California Nurses Association and the North Coast People’s Alliance Plan Rally in Support of Single Payer Healthcare

Healthy California Act, SB 562 photo of protestorPress release from The North Coast People’s Alliance and the California Nurses Association:

The North Coast People’s Alliance (NCPA) and the California Nurses Association (CNA) are planning a rally to voice support for the Healthy California Act (SB 562) and to encourage the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to approve a resolution in support of SB 562.

The public is invited to join NCPA and CNA members on Tuesday, August 22 at 8:00 a.m. outside the Humboldt County Courthouse at 825 5th Street in Eureka. The demonstration will include several speakers. Afterwards, attendees are encouraged to proceed in to the Supervisors’ chambers for their 9:00 meeting, to share stories with the Supervisors and encourage them to pass a resolution in support of SB 562.

The barrier to Single Payer isn’t cost, it’s politics,” says Kathryn Donahue, a registered nurse and member of both NCPA and CNA. “The vast majority of the public are in support of single-payer healthcare. We can’t wait until next year. This delay is morally wrong and politically motivated, and will cost many lives. Healthcare delayed is healthcare denied.

The North Coast People’s Alliance evolved from Northern Humboldt for Bernie, a grassroots campaign that helped to secure a local landslide victory for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. After the primary, NCPA was formed as an organization meant to empower ordinary people to become more engaged in political processes. NCPA is not aligned with any political party; rather, it serves as a place where progressives of all party affiliations can work together on issues that transcend partisan politics.

The California Nurses Association is an organization of registered nurses and one of the nation’s fastest growing labor and professional organizations in the U.S. with more than 86,000 members in hospitals, clinics and home health agencies in all 50 states.



  • Absolutely TRUE on BOTH subjects!!!!

  • Oh great, more socialism.

    Government control over all health insurance soon means government control over all healthcare.
    Been to the DMV lately? The Post Office is pulling out most operations from Eureka and soon we will mail a letter from 6th street wanting it delivered to 9th street. But the government owned & run mail service must send it to Medford first and three days later will deliver it the three block.

    • A friend who’s a lobbyist in sacramento said every single rule/bill makes some person/corporation money or it doesnt pass.

      I highly doubt our reps will vote for this due to big buks from insurance&pharm companies being yanked if they do.

      Sending our mail and trash to oregon makes petroleum companies more $. Then they can say they need to drill off of our coast bcuz they dont have enuf oil. Every single petroleum product can be made out of something way safer but the big companies buy up the patents to sit on so the technology can never be produced.

    • Socialism rocks! We pay enough taxes so why not.

      • Yeah just look at Venezuela!

        • Different. Not the same; as in: Democratic-Socialism is the system being used in northern Europe, not South America.
          Totalitarianism is not Democratic-Socialism.
          Communism is not Democratic-Socialism
          Oligarchy, is not Democratic-Socialism
          The human mind is capable of holding more than one definition of a word. Especially a word that covers such a wide variety of examples.
          We socialize those things that are too critical to human survival to be left in the control of those who would exploit them.
          What is developing in the US today is Feudalism. With a generous helping of Oligarchy. Now those are scary words.

          • Socialism is communism, without being enacted through war.
            Socialism dictates.
            Socialism robs the people by gunpoint.

            All sides agree on one thing. We all love to help others who literally need our help.
            Socialism forces people to help only those whom socialists favor. Those not in favor, will not be helped. People will be fined and/or imprisoned for helping those they deem unfavored. For instance, the Pastor in Florida who was arrested multiple times for feeding the homeless.
            Volunteerism allows people to help all those whom they favor. People are free to decide who they help, without penalty.

            Socialism: The politicians and their chosen promoters, receive all the riches and resources. The people live on crumbs. The President/Dictator earns more than the Basketball player.
            Free Market: Every person has the equal power of opportunity to achieve what they desire. Basketball players earn more than the President.
            Oligarchy: Tyrants whom the people should have kicked out long ago. They have no constitutional authority to be in control. They use stolen power.

  • We would all have affordable care if Govt weren’t involved in healthcare in the first place. Between Health and Human (wtf?) services, FDA, CDC, Pharmaceutical Lobbyists lobbying Congress, … see where this adds up?

    • O.K. How much does that giant, profit-sucking “non-profit” healthcare insurer standing between you and your Doctor really need to make? If they don’t make enough, they “pull out” of a jurisdiction. Single payer might eliminate that, but it isn’t an overnight fix, and I agree trusting the lazy shit government employees to do it isn’t necessarily going to work.

