Two Mexican Nationals Apprehended During Large Marijuana Raid in Trinity County

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Trinity County Sheriffs Office TCSOPress release from the TCSO



  • Call ICE . Why do these guys even get bail ?!?

    • Surprised they weren’t just released on OR. Sadly they will now be our problem, take up space in our jails, and cost our tax dollars to deal with because of California’s Sanctuary policies.

      But remember, if you think it’s stupid to allow the criminals and gang members causing the horrible problems so many people in nations south of the border are fleeing from to follow them here and cause all the same problems in the US, you’re a bigot!

      Huge agriculture corporations have turned their need for a steady stream of disposable, sub-minimum wage employees into a social justice issue, foriegn nations have taken advantage of that to ship us their criminals and outsource their criminal justice system, and progressives are too caught up in virtue signalling to realize they’re being made fools of. If Americans won’t do those jobs because they pay pennies an hour for work that would never pass an OSHA inspection, why are progressives so fine and dandy with others being forced to suffer through them? If other nations are so overrun with violence and organized crime that they aren’t safe to live in, why should we drop our guard and let it take a foothold up here?

      We should lift a torch to the hungry, the tired, the huddled masses yearning to be free… and we should place a strong watch and a powerful guard beside the golden door to protect those masses from the horror they’re fleeing from.

      • Beautifully said.
        It’s our duty to hold the elected accountable. They’ve taken our tax dollars, constitutional ones even, to implement their constitutional duties. Where has the funding gone? Some say that 80% of the budget goes to unconstitutional things.
        There’s only 1% of the people that would never help others out of dire times, if they had the ways and means to help. The less the people are able to help, the more we need the Nationalists to do it for us. The Federalists took great care to assure that we the people would always remain free to help others. The Nationalists that took over after the Civil War have made a mockery of the union, of the states, of the people.
        Our crisis after crisis and fear after fear keeps growing. Are we feeding the monkey instead of watching over the monkey? I have to say yes.
        Call your representatives, hold them accountable to the people in their state. They are not accountable to the Nationalists. They’re accountable to us.
        Federalist papers #39, James Madison, explains what was created and why.
        “The idea of a national government involves in it, not only an authority over the individual citizens, but an indefinite supremacy over all persons and things, so far as they are objects of lawful government. Among a people consolidated into one nation, this supremacy is completely vested in the national legislature…The proposed Constitution, therefore, is, in strictness, neither a national nor a federal Constitution, but a composition of both. In its foundation it is federal, not national; in the sources from which the ordinary powers of the government are drawn, it is partly federal and partly national; in the operation of these powers, it is national, not federal; in the extent of them, again, it is federal, not national; and, finally, in the authoritative mode of introducing amendments, it is neither wholly federal nor wholly national.”
        Nationalist for foreign objects.
        Federalist for domestic objects.
        Nationalist for uniform codes for foreign objects.
        Federalist for implementing uniform codes.

    • careful, they’ll label you a racist.

    • Nice job trinity sheriffs. Taking away garbage. Humboldt sheriffs. Destroy personal property creating more garbage. (Cut greenhouse skins up) Along with the trash from their lunch they throw on the ground.

  • Maybe they were trying to grow Acapulco Gold. ( Michoacán)

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Interesting how pot growers leave approximately 1 pound of garbage for each pound of processed lettuce.

    This doesn’t count dead wildlife, poisoned wells, dryed up creeks, all the hard drugs they need to grow dope, human trafficking, car hulks, and destroyed communities.

    Allowing people to grow dope is simply wrong.

    Please report dope growers to proper authorities to help communities recover from their war on nature.

    • certain land owners apply several thousands of pounds of herbicide to tracks to kill hardwoods. these brown tracks are noticeable from 20,000 feet. 10 years ago this same herbicide showed up in water samples collected from the drinking fountain at Freshwater Elementary School. allowing dumb and/or greedy people to do anything in the forest is simply wrong.

