Law Enforcement Returns to Raid Around the Larabee Valley Again Today

Multiple people report that the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is working off of Hwy 36 in the Larabee Valley area of Humboldt this morning. We have one report of three marked Humboldt County Sheriff vehicles–one pulling a chipper and at least two unmarked white SUV’s.



  • Where they go?

  • Wow. Three vehicles. Everybody get very scared. They are going to get everything with three vehicles!

    • 3 HCSO Marked vehicles AND at least 2 UNmarked vehicles, as well if you take the time to read it ALL before commenting it saves embarrassment later!!!

      • Check out my response to dumb ass below. You will enjoy it.

      • Oh wow! Five. That makes….hardly any difference. But thanks so much for pointing out a math/reading comprehension error in such a kind way! Children must love you.

        • jack he just a small minded man with the need to try to make others feel bad. i think small in many ways. lol. how miserable do you have to be to pick on people on line. just coward that like to bully people that cant touch him.

          • Ha! I think Dan Fuller can handle a small taste of what he throws out to people! I’m guessing you’re not a regular reader of his posts? PS-when the sheriff has 50 vehicles then it means something. Until then keep trimming

    • the only thing they need to get everything is the chipper……

    • Hey, hold on to your pampers. It will get better.

    • “Oh wow, only three vehicles, everybody get scared”? Yeah, even if they hit just one, it could be yours and then you wouldn’t be so sarcastic.

  • I usually don’t wish ill on anyone, but this time, I can’t help it. I hope they fine the fuck out of the people that put in the new grow at the valley’s west end, immediately off the eastbound lane of Hwy 36. The one located behind the black plastic fence. Arrogant and disgusting.

  • The sales tax alone would have gone a long way.
    The county can return to panhandling the Feds though. So much for being a Sovereign country, aka state.

  • I know just the place alicat it’s just before Martin and Shirley s got hugh water tanks right in the ftont yard .the grow is probably 20 ft from the road .its right buy a creek i think .very ballsie ,and every cop that drives buy can see it plain as day ,yet the area is a shitty place to grow plus they just mowed down a bowl shaped area in there back yard ,and yes it is a mess .

  • Keep it up law enforcement!

  • And the list keeps growing.only it seems their just picking certain places. Haven’t really made very many bust’s thou

  • more heroin ,meth busts way more important these days .

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Because the junkies started with marijuana and it’s too late for most of them.

      Lives and futures can be saved through marijuana eradication.

      Plus it builds property values, who wants to buy a property with a bunch of dope growers living nearby?

      Dope growers are negative on equity because of their open hatred and non stop war against nature and the environment.

      People who care about the environment and world we live in don’t smoke or grow dope.

      Marijuana is poison.

      • YOU are poison with your reefer madness, but you only fool a few peabrains who like you, will hopefully NEVER access to medical cannabis should you need it. You are just like a virgin talking shit about sex! In most cases, those who are staunchly opposed to the idea of cannabis or any other drug for that matter, have never tried it themselves. You advocate against cannabis with no understanding of what the topic actually means….just like virgins! At least you got your username right!

      • triniboldticino

        <<< YAWN. Seriously, Kim. Yawn.

      • Don’t you live in Honeydew?

      • Isint funny chimp that every advertisement on kyms page is weed related…..thank u for your support. Keep the posts coming

      • so what do you do thats so great besides bitching online . come on tell us, you think you know it all so you must be doing great things

      • Amen HB I like your style Pot like guns doesnt kill people, but stupid people on dope and other drugs kill people Its a sad time we live in my friend. I use to enjoy my quiet time up at Burr Valley, getting away from city life, but the peace and quiet is gone forever, from April-November. All the growers and their helpers tear the road up in no time, after the hard work the crew up there does to make it a nice road. These farmers and their helpers throw trash everywhere along the road ruining the beauty of nature It saddens my heart beyond words

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.


          You definitely can be anti dope if you’re not part of this nonsense.

          Years back people respected the land and had a connection to it.

          Now these Julia Butterflys will cut the last redwood for a better butane hash maker.

          Have we shifted reality or something?

          There may just may be something to this Mandela Effect.

