Vehicle Fire Spreading Nearly Catching Redway Church on Fire

Vehicle fire

Photo provided by a reader.

According to scanner traffic at approximately 8:50 a.m., a motorhome/van in Redway caught fire. Reportedly the vehicle contains propane tanks. At least one is off gassing.

Flames are spreading up the hill towards the Grace Lutheran Church and the Matteel Community Center. A helicopter and several additional resources have been requested.

UPDATE: The firefighters have it knocked down.

UPDATE 11:45 p.m.: Photos from Kim Sallaway (See more of his work here):
Firefighters at a vehicle fire.

Firefighters at a vehicle fire.

Firefighters at a vehicle fire.

Firefighters at a vehicle fire.

Firefighters at a vehicle fire.



  • Omgod thank you redway fire and cal fire and whoever else responded!

  • That was amazingly fast! Good job Firefighters!

  • There is now the beginning of a pattern: Motorhomes, propane tanks, churches (coincidental?).
    What recommendations will the sane people of the commUNITY make?

    • Random thoughts

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • Trillium Hummingbird

        A day later, a lot of crazy talk. No intelligent solution. My question: ARE there any sane folks?

        The level of unconcern, nimby-ism, and bizarre thought patterns exhibited by local characters is pretty disturbing. Also, we love the travelers in the winter, but hate them in the summer! My feeling is that we like whatever business these folks bring, but that we also like having outsiders around because they tend to dilute the regular craziness somewhat while bringing us a source of cheap labor and a form of entertainment! I have a hard time believing that people live in an RV because they are struggling. Going mobile is an old strategy, and these are folks who have learned to do with less. Americans have so much, and an old RV is practically a free solution to shelter. It costs to live anywhere, of course, but here in SoHum, there is no organized opposition, no police force, and a beautiful clean street to park on, where you will be sort of safe. Why not stick around?

        It is kind of comical that locals are quick to decry druggies among us, since many locals are involved in providing drugs for consumption! This is what you end up with: a mess no one can clean up! Guess what? You can buy a nice new house in a town, and your neighborhood will have growers, meth explosions, and junkies. We need ideas, not deranged rants!

        Thanks to and for the fire department! They give us the only functioning form of government we have, which is a selfless group of dedicated individuals who step up. The VFD once again has saved the property called Redway!

        • Trillium Hummingbird

          Also: All fire agencies will tell you to clean up flammable materials near your structure. Why did this church fail to clear the dried grasses around the building? A discarded cigarette could start a fire at almost any time. Sensible maintenance is a property owner’s best defense!

    • Victor G. Flashman

      Folks from Redway can not reasonably continue to tolerate camping on the roadways and turnouts. So many persons are living in vehicles and risking the safety and property of homeowners and residents of this town. Does anyone have property suitable for a travel park? Can the Sheriff reasonably expect persons told to move on to actually leave? Does anyone have any idea what to do here?

      Persons living in vehicles: Please move on. Park at the KOA in Benbow. Use the campgrounds. Please don’t burn down the town, or the forest.

    • Its happening all over California as housing becomes more and more expensive. There have been numerous articles about it lately, with some cities clearing bloks and bloks of motorhomes.

      • skillz to pay the billz

        When you’re unemployed and choose not to work and want to park for free all over and smoke your life away, everything is expensive. Lots of people around here that will spend a month’s rent (or a year’s) on getting high and giving the finger to all else that gets in the way of such. Then complain when people don’t want to see their shit shacks catching the neighborhood on fire.

  • Another motor-home car-bomb. It’s like living in a war zone down here.

  • This is disconcerting, to say the least. We’ve now seen this happen way too many times, both in town and on the roads in our hills.

  • Stop allowing them to live on our streets!!! Make them move on, if the Chp’s won’t do it, maybe we as a community need to. It’s nothing personal but all the free rent on our streets is not cool. Park in a campground or rv park or move on!!!! We have to enforce this. How long until our entire towns burn down. What will it take for us to step up???? How many fires? How much destruction?

  • RV’s, motor homes are not allowed in most RV parks unless they are self contained, in good condition and have facilities that work. My first thought was hash or meth lab, but it didn’t say anything about that. Question: If propane tanks are left in a car when it is hot, hot, hot outside (don’t leave your kids or your dogs in a car) is it possible for the propane tanks to explode? Just wondering.

    • Overheated tanks vent, not explode. They have a safety relief valve that lets the propane out in a controlled fashion, which cools the remaining propane. However, the car, now full of propane gas safely released from the tank, most definitely can explode.

  • The devil’s lettuce promises helped elect our current supervisor and we are now used to getting no action from her on the tailspin So Hum is in, so don’t expect improvements anytime soon.

  • It seems like the CHP discriminates against folks with nice new vehicles being unregistered. Most of these pieces of shit are unregistered and parked all over town. Try doing that with your nice rig and see what you recieve.

  • Suzanne Van Meter

    In all seriousness: what can the average citizen do about a piece of garbage motorhome or car parked on the side of a public road?

    If you approach the driver or occupants and ask them to move on- 1. You risk a potential confrontation 2. You will be accused of discrimination by local homeless advocates and 3. They aren’t going to move on anyway.

    If you call CHP 1. In all likelihood they are busy patrolling the highway 2. They can tag the car with a yellow sticker but the vehicle can still remain in place for ______ amount of days, weeks, months until code enforcement hauls it off or someone burns it down. 3. If CHP contacts the driver and talks them into moving on, it is usually temporary and/ or they just move to another equally inappropriate site.

    Seriously- someone please chime in with suggestions and then maybe folks that really want to make a positive change can start heading in that direction. Can we call a certain number (a lot- over and over and over again) ? Write letters to someone who can/ will do something ( a lot- over and over and over again) ?

  • Propane tanks are easily and often
    filled with butane by shady gas dealers.

  • JustWantToHearTheEndofthe Story

    First the Methodists, now the Lutherans. Both churches provided space for community organizations. Now if there is a third one…

  • If landlords weren’t so GOD damned money hungry and greedy, asking exhorbitant prices in rent, there just might be a decline in the homeless population. I was working 2 jobs while I was living down there and I couldn’t afford a place with 2 incomes so my children and I were homeless for a bit, too. Not all homeless choose to be homeless so to group them all together is no different than lumping all black people together!

  • In the Ferndale Zone and liking it a lot

    The cops should at least make records of the license plates and drivers licenses or ID of all the inhabitants of these RV’s. Then they can’t just disappear like the guys in Gville did.

  • Landlord No More

    humboldtmama67, maybe if renters didn’t f—–g grow in and destroy their rentals landlords could lower rents! Last renter cost me 30k in repairs. They torn the walls out to grow, relined the electrical, destroyed the floors with water. Not caring a bit about the costs associated with THEIR money hungry greed. And didn’t even offer me a joint! Maybe if renters showed some respect rents could come down but until then rents will stay high as it is the only way to offset the damage caused by selfish renter/growers.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Sucks doesn’t it? You make a couple hundred bucks a month on rental property per unit, they make $10,000 and shit all over you in the process.

      • Is there a possibility you brought this on yourself by asking too much rent for a legit working person to afford? Of course.

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