[Audio] Accused child rapist and former restaurateur headed to trial; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (7:26): Warning: Graphic content. Accused child rapist and former restaurateur Chad Smith will face a jury and possible life sentence in prison after a judge ruled there was enough evidence to take his case to trial.

Smith, a 42 year old who also worked locally as a substitute teacher, is accused of offenses with multiple victims over the span of four years. Two girls, now 15, testified along with many others during preliminary hearings at the courthouse in Eureka last week.

“I didn’t see a whole lot of emotion (from the suspect) and as far as when the Jane Does were testifying he appeared to just stare head on to the girls without any emotion whatsoever,” said Times Standard reporter Sam Armanino, who attended the hearings.

In the podcast, Armanino discusses his coverage on the hearings, provides an update on the case, and provides observations on those that attended the hearings.

Smith’s next court hearing will be on August 10.

The story begins at 7:26.

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Chad Smith, booking photo



  • I won’t say what should happen to this pos, it will just get deleted. These young girls are so strong I pray they can overcome this and live a beautiful life.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    [ edit ]

  • While I’m out eating sushi, or going on a hike, or watching the super bowl, or making love to my beautiful wife, you will be rotting in a prison cell.. haha
    Was it worth it you pos? Have fun in your cell you piece of garbage!

  • Good job kym I’m sure your readers Including me .did not what to hear what the c.h.u.m.p.has to day about this .

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      I actually posted that [ edit ] !

      My plan was to make you laugh so hard you had to drink your bong water.

  • No emotion. Hmmmmm. R u suprised? People like this dont have a conscience, let alone emotions, [edit] PS. Chump. How does any of this have anything to do with weed? O wait. With u there is….. go on if u must chump..

  • Kind of a strange picture to use for such a horrible headline. Any explanation as to why that photo is being used? @kymkemp

  • I’m pretty sure he “WAS” the owner of Surfside Burger Bar on 5th St. This place has taken some bad publicity because of this pos. FYI to everybody………….the Surfside Burger Bar is now owned by some wonderful people, and make one of the best burgers in Humboldt. The menu has many different choices of food, and they serve beer. The staff is extremely friendly. If you haven’t already, everyone should go try it out. (and no, I am not the owner, work there or related).

    • It’s a shame that the new owners are forced to deal with all the negative sentiment/publicity when the alleged crimes had almost nothing to do with the establishment they purchased (and yes, I’m familiar with the testimony, so there’s no need to “correct” me; you’re entitled to your own opinion).

      I just hope the negative publicity will blow over soon, and the negative sentiment will fade, as the new owners have done nothing to deserve either one.

  • There may be a time and a place CHUMP. This isn’t it. Grow up.

  • If I was granted only one wish, I’d wish everyone got what they DESERVE. Good or Bad. I hope he goes straight to HELL..

  • My wife pointed out that that is a odd image to use for a story about a child rapist.

  • Brave girls. (!!) Thank You for speaking up and preventing others for being hurt. I’m blown away.

    God Bless You.

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