Stolen Backhoe Found on Illegal Marijuana Grow

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On Wednesday, August 9, the California Highway Patrol’s Northern Division Investigative Services Unit and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office looking for a stolen Kubota backhoe and trailer from Tehama County served a warrant on County Line Road in Southern Humboldt.

The CHP declined to be interviewed but issued a statement saying they served the warrant “olarge indoor anoutdoor marijuana growing operation….Upon serving the search warrant, officers located the stolen Kubota backhoe and trailer and returned them to the owner. No suspects involved in the theft were located on the property and there were no arrests made during the service of the search warrant. The investigation is still on going… .”

According to a neighbor, “[I]n the process, they chased a suspect on foot and with helicopter onto my property. After briefly detaining everyone, they realized nobody on my property was the suspect, they left without any arrest.” He also said that his property is a marijuana grow that is registered and in good standing with Humboldt County.

He added, “I don’t know the neighbors but I have to wonder what kind of idiot steals heavy equipment and stores it on an illegal pot farm?”



  • Proof once again that pot makes you stupid.

    • They were breastfeed, breastfeeding makes you stupid. See how that works. Many of the world’s most intelligent people are cannabis users. Carl Sagan for example.

      • Of course, some will say Cannabis contributed to his death, of course this is total fallacy!!! Willie Nelson may not be the smartest man on the planet but he certainly is an accomplished musician!!! As well as being 80+ years old!!!!

      • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

        So one or two outliers. The evidence that smoking pot makes you stupid is all around us here in HumCo. Or the guy in Oregon who showed up in court and lit up during a pre-trial hearing. Doubt he has any unified theories of the origin of the universe.

        • Carl Sagan, Bill Gates, Abe Lincoln, Queen Victoria, Steve Jobs, all the Beatles, Willie Nelson, Ben and Jerry, Kareem Adbul-Jabbar, Sara Silverman–among many others. Mind you, most folks who smoke have to be discreet because of attitudes like yours….

          • *Beatles

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            Right again Kym. How do you do it? Amazing that the “anti’s” forget that people can lose their careers, everything, over a felony conviction. Always funny when some old-timer says there was no weed in their ’70’s country neighborhood. As if people would be standing around the corral: “yeah, Herkie, my nephew put in about 50 or 300 mary-joo-wanna plants down in my lower 40. Total federal felony. Don’t say nuttin’ to nobody.” Try to figure how people think.

            Don’t forget author Lee Child. Tony Bennet. Shout-out to Harrison Ford: you can come out, now. You’re rich and old and you’re in Cali, dude. Maybe give up the airplane.

            • A situation such as in the Charlie Daniels Band song, Wildwood Weed!!! After being raided by the Feds they were laughing with each other as well as at the exiting Feds, as the song says”… sittin’ there on that sack of seeds”!!!! I assume they meant a Gunny Sack full!!!

          • Blah, blah, blah. We all know its wrong, criminal, and harmful to deal drugs. But we are going to continue to be pro-marijuana because everybody we know are doing it and most of all it helps to justify my own actions.

          • Thinking allowed


            Famous alcoholics. Yup. Must mean everyone should get drunk asap.

            Oh and then there’s famous people who got arrested for DUIs. Must mean that not only should everyone get drunk but they should also drive at the same time.

            To cap it off, let’s list some celebs who killed themselves with alcohol.

            Just pointing out the illogic of the ‘everyone’s doing it’ justification that your mother probably mentioned at some point.

            • If you read the whole thread, you would see that I was replying to the everyone who smokes pot is stupid comment. A lot of folks use alcohol and marijuana responsibly. Some don’t. But assuming that everyone who drinks alcohol is stupid is…foolish. So is a similar assumption about marijuana.

              • Thinking allowed

                Unfortunately very few are so smart while doing either. And, since I personally know very few who have extra brain cells they can afford to cripple, the people I have known who use pot regularly have exhibited very poor reasoning skills. Maybe I would not have noticed the deficit so much if they had started at a genius level but they didn’t.

