[UPDATE 3:09 p.m.] Life Flight Called for After Gunshot Victim Brought to Garberville Hospital; Sheriff’s Looking for Three Suspects

Emergency vehicle. Cop car light bar

Stock photo by Oliver Cory

At approximately 12:20 p.m., dispatch reported a California Highway Patrol officer had been flagged down near China Creek by someone reporting that a person had been shot. The person reported that the gunshot victim was being brought to Jerold Phelps Hospital as a passenger in a private vehicle.

The victim received two shots, one in the back that went through him and one in the arm. The Sheriff’s office is looking for three black males suspects that apparently shot the victim from a white vehicle.

UPDATE 12:47 p.m.:

Law enforcement talking to a man sitting down. The man appears to be a witness. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

The CHP helicopter is on its way from Redding to help look for the suspect vehicle, according to scanner traffic. Bobby Kroeker, our reporter, is at the hospital. There, he saw Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies interviewing a possible witness.

One deputy photographed the hands of a man who appears to be a witness.

One deputy photographed the hands of a man who appears to be a witness. [Photo provided by Bobby Kroeker]

UPDATE 1:05 p.m.: Dispatch estimates that the helicopter that is coming from Redding to help search for the suspects will be in the area the shooting took place about 1:30 p.m.

UPDATE 1:30 p.m.: The victim is now being transported by ambulance to another hospital.

UPDATE 1:40 p.m.: The CHP helicopter is now overhead in the China Creek area and law enforcement is staging near there.

UPDATE 2:38 p.m.: Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies have located the crime scene, according to information on the scanner.

UPDATE 3:09 p.m.: The victim is intubated–most likely has a tube inserted in his throat–so is unable to provide more information, according to dispatch relaying information from the hospital.

Sgt. Taylor at the crime scene says they are processing information there but have been unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

UPDATE: Sheriff’s Office Describes Three Suspects Sought in China Creek Area Shooting

  • Laytonville Rock


  • I hope we will get more on vehicle & suspects soon ! Bet we all could find them !

  • I doubt if it was marijuana-related.

  • Dump the chump. Ban him please.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Checks clock……1:30pm? It’s 1:11 right now.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Lots of bulk buyers around for Reggae on the River Weekend. If your willing to flex a bit on price. Try to avoid gun toting thugs with counterfeits wanting to trade yayo.

    • 🤣🤣🤣 now there’s a comment by the people for the people

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      “Gun toting thugs with counterfeits wanting to trade yayo?”

      Where the fuck ARE we?

      I’m pretty glad I always leave for Goddamn Reggae on the River…

      • YayArea Fooollll They veiw us hillbillys as easy targets…. [edit]

        • Really…. your going to edit black rifles matter. Jeez what has this world come to. Protect yourself. Thats all i was saying. Be safe. I guess black is a bad word. My bad

  • Why does it say the shooting took place around 1:30 pm? Did this happen today?

  • You lie down with dogs you get up with fleas. Druggies deserve it.

  • Brothers united?

    • Oh ya…. is it too soon?! But we all hear that… might as well be.. thought they used knives that disappear tho

  • John Ripper you should be banned you fucking racist .

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    This is a very disturbing story. I strongly recommend that folks buy helicopter ambulance insurance.

    I am not going to assume drug craziness, in this case, but I do expect increasing numbers in the acts of piracy and an escalation of random violence as the harvest progresses.

    Multiple gunshot wounds will be difficult to survive, and the trauma extends through families, healthcare workers, and the community.

    Please take care while participating in the underground drug industry. For all non-involved parties, be ready to have your families and selves be damaged and killed in the cross-fire.

    If you think of it, thank the people who stay sober and work daily in your hospitals, and whom will be standing by to try to save you from these events.

    Drug insanity is destroying Humboldt County. The siege has likely just begun.

    • Actually you might be surprised of the amount of doctors and nurse that suffer from substance/alcohol abuse problems. Long hard hours and patient care can take their toll and they unfortunately resort to things that they think will help them cope.

  • Instead of purchasing helicopter insurance maybe a healthier alternative would be stop growing and selling illegal drugs

    • You must be all bent out of shape witnessing the legalization of cannabis for a for medical and recreational use; that’s GREAT! Regressives are the enemies of America, indeed, civilization itself and the embodiment of DEATH.

      • Whoa, might want to lay off that stuff for awhile…. You sound like a real great example of a fine American… An upright freedom-loving good citizen!
        Unfortunately, we are not free to endanger our neighbors, or endorse chaos and anarchy for all. When you come down, have a relatively sober look at yourself and assess the appropriateness of your remark.

        Cannabis will soon be the province of serious and sober businesspersons, and it won’t be grown extensively in remote areas, since it’s too far from the marketplace, and too costly to produce. Pot will be a relatively low-value crop, as it should be, AND everyone can now grow their own, which is the best way of all to get it!

      • It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Fucking growers have ruined many a peaceful neighborhood, so quit trying to stifle people that haven’t bought in to your utopian fantasy.

        • Growers are everywhere, including both my next door neighbors in Yuba City. We moved away, but I still own that property. Humboldt is a paradox, but I feel it will improve. Take heart.

          • Humboldt is the armpit of california… geographically.

