Whoops! Truck Off the Road

Truck off the road

[Photo provided by Lori Ford]

At approximately 5:05 a.m. a truck went off the road about four or five miles south of the Rattlesnake Summit north of Laytonville. Caltrans crews were on the scene and conducting traffic around the mess.

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, no one was injured.



  • shawn the fisherman

    Funny how truck drivers think they are the best drivers on the road! “Im a professional driver” all they ever say. Yet another truck off the road.

  • As with any profession, there will be both good and bad. BUT: try to appreciate the fact that truckers help everybody stay alive by bringing daily essentials (and non-essentials) to you and your loved ones.

  • I guess thinking that truckers being the lowest form of humans somehow brings you up in the world, Sorry your chosen profession as a piano player in a cat house is still way down there.
    I wonder what the idiot that he “the truck driver” was trying to avoid was doing, Texting, Talking on his phone, or probably both, I’m sure he was undoubtedly
    multi-tasking and just forgot to do the driving,
    Most likely looking down trying to post on RHBB.

    • For god’s sakes, people, lots of truck drivers are wonderfully safe drivers, some make a mistake now and then, and some are awful drivers. This is just common sense. This accident has not been proved to be the truck driver’s fault but if it is his/her fault, one truck driver making a mistake is not an indictment of all truck drivers neither is it indicative that the truck driver is an evil person.

      Vice versa, truck drivers can make mistakes and trying to act like every accident is a non-trucker’s fault is not helpful.

      • shawn the fisherman

        Sorry I have really hi standard for people calling them selves professional. Truck drivers claim they are professional drivers, 18 wheelers make that claim all the time and say four wheelers are all the problems on the road, Why should I hold them to a higher level? They are professional? They claim.

        • I’m sure you don’t want to be held responsible for all the unprofessional fishermen so why not stop holding all truck drivers to blame for the actions of a few?

          • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

            Truckers are the backbone of the economy.

            Certainly it may come out that desperate pot growers were trying to hijack the truck and pot growers are at fault here, not the trucker.

      • Ed.Barff trucking

        Thank you….!! 47 yr.trucker! 4.5 million miles!!

  • You think it is hard handling your car when some idiot cuts you off ppassing or comes into your lane, just think about trying to avoid all of that with 80k lbs of truck , i would guess it was the ditch or someone elses life . That is the sort of things truckers do, because it is a lot to carry around if you hit someone in a truck like that. But i guess that males people low lifes

    • groba dude osnt

      Oh gods they were… If rigs were driven carefully and legally at all times, I would consider the drivers to be professionals. I drive about 40,000 mile/year to get to work, but it’s not my job…

      Drive safe, drive polite, drive sober. Please don’t endanger other people! Speeding is the act of a selfish and stupid person who wants to die, or who thinks he is too cool to get in trouble. California is full of persons who are not too nice and who don’t care to drive safely. Emergency rooms are full of proof that you are NOT indestructible. 65 mph = a quick death. 90mph = almost impossible to survive that wreck. Especially in a pickup. Slow the heck down!

  • Regardless of how well the driver steers, if he’s going too fast he’s a bad operator. Trucks on the north coast are being driven too fast. Everyone needs to drive safely and at the speed limit.

    • Yes , but explain to me why therebare less accidents on hwys where there are not any speed limits since you wish to claim speed is the factor . Keep in mind i have a international license, and have driven is 13 differant countries.

      • You are comparing apples to oranges. The places with no speed limits are generally straight stretches and in open country. These truck wrecks are happening in places where the road narrows or has some curve to them. Also, most roads in Humboldt County have vegetation on both sides of the road where an animal can run across in front of a vehicle at any time. That’s quite a bit different than the no speed limit autobahns in open country. Until we know more of what actually happened, no one should automatically blame the truck driver.

  • Any rig moving over 55 mph is being driven by a dangerous driver! Northern CA is full of speeding rigs, and the number of truck crashes proves it. Truck drivers are some of the most “entitled” folks on the road, they think they walk on water because they bring trailers full of stuff no one needs.

    If you are such great drivers, why are there constant crashes? Well, could it be the cell phone, the computer? Could it be the sex worker in your cab? Could it be the drugs you are doing?

    I know many truckers who are responsible. The problem is that we let anyone have a license.

    Cut rate drivers cause damage, death and destruction. I was personally nearly killed by a speeding rig, last winter, that dropped a trailer full of crushed cars in Richardson Grove.

    I give rigs a wide berth, and when I see them swerving, crossing the lines, or speeding crazily, I just pull over and report the license # to the CHP. If I can get the phone # off the tractor, or any ID at all, I call the driver’s boss. I suggest you do too!

    • I too almost got killed on our roadways here on the north coast , a guy on a bicycle almost clipped me in the crosswalk in old town , he was on a lime green Mongoose, called cops but he got away, probably no boss to call cause he was about 8

  • Stay safe Humco

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