                Most alcoholics, when sober, at least recognize the impairments created by drinking. Society keeps trying to pound it into their heads anyway. Pot seems to cripple this realization in their users. Almost all pot users firmly believe their thinking is not impaired, when to the people who are sober around them it is clear something is wrong with their thinking. They may not know what but they know no one should make that many errors in judgement.

                When pot users acknowledge that there is such an impairment, then I think they might be capable of ‘responsible use.’ Maybe.

                • I was told this in the mid 60s. My husband & I were managing a small apartment house while I went to school. One of the tenants went to a lecture by a chiropractor who was talking about safeguarding your health while doing drugs. No, he wasn’t talking about protecting your spine, but the rest of your body. I got the information 2nd hand but I read up in Adele Davis later and it confirmed a lot of what the tenant told me he had heard.
                  Pot stimulates the central nervous system. Yes, we like that, but it has a burn-out effect on the nerve endings.

                  But back to the coating on the nerves.
                  Nerve endings have coatings too, but theirs is the B-complex mix.
                  But let me introduce you to someone speaking from a scientific background:
                  I’m going to copy a large part of the article so those without a good internet connection don’t have to go chasing the link.:

                  “B Vitamins Play a Crucial Role

                  A deficiency in B vitamins can cause the psychiatric disorders of dementia and psychosis with symptoms including depression, a lack of self-control, paranoia, immodesty and hallucinations, according to Roger Simon, M.D., et al, in a 2009 article in “Clinical Neurology.” A vitamin B12 deficiency can cause dementia and psychosis, as explained by Dr. Simon. The symptoms of dementia include various memory problems, inability to concentrate and focus, and a difficulty with mathematical calculations. People with this vitamin deficiency have manic mood swings, where they are depressed or overconfident. They are quick to anger, impulsive, and paranoid. They may also hear voices and hallucinate. Vitamin B12 and folic acid (vitamin B9) are involved in the production of the neurotransmitters, dopamine and noradrenaline. People who are depressed often don’t have enough of these chemicals. Increasing the levels of vitamin B12 and folic acid may help alleviate symptoms of depression and increase the response to medicines that treat depression.

                  Niacin is vitamin B3, and a deficiency in this vitamin can also lead to psychiatric disorders, explains Larry Johnson, M.D., Ph.D., attending physician at the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System. People may become psychotic, have problems with their memory and create stories to fill in their gaps of memory loss, a phenomenon referred to as confabulation. They can become confused and disoriented. Some may show signs of paranoia and depression, or become impulsive, extremely happy and full of self-importance. Deficiencies in niacin can also cause headaches, irritability, and inability to sleep. We know that sleep deprivation can have serious effects on our feelings of well-being and can contribute to irrational thoughts and behaviors.

                  A vitamin B6 deficiency is characterized by mental changes such as fatigue, nervousness, irritability, depression, insomnia, dizziness, confusion, and nerve changes. These mental changes are related to the body’s decreased ability to manufacture neurotransmitters. Vitamin B6 is needed by the body to produce most of the brain’s neurotransmitters including serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and GABA.

                  Deficiencies in thiamin (B1) and biotin can also lead to serious symptoms including fatigue, depression, confusion, and memory loss.

                  B-vitamin deficiencies are common in the U.S. Some estimates indicate that as many as 40% of Americans are deficient in vitamin B12. Those who follow a vegan diet, have Celiac disease, and the elderly are especially at risk. Many things can interfere with the absorption of B vitamins. These things include oral contraceptives, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and many common medications including anti-depressants!

                  Education is Key”

                  I’ve been there, starting to feel a little paranoid. Because I didn’t like it, I took a handful of brewer’s yeast tablets (they metabolize almost immediately) and half an hour, no paranoia. Vanity made me take B Complex because it makes for healthier looking hair, shiny, non-greasy or lank.
                  I used to see some of the miners coming in from Denny and they looked more like refugees from a pow camp in an old movie…and
                  that is where a lot of the old research on vitamin deficiencies came from.

                  So if you know someone like that, treat them to a bottle of B complex (TJ’s has good prices, avoid the mall vitamin shops, grossly overpriced). And for the drinkers, you should be kind to your liver and kidneys and make sure you’re getting the B vitamins for those organs. B Complex will reduce the hangovers if taken at that time.
                  So please read up on the subject and rethink your approach to what weed does—and doesn’t do to you.