          It’s very bizzare and seems like an alternate reality.

          • Julia Butterflies? Isn’t she the one that stayed in a Redwood for a year to save it? Successfully.

            • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

              She was the NCO that wrecked Humboldt and allowed bill hat weed growers to destroy MAGIC.

            • The tree was cut when she came down, she then collected millions from her story….Haven’t heard much about her since…

      • Sarcasm is a gateway drug!

    • I want all of those drugs gone,they killed my cousin and,ya the more they get the that’s really the devil’s shit

      • Tis so sad G-MAS, a little 40-acre parcel up Burr Valley rd belongs to a friend of mine, the only spot in the entire Burr Valley area that no pot could be grown on, to wide open, no hiding spots, well to make a long story short, she put it up for sale last year, no pot-farmers would buy it, they couldnt get the permit process going. But she went into escrow last week to some yahoos from NY, they tole her they werent gonna grow. She is naive, not savvy to the ways of the drug world at all. The idiots from NY cant get a loan on it, so she is holding the paper-work for 5 years, with them giving her $100,000 down at signing. I tried to talk her out of it, they will come in from NY in April try to grow, get busted because they cant get the paper=work, probably mess up her land with chemicals/pesticides, if they dont get busted, take their dope back to NY leaving her with a mess to clean up which will cost her more then the $100,000 she got. I begged her not to do this deal, but she is stubborn. Maybe once the bottom falls out of the pot business, it might slow down, but so many acres of beautiful land will be ruined, lives will be lost and for what?

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          Flatlanders living the dream they aren’t capable of…

          It’s only going to get worse next 18 months.

        • Oh no that’s not good.sorry to hear that.hope it turns out well for her and they don’t destroy her land.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        It’s long been time for the nonsense to cease.

        Wrecked it all-

        like a bandanna wearing, rib showing, dog on a dirty rope taking a dump on a fresh cut lawn.

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    Chew them up, chip their livelihood into mulch, confiscate their assets, take their land, put them in jail, levy huge fines! Hooray for the Fish and Wildlife, the CA Forestry and the Humboldt County Sheriff!

    If you grow, better start worrying!

    “It’s the pirate life for me!”

    • Yep take everything they own and lock them up in for profit prisons that the tax payer must pay for, give them records so they can never make more than min wage if they get out. Take their children lock them up in brainwashing machines feed everyone chemicialsand keep that Americian dream just out of their reach so they will kill themselfs working for the system in a never ending race to just maybe get a bit ahead . Yes such a great plan

    • Country bumpkin

      First they came for the medicine and I said nothing because I was not sick.
      Then they came for the land and I said nothing because I had none.
      Then they came for my DRW diesel and there was no one left to resist

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    Wow. Such well formed thoughts. And you say it doesn’t make you paranoid…

    You sound depressed. Hope you get some help.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Marijuana is a depressant, so don’t expect enlightening, thought provoking comments.

      I hope the cops send up the Garlon spraying drone and spray everything around for miles.

      How much dope do they need?

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        Dude. Try sobriety. Much better than drugs.

        Being clean and sober gets you higher that you have ever been!

        Medical marijuana is a lie. Dope is not medicine.

      • You are something else than enlightened or intelligent. How’s about let the CHUMP have his opinion? Fascism(patrolling and attacking other’s points of view) can come from the left side also. I’m starting to think you are very sensitive because you are insecure because maybe you think you might be wrong? Ha Ha Ha!

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          I’m thinking that he’s thinking it’s all my fault he can’t sell his crappy dope and is sweating foreclosure….

          That’s what I’m thinking!

      • CHUMP, are you planning on going to the marijuana addict festival this weekend?

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          You’ll see me there in my Toyota with a four light SFV OG running off the gen….

          Just got my fake dreads in Arcata, with straw in them, bro!

          Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

          Got a keg of dabs on tap, too.

          Look for the Toyota with The Devil’s Lettuce top of the windshield.

          • Hilarious bro.

            • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

              Bro, stop by!

              We’re giving out dreads with fans woven in!

              The keg of dabs-

              We’ll party hard!

              I don’t like ports potties, so I encourage everyone just to take a swit.

