The Saw Fire: Photos and a Summary of What We Know

Smoke billows over the hill as heavy equipment heads into the area to fight the Saw Fire. [Photo by a reader]

A helicopter carrying a “Bambi bucket” used to dip water from ponds and rivers climbs above the fire. [Photo by Kim Sallaway]

Law enforcement evacuated residents of Upper and Lower Sawmill Road. [Video by Bobby Kroeker]

Firefighters battled flames pouring out of a trailer during the Saw Fire. [Photo by Kim Sallaway]

Fire crews dumped red retardant on a greenhouse and a marijuana garden in an effort to keep the fire from destroying them. [Photo by Kim Sallaway]

The fire burned so hot that many trees flamed up.

The fire burned so hot that many trees flamed up. [Photo by Kim Sallaway]

By evening, the fire was 70% contained. [Panorama by Kim Sallaway]

According to Laura Coleman Cal Fire spokesperson, “CAL FIRE is working with CHP to get Alderpoint Road opened; CAL FIRE still has to remove hazard trees that are hanging over the road; we don’t have an estimate for time but hoping by midnight it will be opened to one way traffic.” (Note at 11 p.m.: The California Highway Patrol reports that they are “Experiencing issues with dangerous tree blocking rdwy.”

A Sikorsky S-64 with its 2,650 gallon tank and a draft hose that can fill the tank in under a minute heads to base as the sun sets behind the smoke. [Photo from a reader was taken on the Blocksburg Fire which is burning about 15 miles away as the crow flies.]

A firefighter's gear is ready to continue the battle.

A firefighter’s gear is ready to continue the battle. [Photo by Kim Sallaway: to see more of his photos of the Saw Fire click here]

UPDATE 8:36 a.m. Friday: The Saw Fire: This Morning’s Information

Earlier Chapter: Fire near Sawmill Road East of Garberville



  • Excellent photos Kim

  • Oh save the garden, yeah smoke that retardant devils lettuce!🤔👽

  • bulgarian campfire

  • New strain. Red bud

  • Retardant Weed

  • Hey, let’s save that Environmentally destructive Marijuana grow by dumping thousands of gallons of Ammonia Phosphate, Sulfate Ions and Iron Oxide onto the top of it. 🇺🇸

  • Saved the garden with retardant. Lol
    If the grower has permits can they claim the loss?

    • Only if they bought insurance!!!

    • Possibly, with good insurance or insurance from the party responsible for the fire.

      PG&E (their insurer/s, actually) are paying off growers in Calaveras Co. for plants lost in the Butte Fire of 2015.

  • Let this be a lesson cover those puppies up if there’s a fire close and hopefully they make it through!! Haven’t heard of any home’s being lost good job fire fighter’s, hat’s off to you and thanks for all your hard work!

  • In the Ferndale Zone

    Fire retardant: providing a free foliar feeding of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Iron, all crucial elements for plant nutrition. Should be some interesting product this fall.

  • Didn’t open until 1:45 am got home a little after 2 am Sat and waited7 hours that was insane. Thankful we home Good night I want to thank all the firefighters and crew for all your help. God bless you our heroes..

  • Too many fires! Its a big weekend with lots of out of towners, and there is a chance of lightning also. Be carefull everyone!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Hope they saved the marijuana garden so the cops can arrest those lettuce heads later.

    When will we be told if the fire was caused by marijuana?

    • Your kind of small minded naivety, stupidity, and hate tries and spread lies that marijuana was a brain in a frying pan making people lazy, sterile heroin junkies with man boobs. Your kind is on the way out, squashed by evolution and the realization that cannabis haters are damn fools with a useful pawn idiot agenda. Again, never use cannabis to treat the cancer that hateful people LIKE YOU always get.

    • The fire was not “caused” by marijuana, but it is the reason for keeps starting these fires. It’s the only way to rid the earth if this scourge. His plan is to burn every last plant and clean the hills of the growers. Once this happens, we can build churches instead of greenhouses. We can heal as a community. Marijuana is the new plague. Combine marijuana with flat brim hats and Toyota’s and you have your self an epidemic of great proportions. Never has the earth been so sick. Never have we needed God so bad to save us. The devil sneaks into my mind telling me to take a puff. A oufg od the good stuff he says. But I must fight this temptation. I’m afraid my child will be born a spider if I ingest the devil’s weed. The whole world is falling apart all because if one plant……MARIJUANA!

      • The main thing that baffles and angers me about Christians is how they can understand so little about human nature that when, in their fervor to convert another person, they tell that person (as they inevitably do, in one way or another), ‘You’re bad, and wrong, and evil,’ they actually expect that person to agree with them. It pretty much guarantees that virtually the only people Christians can ever realistically hope to convert are those with tragically low self-esteem [edit].”
        When did being a Christian meant being an intolerant, small minded, hateful bigot?

        • Wow sparkels. Very well put indeed. Just tried to be converted awhile ago and that’s exactly how it went. I want a shirt that says “My God hates you”. Thatll shut those christians up

        • It’s so funny how they call it the devils weed, when in fact it is said that god gave mankind a plant to heal, feed, fuel, cloth, and save the land… for some reason they think it was corn… corn destroys the earth pollutes the air and you can’t wear it.. as far as food, for animals grain ( maybe). So to all you chumps out there, please read the book you so cherish and understand what you are reading before you go off looking like fools….

        • That’s why there are as many different denominations as there are mj strains. Each branch away with their own special strengths and weaknesses.
          The retardant red strain pollutes the mind with vivid images of impurities. Much like the denominations whose minds are polluted with interpretations injected by loyalists to certain dictates.
          Generalizing all mj strains as the retardant red strain, would be just as detrimental to all society as it would be to generalize all denominations as stubborn dictators.

