One Sent to the Hospital After Vehicle Overturned on Hwy 3

chp major injury featureAt approximately 11:32 last night, emergency dispatch received a report of a vehicle accident on Hwy 3 near Big Creek Road. A Toyota Avalon had overturned onto its roof, according to the Lost Coast Outpost’s CHP Watch.

By 2:09 a.m., the CHP reported that at least one person received major injuries in the accident.



  • Lots of open bottles of hard liqueur in the Fair parking lot and no drinking water available for patrons except $3 a pint from vendors. Glad we left early. We just go to support our friends and neighbors achievements in the exhibit halls and 4H barns but it didn’t seem very friendly for that.

    • There was 1$ waters at the fair. It’s is a still no matter what a persons obligation to drink responsibility. That being said you cannot blame the Fair.
      Trinity county fair 2017 was amazing the people were so nice. I never had one problem with someone who was drunk. It is sad how fast people will jump to conclusions and point fingers. All I have to say is I am praying for the girl who crashed her car next to my house. I watched the local cops work for hours to get her out. They showed up not even 5 mins later. Thanks to those amazing first responders she is alive today. The car looked like some crushed a soda can with their hand. Accidents happen and I hope with all my heart she is ok ❤

      • I also wish this gal the best and send thanks to the first responders. I can blame the fair for the water situation, that is a basic necessity in that heat for special needs people like the elderly, young, pregnant women and disabled on tight incomes. We walked for ever trying to find affordable water and couldn’t find it. Usually we get it at the Homestead but it was locked up. I will say, thanks to all the volunteers and staff, the bathrooms were very clean and the exhibits looked great, but the water situation needs to be addressed. There is no reason a pregnant woman woman with a toddler should have her reusable water container confiscated in the name of security when there is massive open drinking just outside the gate. And drink up, as long as you don’t cause trouble, but I should also be allowed to hydrate freely.

    • Plenty of $1 bottles of water at fair. Maybe be honest and quit blaming the fair???

  • There was a vendor selling water for a $1. Shell Bee the ice cream jeep. Yes lots of booze. Lots of drinks and loud music and parties until 4am in fairground camping.

  • I am selling dollar waters at the fair all weekend at my ice cream jeep by the grandstands!!!

    • Wish I found you, we just made a gallon of fresh strawberry ice cream back at the ranch so ice cream wasn’t in our attention range. I will remember you next year! Already passed it on from a previous comment mentioning you.

  • Sounds like I will be selling filtered water someday

  • The fair needs to allow patrons to bring in their own water. End of story

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