2-Year-Old Allegedly Tied to a Tree Branch

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Jeffery Wilson

Jeffery Wilson

On 07-27-2017 at approximately 3:20 P.M., Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to an ongoing complaint of transients camping at a piece of property in the 900 block of Highway 20 in Willits, California.

The property owner was the reporting party and was attempting to have illegal campers removed from her parcel.

This situation had been reported to the Sheriff’s Office multiple times and was currently under investigation when Deputies were dispatched to the same property on 07-27-2017.

Upon their arrival, Deputies contacted Jeffery Wilson in an encampment on the property. Wilson had previously been warned to clean up and vacate the area on two other dates prior to 07-27-2017.

The Deputies observed that Wilson’s son (2 years-old) was tied to a tree branch in the encampment. The rope was tied around the child’s wrist and secured to a tree branch. The child was also lacking basic food and water, was only clothed in a diaper, and was exposed to numerous hazards within the encampment.

Upon further examination, Deputies observed several weapons and other dangerous items within the reach of the child that could cause great bodily harm to the child. Based on these findings, the Deputy placed Wilson under arrest for 273a(a) PC [Felony Child Neglect / Abuse]. Wilson was also found to be in possession of a controlled substance in violation of 11377(a) HS.

During this continuing investigation, Deputies contacted the property owner who placed a citizen’s arrest on Wilson for 602(o) PC [Trespassing].

Deputies contacted Animal Control who responded to take custody of numerous animals from the encampment. Deputies also requested that a representative from Child Protective Services (CPS) respond to take custody of Wilson’s juvenile child.

Wilson was subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $25,000.00 bail.



  • What is wrong with with these morons. Put down the bong. Hope the kid gets placed in a better home.

    • I seriously doubt that a BONG is the implement of choice in this s(h)itation!!! This guy looks wired to the teeth!!! My guess is he’s either on Meth or Crack!!!!

      • based on his previous mug shot, arrest record, and this mug shot. I would say he is using heroin now and previously was using tweak. which is the case for a lot of local drug addicts that locally exist in their hometowns nationwide as with this one and the Leggett thief. the Leggett thief was a football star at Laytonville high and now he is just another local tweaker.

      • Well I do say Sherlock, my guess as well 😂😂

    • It’s not weed when they say illicit drugs. Weed is legal. It’s meth I’m sure or herion.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Drug addicts or anyone involved with marijuana growing should not be allowed to have children.
      They simply can not care for them because they put drugs first.
      Marijuana growers teach their children to lie, it’s all very sad.

      • “anyone involved in marijuana growing should not be allowed to have children??”

        REALLY?? I can think of much worse things — ugh!

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          Yes really…

          What parent concerned about their child’s upbringing teaches them to LIE?

          Marijuana and the people that worship this drug are a cult involved in an all out war against nature.

          They can not help themselves and will destroy nature at any given opportunity.

          God help us, these demons run loose-

          Let us pray,

          Dear Lord, we ask in your name that each and every marijuana smoker will be punished for their sins, forced to build a wall, and deported when it’s completed.

          We ask that every marijuana plant will wither and never grow again.

          We pray for the souls of the marijuana addicts as they spend eternity in the fires of Hell.


          • Muddy Black Dodge

            Go away Bridge Chimp.

          • O Lord, I pray that you give me the patience to see the good side of the CHUMP. Even though he seems determined to tempt me into hostility and deletion and away from speaking kindly and accepting diverse viewpoints, please grant me the ability to see that his mind is not right and we cannot judge those of your children who have disabilities harshly.

          • Well u keep holding those secrets from your kids chump. They’ll never know…..

          • So, which circle of hell do marijuana addicts go? I mean, Dante doesn’t really mention them. Can you clarify?

          • Another extreme case of” Reefer Madness Mentality Syndrome’, usually infects the narrow minded

          • fully automated luxury gay space communism

            Nobody is this insane, the guys a troll (one of many on this site)

          • [edit] get this. His Parents do not grow, or smoke pot.
            Maybe if they had, they would have molested everything in their refrigerator instead.

