Blue Lake’s All Female City Council Makes the LA Times

Blue lake City council

Swearing in of newly appointed Councilmember, Elizabeth Mackay – June 27, 2017 [Photo from the Blue Lake city website]

Today, the LA Times featured tiny Blue Lake’s all woman City Council. The article says that

California has 482 cities. Only 72 of them have a majority of women on their councils, according to California Women Lead, a nonpartisan group dedicated to increasing the number of elected and appointed female public officials. Fifty-six have no councilwomen at all.

It’s not just the all-female city council that makes Blue Lake unusual. Blue Lake’s city manager, Amanda Mager, is a woman. So is the town clerk.

The story also references the scandal which caused Blue Lake to disband its police department. Check the article out here.



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    I always have said.”it’s the women that make Humboldt great”

    Congratulations, ladies!

  • I’d bitch about diversity but I don’t really care ….

  • Seems a little sexist to me.

    • It would be sexist if people voted for them simply because they were women. But noting an extraordinary event is simply newsworthy not sexist.

      • But we should desire diversity in any group. At least that is what the regressive sjw’s tell us. Looks like they are all white too. I think that a person income, ethnicity, sex, ect. should never be considered, only their qualifications, so this counsel is ok with me.

        • I agree that we should desire diversity. In general, with more points of view, we get a bigger and clearer picture of reality. If I were to be so fortunate as to be able to hire someone, ONE of the things I would be looking for is to expand the viewpoints beyond mine.

          However, when statistics should show a rough balance of gender on city councils, in relatively liberal California, of “482 cities…Only 72 of them have a majority of women on their councils [and] Fifty-six have no councilwomen at all” I think we can safely say that something beyond qualifications is at play in the gender makeup of the councils….Unless, of course, you think women are inherently less fit to serve on city councils than men.

          • you blur the point with statistics from one liberal state. Not to mention as to exactly what is so “extraordinary” about Blue Lake that you think this council deserves credit for (besides being privilaged white females)?

            • Ralph,
              A) The LA Times covered Humboldt and I usually point out when our area is covered by major media.
              B) The statistics in conservative states would likely be skewed even more towards male dominated city councils.
              C) When man bites dog (when something out of the ordinary occurs) that is the definition of news. Therefore, Blue Lake having the only all female city council in California is news.
              D) Please consider carefully if your inability to see the three previous and, I think, obvious points might have something to do with your prejudice against what you see as my liberal agenda. (I am basing this on your multiple other comments, not just this one.)
              E) In no way did I give Blue Lake’s City Council credit for anything other than being all female. (They may be extraordinary council members or not–but I never spoke about their qualifications. I only noted their gender makeup is unusual in a country where men make up the vast majority of city council members.)

              • Well certainly MOST of the city cocucils in CA are pretty lame regardless of their makeup just look at the condition this
                State is in. But still, I don’t this bunch are anything special or deserve credit for anything besides managing a bunch of rental properties adjacent to the Rancheria casino and being a gender specific anomaly. Hopefully they can have more than that to prop themselves up with in the future. But thanks for your patience.

  • Shouldn’t matter if your a man or woman as long as you can do the job!!!!

  • Hopefully the all woman Blue Lake city council does a better job than the disastrous all woman Eureka city council did.

  • Give them hell Kym because you are right.

  • Look like a bunch of privileged land owning NIMBY baby boomers that are out of touch with the economic needs of this community including affordable housing and livable wage jobs for the younger generation. But hey, they are women so who cares, right, cause they got theirs?

  • These ladies all live in this town and just want the best, these ladies, including our female city manager and city clerk are all amazing women. Thank you for taking on the task of city policies…

  • Please be aware for the next election. My seat on the council was vacant and nobody ran for the position so I stepped up to do it. I have no particular ax to grind on femmininst issues. ( Posted as Jean Lynch, private opinion , not the opinion of the Blue Lake City council in any manner. )

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