Stolen White 2008 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner Xtra Cab

This white 2008 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner xtra cab was stolen off of Grizzly Bluff Road in Ferndale out of the owner’s yard either on the evening of 8/7 or morning of 8/8.

“It has a custom black rack for hauling calves on our dairy,” explained the owner. The rack may have been removed. The California License Plate is 8Z09188.

If you have any information, please contact the Arcata Police at (707) 822-2428.white 2008 Toyota Tacoma pre runner xtra cab  with Calves



  • Sorry this happened to you. I am going to keep an eye out for your vehicle. Hope it is found soon. Are there any other distinguishing marks or features?

  • If it was stolen outside of Ferndale, why contact the Arcata PD? Just curious.

  • I’m seeing lots of stolen vehicles posted here lately. Can you tell us how they are stolen? Just to help us prevent this happening to us? Is it keys left in vehicle, vehicle unlocked or complete window smash- break ignition column and hotwire? Toyotas used to have an interchangable key problem- maybe this was stolen using a different worn-down Toyota key? I’m just wondering how we can apply any knowledge to our own routines- Thanks, Kym!

    • Ive been asking this when there are reports of stolen vehicles for years. In nearly every case the keys are left in the vehicle and it is running. I think that people do not want to report this because they feel it is “victim blaming”.

    • I’ll ask in the future.

  • My niece s car was stolen
    they got it buy producing a fake cashiers check ,and not being racist ,but it was stolen buy 2 black girls .she met them on face book ,or I like to call it fuck book .because she got fucked over ,and no she never got the car back ,so it went to a chop shop it was a newer lexus ,so word to the wise watch out for 2 cute little black girls that u would never think they were theives .

    • Don’t take checks from people you don’t know, any kind of check. Also taking a fuse out is a great deturrant if your worried about theft when parked, it differs from vehicle to vehicle but they all have fuses that will disable it very easily and quickly just look at the diagram usually located on the fuse box cover or owners manual, you could also disconnect the battery terminal but then you need a wrench and have to re set the clocks stereo ect. Fuse is easy.

    • Hey kym. I need to start out my posts the same as MOGTX “Not to be racist, but….”. That way im off the hook for what ever else i have to say that might happen to possibly offend someone thats is not white,straight,votes,pays taxes,or actually has a job.

  • Really, I’m surprised that isn’t considered racist around here !

  • Just saw it, southbound from Willits…

  • i always enjoy mr guests comments ,and dan fullers to .

  • Really easy to start most cars and trucks , by removing the asd relay then by passing the ing. Switch. I learned this by repairing many recover stolen autos. Word to the wise always park in well lighted areas , and in front of a window if you can. If you are parking for storage remove battery or unplug the cps crank postion senor. Also there is a company that sells a tracking device that plugs into your obd2 port, that can track your vechial once you pay a service fee if it is in cell range. I beleive that it also disables it , been awhile since i was looking at them.

  • My Toyota has an engine immobilizer. You must have my key or you’re not going to get it started. Even the Toyota dealer doesn’t have a key, and it costs $350 for a copy.

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