Orleans Lightning Complex Almost Doubles

Ukonom Fire

Ukonom Fire. [Photo from Inciweb]

Press release from the US Forest Service:

The Orleans Complex on the Orleans/Ukonom Ranger District is currently 894 acres as of Saturday evening. The Complex currently includes seven lightning-caused fires on the Six Rivers National Forest and in the Siskiyou Wilderness. Suppression of the Ukonom Fire in the East Zone is being managed by Northern California 1 Type II Incident Management Team (Norcal1) under IC Curtis Coots. Fires in the West Zone are managed by Type III IC James Courtright. These fires include the Chimney, Dillon, Forks and Little fires. A combination of suppression and confinement strategies are being used for the incident. Containment is currently at 0%.

Assigned to this Complex are:

Total Personnel




Water Tenders








Cooperators include the Karuk and Yurok tribes, Klamath National Forest and Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The forest’s top priority on the East Zone of the Orleans Complex, is the Ukonom Fire burning near Ukonom Mountain. Active suppression and confinement strategies are being employed. This fire is estimated at approximately 793 acres as of Saturday evening. Heavy equipment and engines will set up protection for Ukonom Mountain fire lookout.

A confinement strategy is being implemented for fires in the West Zone.

Weather conditions will cause smoke to concentrate in the valley floors of the Klamath River Drainage and could impact local communities. Conditions will become slightly warmer with similar terrain influenced winds on Sunday.

The first priority for all fires that are part of the Orleans Complex is to provide for firefighter and public safety, along with protecting cultural sites and natural resources.

The Six Rivers National Forest remains under fire restrictions. We encourage the responsible use of fire in all activities. To learn more about the restrictions, please visit http:www.fsusda.govsrnf/.

For up to date fire information go to https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5430/.

Earlier Chapter: The Orleans Complex: Map and Information



  • We have to wait until October-November before rainy again.

  • Sadly all the rain we got last Winter made the trees & especially the grass grow & now it’s drying out in the heat of Summer!!!

  • Better now than in Sept. At least there’s still water in the rivers for copter drops.

    • Hmm no sept would be better then we would only be having a few weeks of smoke instead of potentially months. They forest service does not put these fires out.

  • All I can say is, stock up on the miracle drug that multiplies healthy live cells, in order to combat the disastrous effects of the smoke that kills live cells when it’s without the miracle drug.
    Your lungs produce live cells.
    Lord help us all this fire season.
    Bring back the loggers who used to make fire breaks, haul water in water trucks to keep the dust down, haul water for fighting fires, clean out the underbrush, thin the forests so the trees grow strong and straight, and replant the areas that were forested for the next generation to prosper and to suppress erosion.
    Or not. Let’s all hug trees and sing the blues.

  • When scientists get excited over healthy live cells multiplying over 100%, which is not normal in regular cultures and is completely the opposite in smoke cultures, it’s time to pay attention. Why isn’t the media running with it? Because they make money from sponsors who demonize it.
    Informative documented lab tests can be seen in this video. Watch for yourselves, draw your own conclusions. This test was on heart cells. FF to 22:52 if you’d rather just hear the conclusions & summaries from others. This video was done in 2013. FF to 2017 and the FDA has decided to OMIT the wonder drug from smokes. Combine that with forest fire smoke. God help us all. 11% dosage won’t suffice. Take it over 50%!

    The supposed low tar, low nicotine smokes in the past were the guinea pigs. Will people double their intake, trying to achieve the benefits they derived from their now missing nic? Yes indeed.
    Zero nic will produce chain smokers then cancer ridden smokers & ex smokers.

  • Graze it, log it,…. or watch it burn.

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