Car Crash Near Arcata on Hwy 101

At 6:37 a.m. a solo vehicle headed southbound on Hwy 101 just north of the Sunset Avenue offramp crashed. At least one occupant received major injuries.

The vehicle damaged about twenty feet of the wire railing in the center divide.

UPDATE 7:30 a.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page changed the designation from Major Injury to No Injury. Evidently, it was entered incorrectly.



  • Good news, for a collision!

  • First on the scene was Marta McCary— a registered nurse and local meditation/yoga teacher. She called 911 immediately, then assisted the young woman who was shaken up but not hurt.

    The real follow up danger was cars swerving to avoid the crash debris strewn across the highway, causing a few near misses.

    She took it upon herself to clear the road way before proceeding to work.

    Thank you Marta for being a good samaritan !

    • There are good people around here. And then there are evil nutcases like Honeydew CHUMP. That guy should be institutionalized in a place where there’s no cannabis to make him scared like a little mouse.

    • She sounds like a hero.

    • She could possibly have saved a life by her taking a few minutes to do the right thing, and that life could have been someone you love, thank you very much good Samaritan

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