              That’s where you swim and take a…

              It goes downstream anyway, bro!

              We’ll be vegging the SFV-OG four lights on the gen, growing scraggly beards, and handing out bandannas to pitbulls with ribs showing, bro!

              It’s a kind scene!

              Look for the camp with the new Toyota that says The Devil’s Lettuce over the windshield!

              Drop by, I’ll pour you a pint of dab bro, if you got dreads…..


      • pot isn’t a depressive.

      • You can keep that Garlon spraying drone in your own neighborhood.

  • Injustice Prevails

    Meanwhile in Eureka real criminals sell Meth and Heroine on every street corner. A house is getting burglarized, 5 cars were stolen. Mentally Ill patients walk around the streets aimlessly with knives and guns, children are being robbed of their lunch money. THE illegal Sex Trafficking continues at the cheap bed bug infested Motels, gangs run the West and East Side of town, and MS 13, Surenos, Northerners and Mexican Mafia run the states largest heroine ring in Fortuna. But hey, go get the pot growers!
    I sure am glad they are busting the cannabis farms, It really makes me put faith in the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. I feel a lot safer knowing this Cannabis isn’t growing and destroying the community. What a joke, they have zero priorities, except the priorities of assets forfeiture and filling the deputies pockets with crisp $100 bills, shhhhh don’t tell anybody or they just might show up at your house shoot you and plant a gun on your corpse claiming “the suspect pointed the weapon at me so I had to stop him” They don’t call it shooting any more they call it “stopping the suspect”….. then their “Deputy Coroner” will show up at the mortuary to “examine the body” and claim “yup, everything the deputies say is true”, after all the Coroner is a member of the Deputy Sheriff”s Association, all part of the old ” i’ll scrub your back if you scrub mine” ….

  • Helicopters flying like crazy around mad river . Any info?

  • Can’t believe what our beautiful place has become. Drive on the roads and your driving between gardens. Hugh green houses that light up the night sky. Instead of 99 now you have 1000’s out where everyone has to see it. REALLY SAD CALIFORNIA

  • The county received 20000+ applications to grow “legally”. Where’s the new extra 30-40 enforcers to investigate and validate? These token raids are gestures to pacify the critics . Why aren’t they raiding the Russians,the Bulgarians,the mexs, the mongs, the cams/tys? The is a total orchestrated campaign to show how great our HCSO is. Bring in the troops and knock’m all down!

  • Nevada, a state that not so long ago had a zero tolerance policy, runs out of pot and publicly declares it a state of emergency…we need more pot! The main reason? The state has budgeted $100 million in marijuana tax revenue for the next two years. “Without the retail sale of marijuana, the state will not realize the revenue upon which the state budget relies”. Their state budget “relies” on marijuana. They are gonna need a lot of pot! In three days they reported over 40,000 transactions at an ounce each. That’s 2,500 pounds! In three days! Just how do you think they are going to keep up with that demand? They are going to need thousands of pounds a month into eternity! Think about that..

  • Mogtx,the property you speak of with the water tanks and storage containers is renting that space to that company and those trees you seem to know so much about blew down and maybe if you could possible drive by without gawking in that yardthere would be no reason for the black tarp!
    I’m sure if you could afford the rent your tarp would be black and blue,.,,get a life and mind your business or sign your name to your many ,many stupid comments.Really tour whatswrong in this day and age,

    • They didn’t look blown down to me. Pretty sure they were cut down. It was a muddy mess as well, so have fun with that this fall. FYI, those black tarps attract attention. Just ask the folks who had there crop chopped today.

    • Why don’t you sign your name hypocrite. Clean up your eyesore , your the problem these days. Gauwking is still legal, you sound like one of those i have rights types.[whiners]

  • It’s hard not to gauwk when u drive buy .im sure im not the only one who can see it .duh,but I do not wish any Iill will I hope u succeed in what ever that my be. .