      • As much as the shareholders demand, which is everylast penny they can make for their 401ks

      • Single Payer is a staged outcome to a scheme the pharmaceutical companies and the Congress created.
        Congress agreed to never cap the medicare costs. The sky would be the limit. The politicians would keep raising “taxes” to pay for it.
        Watch the episode “Under the Influence” by 60 minutes. It was, to that date, the longest lobbying session in congress. It lasted for hours.
        Congress made a deal with the pharmaceutical companies to cap the costs of medications for Veterans in exchange for a NEVER cap on Medicare prescriptions.
        Veterans literally dying in waiting lines worse than the DMV or post office. They were not allowed to get their prescriptions filled elsewhere.
        Senior Citizens and the Disabled, in desperation began purchasing their prescriptions in foreign countries like Mexico, where they were still affordable. The prices across the American counters became unbearable. Doctors began prescribing more and more pills… it wasn’t uncommon to see 10-20 medications per disabled or senior citizen.

        That’s what’s wrong with Medicare.
        If you want single payer, then demand they repeal the tyrannical deals they’ve made.

        A bottle of pills that cost Medicare patients $1200.00 only costs the Veteran’s patients $10.00.
        Without any government deals, the prices would be FREE MARKET competitively priced.

    • Such short memories in this nation. Sigh. Do you REMEMBER why the government got involved?
      Take a look at the salaries of the CEOs of health care companies. You are exactly wrong in your assumptions. Think health care is pricey now? Try giving it back to private for-profit business and see what happens. I dare you.

      • That’s what they want. That is, they want whatever the corporations want. Now why do they want to work against their own self-interest is an interesting question.

  • Well I am sure that the providers will all go for this, now that you had a rally. Grow up, get a job, buy insurance. No government program is going to replace our broken healthcare system, not soon.

  • Single payer never works , it is why people need to be responsible for themselves, and stop attempting to control others. The reason our healthcare system is broken is that there are to many people trying to make money off of peoples illnesses. If you force people to buy insurance , then those companies should be ran as not for profits, when you have retirement plans heavly invested into health insurance , people will demand high returns, those high returns come from denying services that many people feel they are owed. We need less goverment control, and more people taking reaponsibility for themselves period. People that screw off their money, then dont have it when they need it always want others to pay for them.

    • Great points!

    • Single payer never works? I guess I missed the health care crises in France, Germany, UK and Canada. Something’s certainly not working. I don’t think people should be getting rich off the backs of the sick. The profit motive makes no sense for any industry that should be trying to _reduce_ demand for its services as much as possible, like prisons and hospitals.

      • Have you ever used the healthcare system in canada or germany ? Being stationed in germany i saw first hand the crappy service my german friends recived and having lived in canada i can tell you we are dam lucky to have our current health system as broken as it is. Unless you have experanced theae other countires systems first hand , you are merely talking out your ass

        • Funny. The U.S. lower than 10th worldwide for quality and value compared to everyone else. Behind Germany and Canada. These little anecdotal “I have experience” are complete bullshit. Unless, of course, you can pay in the U.S., which costs about double what either of those countries cost for a better level of care.

          • I can pay, and do so, but because i save my money . Here in the states we arent told that it will be 6 months for a test or that we are to old for a procedure to be covered. That 10th in ranking is becaues it is a system that tries to enclude everyone, it is a false state to attempt to push an agenda. But i get your point first hand experance is always less then reading and repeating false flag info tainted to a party line found on the internet. God i am so lucky to have people like yoy around to get me back on tract.

          • Why do high ranking officials from these countries come to America for treatment? You know, like the Canadian Premier of Newfoundland, Danny Williams did when he needed heart surgery? There are others also. Why?

          • Nonsense. Who is really clinging to false information in the face of overwhelming, factual studies conducted by…Gasp! Scientists!
            If you’re a billionaire, we have the best medical services in the world. If you’re minimum-wage worker with cancer, you’re done. If you survive, you will never be out of debt.

        • Strange. Do not understand what your situation could have been in Canada.
          Lived in Alberta and B.C. for 24 years, was always treated well, quickly, and efficiently. Some people just have ‘issues’ with anything they dont understand I guess.

      • Yup. You see how it is?


