[UPDATE 6:33 p.m.] Fiery Accident on Hwy 101 Near Laytonville; One Person Possibly Deceased

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt approximately 12:30 p.m., two vehicles crashed head-on while driving on Hwy 101 near Steel Lane south of Laytonville. The first reports indicated that people were trapped in a pickup truck that caught fire.

Multiple fire engines and other resources responded to the scene as the fire was spreading to surrounding plants. The incident commander requested that two ambulances be sent to the crash site.

According to the Lost Coast Outpost’s CHP Watch, one person is possibly dead.

One of our readers tells us, that there is a “major auto accident on 101 just south of Laytonville, in the 2 lane area. Go slow.”

UPDATE 4 p.m.: Photos from two different readers show the extent of the accident. One of the vehicles involved was an older Ford Falcon. We’re told that traffic is still backed up at the scene. Scene of an accident. tow truck driver with burned pickup

UPDATE: Suspect Sought in Fatal Hit and Run



  • Drove by-looked very bad. I hope the driver of one truck was okay but it seemed no one could make it from that. They had to have hit at a fast rate of speed

    • Do you know the color or make of the truck?

      • One was white and the other a blue. Both pretty small pickups

        • It was a gold pick up truck I’m guessing Dodge or Ford. The other vehicle was a blue hot rod possibly a 64 nova. I could not really take my eyes off the road but for a second to make a positive ID when I drove by because the traffic was pretty intense. I’m sorry the people in the sedan probably worse off than the truck. Truck actually appeared to be sideswiped as if it had made a U-turn and pulled out into traffic

        • I guess I was wrong. The white one was a car. It was difficult to tell.

      • Gold possible Ford or dodge.

  • My condolences to the family 🕊

  • How very sad! I’m not seeing this on the CHP Incident page under Ukiah. Any insight?

  • Very sad this happened. We are stuck in the Southbound traffic. It is backed up about a mile North of Laytonville. Northbound traffic is flowing just fine.

  • It was light brown Nissan pickup T-boned by blue and white 60s Ford Falcon.

  • It was a classic Ford Falcon head on into the side of a Tacoma. The front of the car was practically gone and the passenger side of the truck was in the driver’s side. I would be amazed if anyone survived. My condolences to all involved.

  • Looks like a ford comet…
    stay safe Humco.

  • Sad business slow the heck down condolences

  • Mendocino voice reported a head on collision also north of Laytonville. For the lack of a better word, an epedemic of vehicle accidents along 101 lately. Its awful.

  • Southbound traffic backed up thru Laytonville and over a mile further north when I came thru at about 3:45… Northbound not so bad.. Terrible wreck.. The ambulance I saw did not have lights on heading south.. A bad sign..

  • It was a blue 1964 Ford Falcon. They were an older couple, saw them on the road earlier. The pickup was a gold Ford Explorer with a truck bed. Supposedly his tire blew and he lost control into the path of the Falcon. He ran from the scene. Didn’t look good for the couple in the Falcon. Wife possibly died.

  • Saw what possibly was a helicopter ambulance
    ( Red a little different than coast guard) flying east from general direction of crash. So some hope for survivors.

  • Sharpen your pencil

    Good grief you people are unbelievable! It seems most of you couldn’t tell a turd from a fart. How about instead of playing how many times can we guess wrong about the color, make, and model of a vehicle you all close your collective yaps and just wish well for all involved. It sounds like a horrible accident and the pictures look even worse, instead of spreading misinformation you could all just stfu!

    • Well that was helpful.
      To no one

    • Thank you “Sharpen Your Pencil”. I knew the passenger who died. She was the sister of my best friend. It’s very hurtful to see comments from people that have no clue, and are just making inaccurate guesses. I’m especially angered by those that complained about the traffic backup. A family and friends lost a very much loved one in this tragic accident, which was caused by someone who fled the scene and didn’t care to even stick around to help. Very sad!

  • Besides the fact that people s died in this tragic accident. a Ford falcon died .it probably was the couples pride and joy .condolences to all affected buy this accident ,and I hope justice is served .I also hope the Hispanic is a legal citizen ,and not back in Mexico already.

  • Mytruckisahillbeater

    This is horrific, we need safety bumpers between nb and sb.. its too dangerous that vehicles can switch over so easily

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