          Yes, Virginia, there is a good branch for every bad branch known to man.
          Unless, of course, you remain a collectivist. Then it’s all one general brand of Santa Clause for all.

          Red pill or Blue pill, it’s up to you.

        • Christianity could be a good thing if Christians would actually practice it the way it suppose to be…non- judgmental, tolerant, forgiving, loving to all. God created marijuana to save us all from pharmaceuticals.

        • The answer would be, pretty much from the start of Christianity. The only Good thing that came out of it was Jesus, and he’s dead. So it should all be scrapped… all religion, its the evil root that breeds hate across the world not pot.

        • Since the crusades! Most people just never learned history

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Marihuana use leads to unprotected, premarital sex and is responsible for over population.

        Far too many resources are used to grow marihuana.

        Marihuana users wage a relentless war on nature through deforestation, high water use, bill hat production uses child slave labor, and the list goes on.

    • Fire started from a horse trailer, quess you should read before you blame…. But that wouldn’t be you would it….

    • Someone who lives across from the fire

      The fire was started by a woman with a horse trailer, supposedly it came off the ball and was dragging , which of course made Sparks.

      • The outrage is palpable. Palpate it

        So Horses have caused more fires this year than weed? Horses have also caused more injuries than weed. If we use the same logic as we apply to weed regulations, horses should be treated like crack or heroin. When will our communityWAKE UP and reject this scourge of horses. Horse people just drive big trucks up and down our roads. they remove prime ag from food production to grow hay for their hobby horses. It’s OVER here! time to move out before YOUR neighbors get horses too. I’ve heard even some of our County Supervisors’ family members have horses now!

  • All I can say is a big huge thank you cal fire and the volunteers for all you do.. Hot as hell and you give your time and energy to safe all you can….. THANKS…..

  • Smoke can ruin everything it infiltrates, especially at harvest time.

  • Those are non native trees in one photo.

  • Well, that garden will never burn, that’s for sure. But glad they are getting it contained. Do you think they did that on purpose or did they actually try to save it and missed?

  • If some people hate cultivating marijuana and think it’s so awful why don’t you move, or focus your energy on something else? This area is what it is.

    • We are actually trying to move but have not sold our house yet! Pot growers are not all inconsiderate but there are the ones that try to plant anywhere and won’t slow down when driving through neighborhoods.

      • Sooooooo glad I’m outta there!!!

        Pot, nothing but pot, and only pot at infintum…

        Boring–and the *people* it attracts!

  • Red Dog is an old strain. [edit]

    • Proving ignorance is a prohibitionist’s life work. These blogs prove time and time again how STUPID they are. In reality, these are major SNOWFLAKES afraid of everything they don’t understand just like the peabrain right wingnut.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        How many wild trout will you destroy today pumping water to grow marihuana?

        Marihuana eradication can make America great again.

        Public education on the dangers and destruction of marihuana use is the first step in saving lives, communities, and the environment.

        • Or electricity, grapes,tourism , sewage treatment plants. Give me a break when they send 87 percent of the Eels water south…..

        • First of all you need to learn to spell marijuana. Second I have witnessed the amazing healing properties of marijuana. I my self am a user for my epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, anxiety, depression, & mental stability. Third how is eradication gonna make America great? Do you know how many people have died from marijuana use only no other substances? NONE!!! Maybe Trump supporters like you [edit] should [edit] be educated on the herb, medicine, that is naturally provided for healing the mind, body & soul by “your god”!

          • Actually, the word Marihuna is an accepted alternative spelling, or used to be at least I haven’t seen it used in a LOOONG time but AFAIK it’s still acceptable!!!

        • You got stuck in the wrong town then

          The Honeydew bridge may not be the best place for you. I’d recomend a bridge somewhere out a little East of Kansas City.

  • Great work firefighters but why waste retardant on a grow site? Why not dump it on a house to save?

  • Thank you firefighters! You are the most incredible warriors on earth. Thank you.

  • There is zero use arguing with a pot head. First their reasoning is impaired and they don’t even know it. Then, using a drug where the primary effect is that it stops people stressing about stuff, pot use fixes little but leaves the user with a hugely exaggerated belief in its effectiveness for good. It’s not that they are ‘healed’ from most of their illnesses but that they stop worrying so much about them. Which could have happened without the pot but is nowhere near as easy.

    And the self justification goes on and on. In their world, it is everyone else’s problem. Every issue is seen through the pot filter. If it threatens to impair their using, it is worth attacking. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t interest them.

    At least you won’t be burdened with long, windy reasoning about the virtues of pot. Nope. That would take the ability to form a rational argument. You’ll just be treated to a series of four letter word juvenile insults because that is all they got.

  • Thanks for the great photo coverage as always Kim Sallaway.

  • Saving the weed was a waste of good fire retardant that could have been used to save trees!!!!

  • The red stuff’s organic, right?

  • why no comments about the cattle truck driver WHO caused the fire? They’ll pay dearly for the cost of this fire.

  • I don’t live in Humboldt but just recently almost lost my house in northern Calif do to a mower creating a a spark after hitting covert pipe which engulfed 3 houses near mine and numerous vehicles and part of my property last Saturday. due to negligence of a neighbor. I grow 6 plants legally on my property for severe asthma and Barretts esophagus disorder which is in pre cancerous stage. The medication for it is far worse than marijuana and causes cancer quicker than what it is suppose to cure. Cal fire did their best to miss the plants with fire retardant as much as possible and save our house at the same time, I am forever grateful, for their compassion. I have about 3% flame retardant on plants and buds but can’t get any info on toxicity if any that the plants will impose if I smoke them. The leaves will be cut off then very little on buds. Would like to know if my hard work will be lost or if it is safe.

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