          • In my opinion u are a big hypocrite u are sining right now u should pray for urself before u judge others thou shall not judge only God can judge not u and I’m not a Christian to know that but wat my beliefs are u will know when the waluper or the wauitulie visits u in ur dreams mind ur own affairs if u want ur nightmare’s to become dreams again it’s called spiritual warfare and with respect I give my blessings to the little foot shall he live in comfort and love [edit]

        • PLEASE don’t feed the Troll!!! The CHUMP LOVES it when someone calls him on his crap!!! His one track mind, what there is left of it says it all!!! He literally SCREAMS Troll!!!

      • That’s the most ridiculous stereotype I’ve seen in a hot minute! I know a bunch of people who grow, many of whom have kids, they are Great parents with excellent relationships with their well adjusted kids. Idk where you get off with such backward claims but the days of Reefer Madness lies and propaganda are over in the educated world. I guess what I’m really trying to say is: Read a Book!

      • Really my daughter is at ucdavis she will be a vet next year and was raised in a greenhouse. Work another theory

      • triniboldticino

        Please, just STFU. You’re not funny, you are psychotically sad. The psychoses flows from the squirming toad in your head to your fingertips, and we all understand it is uncontrollable for you. Just unplug, go away and leave Kym alone.

    • Is there a mother involved???? Grandparents??? Someone PLEASE step up for this child.

  • Shit makes me sick, poor kid, what a p.o.s.

  • I just don’t know how to respond to this ,so I’m not going to.

  • Bail is way too low. The cabin burglar at Standish Hickey got double that bail. Terrible.
    That poor kid. My god.

    • Boils my blood when I see such low bail on such a horrible crime. The priorities of the system are screwed.

  • It’s really hard to make trump look good, really effin’ hard.

    This tweek-happy-hippy just did it.

  • I pray that that poor child has a sane relative willing and able to take custody.
    The lamb is going to need lots and lots of love and stability to get beyond such a terrible beginning.

  • Hopefully, they won’t give the little one and the animals back to the idiot.

  • this is an issue that is happening more and more around here; squatters coming in on private property and flat-out refusing to leave. anybody else experiencing it?

  • My mom tied me to a tree when I was 2 also. Guess I didn’t stay in the yard. I still laugh about it cause I didn’t get hit by a car. Terrible 2s, sorry Mom!

    • Horrible. Why wasn’t she in the yard watching you, instead of tying you up? Hum?

      • Don’t comment upon what you haven’t experienced. My youngest brother was an escape artist. There were 6 of us. Mom could not possibly keep her eyes on all of us. The very humane solution was a harness he could not undo and a line from the harness to the clothesline that ran the entire length of our fenced back yard. He could safely play and not escape into what otherwise could have been a dangerous situation considering all that was between our back fence and the freeway was some brush. This was back in the 60s.

        • No the humane thing to do would be birth control, not having more children then you could manage

          • I don’t think birth control was as reliable and available in the 60’s as it is today. Same with abortion. And given the number of unplanned pregnancies, it could stand to be better even today.

    • No kidding, “thanks Mom”. And look what they are so upset about here: a baby wearing only a diaper in the heat we are having? And a baby tethered to be sure it was safe from exposure to numerous hazards within the encampment? What were these poor homeless people supposed to do, put the kid in it’s room? Build a fence? Some people just don’t have a clue, do they?

      • Wow so many child abusers & enablers in support of this sob. WOW! I was an escape artist too. Ma carried me on her back in a child backpack or put me in a playpen, not tie me to a tree like a dog. I have several siblings too & she watched me without tying me up like an animal & was still able to keep track of all her kids. Playpens come as cheap as $20-40 used and are much better than a rope. I have helped raise 3kids and if I did that to their children, I’d not be here today typing, cause I’d be six feet under. Just cause u know someone who has done it, doesn’t make it ok. Also this has nothing to do with being broke. This has everything to do with your thought process, which seems cheap and irresponsible.

        Also the article States the kid was within reach of dangerous items, so the tether obviously was not used to keep the child safe. Wash your glasses and shame on you folks who thinks it’s ok to treat a precious child like a dog. Your sick!

        • “A playpen is only $20-$40 used.” Ha! Let them eat cake.

          • My friend having a baby, found one at the thrift store last week. She paid $32. So what were you saying about cake? My friend Marie would love some, since you offered.

