[UPDATE 8:28 a.m.] Bear Dead and Car Damaged After Collision

A sedan and a bear collided near Weott on Hwy 101 a little after 8 a.m. today. The bear died as a result of the crash. The car was damaged but drivable.

The bear is still in the road and creating a hazard, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. However, it is unclear exactly where the bear is located so please be careful driving in the area.

Caltrans has been notified.

UPDATE 8:28 a.m.: A reader tells us the bear is out of the roadway.



  • at least no trees were damaged in this crash

  • 10cents on a soapbox

    So sad, slow the f*ck down!!!!!
    If you cant see a bear in the road you shouldnt be driving. Especially on a straightaway by weott. No wonder theres so many accidents.
    If youre new here, practice driving our roads and highways. Get used to driving at nite with no electric lights lining the freeway. Or go away.
    I hope the person is penalized. The road work is making it harder for the critters too, please watch for them.
    A mama bear was killed in our neighborhood and her babies have no one to teach them how to be a bear so theyre in cimpost piles and trash cans, pretty much securing their death.

    Im super fed up with driving around here, this isnt so cal. If you need to move at that pace move back to the city. The chp better get on it. Im surprised there havent been more road rage incidents.
    i pray the car companies start putting in a device that will not allow your cel to work while your cars moving.
    Our society has become so dumb that people cant have self responsibility so we’ll havta pay for contraptions to make driving safe.
    Ah in a few years its gonna bust hard here and hopefully all those jackasses will go away. When i moved to so hum, there were lots of half-kidding jokes about when the sh*t hits the fan, folks will blow up the bridges to the south to keep people out. To me, if the 101 being closed made you freak out, you shouldnt be living here.
    Im ready for a more old skool humboldt. We need our rumor mill to churn again,with things like its super rainy here with lots of weird backwoods people so dont move here please.
    Keep humboldt wild!!
    Ok haters, have a field day with these words.

    • Preach!

    • Can’t argue!

    • Many a time I’ve seen a bear tumble off a road bank into the road. Speed is not the only factor…. and if they were going faster they would have been passed the bear by the time it was on the road.

      • Math tells the story.

        A car traveling at 70mph covers 102.67 feet in one second. That is nearly 35 yards for you footballers. One thousand-one……………….35 yards

        • And light travels at 299792458 meters/second (in a vacuum). If they had been a photon they would have been well passed that bear by the time it was on the road.

    • Bears do run in front of you unexpectedly and unseen until they are there.

    • Come around a corner in the dark and have a dark colored bear appear. Kind of hard to miss it. We had a deer come off a hill and run into the right front fender of my car, was not able to avoid it. I also had a deer run across the road in front of me and because I have seen them do it before I waited to make sure she was not coming back. There was no traffic on 299 on that Saturday morning but I no sooner got going and she ran across 3 lanes and slid across the hood of my car. They are all unpredictable.

    • He’s big around the middle and he’s broad across the rump
      Runnin’ ninety miles an hour takin’ thirty feet a jump
      Ain’t never been caught he ain’t never been treed
      And some folks say he look a lot like me

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    • I whole heartedly agree with you on most things however I have had all kinds of animals including bears jump I front of my vehicles at night and only saw them at the last second, I even had a bear last year run into the side of my suv while I was driving to town it dented up the whole door and fender and almost came through the side window, scary because there were children in the back seats, it took off so I’m assuming it survived, point Is it’s not possible to always avoid a collision with wildlife.
      That being said, I have never in my 40 years living here seen so many ridiculously Terrible drivers on the road, it’s insane I’m surprised there aren’t 10 fatalities a day.

    • You sound like the hater. I was born and raised here, and have seen a bear jump out of the woods in front of my son’s pickup. I thought both were goners, but luckily the bear leaped over his truck. I was following in my car; we both stopped to quit shaking, and say ‘can you believe it?’. So it isn’t always the driver’s fault. Lighten up.
      My observation on driver’s around here match’s yours. Learn to drive our curves or go back to the flatlands. Slow driver’s are just as bad as speeders.

    • It wasn’t a straight away it it was when u come around a corner I was there seen it

    • Road from honeydew

      [edit] An accident is an accident! Sometimes they are just unavoidable when doing the speed limit on the highway. Unfortunate for the bear and fortunately no one was hurt!

    • I hate this county,born and raised in Rio Dell,I left for only 3 & half years,out of almost 50 years .car crash landed me back,things ,people,every thing,is wierd here .sure the trees are pritty,the people are mean.life drags you down here,and then keeps ya down.people go out of there way to turn on each other.some day I hope to be able to leave again and never look back.

    • To 10cents on a soapbox—-All this ranting for what? Just maybe the bear darted out from the side of the road from behind a tree and the driver couldn’t stop in time. Geeze and for all the other accidents, how do you know what has caused them? Accidents happen for various reasons. Go get another cup of coffee and chill 🙂 have a nice day 🙂

  • so sad a bear lost its life .sad sad sad .

    • A bear hugger LoL looks like the comment above yours is a tree hugger.
      I’m only joking, I love all animals wild and domestic

  • A bear once hit me while i was riding a dirt bike at night. Bear lived. I was n the dirt n the dark with a pissed off bear!

  • I feel ,so sad for t he poor bear ,so so sad .i dont like any wild life losing there life because of man kind.

  • It was probably the same bear that would come and visit my husband in the wee hours of the morning. I was really looking forward to seeing it too. Very sad that it was killed.

  • I’m glad they weren’t hurt,but the poor bear damn it.SLOW DOWN OUR ROADS AREN’T RACEWAYS!!!it’s not enough you stupid,rude,careless,mindless drivers kill innocent people now it’s our wonderful wildlife. PAY ATTENTION

  • all you bear experts are too much. if you knew anything about a bear you’d know they do whatever they want, period. just like saying all you need is a dog to keep them out of your trash, nope its a gun!

  • shawn the fisherman

    Nope. It was just a bear. They are every where. Not like they are rare. Yes a waste, Of meat. But not a huge loss to the very healthy population here on the coast. Sad but still natural selection.

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