The Orleans Complex: Map and Information

Lightning fire Orleans area 2017

The Orleans Complex [Infared imagery from early this morning]

Press release:

The Orleans Complex on the Orleans/Ukonom Ranger District was estimated 471 acres as of Friday evening. The Complex currently includes seven lightning-caused fires on the Six Rivers National Forest and in the Siskiyou Wilderness. Suppression of the Ukonom Fire in the East Zone is being managed by Northern California 1 Type II Incident Management Team (Norcal1) under IC Curtis Coots. Fires in the West Zone are managed by Type III IC James Courtright. These fires include the Blue, Chimney, Dillon, Elk, Forks and Little fires. A combination of suppression and confinement strategies are being used for the incident. Containment is currently at 0%.

Assigned to this Complex are:

Total Personnel




Water Tenders








Cooperators include the Karuk and Yurok tribes, Klamath National Forest and Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The forest’s top priority is the Ukonom Fire burning near Ukonom Mountain. At last report, the Ukonom Fire was estimated at approximately 435 acres. A full suppression strategy is being employed for the Ukonom Fire. A confinement strategy is being implemented for fires in the West Zone. The largest of those fires is the 31-acre Forks Fire in the forks of Blue Creek in the Siskiyou Wilderness.

Weather conditions will cause smoke to concentrate in the valley floors of the Klamath River Drainage and could impact local communities. Most of the smoke that is filling the local area is coming from the Clear Fire near Happy Camp.

The first priority for all fires that are part of the Orleans Complex is to provide for firefighter and public safety, along with protecting cultural sites and natural resources.

The Six Rivers National Forest remains under fire restrictions. We encourage the responsible use of fire in all activities. To learn more about the restrictions, please visit http:www.fsusda.govsrnf/.

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  • That’s some up and down country! Them helicopters are gonna come handy.

  • I’m sure they’ll be calling in Air Attack also!!! The tanker planes can cover a wider area than the Helos!!!!

  • Ass & trash, gotta get it in there someway.

  • Wow. When will we allow Mr Tripp to get busy with prescription burns all through the region!??? We need them. We need them. We very badly need them!

    • The Orleans fire safe council, along with rx burn grant funded groups like TREX, already do quite a bit of burning around there, the fires are up near Ukonom lookout and in the wilderness where no one would be doing rx burns anyway…

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