            • And, just how homeless is your friend Marie, Der!?

              • It’s easy to spang $32 on any day in northern Cali, speaking from my own past experience being homeless for several years. Assistance also pays far more than that too. Your argument is weak and only enables a child abuser with a smokescreen of hopeless homeless. He looks young, able & obviously uses the hard stuff and that costs plenty more than $32

          • Mother of the year

            Ya….im sure the drugs on the guys were much more affordable and logical.

      • I know… as i said in my long-winded comment below, the guy does look like bad news… but honestly! “Child wearing only a diaper”–it would be child abuse to have anything more on a kid in this weather! In fact, mine would probably not even have the diaper–peeing into the dirt is good, diaper rash bad.

  • Elements.

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    More fallout from the lettuce head epidemic. Lettuce head infestation and resulting chaos provide cover for even harder drugs and complete mayhem. Lettuce Heads don’t see beyond their own haze the deterioration of our communities that their sacred lettuce has enabled.

    • Another peabrain prohibitionist! Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol by every objective measure, and as much as opponents don’t like to hear it, it’s the truth. While thousands of deaths are attributed to alcohol each year, nobody dies from marijuana use. In fact, there has never been a documented case of an individual dying from a marijuana overdose. You seem like a lover of the devil’s piss alcohol.

      A study published in Scientific Reports in January 2015 found that the mortality risk associated with marijuana was approximately 114 times less than that of alcohol. Now doctors across the country, including a former surgeon general, are supporting marijuana regulation in the interest of public health.

      By keeping marijuana in prohibition we guarantee sales will take place underground, to the benefit of cartels and street-level drug dealers. Our state is denied economic growth and millions of dollars in tax revenue. What is the cost of government being our nanny? You probably need a nanny to take care of yourself.

  • The things people do never amazes me. He sorta looks like Charles Manson. I hope and pray that little angel boy, gets the proper care he deserves I’ll be praying.

  • Wow. I’ve always joked about duct tap in my kids to a walk or something, but would never actually do it, even as a joke. Well, maybe as a joke 😉 but wow.. I have a 2 year old that’s insanely wild and rambunctious, but that doesn’t mean I can get fed up and just leave him in his room for hours let alone tie him to a tree. He’s not a horse. Not a dog. These type of people should be smacked. There’s this little Russian kid, 5 years old, and his mom doesn’t give a shit about him. My wife saw him walking the street at 10:30 pm and across the street was some meth head wearing gloves carrying a 2×4. Poor kid could have been ran over or kidnapped and his mom wouldn’t know for weeks. People like this make my blood pressure skyrocket >:/

  • Antonio Tickner

    Aim to do to a child what you would do to a dog is cruel and unusual punishment… even if you weren’t trying to punish your kid… I’m like what the Hells wrong with this dude?

  • This just makes me ill. The poor child, it just breaks my heart someone could be this evil.

  • Where is the 900 block of Hwy 20? It`s disturbing something like this has reproduced. A strong eugenics program of sterilization would reduce greatly the number of undesirables and genetically weak people. There is a program in Kentucky where prisoners have their sentences reduced if they are sterilized. This is a small although very encouraging beginning.

    • I guess you would still be all for the eugenics even if you and your children were targeted? I love how people always suggest things like this, or “repeal the ACA!” never considering the fact that they themselves and their families will actually be the first to suffer under the new law if it were ever to come into being.

    • Between the cemetery and the railroad tracks @ KOA in that stretch.

    • Lettuce has been here longer than you. You moved to a lettuce patch and cry cause you don’t like salad right

  • Glad i read the rest of the story to see that there were all sorts of things in that situation that were bad for the kid. The headline alone reads as if a perfectly normal action were being unfairly punished…”Parent keeping child safe is punished”… “Adults charged for controlling toddler”…
    Tying a 2-year-old to a tree is in no way cruel and unusual otherwise. When we were kids, Mom used a harness and leash for the youngest one. Especially while camping… kindling a fire, keeping an eye on four children, of course you’d tie up the one most likely to wander off. Couldn’t lock him/her in a hot car, could you?