            • Debra Alexander

              Desert Hot Springs Ca ranked as the #1 Worst city to live in Ca…the #6 most dangerous city in Ca…Big Bear Lake….marijuana has nothing to do with either ranking…it’s property crime..violent crime..lack of services…Southern Ca is the ARMPIT

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      That IS good advice, but the chopper can take you directly to the most appropriate care, and the insurance is relatively cheap. If you exist in a remote area, injuries are more difficult to survive. Gunshot wounds often include damage no surgeon can repair, which no doctor can heal. Even if they sew it up, the infection may be fatal. Best to get help fast, and avoid conflict if possible.

      • Well said, and point taken And you’re right that this insurance is good idea regardless of lifestyle choices.

  • I hope they’ll be ok.wild wild west!!

    • Always has been

      • Perhaps the west is wild, but if things get too far out of hand we always got military action and martial law.

        Might want to tone it down, work out your differences when selling and buying commodities, and, be prepared to protect yourselves and your people. THAT’s the code of the west.

        Sometimes you might just have to take your lumps.

        Don’t start a gunfight, live to fight another day, and, suck it up! You are a pirate!

  • This is what dope growers bring to the area. The sooner big ag wipes out the growers the better.

  • Kim, Please don’t be in such a rush to put every single detail out over your blog as soon as possible when the information being publicly released could assist the suspects and hinder law enforcement. Case in point, the info about the incoming helicopter.

    The suspects might not be scanning and even if they are, might have missed that point.

  • Another person shot, white grower lives matter, and still no riots, how lame

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    I can’t wait for the day the last marijuana grower is foreclosed on!

    The thought of The Triangle once again being a magical place to raise children in is the true Utopian Dream.

    The reality is piles of trash with rats eating leftovers of processed food, long gone wild trout streams, organic growers trafficking in Forbid miticide, stolen firearms in the hands of drug addicts, rip offs, murders, rapes, neglected children, poisoned wells, heaps of wildlife killed and not eaten, and the list goes on…..

    I hope this victim recovers and is able to see the absolute horror of this plant, and stays far from it and the drug addicts that use it.

    This is no plant of peace, it’s the thorn of terrorism.

    These growers and entourage have accomplished nothing in life but expose good families to their criminal activity, wreck what were good communities, and leave a blackened, poisoned landscape behind their race to the bottom.

    That day of foreclosure is coming and every day is a moment closer to the last grower leaving The Triangle.

    The coming day awaits us, and our children will have the wonderful, Magic place to grow up in again.

    Keep focused good people- their days are counted just as ours will once again reclaim the old vibe and share it with our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

    The day the last grower goes back to their slums is closer today than it was yesterday.

    Magic Happens!

    • Kinda starting to agree with you. You used to bug me, but as I see things unfold, shit has got too blown up. Folks selling their land for huge prices. It’s not safe to just hike in the redwoods. Let’s just get back to mom-pop grows. Or hand it over to big companies. These idiots ARE destroying our enviroment. Growing up here, blue green algae was never a thing. Just sayin…

      • Not true. I am almost 50 and have lived there my whole life and my family came here in the 30’s. There has always been algae in the river in the summer

    • '76ptown14yohippy

      Wow chump.
      To tell u the truth, ur most probably right. In fact all u say re: the race to the bottom and all is true, but not so much on the return of the good old hippy days!
      That is over too!! For ever.
      The older back to the land ilk, once weened through death and such will be the last to raise bare foot kids in this area. The fucks who bought into the rush will be weeded out with in a ten year period (with an increase in crank type ripoff crime during that time), and the land will be returned to the cattle ranches, as it should be.

    • Yea chump what then.. are you going to revert to logging old growth redwoods.. fir? Or rely on the “heavy” tourism that stokes these small town economies??

      Your children and grandchildren would have schools and no books. Parks with closed gates.. beaches that are trashed.
      This county will be overrun by a meth induced frenzy..junkies on sidewalks. Alcoholics in the streets.
      without the positive influence of most of the comminuity orientated growers, most who contribute, tithe and create small businesses that flourish our local economy..
      You think its bad?
      Wait for big ag to come into Your neighborhood welcome them and their cancer to be spread on the land you call yours.
      Your “eutopia” will be hell. You’ll live behind a cyclone fence with razorwire that will be your own prison of narrowminded judgment.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        You don’t share the vision, release the negative energy and embrace the unknown.

        Uncertainty makes us stronger people.

        Let go, it will be okay.

        Conquered fear is a man’s strongest posture.

      • Ha. You actually just described exactly how it is around here. Doom is already upon us. Ha

    • You create your own reality. “Reclaim the old vibe”? Create it. Create it now and stop blaming the very community your are apart of. Don’t you realize you have become part of the problem? Your a negative vibe merchant, just as guilty as the ones you despise.

      • Comments section loaded with negative nonsense, produced by or inspired by a worthless troll. Ban now and restore some peace and sanity to the comments sections.

  • People are desperate to sell weed. They are taking more and worse chances than ever. We will not see less of this but more. More and more until half the people here are broke and leave. Don’t forget to thank Gallegos and your local mega-greedrusher!

    • And our current supervisor is cut from that same cloth as Gallegos. It’s amazing how the masses followed these so called candidates down their rabbit holes with their promises of a grandiose cannabis Eden. Keep on drinking the Kool-Aid So Hum, it’ll all be over soon.

  • where is Elijah?

  • Well said Chump!!

  • They need to look at all the video footage from all the gas stations asap. Im sure these fools stoped somewhere beforehand. i hope they catch these guys. Prayers for the victim

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