      • Mendocino Redwood Company?

      • You should read about conventional farmers using glycophosphate.

        • the application is nothing like trying to exterminate hardwoods. 1,000s of gallons sprayed out of a tanker truck. knowing the geology, I would say it is just plain stupid. I have a well and I drink bottled water. feel free to look at the damage, you can’t miss it in SoHum. its the areas with dead trees.

        • yes. It has become a way of life to create modified crops that grow despite dowsing with patented pesticides. A company makes money producing pesticides and makes money again by selling the seeds that can withstand it. It is an ever increasing cycle of killing most but not all pests, animal and vegetable, allowing resistance to grow. Then inventing a new pesticide and new seeds to cope with resistance meanwhile those who refuse to get on the bandwagon have to deal with ever increasingly resistant pests. It’s a pyramid scheme. Why anti trust laws allow this, I don’t know. But it needs to be resisted.

          All that is no reason not ignore the smaller damage close by.

      • Yet, in other states, the rampant blue green algae appears only a few days after the mandatory mosquito spraying.
        In Calif, the mosquito spraying is allowed in Wetlands.
        Vaccinations against the diseases spread by mosquitoes are being mandated.
        Birds, bats, fish, who depend on mosquitoes and the other flying pests are dying. People cry, where are all the birds?
        The people turn to each other, you did this! You did that! You are to blame! You used a bag of fertilizer! You sprayed your weeds with a pesticide! YOU YOU YOU.
        The media laughs all the way to the bank.

    • Allowing slavery trumps pot.

  • I like Johnny he’s a good boy! so being armed committing felonys in our national Forrest, distroying our environment then 15k and your back to Mexico, or worse still roaming our forests committing crimes. Imagine if a hiker or someone unarmed came across these armed criminals in the middle of the nf you would probably never hear about it, they would just be missing.

  • Why the soft treatment of these a-holes? Imagine what would happen if an American got caught doing this shit in Mexico. Same treatment should apply!

  • Veterans friend

    Now their families will be killed by the mexican cartel they worked for. Hope y’all sleep well tonight.
    Cannibis is a plant that occurs naturally on planet earth. There should be NO LAW about it at all. Look at all the trouble the LAW creates

    • [edit] They’re growing on public lands , diverting water and leaving tons of trash everywhere . [edit]

    • Look at all the trouble Cannibis creates.

      • The trouble is the result of cannabis being illegal. Make it legal and the trouble goes away because it will be grown by real farmers and gardeners and not by criminals.

        • Anti delusional

          Just like tobacco.

          There’s legal but disgusting, dangerous, devastating too. Legal does not mean the same as honest or decent or harmless. Illegality is just a society’s minimum guideline, saying “Hey, stupid. Don’t do this.”

          But, as is frequently said, you can’t fix stupid. The true question is can you at least make it see itself for what it is. And if knowing itself makes stupid less dangerous.

          • On the same note,you can”t fix Reefer Madness Mentality,i.e. ignorance,narrow mindedness,

          • I don’t think pot users can see their stupidity. Pot seems to have the quality of making its users oblivious to their fuzzy heading thinking. It would take a massive publicity campaign to overcome that deficit and that is unlikely to occur in the current climate.

        • Veterans friend

          Thanks. I was feeling lonesome😞

    • Corn, wheat, soybeans, cows, chickens, and pigs also occur naturally on planet earth, so I guess we should get rid of all livestock and agriculture related environmental and labor regulations. It’s not like the human tendency toward greed would lead people to destroy natural resources and poison the earth in pursuit of temporary personal profit…

      • Veterans friend

        You are incredibly misinformed if you think corn, soy, pigs & chickens are naturally occuring species on planet earth. The industrially farmed things you list are so modified from their original state as to be unrecognizable, and industrial farming of anything is part of the disease that is killing our planet with rapidly accelerating speed. Get a grip

    • amimissingsomething

      So going out into our National Forests and clearing 100 acres is simply OK? You sir have lost your mind! (Snowflake millennial forecast of fake shit) This shit is happening right now on our public land and you hink it would just go away if the law was changed. We ought to send you to Mexico!

