Day Center for Homeless Adults? Eureka Wants Your Proposals

City of Eureka

Press release from the City of Eureka:

The City of Eureka has announced that it has extended the deadline for proposals received to establish a Day Center Facility for Homeless Adults, initiated as a six month pilot project. Proposals will now be received through Monday, August 14, 2017, 5 p.m.

Details regarding this request for proposals can be found on the Eureka Police Transparency Portal,

For more information, contact Lynette Mullen, Homeless Services Program Manager, at or (707) 441-4232.



  • The homes of the Mayor and of the City Council members.

  • You put this day center by my home or work I will sue the city for sure.

    • Don’t worry , they will put it where the residents cant afford to sue people. Probably somewhere in the NW corner of the city.

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    Why stop at day care? Let’s get them all a nice 2BR with new furniture! How about paying their water and gas, the garbage bill, the cable tv and wifi! How about some cash for the bums! Say $500/week? That enough? How about a staff of 10 attractive ladies to cook and clean, give massage,
    some “special” services? That sound good bums? How about the key to the city, a parade on “bum day”?

    In the county run by folks so incompetent that they missed taxing the whole “pot thing”, giving the whole town to the bums just makes sense!

  • Why? So they can cover the place in filth, camp outside when it’s closed, and harass anyone who dares to pass by? This isn’t helping anything, it’s just more enabling and handouts. I also hope that any neighbors to such a property will sue.

  • How about day care for hard working low income parents that are just trying to go to work, or school. I think children need the day care, not adults.

    • you said it…this area is hell on single parents trying to make ends meet…and helping them would be an investment in our future (not the case with a day care for transients…we already have that, its called the cities of Eureka, Arcata and McKinleyville).

    • Child care is expensive. Why must we babysit grown adults, who pays for this

      • The cost of not “babysitting” themmay be far more.

        • Seriously. You don’t want people with nothing to lose sitting around your city with nothing to keep them occupied and nobody to look after them. I know that hating the poor is embedded in the DNA of America, but you’re just shooting yourself in the foot when you lower the floor of living conditions so far that a life sentence in prison looks like a valid life choice.

    • Yes exactly!!!

  • Hey Kym,
    I believe the decommissioning of the Lake Pillsbury dam is a very important Topic for everybody in Mendocino and Humboldt County, currently there is talk of decommissioning the Lake Pillsbury dam with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commision, this damage is one of the largest impairments for the Eel River stream flows in Mendo and Humboldt Counties. There has been no talk in Humboldt about the fact that FERC is seeking public input on the decommissioning of this destructive Eel River Headwaters damage which significantly harms both the Eel River by dewatering the River and the Russian River by placing too much water and causing turbidity, channeling, erosion and to high of flows for fish. This is a very important issue as we are all looking at ways to Save and Protect as well as restore stream flows in the Middle Fork Eel River basin. PLEASE DO A PIECE INCLUDING ADDRESSES OF WHERE PEOPLE CAN SEND COMMENTS AND LETTERS, the clock is running out and the future of our Eel River is in jeopardy! Thanks for all you do, you are a very important part of informing the So Hum and No Mendo populations. Once Again, Thank you

    “With the deadline for commenting on the first phase of finalizing a scoping document for the Eel River dam relicensing process approaching at the end of the week, Lake Pillsbury area homeowners and nearby residents have been busy presenting their side of the controversy over the water management of the Eel River.

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission held public meetings last month on the scoping document and will accept comments from the public online or through the mail until Friday.

    Environmentally focused non-profit organizations like California Trout and Friends of the Eel River have advocated for decommissioning of Scott Dam and the Cape Horn Dam located about 10 miles South of Hearst.

    According to a document circulated at a meeting prepared by Friends of the Eel River, 5 acres of solar panels would more than replace the small amount of hydro energy (approximately 9.2 megawatts according to documentation made public on the Potter Valley Water Project by PG&E) generated by the project.

    Friends of the Eel River Executive Director Scott Greacen cited a number of problems with the Potter Valley project during an informational meeting in Willits last month, including diversion of Eel River water flows into the Russian River basin, the effects of the dams on salmon and steelhead habitat and the lack of information to the public about dam safety as a result of the government’s designation of the project as “critical energy infrastructure information” made unavailable to residents.”

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      Wait. Isn’t lake Pillsbury in MENDOCINO COUNTY?