      • No it doesnt, it might cover more people but the quailty of care falls greatly. I personally dont care to pay for peoples health care as long as they are allowed to make any choises that coild wffect the cost. If the goverment needs to tax me to cover other people , then we must demand that no sugar is consumed no booze, no fast food, everyone must live perfectly healthly , oh and since we are all pitching in to cover the cost of other peoples breeding choises we should also have a say as to who and how many times people can breed.

        • Go Antichrist! It’s a breath of fresh air to see so many people on here opposed to gov tyranny, especially in a state full of communist loving, Bernie voting [edit].

        • If you’re going to take on Jesus and win, you’re going to have to be a lot smarter than you’re letting on.
          You should at least know what side of the bread your butter is on.

        • Well said AntiChrist!
          Plus, in other countries, their med prices are probably capped, unlike here. Our congress made a deal with the pharmaceutical companies to NEVER cap the costs of prescriptions for Medicare. Now they … surprise surprise… want to MANDATE we all go on medicare.

      • Funny it doesnt seem to work very well for our veterans having the va …

        • Our Veterans, God Bless their hearts, do receive the affordable FREE MARKET prices of yesteryear, thanks to the caps put on their costs. However, they were forced to receive their meds from specified counters only. They were literally dying while waiting for care. The government will do anything to KEEP a buck.

  • Government control does not mean everyone gets good care. It means that government decides what good care is and who gets it. And when. Your opinion about it is not required.

    Started using a medical device that can be purchased on Amazon for $650. Medicare- touted as using their mass purchasing power to save money- is paying $1238 for the same thing. Meanwhile Medicare mandates certain tests and visits, even if you don’t want it.

    Having not saved money, there is only one way to contain costs- restrict access.

  • Best medicine in the world: CANNABIS! Wait till the govt. and insurance swindlers, I mean companies, starts covering cannabis medicines: prohibitionists will shit in their underwear. I recommend getting rubber undies NOW!

    • They wont cover it , thats a joke, they will tell you it is otc so you can pay for it on your own , and zero reimbursements from insurers as well, welcome to cost savings, that is why clearitian and priailic all wete made otc as many others

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      Cannabis is a recreational substance. It is not medicine.

      Cannabis relieves some symptoms, but it mostly just makes you feel like you are OK. AND it makes you act stupid. That’s why you write this trash before you go out and water the plants in the van.

      Medical care has very little to do with pot.


      • That is certainly one opinion about marijuana but many respected medical professionals believe that cannabis is medicine.

        • I hate to be the bearer of reality news, but until the FDA has formed it’s OWN group of paid for by them scientists, to find the Preconceived Outcomes that the FDA wants, they will not approve it as a “medical” and will fine anyone who dares to claim that it has “medical” proponents.
          Even food sellers can’t claim that vitamins derived from their products are good for you, unless they pay the extortion fees that “allow” them to do so.
          Who created the FDA and gave them the power to monopolize? Congress. Was this constitutional? No. For many reasons:
          Congress is forbidden from delegating out their delegated duties.
          Medicines, air, food, water, education, health, etc are NOT a delegated duty.
          No agency can be given powers to make their own rules and penalties against the people.

          The people who really and truly want clean air, want companies and banks who can give them help in achieving it. Charities, created by and ran by, clean air health nuts, to offer 1% loans to help concerned people to clean up their own piece of heaven vs heavy handed fines, confiscations and SCARY guns pointed at them for daring to seek help when needed.

          My point? PROMOTE fundraisers to beat the FDA’s preconceived crap studies that will be coming.

      • Please do a little more research on the people it has helped before knee-jerking…sir.

  • California doesn’t have the money for single payer health care. Even Governor Moon Beam knows it and has indicated he won’t sign the bill even if it passes. Like Margaret Thatcher said, the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.

    • Isn’t it fxxking ridiculous how much money ca takes every damn year yet we don’t have money for anything other than gov jobs, infrastructure, schools, all falling apart, gota ask where the hell is all the money going! They need a serious audit

    • Someday someone will explain our monetary system to you and you will understand how our government can spend 3 trillion , which we also don’t have, on a war and not have enough to keep you out of the poorhouse when you need medical care.

    • Thatcher’s people never run out of “…other people’s money.” They always call others what they themselves are. Propaganda 101.

  • Stupidity Rules!

    So tell me all the things that private enterprise does well. They fight wars that we don’t win all long as you let truck loads of money disappear. They provide wondrous drugs that sometimes save as many as they kill, but, of course, they share the mantra of all business, we ain’t responsible for nothing ever. Oh, yeah, and how about those millions that don’t get healthcare because they can’t afford it. And they lock people up pretty well as long as our taxes are used to build their prisons and pay people to run them. Private enterprise sucks off the teat of government as their only purpose is to get money however they can. We already have the best government money can buy, what more do you want?

