Sheriff’s Office Describes Three Suspects Sought in China Creek Area Shooting

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This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Sunday, August 6, 2017 at about1220 hours, an Officer with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) was flagged down by a motorist at the intersection of Briceland Road and China Creek Road, Briceland. The motorist reported that his friend had been shot and he was on his way to seek medical treatment in Garberville.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched and met with the victim at a local hospital. Deputies learned the following: The victim met with three black male adults at the above intersection to conduct a marijuana transaction. The suspects were driving a white mid-sized SUV, possibly a GMC Acadia or similar. At some point during the transaction, one of the suspects inside the vehicle produced a firearm and shot the victim. The suspects then drove off of the roadway, through a wood fence, and crashed down a steep hillside. The victim then ran for help and was picked up by a local citizen.

The suspects were further described as:

Black male adult, 6’2”, gold teeth, wearing a grey shirt

Black male adult, thin build, neck and arm tattoos, goatee, wearing a white shirt

Black male adult, clean cut, wearing a grey and red jacket

The suspect vehicle also had a sticker on the rear window or bumper that may have been a radio station with the frequency starting with “10”.

The victim was subsequently flown to an out of the area hospital for further medical treatment.

Sheriff’s Deputies and CHP Officers, with the assistance of a CHP helicopter, were able to locate the crime scene. The suspect vehicle had since fled the area in an unknown direction of travel. The crime scene was processed and evidence that corroborates the victim’s statement was collected. There was also evidence that a vehicle collision had occurred and it is believed the suspect vehicle likely sustained moderate front end damage.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Garberville Station at 707-923-2761.

UPDATE: Stills From Surveillance Video of the Alleged Suspects in China Creek Shooting

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  • That was my first thought, they couldn’t have traveled far. Unless, there was a delay in reporting incident? Seems like LE would have had this under control pretty quick. SMH.

  • No doubt, i was thinking the same. They should hope the cops find them first!
    It sux that so many good smalltime folks are having to resort to working with people they dont know from the city who often just steal your stuff. Hoping legalizing will cut down on this, and yes all you haters can now conjecture about pot,legalizing, etc,
    Its just a sad reality, the bigger you are the cheaper you sell for which ruins the market for smaller suppliers, like any business.
    So now its crappy prices and still dangerous, sux, and double bummer its african american men, a friend was robbed at gunpoint by 3 african american guys a few months ago in no hum. It perpetuates the race issue, tho i see a thief as a thief no matter the color.

  • 3 men very similar to these pulled 2 holdups near Fort Bragg a few years ago. One was of a known big-time grower & dealer. They burned his scrotum with a propane torch to force him to divulge the location of the cash. The burns were described as “superficial”

    A couple of weeks later, the same crew visited another grower and pistol – whipped him, leaving him sort of retarded for a while. He eventually recovered.

  • Are we supposed to believe the description of the preparators and of their vehicle? When weed is involved (or supposedly) the lies start flying.

    • You know it’s just WEED! a friend was hurt extremely bad ! He has a two year old son who needs him
      Who cares what he was doing when he got shot ! He got shot ! He may not make
      It and you sit here behind your computer and assume shit because well you got nothing better to do ! The fact of the matter is we are HUMBOLDT ! Everyone and thier brother grows /sells / smokes pot of some sort ! But when out of towners are using dangerous ways to exchange transactions we have a problem ! Local growers do not cause harm if you knew a thing or
      Two you’d realize all the bad marijuana mishaps happen because of greedy city people !!!!!! Now go do your research and stop pointing fingers on dope growers and keep thiS VICTIM in your prayers because his SON needs him !!!

      • My prayers for your friend and his son dang it… I wish we all had a safe place to meet up for our trasactions… I think its time for such a PLACE… to many have died or been hurt seriously.. be safe people be cautious about who you deal with.. they’ll get there’s tho legally or NOT

      • Literacy Counts!!

        Rah! We are Humboldt!

        Looks like Chaos and Anarchy County to me! Who involved here accurately represents Humboldt? If you have children, how is this a sensible or responsible manner in which to behave?

        The children here, seem to be continuously the losers.

        Hope your friend recovers.

    • It’s spelled “Perpetrators”. Maybe if you stopped smoking the stuff that you claim makes people liars, you could figure out how to use spell check.
      If the victim wanted to cover his ass he wouldn’t have been honest about the reason he was there in the first place. Do you think he shot himself in the back like he was magician David Copperfield?? Crawl back in your perfect glass house and remember when someone you know suffers a tragedy how you trolled these boards because for sure it will happen to you.
      This wasn’t a meth/speed/heroin/human trafficking deal….this was a business transaction that the majority of this community lives off of. Do NOT even try to reply that you are the only person who is NOT touched by the marijuana industry & that you know NO ONE that in some way touches pot. You would be Pinocchio & a hypocrite of the worst kind. Try having some empathy…maybe you could than restore some of the karmic value you’re going to obviously need in the future.

  • Who got shot?

    • Let’s not ask for anyone to give up the victims name please. He has a young son who really needs him, a father who is ill & friends/family that love him to pieces. Please let’s not give the a**holes who shot him any info they can use to find him and finish the job.

  • Cadillac what?

  • Ok. All that may be true but the facts do exist that so. Hum has had a number of young people shot/murdered by african males in bad dope deals Its a fact. My familly came here in the 30’s and i can name a number of them. History should of been learned. But with low prices and uncertain future people take risks. Hopefullly these thugs are brought to justice.

  • Born & raised 67 years old……………..Intimidation thru violence: Local white trash, Bikers (gangs), Mexicans (gangs), East Bay Blacks (gangs), All Southern California Gangs. Not exclusive to these regions or Lone Wolfs. Humboldt Hippies are easy pickings. Peace, Love Dove Dip Shits. In the mid 1970’s (can not remember what year) Rolling Stone Magazine did a story on Local and Federal Law Enforcement killings here around the local dope seen (my first plant..1967). “I think” that it was called, no, it had a header some where in it “Five Shots Five Dead”. Some I knew and of course every longhair in Humboldt knew who “da coppers” were. It was “not right” then as it is “not right” now. Very sorry for the victim. I hope they recover from their physical and emotional injuries.

  • Similar situation except the blacks got us for thirty two pounds and it was in Arcata and yes it was three of them hard lesson learned don’t do any business with people you don’t know[edit]Spread the word humboldt.

    • ‘Make mulch out of them’ LOL. You brought these a**holes into our area and got ripped off by them. Spread the word Humboldt county there are a bunch of saps around here that will bring undesirables to your neighborhood toting guns and shooting people.

  • every ripp-off, home invasion i have ever heard of,,,,which is plenty over the last few years. always!!!!! and i mean every fucking time. it begins with ” three black males” every time,,,,not once or twice or every now and again,,,,,every fucking time,,,,

  • Superficial people that want to live here and look down on the weed reality should just move away. If it wasnt for weed this place would be a ghost town.
    And those of us born and raised here have learned better than to do business with shady city people. Sometimes it seems, weve been in desperate situations and had to take the risk, maybe this man that was shot was in a tight spot too. Weed makes our corner of the world go around. If you dont like it,then pack your suitcase on rollers and head back south.

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