Chris Chandler: Vietnam Vet, Builder, Problem Solver, Avid Reader

Chris Chandler



  • R.I.P ChrisπŸ•Š

  • R.I.P. fellow veteran

  • Enjoy your stay in fiddlers green.

  • Good neighbor, good man. Very sorry to see him go.

  • Always interesting to talk to. RIP Chris.

  • The best neighbor you could ever hope for, and one of the most intelligent. R.I.P. Chris

  • Never met him but he sure seems like one of those wonderful people that made me fall in love with this area so much I never left. R.I.P., I’ll read a book for you.

  • RIP CHRIS. I didn’t know him saw him around town a lot. I’m sure going to miss seeing that blue land Rover in town or going north or south between garberville and benbow.

  • Damn. Just talked with him not to long ago. Miss you brother. Onward to the next big project!

  • He was survived by his mother?!?

  • I’ll come out of comment retirement for this one. Chris was a member of our Friday morning coffee and breakfast group at the back booth of the Eel River Cafe. He was the kind of guy that I have always admired, he could work equally well with his hands or his intellect. His opinions, which he was glad to share, bore witness and wisdom well beyond the average persons capacity. You might say he was full of it. I will miss him deeply. He was a man that I felt privileged to know and have as a friend.

    “any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.” John Donne (1572-1631)


  • Rest in Peace.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    My loss as I never had the privilege of meeting him. God bless and Rest In Peace.

  • Chris & I go back, early 70’s at any rate. The mold was broken with this fellow Vet. Another colorful character lost. Gonna miss you Chris. ” When I die, my atoms will come undone; I’ll be space dust, once again. The wind will carry me; scatter me everywhere; Like dandelions in springtime. I’ll visit worlds and alien moons; it will be so damn poetic. Until I land on your sandwich.” (author unknown) Rest easy Bro –

  • The old land cruser rolling down the hwy and a friendly wave. All things metal welded around my property. A quick story at the cafe. Christoper was one of folks I met 26 years ago. He would always comment on how fast my kids were growing.
    You will be missed by all.

  • Chris was a friend I met through my father in law in the 80s. We lived in Piercy next to Chris. He built my house, my in laws shop, decks, anyway, he did it all. I worked with Chris on numerous jobs as an electrician for and with Chris. Chris was a mans man. Very intelligent, set in his ways, definitely a survivor. God bless you Chris, it was good to know you and work with You. And I still don’t know how you got everything you need in that rover!!

  • I first met Chris in the late ’70’s and enjoyed many good times with him. He was definitely “one of a kind” who will be missed by many, and yes I too will miss seeing “ole blue” on the Hi way.

    Rest In Peace my friend

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