                  I don’t have stock in any vitamin companies, I don’t get anything out of this except maybe helping someone have a little better, little healthier life. If you shop online & like to save, look for Puritans Pride.

                • Baloney. I’ve clocked 50 years partaking, obtained my doctorate with eight years of college, half a dozen different licenses, raised 3 kids, write, etc. Life is all about moderation. The crap about “better now than then” is also baloney. I remember some Aca gold around 1972 that was absolutely stunning. There’s just more of the killer bud these days. AND they’ve bred the “good” giggles out of it these days and focused on couch lock. I can’t drink, for example, without going for 12 instead of 2. I know that. Have to be in the right place to imbibe to excess. But the “Reefer Madness” hogwash doesn’t fly. Moderation.

          • Wow really. That’s interesting.

            • Anyone who writes that much should be banished from commenting.

              • Because a thoughtful, well-written response is bad?…..

                • This, like the garbage “genetic” argument take a ravenously addicted and competitive culture off the hook. Stressed parents raising stressed kids. It’s actually dangerous. Vitamin B is the cause of all this?? May we never look at how our culture depends on addiction: from making money to babies lovers jobs doughnuts off hand commenting heroin and vitamins.

                  I take B, D, Fish oil and probiotics daily and am far from sane… and equally far from a fool.

                  Who/Where/What are your references? I read. I only ask because I’m interested. I don’t mean to discredit so much as expand the dialogue

          • I truly love and admire your come-backs😌

          • Sorry but smoking is still bad for you. Whats the upside?

            • A) Smoking is not the only way to use marijuana. Most health professionals recommend vaping or sometimes eating or topical depending on what medical effect is sought.
              B) Upside is: pain relief, nausea relief–chemo patients say it saves their life, stops seizures, helps with Alzheimer’s and MS, etc.
              C) Oddly enough, in spite of my personal belief that smoking anything is not good for your lungs, studies are completely mixed on this. “Observational studies of subjects with marijuana exposure failed to demonstrate significant associations between marijuana smoking and lung cancer after adjusting for tobacco use. “

              • To not think inhaling smoke into your lungs is not bad for you shows no common sense. People die in fires mainly because of smoke inhalation. I have no problem if people really have a need for it medically but I would think medical ( legit medical ) is probably about 10 percent of the use. I hope part of the tax on it goes to future medical needs from smoking it.

    • Isint that the point???? I never smoked it to be smart….”we dont smoke mariquana in moskugee, we dont take no trips on LSD”

    • Actually, studies have shown that it makes you smarter. Not only that, but folks who choose to take advantage of the most useful plant known to man, are smarter to begin with, regardless of their cannabis use.

  • Not surprised at all. That’s exactly where I would expect a stolen backhoe to turn up.

  • GOOD! Fxxk thieves! Hope they catch them and give them some stern probation! Probably feeling pretty smart right now.

  • Another example of what not to do…

    Hey let’s get high!

  • alright people until you know different,the grower could have thought they were buying a legit hoe.heavy equipment comes with virtually no paper work.its not a dmv thing

    • amimissingsomething

      The Trailer is a DMV thing. Just for your information! I hate thieves and people who buy stolen property! Worthless ruthless useless!!!

      • Trailer? Usually a backhoe doesn’t come with a trailer, that being said its the responsibility of the buyer to make sure they are not receiving stolen property, I always look at the serial number and take it to the dmv or chp and try to see if it’s on a hot sheet. But I’m sure it could happen to anyone in certain situations. All you can do is try and be sure to get a written receipt with the sellers info so you can prove where you got it, no recipt no sale.

  • To fuckin cheap to rent one,easier to steal one.Assholes.Its not a good feeling to have your equipment stolen. We still haven’t recovered. Didn’t they cut your hands off if you stole something,where is that place?Lymes brain at work today.

    • That place is wherever Isis is. You probably wouldn’t like it there.

    • That would be in the Middle East, where they still treat women as property & or objects to used & ABUSED at will!!!! As the other commenter said, I don’t think you’d like it there much!!!