  • Here’s the problem.

  • I trust all of you who oppose single payer are planning to forego MEDICARE when you turn 65. You all stick to your guns on this. I can’t wait to see you declaring bankruptcy when the bill for $300,000 for that coronary bypass surgery exceeds the cap on your $10,000 a year low ball insurance. You will get to keep your home, if it’s paid for, but nothing else.

    • Funny with single payer such as the like they have in canada, once you reach a certain ago things lie bypasses arent covered, they instead tell you that they will make you comfortable, but that there isnt money for it and since you are no longer contruibiting they dont need to care.

  • >”… once you reach a certain age things like bypasses aren’t covered, they instead tell you that they will make you comfortable”

    Well, it’s the same thing in US too… they are not going to
    give a bypass to a patient 95 years old.
    That’s where services like hospice comes into the picture.

    >” It means that government decides what good care is and who gets it. And when. Your opinion about it is not required.”

    In the USA… that’s where the… ‘$$$’ comes in.

    >”Been to the DMV lately?”

    Yeah, I have been. Most visits have been very satisfactory.
    Don’t go during rush hour.

    IMHO: For the drastic funds reductions… the DMV is really working pretty well.
    Problem is the er… laws.

    • They do give bypasses to older folks here in the usa much older then in canada. If you want free health care join the peace corpse or the military. Or put your money where your mouth is and become a dr. Open a practice and give your services away. Why make a law and force folks to do it your way when there is nothing stopping you from doing it yourself but your own laziness, become a doc, and work for costs,

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    I like this idea! Become a Doctor! Yeah!

    Doctors spend so much time writing notes, fussing with computer programs that don’t work worth a damn, and on phone calls trying to straighten out people’s care, that they have about 7 minutes per hour to see patients. Many Physicians are so stressed out that they literally lose their minds.

    Doctor is one job I would not do for any amount of money!

    Another problem with medical care in the US is that the poor get care for free, so they regard it as “entertainment”. The poor also love to sue people over their “rights”. So much time is wasted on caring for these people, who are not particularly sick, that those who have actual emergent medical problems cannot get care at all.

    The ER is a perfect example. Many folks on Medi-Cal just show up at the ER looking for narcotics and other flavors of drugs. If they are in withdrawal, or can’t score, they travel from ER to ER until someone gives them drugs! Many of these patients have long histories of abusing care but are still given whatever they want so that they will leave! The ER Doc has to have the focus to separate the malingerer from the person actually having an MI. I wonder how many people could do this job! Medi-Cal patients should have a share-of-cost, to slow down their rate of consumption of services!

    Seniors are well known abusers of the medical system also! It is common to find persons who have multiple narcotic prescriptions from many doctors. The pills are presumably sold to dealers, and the proceeds are a great way to augment Social Security! Medicare supplements pay for all these pills!

    What a great medical system we have!

    Single payer will never fly in the US, but what we have now is really awful, and un-affordable, for almost everyone not on Medicare or Medi-Cal. Figure on working until you die, if only for the insurance, and god help you if you get sick! If you have no insurance, you better grow weight bro, and save your money, invest, or buy gold. Soon no one will be able to afford medical care but Donald Trump.

    • I have no trouble affording it, but then i guess that is a reflection of my spending habbits and doing work that i really dont care to do in order to be able to afford the things i need, omg imagine if everyone did that

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Well, I just don’t consume medical care unless I have to. Also, being covered by two (primary and secondary) insurances helps cut costs. I want to have 2 insurance policies, and Medicare too!

    Working till I die man! And getting a government job. Then the cost of care will be on someone else.

    Good luck with whatever YOUR plan is!

  • My plan is to ride the wave and whwn it gets to painful kick this life , and move on to the next. Zero desire to live in pain or be in some home somewhere waiting for the one day a month people come to visit waiting on me to pass

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    Well, that is probably the right way to live, anyway. Take care of yourself carefully, so you never need anyone, ever! Watch your health, exercise, eat sparingly, don’t drink or smoke or take drugs. Never get an infection, an injury, diabetes or heart problems, and never, never cancer! And if you do get sick, just shoot yourself!

    Good luck with that!

  • I would love to have free healthcare too, I really wish someone could come up with the 400-plus billion dollars they project as annual cost in California alone to pay for it…

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