One Sought for Armed Robbery During Marijuana Sale; One Arrested

Burgess, Cockrum

Burgess and Cockrum

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On August 10, 2017, at about 6:45 p.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 1400 block of E Street for the report of an armed robbery during a marijuana sale. One suspect reportedly pointed a gun at the victim then fled on foot with a second suspect and about two pounds of marijuana.

After a brief foot pursuit, officers detained 25 year old Riordan Cockrum near Wabash Avenue and A Street. Cockrum was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for robbery, conspiracy, and resisting arrest.

The suspect who pointed the gun has not been located but has been identified as 25 year old Eureka resident, Anthony Burgess. Burgess is wanted for robbery and has an outstanding felony warrant for Post-Release Community Supervision (PRCS) violation. Burgess is considered to be armed and dangerous and citizens should not try to apprehend him.

If you have information on this incident or the whereabouts of Burgess, contact the Eureka Police Department at (707) 441-4044.



  • Ooooh Face Ink, this one must be a real TOUGH GUY…. NOT!!!

  • Stupid is,as stupid does!!

  • The guy with the face Tat’s is going to be hard to find.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Facial tattoos are not a good indication that a person is reliable.

    That said, people who do business with guys who look like these two, the original “pair of deuces”,
    fully, FULLY deserve whatever they get!

    The victim of this theft, does not seem to be too bright, himself… Lucky he was not shot.

    See, taking drugs really isn’t a great idea…

    AND, the guy with the face-tats has been arrested repeatedly over the last 2 years!! What’s up with that?

  • Boy, Burgess must be a HUGE cardinals fan!!

  • Every time I see Anthony in trouble it makes me fill Sad. When he was 12 I was his big brother. All I can say is I tried to help him out. Robert

  • so is the “don’t do it bro” not in jail for the loaded .357 arrest because his family has been here several generations? I don’t get it he should be in jail even with what the wingnuts call liberal laws. it seems Humboldt is a self created shithole.

    • I believe this is Burgess’s THIRD gun charge. It takes a very sick system and some very sick minds to keep letting people like him back out on the streets. The idiots who turn the likes of him loose are the same ones who want to take guns away from law abiding citizens.

  • It’d be such a better world if we could just dispose of trash like this beside putting them in jail or let em run the streets again. These punk ass wanna be gangsters make me sick.

    • People can change even people like this, it would be far better to release in remote area where they had to battle elements to surive, by the time they figured all that out they would be changed person.

      • Those of us in remote areas get enough of the dumped unwanted cats and dogs. We don’t need dumped criminals too.

    • World peace through violent vigilante justice?

      No, that would not make it a better world. The idea that it would do so makes no sense at all.

      • Your ideas then?

      • Your wrong. World peace is a farce. No murder. No war. No famine. No killing. We would breed our self out of resources and existence in a decade. Think about it. We ( humans) are that stupid. World peace ONLY works by ridding the world of 75% of its current populataion and starting over.

  • People! Props 47 & 67 were voted in by citizens looking to save money by reducing felonies, not just liberals. These props AREN’T WORKING!!! Im fairly liberal and NEVER SUPPORTED THESE PROPS! I don’t want to take your gun, no way! I fully believe in the right to bare arms! 100 percent! Like you, sick of this shit! Work vote to overturn these then misunderstood props! Voters didn’t understand and now they do! Stop pointing fingers and VOTE READ UNDERSTAND VOTE!

  • California definitely needs to repeal or re-write some of the propositions passed over the years. Burgess is obviously a person who has no desire to change or follow any laws. If we are to ever get control of our cities, and feel safe again; pos like this need to be locked up for many, many years. Sad as it is, there are just some people who don’t belong out with the general public. Don’t know much about Cockrum, but Burgess will be a threat to society for the rest of his life. As long as criminals like this increase, the only answer is more jails and prisons. Otherwise, just put out a neon “NO Vacancy” sign and don’t expect things to change.

  • Is that the same Anthony Burgess who wrote “A Clockwork Orange”?

    Wait… no.

  • It appears that many people failed netiquette 101!!! Using so many exclamation points is not acceptable!!!

    Dan Fuller!!! Really??? Your comments come off like an excited teenager!!! Your posts are hard to read because of excessive use of !!! . !!!

    Get my point!!!

    • IM (ns) HO your point is on the top of your head!!! No one asked you to be the editor for the night!!! I’ll do whatever I want, within the rules of this Blog!!! TYVM But thanx (oops another misspelling) for playing!!!!

      • Dan, you are the self imposed editor of every comment on here, maybe if you weren’t the grammar nazi people wouldn’t correct you.

        • I merely show the correct spelling I don’t rag on people about it like someone I could mention, that seems to be!!! WITHOUT being asked to do so!!!! I show the correct spelling to avoid others looking not so intelligent because of poor spelling!!!! You on the other hand seem to think you are the self appointed editor for everything else & then you rag on me for correcting a few spelling mistakes!!! NO ONE ASKED for your opinion so kindly keep it to yourself & I will keep mine to myself!!!! Any OTHER questions or concerns, take it up with my personnel manager, Helen Waite, you got a problem with me, go to Hellen Waite!!!

          • Calm down now, I don’t correct anything, and I make many mistakes, I’m merely pointing out why he was targeting you, this blog is for opinions and I will not keep mine to myself as you don’t. Have a nice day it’s beautiful outside. I do like the Hellen Waite joke, I might use that some day.

  • Stocks in front of the courthouse during the day and jail during the night. I’ll be the one selling eggs and tomatoes.. We have an abundance of POS in Humboldt. With our revolving door policy we are just increasing crime.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Apparently the only $’s this shitbag has are on his cheek. Fuckin Loser!

  • Burgess, I accuse YOU… of a WASTED LIFE!

  • If you thought Burgess looks familiar, he should He had his third arrest about 2 1/2 years ago (see below). I imagine the EPD know him well by now. Maybe there should be dedicated cells for folks like Burgess just as one can get a personal beer mug if you’re a regular at one of the local breweries. Or maybe some form of beer therapy to get them of the hard drugs and a life of crime.

    Kym Kemp / Monday, Jan. 26, 2015 @ 3:50 p.m. / Crime

    Third Time’s a Charm? Man Arrested Again While Fleeing EPD

  • Is the person in the picture on the right a guy or girl?

  • I think so.

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