[Audio] Comedian defending Guy Fieri gets national coverage; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (7:14): Warning: Explicit language. New York based comedian Shane Torres has been receiving a lot of national coverage and praise after coming to the defense of Humboldt’s own celebrity chef Guy Fieri.

“As far as I can tell all he ever did was follow his dreams,” Torres says in his bit about the former Ferndalian which has so far been shared by the likes of Paste Magazine, Vulture, Bravo, UPROXX, and others. “…He started a company where he hires everybody. He pays more than minimum wage. He gives health benefits before he has to. He has a non-profit where he gives pretzel-making machines to inner city schools so they can fundraise… He has worked with special olympics athletes, and on top of all of that he has officiated a gay wedding. But because he has flames on his shirt, everyone (is hard on him) like he’s a member of Nickelback…”

In the podcast you can hear all about the comedy bit and how Fieri responded.

Shane Torres’ debut record “Established 1981” will be released September 8 on Comedy Central Records.

The story begins at 7:14.

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  • He does dress like a douche bag from 1999. Doesn’t make him a bad person though. Ive never heard anyone make jokes about him being a bad person. If this comedian want to defend Fieri against jokes about his style, then the comedian needs to defend Fieri’s style, not his morals.

  • Fieri is a douchebag he is down right rude to his fans, my mom and dad met him in Ruth and ask if he was guy and he said ya what’s it to you and walked off, and my parents watched his shows faithfully every night they were on so ya he is a douchebag

    • probably wasn’t actually him lol

    • He’s not a douchebag for wanting to go “home” on vacation with his family and want to be left alone and not bothered by people who think they know him. I see him often in our community. We are aquaintances. I never approach him. I give him his space and respect. And guess what??? He always comes up to me and says hi or pats me on the back or shoulder and acknowledges me. If you treat him normally and with respect he’ll treat you with respect. But if you harass him for photos and autographs when he’s not doing a meet and greet you probably get a reaction you wernt expecting. He’s just a normal person with a very public job. Guy has done a lot for our community and children. He’s a great person and comes from a super sweet and kind family.

  • Tony Bordain and some of the other east coast snobs have ragged on him and the snotty New York foodastocracy have panned his times square restaurant. Ive met him and he seems a regular guy to me. I razzed him about following a trained cat act at the Humboldt county fair. He’s a nice guy.

  • People are haters because he made something of himself. You ROCK IT GUY!!!!Hate never wins. He’s being nothing other than himself and that is admirable

    • Exactly! Fieri’s restaurants aren’t the greatest but he, himself, is a wonderful entertainer and very down to Earth and how could he not be considering he’s from Humboldt. Fieri is now an icon of American culture, which the arrogant snobs in New Yawk can’t handle. Everything good comes from California and eventually makes it’s way to New Yawk and the East.

  • What I have noticed about him is he seems to treat everyone the same. He encourages hard work and good in others. He is very good at what he does. You need to watch him on his shows … he really talks to the people on them and to the viewer at home. And even more than the restaurants he goes to , themselves, he seems to enjoy the people. And that no more or Less than the stars he works around.

  • Hey I will let everyone to their opinion….But let me tell you Guy is one of my best friends……People you have on idea what he has to deal with every day…put you self in his place day in and day everybody wants to get a peice of him…He is the most kind and thoughtful person there is…..What he does for Make A Wish foundation….Bust buddies…..and this last Christmas he send up over $30,000 dollars of Christmas present to the kids of the Eel River Valley……so maybe just take a step back and give him a break………

  • Does he sing, isn’t niclelback a group of singers?

  • Believes in the right of privacy

    When he’s up at Ruth he’s on a time out with his family and friends. Respect the privacy that each of us deserves no matter what our station is in life

  • I always thought he was a pompous ass, but during the Ruth fires, he offered to help my dad evacuate his home, with trucks and guys to help, if the need arose. I understand not wanting to be harassed by fans everyday, it would be both a curse and a blessing, I think. He’s a good guy when it counts.

    • That’s when you can tell the true character of a person: do they help out in a pinch.

      Haters will hate.

      Everyone has good and bad qualities, and he must have his share of good qualities because he has been so successful. I don’t know why people always look for the bad. Why not look for the good and be happy with that? Guy is as friendly and good-natured as his mom and dad. I’m sure that’s where he gets it from.

      If those who criticize Guy looked at themselves through the same tainted lens, they wouldn’t like themselves. He does a lot of good things for a lot of causes and people. I hope he continues to be successful.

  • I used to mow his tiny lawn with 5 giant rottweilers! ! He’s really such a character !! And good man !! People are so jealous makes me laugh !!!! I think he’s entertainment and he’s really like the character you see on tv !!!! Haven’t seen him in years but run into his mom and dad occasionally very nice people! !!

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