      Jesus! Stay on the subject. We’re complaining here!

      How rude!

    • Thanks for this post. I’ve lived above the diversion of the Eel for 50 years and watched the mindless destruction of the original Potter Valley; before the irrigation system from the Eel to “Lake” Mendocino went in, PV grew melons and pears WITHOUT the ditches. And great dry-land pasture for our (gone now) dairies, too.
      People grew what matched the resources; they didn’t change the resources to match their greed. Now, the Valley is just one big vineyard.
      And remember, that water belongs to SONOMA. (Before taking a dip in Lake Mendocino, consider the fact that it is now Potter Valley’s septic tank.)

      • amimissingsomething

        The water you speak of belongs to Trinity and Humboldt. If it weren’t for those Dams, the Russian river as well as all the wine grape mega grows would be dirt fields and septic tanks for our Counties. As polluted as all the run off is, It’s all cancer filled clear liquid running into the Ocean.

    • All though your cause is important to you and others. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DOING ON THIS PAGE. TALK ABOUT “OFF MESSAGE ”
      Damn Get a brain! !!!!

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        As Doctor Michael Newdow of Clear Lake, and the Medical Director of Jerold Phelps Hospital says: “You’ll be dead soon”. So never mind complaining about stuff you can’t control, like who grows what and where… Google good old Dr Newdow, he’s the guy who sued the USA over the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE! Wow and we thought YOU were a whack-job…

        Quit your bitching about anything South of Piercey, which is teeming with reggae-folks from Oakland about now (if you need something ELSE to complain about… )

        Go water your pot, smoke some medicine: get over it!

  • Isn’t the MAC supposed to upgrade to a rehab transitional mental health facility? They pissed Betty Chinn off. Move them to the other end of town, by the site of the new RV park where most of them are since getting rid of the playground… This problem is bigger than any resources we have..

  • Such a facility should be located outside of city limits in a rural area.
    Most of these people are very dangerous and a disaster on two legs.
    But, for the sake of those FEW, who have just had a bad break.

    • If it’s put outside city limits there needs to be a store next door for them to steal necessities from. Otherwise, I don’t see a lot of draw.

    • North of town, where the Harley Davidson and Circle K are. Move those businesses, It’s out of town. They would have a large area..

  • Where are the funds to pay for this coming from?? My taxes already go to pay for GR, phones, city council raises, supervisors raises, etc…. Frankly I’m not willing to fork out another dime for anything but higher pay for Humboldt Bay Fire…..

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Definitely need to be certain that anyone using an adult day care center gets lots and lots of vaccinations.

    That’s one way to cull the herd.

  • Thinking allowed

    They best have a police substation there. But then the homeless would not use it. And to whom would the department of social services offer free programs if the homelss don’t stay?

    Everyone knows how to fix the problems of Humboldt Co if only they’d give them enough money. Every grant, program, trial, etc should have a built in statistical target of success and require a periodic accounting. The anecdotal ‘evidence’ that someone somewhere had a success needs to be scrutinised before spending.

    There are mentally ill homeless, for which something might be done medically if it was a requirement. There are the druggies, who might do something at the point they are staring death in the face. But not before. They will seek out help themselves at that point. Then there are those who simply find it too irritating to follow rules or look to the future or simply avoid trouble. They might not like the result of their choices but will never make other ones.

    Pick the first and don’t let lawyers stand in the way. The druggies simply need containment til they cry uncle. The last will get more amenable when they reach a certain age where they are no longer the muscle on the street and are not worth bothering about til then. Society does not have the resources to perpetually waste money on social worker salaries and programs going nowhere.

  • ralphmetsersnich@gmail

    What a good way to hide all the mis-appropraiation of funds and tax’s the last 10 years. goo goo ga ga…… milk and cookies anyone? How about a lounge with free needles? And of course a variety of bathrooms for those that just can’t make up their mind. Fortunately the Grand Jury and FBI are onto the Humboldt Republic gang. What a bunch of losers. lol.

  • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

    There are several vacant building in the old Haight Ashbury area in SF. Or just run a bus service to the massive homeless “assistance centers” in Portland. Wherever it’s sited, I will avoid the area like the plague.

  • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

    I have been advocating the “Buy the Bums a Bus-ticket program for years! One way only! Bakersfield! Berdoo! Phoenix! Bye!

