives.

  • Before u judge, the chp report stated the sheriffs told him they couldnt take the dogs. If you dont know, the shelter is pretty much always over capacity these days. The only reason dogs arent being killed due to space issues is the rescue groups redwood pals rescue and its a dogs life rescue. They are strapped too. Look up their websites and donate to them instead of degrading someone who did the best they could.

    The shelter deserves an upgrade to say the least. The county owns the land all around it, why not use some of the new pot tax for that????
    And for a facility closer to so hum. Northern mckinleyville is a drive!!! Animal control said going places like harris and back to mckville can take almost their whole day.

    If you care about dogs, call your supe and ask for pot tax money to be used for the shelter and a new facility for south county.

    Laying in the lanes of briceland road is way more dangerous for sure. He could have just left them to get hit and killed, is that better?

  • What!! I swear I just saw these two running around in Rio dell!

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Not everyone in Redway loves all dogs. I certainly hope someone takes these dogs quickly…

  • We need a shelter in so hum!!!! Or at least fortuna! Ideally multiple small ones in multiple areas.
    The vets office is the only place to hold dogs, if they have room, and its a big strain on their facilities.
    Call your supe and tell your friends too as well. The time is now. Pick up the phone and call.
    Think of how much gas we are paying for to have animal control go out to rural areas.

  • What SoHum needs is HUMAN control!

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