Smoke and Actors Will Make Simulation Look Real at Humboldt State University


Humboldt State University [Photo by Oliver Cory]

Press release from Humboldt State University:

Housing & Residence Life at Humboldt State University will hold an emergency simulation Tuesday, August 8 to test campus and community response teams.
The exercise will take place at 6 p.m. at a residence hall on campus. Media can contact 707.826.3390 for location information.
The simulation will be loud and include participation from Housing & Residence Life, the University Police Department, the Campus Emergency Response Team, Student Health & Wellness Services, the Arcata Fire Department, Arcata Mad River Ambulance, and the Campus Emergency Operations Center.
Passersby may see smoke coming out of a residence hall and actors crying for help. First responders will be using emergency radios, and traffic flow may be affected on campus.
The purpose of the exercise is to train housing staff and local first responders on how to respond to a campus housing emergency. The emergency simulation is intended to provide a real-time, realistic experience of an emergency as well as provide the opportunity to test and evaluate a practical plan and practice communication among agencies.
Housing & Residence Life began holding multi-agency emergency simulations in 1986. The exercise takes place each year in August.
During a real campus emergency, information will be posted on the HSU homepage, and available by calling 826-INFO (4636) and tuning into KHSU 90.5 FM.


  • I am having trouble understanding what this item is about…

    Don’t they have, like, classes, and stuff to do in college? Why are the people at Humboldt State always farting around, instead of studying, basket weaving, balloon animal making, modern clown technology or whatever it is they teach there…

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