    As i said, obviously this situation was out of control. Just putting in my two cents that if you are an experienced parent, you probably know that sometimes your choices are 1. Let child run out into road, antagonize mean dog, play while half-naked in burning sun, run off with strangers, or 2. Pay attention to that child while other child does something equally dangerous, or 3. Quit all jobs and responsible adult duties so that children can enjoy 100% full-time adult attention, then be too poor and crazy to allow children to have a normal life, or 4. Control child–playpens, leashes, carseats, closed doors in safe rooms, etc.
    I would often choose to restrain the child, and they all lived to tell the story.

    • Yep you are a practical parent-type. Too many hysterical helicopter moms these days. Let you kids be kids and if they need it, tie them to a tree as a last resort.

  • Did CPS send somebody? Just says they requested someone come out for the kid =/

  • This is definitely child abuse/neglect. I pray that the child is removed from his custody and given a proper home. He is young enough to adapt well to a loving, healthy family. As for the “father” he needs to be locked up for several years and receive drug rehab treatment and training of a skill. Only then should he be released and under no circumstances have contact with the child:ever!

  • I hope the child is sleeping and eating better today. The adult has made some bad choices in his life and now I hope he pays the price.

  • Veterans friend

    Hey, at least he hadn’t sold the kid for his next hit.

  • Controlled substance usually means hash, heroin, meth, etc. Either way this scumb bag doesn’t deserve to have a kid if he treats them like a dog and ties him too a tree!!!!! Thank you child protective services for taking action and removing the child from his care.

  • How about a play pen,instead of tying your child to a tree.or how about watch your child. We’ve camped with our children when they couldn’t even walk yet.

  • I wonder how many druggies & general degenerates sell their children? If the MSM can be believed at all, there is a huge market for children. How much does a kid cost? Personally, I can`t imagine anyone buying one of the nasty little things. I`d pay quite a bit to never see another kid again.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    I think the first step of this parasite’s punishment should be tying him to a tree while wearing a diaper, but only once he’s good and hungry from being deprived of food. Oh yeah and be sure it’s close to 100° outside.

  • Reform MCSO Office

    Why only $15,000 dollar bail? This isn’t right! Grow Cannabis and divert water and it’s $50,000 dollar bail! But abuse & neglect a child even tie them to a tree like a dog and the Bail is 70% less than pot growing and diverting water! Could it be that we have a Sheriff Department which places to much emphasis on Cannabis Farmers and no emphasis on felony neglect and child abuse?
    This is why felony violent crimes escalated under Tom Allman and Bruce Smith’s reign in the Sheriff department.
    They are after the assets & forfeiture money including jewelry valuables, cars quads and boats, but they ignore real crimes like child abuse, domestic violence, sexual predators, sex trafficking in our local motels all over Mendocino, they ignore burglars, they take a report for car theft but then never investigate or cintact the victims again, they ignore the heroine and methods dealers in Willits, Ukiah,Layton villa and Fort Bragg Motels….. the only interest of Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force or Commet i’s marijuana busts and asset forfeiture, oh and filling eachother”s pockets with crisp $100 bills which they slip into each other’s pockets so nobody tells…… We need to reform the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office!

  • Lock his ass up and throw away the fucking key… child abusers have no place in the world!

  • Regardless of what drugs it was, heroin, meth like I’ve seen in the comments, those drugs do not make you do ridiculous stuff like this. I’ve been around both types of people, and meth and heroin do not make you do twisted stuff like this.. Maybe turn into thieves to support their habit, but not twisted crap like this.
    This is the result of mental illness. The use of drugs, is either in response to their mental illness, or a result of, but doing anything to a 2 year old, is not a direct response from heroin or meth… Shrooms maybe, acid maybe, something which affects the mind, but not meth or any uppers, or heroin, generally a stimulant, followed by a depressant.
    I’ve seen people do more brainless things on alcohol than I’ve seen when doing heroin or a hardcore stimulant like meth.

  • Possibly drugs as well as as an apparently ongoing Mental Issue from the looks of the guy!!!

  • Actually weed is not going to be legal in the state of ca until next year..get your facts straight.

  • Is there a mother involved? Grandparents? Someone PLEASE step up for this child

  • Praying for a much better future for this little one. God bless him!

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