    • So is coco and opium veterans friend…. Your point is??? My point has been made many time here. Its a drug!!! Dahhhh. Money to be made=wars to be fought. Period

    • That’s a start, and a good one!

  • He is correct IMO.

  • Place them under House Arrest, to be rotated among members of the Arcata City Council. And a written apology from the Sheriff for not looking the other way.

  • Maybe they set bail because they had their “green rush” cards.

  • There were estrogen-mimicking herbicides in Freshwater Creek ten to fifteen years ago from logging. It is something to check on at Freshwater Park where so many children swim. At that time, it was from the extensive logging that has been done and is still being done in the entire watershed. And, yes—- there is a war going on against tan oaks in a process nicknamed “hack and squirt.”

  • groba dude osnt

    What? Mexicans? In Trinity? Wait, I’m lost. There’s COPS? In Trinity? You mean you can’t just do, well, whatever there, in Throwback County? They got JAIL CELLS?? In Weaverville? That are not already full?

    Wow, I’m really getting behind…. Trinity County should be required to post warning labels…

    “Caution, using Trinity County could be hazardous to your health!”

  • Great Job K9 Rango!! Please tell me these a**holes didn’t get to post bail?

  • For all the tongue-clucking grammarians (myself included) out there.

    From The Grammarist: Proved vs. proven

    Proven is usually an adjective (e.g., a proven formula), and proved is usually the inflected form of the verb prove (e.g., I proved it; I have proved it). This is not a rule, though, and exceptions abound, especially in American English, where proven is often used as a participial inflection of the verb. For example, where a British writer is likely to write I have proved you wrong, an American writer might write I have proven you wrong.

    Both forms are many centuries old. Proven appears in the 15th-century works of Chaucer, for instance. But proved has always been the prevalent inflection ever since prove emerged from its pre-Middle English roots, and only over the last century or so has proven gained significant ground. This doesn’t mean proven is wrong, though. It is a very well-established form, and only a few people from outside North America consider it questionable.

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      Thanks for this. I, myself, am tired of the poorly written comments constructed by folks who have an electronic device, but are barely educated enough to assemble a sentence, or spell a tiny word.

      Some of these folks have an idea, occasionally, one that does not involve pickups, beer, weed or you know, whatever these guys are thinking about, which is probably not much, beyond getting laid and getting some cash, but, they can’t effectively express a single thought in literate words.

      AND THEN, the schoolteacher that runs a website for local characters, a group of probably men, who are all a certain age, has to sift through the poorly expressed thoughts and filter out the insults, the racist statements, the sexist trash that was written, and remove these items minutely, as well as the overall irrelevant stuff people spew, and the comments that she “just does not like”.

      This seems like an odd occupation. I certainly hope it is entertaining, and not just tedious…

      As for yourself, it is a noble mission, defending the correct use of language, but mostly pointless, as modern folk appear to be unconcerned with proper use of anything at all.

  • It’s funny to blame it all on the people tending these gardens, they get paid shit and if caught are deported back. But we all know who’s gardens these are.
    And then we have all those that make money off the weed, garden suppliers who sell miles of plastic tubing, fertilizers,etc.
    Let’s not forget the P.D who say it’s the cartels, gangs to get federal dollars and all the ex military gear. And the P.D knows that crying cartel scares the poor folk.
    If it was the cartels doing all the damage, there would be bodies to be found with all the greedy people here trying to muscle in.
    Sure there’s Mexicans growing around, but let’s not confuse them for cartels.

  • You have walked in my shoes,or simular shoes(sandals).cartel eliminates rouge elements.general enforcers when poli weak or scared.and they infiltrate.known for that.

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