      • Thanks I knew it was something like that.And ,ya no way I’m ever going there,ever! There’s no place like home😆

  • Only break one law at a time🌈🦄

  • How can this be?! Marijuana growers are wonderful people providing medicine to sick people! We need more of them and they should all be left alone…

  • Just more fruit of the poison tree of cannabis prohibition. Once cannabis is legalized Nationwide illegal grows were go away in favor of normal agriculture just like hops, barley, grapes for wine and tobacco. In the meantime you can blame cannabis prohibitionist for forcing cannabis cultivation into illegal activities.

    • amimissingsomething

      In your idealistic dreams that may happen. Stealing from people is a trait associated with improper upbringing and never having to do something for oneself!

      • Most stealing around the county can be attributed to Meth users, or Heroin Addicts, the ones that do the most damage to our area but the cops pay little to NO ATTENTION to!!! Choosing instead to concentrate on lower hanging as well as more lucrative for the already seemingly overflowing coffers of the county!!! By busting Cannabis growers for not having their paper work in order so they cut down the whole crop as well as seize any assets they can get their grubby mitts on!!!

    • Well said, absolutely so!!!

    • Hemp-all the incredibly useful products that can be created from Hemp& are not ingested in any form, is the direction Humboldt County needs to turn. We could enlighten America and lead the country into the future. Self-sustaining industries will be created,maintained and extended.

      • Absolutely agree!!! Hemp has a myriad of uses, except one, you cannot get high, on Hemp!!! You can smoke til your lungs fall out & still NEVER get a buzz from Hemp!!! There is little, if ANY THC in Hemp!!!

      • Right, hemp as an industrial product has validity. CBD alternative therapy is encouraging but the medical field is still divided on this. What I have a problem with is users, sellers, thieves, smokers, dabbers, shatterers, and any other venue possible for abusing illegal drugs.

  • Funny how a pot growers is in good standing with county. If a little money checking was done you would find these filthy parasite rats in good standing didn’t get there by playing by the book. You know who you r. Seems like it’s almost everyone. A few pieces of paper and some money spent and all suddenly a good standing pot grower. Haha. Can’t wait till this bubble bursts. Have fun accepting 500 this season or move it out of state like everyone still is.

    • I Know You I Saw You

      They’ll be lucky to get $500/lb far as I can tell looking at these blown-up hills here… and in southern Oregon and in Grass Valley and everywhere else! The country “out there” is almost fully saturated and yes- people are also growing tough in now-legal states like Massachusetts and Maine. It is just about over here. And I agree- nearly all the people now at the top of the local heap did greedy and very illegal things to get there. I won’t ever consider them “upstanding” even while they hire PR firms to polish their image. I know what happened here. And if the feds ever saw to unravel some financial documents they could have a field day in confiscations and fines. I’d be okay with that!

      • That’s why hemp is the perfect next step! Non ingestible, non narcotic. Perfect for creating sustainable rural economy. So we can stay in beautiful Humboldt & get back to a more peaceful way of life. Make ourselves known for truly good products that draw wonderful people for the right reasons.

  • HoneydewChumpDestroyer

    How do these threads get so off topic?
    Kym,you should do a follow up, id live to know what the chp concludes and who gets charged for all this crime, or are they going to forget about it and move on to the next better bust?

  • Years ago when working for a MM I Doctor came across two medical journal articles about some effects that may not be so good.
    One was that marijuana use in conjunction with alcoholic drinks causes brain cell death. It noted that marijuana alone did not, but the combo was particularly detrimental to our gray matter.
    Second was that female Marijuana users are more 80% more likely to have experienced an eptopic pregnancy than those who had not.
    When I mentioned this to the Dr. he became very upset and would not consider the information.
    All medicine is not good for all, medications no matter the form have areas of efficacy. Not all medicine works for all things. More research is sadly needed but until federally legal the funding and facilities needed for these studies is not possible.
    Stealing heavy equipment then…duh putting it on an illegal marijuana grow is not rocket science! LOL!!!

  • Found at an illegal grow site? Why am I not surprised?

    • The article states that the site was legal and registered. It also calls it an illegal grow. Well, which is is?

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