[UPDATE 7:30 p.m.] Gunshots Fired at Orick Motel

Breaking news graphicAt approximately 6:40 p.m., emergency operators dispatched law enforcement to the Orick Motel and RV Park for the report of a woman with long auburn hair firing a weapon. Callers to 911 report that they are sheltering in place.

Medical personnel have been advised to stage and not go into the incident area. Orick Fire reportedly is in the incident area now.

UPDATE 6:55 p.m.: Law enforcement is setting up a perimeter. NOTE: We are doing are best to be accurate but this is breaking news and information coming over the scanner cannot be independently confirmed.

UPDATE 7 p.m.: An officer said that one person has been detained and “We’re still attempting to locate the other half [of the altercation.]”

UPDATE 7:04 p.m.: The woman that did the shooting is detained. “The injured female that was not shot just assaulted refuses transport [to the hospital],” reports the officer in charge.

UPDATE 7:30 p.m.: Photos provided by Tenaya Nelson:

Law enforcement at a shooting Law enforcement at a shooting Law enforcement at a shooting

UPDATE 8:16 p.m.: A reader tells us,

2 people south of orick being detained just south of the shoreline deli in the road by 2 high way patrols, atleast an additional 7-8 highway patrol sheirf and rangers ambulance and cdf or force service fire. Few officers packed in a few asult rifle.


  • There’s been a murder in the trailer park tonight…

  • What the heck a murder??didn’t hear that.

  • The poster was just quoting a song lyric


  • Black eyes crusader

    The woman did not shoot at anyone and her injuries were not self inflicted. The so called victim assaulted her and me after creating a lot of problems at the request of our landlord who’s allowed her to assault other tenants, vanadalize and Rob us . The police belive what he says and have never ask for the videos he has from survellance. The cops threw a 91 year old man down and did considerable range to his arms. This man is a noble and decent man he stopped the woman from shooting the depraved menace whose been terrorizing us for months. Im furious that Deputy Haug told me defending yourself is a crime. This is the first stand your ground state and she’s a moronic fascist whose incompetence and prejudice allowed this nightmare to escalate. May deputies were clearly professional and sorting out the truth. But the real criminals are here and already harassing me. A mentally ill creature with many calls about her on record and no arrests seems to be impervious to consequences because the landlord lies to protect himself from an evolving collective law suit and many complaints about his lawless practices. He’s preying on vulnerable poor people and the law is lying here to cover their astricks. I prey the good officers have the stones to tell the truth and protect the proper people . It’s hard. I know that. But we have to confront corrupt evil men like Bola Surami and Floyd Squires –they’re criminals and cause more harm than any drug fiend, petty theif or thug ever will. Issuing fallacious press releases to justify an over the top, all too brutal reaction to an unfortunate series of events their deputy escalated and enabled by deciding Sarumi and his flunkies were the only source of info she needed and demonstrating what an appalling and ignorant attitude can mean to a community. They are peace officers who need to protect and serve instead of issuing PR to conceal their errors and putting the real threats in a position to go further and further until someone is gets killed for real. I bet they’d soon this too , but there are too many of us who are going to speak out now so it’s better to own the mistakes now because of more people get hurt there will even more trouble.

  • I just moved away from the Orick RV park after three years of watching the insanity. Hopefully the truth will come out in time. Yes, it’s true the property owner Bola is indeed a crook, whom takes advantage of folks in less that perfect situations. I have seen him motivate tennents to act in ways and do things that are less that honorable, however eventually each of them open their eyes, see that they are being manipulated, and end up enemies with the man. Elisha has been a problem there for many months now, she drinks heavily and has anger issues. This type of behavior is allowed by the so called manager, as well as the owner. Many people have and are experiencing health issues after living in the motel rooms due to the large amounts of black mold that are hidden each time someone moves out of the motel rooms. I am aware that there are several lawsuits pending and have myself been subpoenaed to testify to the insanity that has occurred. Again, only time will tell. Now you have a person who’s life has been ruined by pending felony assault charges, when in reality this could have all been avoided with professional and proper management. I doubt anyone will see that in the near future. What a shame.

  • What happened to the women who was doing the shooting?

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