Reggae Star, Cham, Features Humboldt in His Recently Released Music Video

Did you go to Reggae on the River in 2015? Did you see Cham?

Then you may be in this recently released music video. Cham’s performance at the festival and some time he spent walking in Founder’s Grove were harvested to create this video.

Reggae fan or not, the video offers a fun look at a local festival and our beautiful Redwoods.



  • Master of Exploit

    Typical Jamaican Rasta exploiting the Whites for profit. Sad.

  • Yawning

  • Reaggae crap on the river couldn’t pay me enough to go to that.

  • Great! Tell more idiots about our place. So they can come run it over more. We need a campaign where we tell everybody how much it sucks and to stay the heck away!!!

    • that will help the economy. are you of those who claim all of our problems are from transplants, if so you might want to polish your investigative techniques and/or pull your head out of the sand.

      • No. Our problems come from idiot transplants. The kind that smoke weed until their brains go numb and go to Reggae. We need less not more mental cases up here!

        • that’s funny I don’t read about those people trying to stab people in alley’s or shooting at LEOs or making the news at all. the local tweakers that go to reggae creep the parking lots and camp grounds for income.

        • U spent this much time ranting AGAINST a cause on their page? Get the hell off the page if u don’t like it- change the situation by removing urself instead of trying to move others. [edit]

  • If you remember Reggae on the River 2015, you probably weren’t there.

  • Oh c’mon, its not that bad.
    Hopefully it inspires people to visit our beautiful forests. Tourism money is going to be very important in the next few years, and people visiting parks keeps them open.
    Reggae may be a pain in the ass, but every hotel/motel sells out that wknd, the tourism tax on hotel rooms adds up.

    That said, its good to have visitors and not so many transplants.
    As folks have said before, we need the backwoods tall tales to re-emerge. Most were just fabrications, but a few happened. Like a thief who got tossed in blackberry bramble in his birthday suit.
    Sad but true, our kindness has bit us in the butt.
    We can tell potential transplants how the freeway goes out in the winter, and you cant get to the city, and that many places in the county have no cel/wifi. Thatll discourage most, especially when they realize a lot of us here could care less about both.
    Please visit our beautiful area, but dont romanticize moving here.

  • Cham you need to ditch autotune or what ever that vocal effect is. The video is great, he has good voice. That vocal effect is cheesy and wrecks any message being conveyed. So Cham, rely on your skills bro.

  • Love the world famous Reggae on The River. Give thanks.

  • It astonishes me how people find anything to complain about.
    This story is cool.
    Sometimes its ok to enjoy life people.

  • Big ups to Steve ^^^^

  • Totally agree, Kym. The video IS fun!


    Looks like he’s in a grow room!

  • Cham always on point. Some cool shots in there with the redwoods. Humboldts the best! Rock on!

  • Big up Reggae Music. Great son, great video. Happy to see a young Jamaican artist doing Reggae music like this song. Complainers don’t go too far in life. Reggae is a music of happiness…big up yourselves. Nuff Respect.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    How lame can you get. Cham, the marketing star attempts to make reggae-beat “music” while teenage stoners ooh and aah. Pretty sad effort in a genre so passe…

    This is a good indication of how low the expectations of the young white kids are. Jeeze go get another tattoo… Get your mommie to buy you a pickup and start growing some weed…


  • Greatful to show Cham, w/ a limited amount of time, a place where one may feel the 💓 of the redwoods. Appreciation, amazement, & gratitude where expressed from the kind man, Cham.

  • GREAT video, I loved it !

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Nice video. Good music. Redwoods. I like it.

  • Im a visitor 5-6 times a year and actually got married in the magical forest of yours,to a awesome lady after meeting her at reggae 2015 ,my cousin has lived in redway for 40 years (a transplant) so live your life for you and don’t question anything unless you no the answer! The answer is in the question love you all A hui’ hou’ Sohum

    Hawain noodle

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