Garberville Sanitary District Says They Have No Intention of Raising Their Rates

Garberville water district

Garberville Sanitary District water treatment facility [Photo by Kelley Lincoln]

Press release from Garberville Sanitary District Board Meeting:

Garberville Sanitary District had their monthly meeting on July 25th and enclosed are the highlights of what was discussed, along with a list of accomplishments, projects and information we wanted to share with the public.

Contrary to false information provided by some people in public forums, Garberville Sanitary District has no intention, nor have they had any discussion about raising rates for average water use residents. The rate study we have been working on is to determine what our revenue to expense and fiscal stability is.

We have experienced a renewed interest from commercial agricultural farmers and businesses, to use treated District water for commercial use and the Board is investigating the impact excessive water demand will have on our infrastructure and the cost to make any improvements necessary to meet those agricultural demands.

The Board President requested an update on improvements during the past couple years and they include: A new Water Treatment Facility, Stopping a 50,000 gpd water leak, installing a 200,000 gallon storage tank, Adding an additional 10,000 gallon storage tank to the Wallen Road water tank site and improving the road to the tank, installing a 3ft culvert and road to a sewer pump station to stop rain washouts, install new wireless telemetry and control panels for accurate data collection, install over 1,200ft of new water and sewer main lines and service connections, purchase a hydro jetter for cleaning the sewer collection system, purchase a utility truck, installed two fire hydrants with 8 more planned for replacement this year with Measure Z money, switched from making our own chlorine at high cost (excessive staff time) to using liquid chlorine, purchase video equipment to inspect the sewer collection system, completed the annexation and SOI process, purchase leak locating equipment, a welder and tools to be more self-reliant. We just completed leak testing on our water distribution system and were very happy to have located only one substantial leak. We have repaired over 20 leaks and try to stop leaks as we find them.

We have done all of this without raising customer service charges and with less staff.

We appreciate the patience our customers have shown as we make policy changes to improve Garberville Sanitary District while providing quality water and customer service.

We have been working with other Districts throughout Humboldt County to find joint projects, shared resources, legal assistance and a CSDA Chapter of public Districts and Agencies, to better understand the needs we have, along with development of plans to address our needs and concerns.



  • Outstanding!! Thank you for listing the many accomplishments. Most importantly, thank you team for accomplishing them! Faith restored.

  • It’s interesting to see that Goobsterdam can control something!

    The other public entities there should learn to be less corrupt!

  • Define which rates? Low users, medium users, high users. Commercial, multi-unit. or high on the hill. New users, etc. etc.! Those who are part time users have onerous rates when they do not even impact the system at all. Revenue increasement is the name of their game and your Board is not looking out for their neighbors. Classic case of District General Manager doublespeak. He is slick, no doubt about that and thats being nice! Bottom line – are you happy with your cost of water and how the customer service of the Water District functions. Over a year until the next election but all this can be changed at that point if people stand up and work for a community minded approach for our District!

    • Devils Lettuce Crimes

      Just remember- We must all accommodate not only just growers but the biggest growers, especially the ones that are blowing up huge scenes way beyond their own water supply. We must all indirectly subsidize them because just look how wonderful they have made our town! We’d be nothing without them and the great people they attract to this area!! All hail the generous and community-minded mega-grower monsters!!!

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    AND, remember, speaking of public agencies residing in Goobsterdam that rely on the “industry”, SHCHD, the MOST corrupt local aberration in “public service”, is ALREADY stumping to extend your property tax assessment in order to fund their busted, nasty little backstreet healthcare operation!

    Apparently having Measure W clobbered in May was not a strong enough message to send the self-appointed board and the bent administrators and public servants at Jerold Phelps Hospital.

    When you see the “board members for life” at the farmer’s market, and the “administrators” like Matt Rees, the $230,000/year CEO, out in public, please tell them that what they really need is some ELECTED board members who are not 90 years old and appointed by their friends, some retirements from the folks who are SO used to business as usual and who are still around so that they will receive a higher pension, AND that SHCHD needs to pull it’s operation out of the past, evolve, and develop an business plan that can support itself.

    Go forward, SHCHD, and stop expecting the people who own real estate to fund your poorly conceived and executed little operation, or just close it, or find someone to manage it profitably and hand over the keys.

    • Health care as a business? Therein lies the problem with our system. It ain’t! No one makes a choice to be sick, not free market involved then, so some other scenario other than business must fund it. Got any ideas other than business oriented one?

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        You can’t choose when, but you can choose where. Consume health care where they have decent providers, where they charge reasonably and bill competently, and where certain locals do not have vested interests. Use Howard Hospital/Redwood Clinic, or St Joe’s Fortuna, or the Redway Clinic. Avoid like the plague: Jerold Phelps Hospital/Clinic! It’s just too crooked!

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        And, it’s America. In some countries, health care is free, and the healthcare system operated by the government. Americans, with their healthcare model, have mucked it up to the point where hospitals can barely exist, healthcare workers make decent salaries but management types make their lives practically unlivable, and consumers can barely afford to consume the care.

        In our country, the only folks who really use healthcare are the poor, who use it as entertainment, since it and food and children are all they get for free…

        Everyone else, beware, as the bills get larger every day, and since almost no one can truly afford insurance!

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