[UPDATE 10:47 a.m.] Pickup Crashed Through Front of Fortuna Home

A truck crashed into a Fortuna home today.

A truck crashed into a Fortuna home today.[Crop of a Photo by Jay Tee]

A Fortuna home received an unexpected and unwelcome guest this morning when a silver Ford Ranger pickup crashed through the front of a house near the intersection of Redwood Way and Springville Avenue.

We’ve requested more information from Fortuna Police.

UPDATE 10:47 a.m.: According to Lt. Matt Eberhardt of the Fortuna Police, a male driver lost control of the pickup truck and it collided with the residence. “Fortunately, there were no injuries,” he said.

Alcohol or drugs do not appear to be a factor in the incident.





  • Yikes! This is happening a lot today!

    Was there pot growing in the pickup?

    Did the driver abandon the scene?

  • Dang! The driver juuuuuuusssst missed the rock barrier that was intended to prevent this type calamity. 😉

  • Wtf is going on? Too many people? Too lenient at the dmv? Somethings is amiss there has never been so many accidents here.

    • The statistics have not changed. You simply now read about every single occurrence here on the rhbb. Nothing has changed except your awareness.

      • the stats have changed and they are dramatic. single car accidents are biggest change like this one. 10 hrs ago the Boston Globe ran an article how car accidents are up 46% since 2013. again it looks like a nation problem just like everything else.

        • CELL PHONES. PLAIN AND SIMPLE DISTRACTION. That is what has changed over past years. I am amazed at how casually people continue to use their phones while driving. People of all ages and types. Please ignore your phone while driving. Relax and enjoy the view.

          • talking on the car phone has been around since the late 80s. its the smart phone and the distraction of looking at the screen combined with emotional responses that social media provokes.

            • The biggest change is now you get a ticket for being on the cell phone, which wasn’t an issue for the first 15 yrs of driving and talking or texting, now everyone is trying to hide their phone down low so they don’t get a ticket ,but is even more distracting for the driver, the cell phone law did nothing but cause more issues, and raise a little cash for our politicians

              • me and you make phone calls. everyone under 30 or maybe even 40 does not, they message each other amongst other things, which requires looking at the screen and taking your brain away from the raod. a huge difference. I still use the phone if needed and not concerned except for a ticket. I have a flip phone.

                • obviously you font know the facts just assumimg its cell phone related, in fact it was an elderly man thst lost control of his vehicle coming out of brookdale assisted living parking lot.

      • Certainly not your “awareness”
        There are many fatalities everywhere.
        Increasing exponentially.

  • let me in not by the hair on my chine chin chin then ill huff and puff and drive right on in.heres Johnie

  • Just not enough rocks.

  • Isn’t that where the people who own Gallagher’s live? Maybe he wasn’t happy with his service…

  • There may be more awareness because of the media, but accidents rates have went up, I heard a CHP say that there had been 19 fatalities in the last 6 months. That’s not the norm.

  • shawn the fisherman

    I know? Lets sit in one of those parklets in Eureka and just trust people not to kill us! Let Jesus take the wheel..

  • Imagine how LOUD that must’ve been! Hope the house can be salvaged but when a car goes through a wall they condemn the place and you have to start from scratch.

  • Geez people! The driver was an older man who made a mistake. It was not drugs or cell phone or anything else you can fantasize about.

  • Was it caused by a cell phone,she wonders?

  • retired in Fort Bragg

    This happened to the house across the street from us: a driver crashed into the front of the house, jolted the house off its foundation and destroyed the front porch. A year later, complicated repairs resisted by insurance company are still going on.

  • I heard that 17 cats died during this crash!!!
    And 2 baby donkeys

  • It was an elderly man who made a terrible mistake. The poor man felt terrible and thankfully no one was hurt. I’m assuming he will appropriately lose his DL if he doesn’t choose do give it up on his own.

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