  • Where the heck do they think they are going to sell all this? Or in this case were…saturation has been reached. I know somebody right now trying to permit it up down in Mendocino. They’re doing a huge “commercial” grow and I keep thinking where the heck are they going to sell it all because this is not the only one. There’s literally thousands of huge grows out there. There never used to be that many so of course people loved it and they wanted it. Now most are driven for huge potential profits , They once did a good job growing it. But you put in a million plants can’t take care of them good, can’t sell them. Anticipating around $300 a pound this year. 300 pounds x 1000= $300,000. 300 pounds x 300 per = 90k.
    Lot of truck payments aren’t going to be made, nobody planned for the future without marijuana. Guess what there’s other stuff out there to do folks and no other crop in the world commands that type of pricing except for maybe saffron or something. Cripes! You want to be a farmer get ready for real farmer profits!!!

    • Victor G. Flashman

      Truck payments? That’s what you are worried about? I don’t think pot is what you are smoking there babe…

      Not everyone should be growing dope. Some of you will not make it to next season.

      $300/lb? Try $100. You will lose money on each unit sold, then you will go back where you came from.

      Corporate dope, grown where people actually live, is who will survive. Having 100,000 small grows was a pretty stupid idea, and the people who currently grow, are pretty stupid people.

      Enjoy your last season in the land of the lotus eaters, otherwise known as “crazy-land”.

      The drug party is over.

      • Victor…hey ummm yeah…what the hell does one say. Let me point out the obvious to you yes, truck payments, house payments etc will be unpaid. Our own western dustbowl. BTW Victor I do not drive a truck, grow commercial marijuana and my vehicle is paid off!

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Awwwww, I am so glad!

    I also have no interest in dope farming. But, there are about 70,000,000 baby boomers retiring, and they are all looking for a nice place to live. MendoHumboldtTrinity are not currently too nice, but when the dopers are gone, all those nice folks from Salinas, San Jose, Bakersfield, et al will be searching for a retirement property. Lake County is brimming with them, and more arrive daily.

    The next big thing on the North Coast, should and can be serving this population with goods and services. They have some money to spend. Will you be around to earn it? Quit smoking those, substances, and evolve.

    And one more thing, using drugs warps your perception, makes things appear personal when they are not. Word up. It ain’t personal.

    • Humboldt County Grown

      In reality that whole group of overworked stressed out baby boomers will be looking for a comfy country place where they can grow their own as well as supplement their SSI and Retirement pensions by “grown some ganja”, think about it, many growers I know are retirees trying to survive and depend on that extra dough to buy toilet paper, milk and groceries…. Old and Young alike depend on Cannabis in these hills to survive!

      • Survive and thrive are far apart!

      • Most actual regular folk don’t give a damn about weed.
        They got 401k’s and SocSec And money from real estate.
        Some people work and invest…
        In a couple years, pot won’t be a high value crop anyway.

        • Humboldt County Grown

          Explain “regular folk”…. do you think the 8.4 Million Cannabis smokers are not “regular folk”?
          A new study published in Lancet Psychiatry Thursday revealed that more Americans are using marijuana on a daily or almost-daily basis than they were 12 years ago. Study authors analyzed data from 596,500 adults aged 18 or older who took part in the annual U.S. National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2002 to 2014, and found the number of Americans lighting up jumped from 3.9 million to 8.4 million.

          That’s because fewer Americans consider cannabis harmful, according to the study. While nearly 51% of the 595,500 adults. respondents said smoking weed once or twice a week had potential to be “greatly harmful” in 2002, only 33.3% perceived the substance that way in 2014

          • Victor G. Flashman

            That’s OK, take your drugs, no one is attacking you personally.

            The main problem with intoxication is this: Drug use is a slippery slope, You take one drug, pretty soon you are taking all of them. It’s not normal, necessary, or beneficial to your health, economic prosperity, or social interaction. Eventually, you will have a lesser lifestyle, and someday you may well realize that drugs detracted significantly from your life.

            Good luck, druggies! Puff away, shoot away, drink away! I don’t care… AND it is amusing to watch you attempting to rationalize it all scientifically…

            BTW, 10,000,000 people is less than 5% of the population…

            • You sound like some brainwashed useful pawn for the pharmaceutical, tobacco, and alcohol industries. You will never experience the mind expansion and medical benefits bestowed by cannabis. [edit]

      • Victor G. Flashman

        Lived in Humboldt for years. Never grown a single dope plant.

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