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      A nickel a gallon on local gas sold, would allow for bums to leave.

      This needs to be on the ballot, any money not spent on bums goes toward IFV with bearm breachment gear burying grows.

      Win win to me!

      I’ll use the electronic ballot and cast 1000 votes for sure.

      Make it happen!

      • So you don’t like weed. Where do you think the money comes from. It’s not crabs or trees I’ll give you that hint. No weed means no money to pay the cops to protect you. The more cops you bring in the less old Scholls justice can be served. When tweeker became fertilizer they didn’t act like this

  • The newest trend is to put people to work. People check in they get a broom and dustpan. If you fill up three bags and bring them to the City truck you get a gift card to a good meal. five bags you get a wristband to the shelter that night. and so on.

    • That’s a pretty great idea, but then on Tuesday night my trash bins will be stollen and some bum will be rewarded, I say free buss tickets out of town and people need to stop handing out stuff to them….

    • No, no working, that’s inhumane 😏

  • Not in the downtown tourist/jail district again.
    Hotel guests hear: “Dining and shopping just blocks away. But skip the first two blocks. Then after that skip a block. Don’t go that way. But this way is OK. Stay out of the alleys. Yeah,the alleys with the murals you came to see. No,that big pink building is a jail.”

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    If you build it, they will come and come and come and come. Where is the line drawn when it comes to helping and enabling. I really don’t know.

    • This whole country is filthy and falling apart. Why not put that money towards a work program, they could get our state parks looking good again, clean up trash on the side of the road. There’s literally hundreds of no skillset jobs that can be done. If we’re going to spend the money, might as well get something from it.

  • Oh my goodness I have so many comments to make I don’t know where to start. Whoever drafted this plan should sign their name to it that way we know who the idiot is .

  • The current reply was to go under “salmon lovers” post. I love posts from ‘Anon Forest”. Sorry,,. Be safe

  • God uses the wisdom of the world to confound the wise. 1corinthians 1:27

    God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things–and the things that are not–to nullify the things that are. 1corinthians 1:28

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      Well. Thanks for that. Religion solves everything. Thanks God!

      In my opinion, the meek are currently inheriting the earth by making babies at a furious rate. Go down to
      La Clinica De La Raza in Oakland and check out all the meek. There’s about 10,000,000 of them and they will be moving to Humboldt soon, as we got lots of space and the welfare checks are bigger here.

      You guys might want to build a bigger church and learn to habla espanol…

  • IMO, this should have been applied decades ago, by community involvement, fundraisers, educators and donations.
    But it wasn’t.
    So now we have multitudes needing this assistance, but not wanting it. They prefer their drug of choice. That’s their choice, and it’s our choice to refuse to enable them.
    There are others who are freshly homeless, searching for proper avenues to help them regain a foot back on track. This program, or a similar or better program, would be perfect for them.
    There are others who’ve hit bottom, and want to start fresh. They no longer want their drug of choice, they want their liberty back. This program, or a similar or better program, would be perfect for them.

    I am leery of the funding. What strings are attached? Why is it so temporary when it is so costly to implement?

    Those who are coming in or going out, desperately need our help.
    To be fair, they shouldn’t even be coming in if we were doing our job of promoting hope, prosperity, self reliance and individuality.

    Instead, we’ve collectively kicked their asses to the curb.
    We’ve collectively kicked their jobs and homes out from underneath them.
    We’ve collectively kicked their hope, dreams, beliefs and spiritual awareness into the sewers.
    We’ve collectively made life impossible for others while collectively forcing a better, more collectively dictated life onto all.

    Now we sit here and collectively decide to help or not help in the ways that are dictated to us to help or not to help.

  • Letter to the Editor of the Times-Standard, Eureka, CA

    In response to an open invitation for communal input concerning Humboldt’s Drug Problem

    Dearest Humboldt,

    Let’s stop punishing people in pain.
    Take the nickel and dime cop game out of the equation and address addiction as the medical issue it is, and the root causes as the societal issues they are. See some progress:

    1. Decriminalize everything.

    2. Immediately release and drop charges on all possession only cases; target high end traffickers in drugs of abuse ONLY (businessmen, politicians, developers). Push for more Psychedelic research, use, and education- the most interesting forgotten tool in addressing addictions since Bill Wilson and Tim Leary exchanged letters 60 years ago.

