Meth, Money, and Heroin Allegedly Found on Man Passed Out in Running Vehicle

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On August 10, 2017, at about 11:15 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 2100 block of Madrone for the report of a man passed out in his parked running vehicle. Officers detained the male and identified him as 36 year old Eureka resident, Jesse Hanson.

Hanson was found to be in possession of about two ounces of black tar heroin, one ounce of crystal methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and over $1,300 in US Currency. Hanson was arrested and his vehicle was impounded.

Hanson was transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for numerous drug related charges (sales and transport), driving under the influence of drugs, and driving on a suspended license.



  • and tomorrow he will become violent in jail as he sweats. its not AB109 Billy, it is this. which also explains the deaths and suicides in your facility that are also fairly new. this needs to be public enemy #1. it affects all of us.

    • 1000% agreed, it seriously ruins lives and effects the whole country.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The herion meth combo is destroying our community. Any given day you can drive down the street in eureka and see the devastation everywhere. It’s time this community takes a stand and stops facilitating the life style and providing the environment to carry out those life choices. These drugs are running this county. Think about the enrionmental affects it’s having on our community. They use the bathroom anywhere they want. They leave there needles everywhere. And we set back and allow it. We reward them by giving them a proposed “druggie daycare”. It’s sick. If the cops put presser on the street dealers they will lead them to the source of the problem. Time to change the focus and make our community great again. This ” sanctuary city” crap has created a mess in arcata.

  • You eyeballin me boy! Was that a wink?!

  • Lol. Someone is gonna be ma-a-aaad!

  • Kinda’ like completing the Grand Slam of dope dealing. Heroine, meth, currency. MJ was a no show?

  • That’ll teach him to fire up then nod out at the wheel freaking idiot, all the way around!!! Using that shit to begin with!!! Then firing up on a public street is just asking to get caught!!! This Moron deserves to be in jail!!! Better still something faintly resembling Rehab!!!

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Pretty nice, nodded out with the engine running? The epitome of stupidity in drug dealing. Enjoy withdrawal in the jail cell, hope the folks fronting you are happy!

  • Could’ve driven home and then got high, but oooohhhhh noooooo.

  • Stop giving the junkys advice! lol, your car is the best place to get high! pick a nice well lit public place and have at it! make sure to leave your key in the ignition and motor running, when you nod out the horn is a nice soft spot to rest your head! O and make sure the door is unlocked.

  • Also broke number one rule. Never get high on your own supply

  • No gun? He missed the Humboldt trifecta.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      Darn! I totally missed that! Smack and meth but NO GUN!!! Wow, an evolved and more humane drug dealer!!

      90 days, no bail!!

  • Oh Jesse,I didn’t even know it was you. You don’t look good. You need to stop. It’s time to grow up.we’ve known you since you were small.this shit is going to kill you!!!

  • hell that stuff was personal he was just on one Hell ava roll.

  • Total Amateur assclown

  • What’s sad is,they all start out as good don’t have enough to do with there time. Both my children had jobs as teenager’s. Bought there own cars,cloths,shoes. We taught them the value of hard work. We go to work at 6,come home at 6,do it all over again the next day.I do hope for Jesse’s sake he gets help before he can’t.

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