    3. No more low level drug arrests at all. Zero. Police target high end traffickers only. (This is just the start, because prohibition does NOTHING to help addiction, only adds to the PRICE TAG, it’s on it’s way out)

    This leaves money for:

    1. The Addicted:
    a. Safe use sites across the county where amphetamines, heroin, cocaine, methadone, etc. is given clean, sans street adulterants, no dirty needles, and breaking into homes for the flatware no stolen cars sent to the Bay and no sex for the drugs. FREE OF CHARGE at supervised sites 3 x daily, with increased and improved counseling. What presently passes off as the California Addiction Studies Certification Program is a review of failed tired tactics from physicians parole officers, rehab counsellors and police justifying paychecks.
    b. Increased improved supervised shelters and safe camping sites for the houseless. It’s an ever increasing mass that cannot be ignored and camping responsibly is A LOT cheaper than housing everyone at the Humboldt Hilton and continually cleaning up hazardous illegal campsites. Often the same sites, every week,,,,, What’s the definition of insanity?
    c. With the black market gone, safe housing and access to medicine, TREATMENT BEGINS. For their clean and free drugs addicts will be cleaning and working for the city. Required jobs of anyone physically able.
    d. INCREASE penalties on all other crimes: Theft, Rape, Burglaries,…if you’re still out there committing crimes with safe access to medicine, you need locked up. With extra resources officers should have the time and training to actually close many open cases; rapes home invasions and the like. Retroactive investigation of heinous yet open unsolved crimes goes much further than writing seat belt tickets and sticking hands in a homeless addicts pockets. No more cheap stats.
    e. USE EVERY TOOL in the tool belt; The 12 Steps, Ibogaine and DMT, rTMS and DXM, acupuncture, long hikes, psychotherapy, sweat lodges, bench presses, healthy non-processed foods, and opportunities to serve others…ETC.

    2. The On Their Way:
    a. Drug education in schools that tells the truth about everything from sugar to cannabis to opium to Viagra.
    b. Youth centers across the county including everything from boxing to basket weaving to badminton, basketball, batik, baking, building, etc etc etc . What do THEY want/need?? We ask them and provide.
    c. Every kid has a unique talent but even the lucky few with parents teachers and coaches around—specifically ones who have come to terms with their own issues first—so many go mentor less, tutor less, directionless. With the need for community and connection so important, scrambling to fit in somewhere, drugs and gangs, become the most readily available other option. Everyone wants to contribute something, some more than others, Let’s ensure all kids have that chance.

    As–still–promoting itself as the “only game in town” often the 12-Step groups create a dangerous divide between modern medicine and the power of myth. Here’s the thing: sugar is the deadliest (taking numbers) and priciest (public health costs) drug in our country! (if you don’t include petroleum its products and Chinese trinkets). Drop the Abstinence myth. It’s an outright lie. Bill Wilson did not need to take a “War on Drugs” and its ramifications into account, BUT WE MUST. The best a collective of recovering addicts could come up with in writing the preamble to Narcotics Anonymous was Nixon’s Drug Scheduling? Cannabis is not heroin nor is it chocolate cake and the 13 year old girl that takes to the needle is not exactly like the 50 year old man that takes to the bottle.
We are not terminally unique nor need we recover on the bones of others. WE NEED EACH OTHER. Recovery is not a contest, I really don’t care about your clean time other than to say I’m glad you’re alive and well today. When Darwin speaks of EVOLUTION, he speaks of Cooperation, not Competition. Exclusivity sucks, especially when it’s being served by serial bottom feeders. Anyone on whatever self selected doctor prescribed medication they need to survive that day needs to have a voice and a seat SOMEWHERE. If you are going to call yourself the “only game in town” make THAT seat available and tell the 20 yr member on repeat to keep quiet.

    This is just a start. The problem runs so deep. The Need for More: gas, money, meetings, therapy, land, kids, sex, money, food, God, exercise, money et al.. must be examined. I won’t suggest Ayn Rand, but try reading Johann Hari or Gabor Mate: We are ALL somewhere on the addiction spectrum, indeed our economy would collapse were it otherwise. 

    Little has been learned since we drained our once abundant River(s) of their last fish, since ships routinely sank with the weight of clearcut forests on their way back to Spain. Our relationship to our environment, ourselves, each other, and our place in it, and what we really need to thrive…….require serious review.

    With Love.

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