Dog Dies After Being Shot by CHP Officer Doing a Welfare Check

Chloe and Lillie american bulldog

Lillie Wood with Chloe on the day she adopted the American Bulldog. [Image provided by Santa Barbara Shelter]

On Monday, July 24, a California Highway Patrol Officer shot Chloe, a 6-year-old American Bulldog, on a dead end road beside her owner’s parked car. “We have collected evidence that it was a pretty aggressive action on the part of the dog [that instigated the shooting],” explained CHP Sgt. Martin Abshire.

That day, Lillie Wood, the dog’s owner made a fateful decision. She took the Stafford exit off Hwy 101 south of Rio Dell and turned right onto the quiet dead end road where said she often stopped to let her dog out.

There she opened the back door so Chloe, her American Bulldog could get in and out of the back seat. Chloe had been adopted by Wood in December of 2014 from the Santa Barbara Animal Shelter.

Meanwhile, Wood returned and sat behind the steering wheel of her car and closed her door. Wood, who has no permanent address at the moment, said she looked terrible because she’d recently “been jumped by two girls” in Rio Dell.

While she was parked, she said a man drove up and asked if she was okay. She told him she was fine.

According to Wood, she was told later that he called to request law enforcement do a welfare check on her.

About 4:30 p.m., a California Highway Patrol officer drove up and parked behind Wood’s car. Wood said she did not hear it. Chloe, however, must have because, according to Wood, she “stepped out” and began barking.

“I open the door,” Wood said. “By the time I turn around, he’s shooting her.  I heard a series of shots…I’m standing behind the open back door. I see my dog on the ground…She’s bloody….She has a protrusion on the back of her spine like a bullet went through the top.” Wood said that Chloe was wailing.

Wood said that the officer asked something like, “Ma’am, are you hit? Are you okay?”

According to Wood, at that point, she begged the officer to kill Chloe to put her out of her suffering.

bullet hole passenger door driver's side

What appears to be a bullet hole in the lower center of the edge of the rear passenger door. [Photo provided by Lillie Wood]

The dog began dragging herself to Wood’s car. “Chloe makes it to safety,” Wood said. She managed to get her front half into the vehicle but collapsed partially in and out.

Wood said the officer told her to put Chloe inside and close the door.

“I can’t. My dog is bleeding,” she said she replied.

“Ma’am, shut the door,” Wood said the officer told her.

Eventually, Wood got her wounded, 100-pound dog into the car and closed the door at the officer’s request.

“I’m throwing up and freaking out,” she explained. “She has never bit anyone. She’s a family dog. She’s the most amazing dog ever. I trust her with kids, kittens, whatever…She was probably wagging her tail while she was barking [at the officer.]”

According to Wood, the officer started walking around her car. She said he discovered that he had shot the open passenger door which was behind where she sat in the driver’s seat.

window shattered by bullet

The window of the rear passenger side door was shattered. [Photo provided by Lillie Wood]

“He shot the open door and it ricochetted through the car and knocked out the passenger side rear window,” she said. “The bullet had to go through the car.”

“Ma’am, I’m going to get your dog to vet,” Wood said the officer told her. “He [was] calling and calling and calling,” she said.

Wood said the officer told her that they couldn’t take Chloe to the vet because once he fired off his weapon, neither of them can leave.

At this point, Wood believed that Chloe would be okay if they could get her to a vet. “I thought she was going to live,” she explained. “She was still breathing.”

Though other officers and medical personnel arrive, Wood said, they have to wait because they want to put Chloe in a vehicle with a partition.

“They had to get a caged car,” she said. “They won’t go near the dog. They make me move her…She’s panting frantically.”

blood soaked back seat

The blood soaked back seat of Wood’s car. [Photo provided by Lillie Wood]

But Wood said, Chloe “never acted aggressively” towards the officers

According to scanner traffic, at a little after 5 p.m. Chloe is on her way to the Sunnybrae vet’s office.

“They take her to Arcata only to call me and tell me that she isn’t going to make it,” Wood said.

According to Wood, she learned the officer fired seven shots. Six of the bullet casings were recovered at the time, she said. Later, she said she discovered one in her vehicle.

What started out as an attempt to help an injured woman went tragically awry, said Wood. “This wasn’t a criminal stop. I was fine until they showed up.”


Chloe’s photo in December of 2014 as volunteers from the Santa Barbara Animal Shelter sought the right family for her.

Now she is left without her beloved pet and with expensive bills.

“I’m 37,” said Wood. “I don’t have any kids. [Chloe] was my best friend….Who is going to pay for my vet bill and my window?

On the other hand, said CHP Sgt Martin Abshire, “This [situation] is something officers hope to avoid our entire careers.” He said this is a tragedy for Wood and for the officer. An investigator is looking into the shooting, he explained. “Let the objective fact finders find the facts and then we’ll weigh this against the policies [to determine whether there was any wrongdoing on the officer’s or on the dog owner’s part.]”

Though as he stated earlier, “We have collected evidence that it was a pretty aggressive action on the part of the dog.”

After the investigation, he said, there will be a determination on who is financially responsible for the car and the window as well as if there is any other action needing to be taken.



  • The idea of what “aggression” is in a dog is obviously subjective. Because the dog barked and was a 100lb bulldog, it was killed. What if it was a 10lb yorkie barking? Would the same thing have happened? Just disgusting. Ms. Wood, if you set up a funding account to pay for the vet’s bills, I would contribute.

    • Me too and I will have my family help as well… Smh, ur poor furbaby… I’m sorry for ur loss

      • No mater what your personal feeling are about this tragedy all people reading this story need to scroll down and read what “Ftp”, has to say about a situation he had with this same CHP officer. How many other questionable situations has this officer been involved in before. Seems he might have some personal issues involved. It sounds like he has anger issues also. Hopefully an impartial investigation will bring out all the truth. We need to have public servants we can trust and rely on, not some trigger happy self involved fool. This seems to be a pattern with him.

        *Lillie, I’m truly sorry for your loss. I hope the memories and good times you had with “Chole”, will be your focus to help you get through this very difficult and trying time.

        • The officer referenced is not the officer who was involved in this shooting. The writer is in error.

          • PENELOPE Marmion

            Everyday this is happening. I’m so sorry … I can’t imagine your pain. It needs to stop here and now. Cops are no longer protectors. They are now murderers

        • I stand corrected. Maybe we have more than one CHP officer that is abusing his power or isn’t able to rationally think fast or under pressure. I had three police officers in my family and I believe their weapons were used as there last line of defense after all other options were exhausted.

    • Victor G. Flashman

      This is a very disturbing story. As usual we have very few facts, and none of us were present.

      I am shocked by the circumstances of the woman whose dog was destroyed. It appears this person was attacked herself, and is living in a vehicle.

      I am not able to accept that a member of the professional law enforcement community would kill an animal for no reason. My respect for the CHP outweighs all other possibilities.

      I hope this community rises to help the person who has lost her situation, her health, and now her companion.

      • Yeah, let’s set up a gofundme account to raise money for the cop and his family to go on a month long vacation to Hawaii. I bet the trumpster would be glad to be the first to contribute.

        • F..k all of you people who have to turn everything against our President, what does your little [edit] pea brain think politics has to do with this situation, get over it and move on, your way of thinking lost despite all of your tolerance!

          • Do you even read what you write?

          • Dude this has nothing to do with the president yeah maybe you should read the comment or the whole story because there’s nothing to do with the president of at all I think you need to have your head checked yourself

          • I don’t see a single comment written about the president. These comments could have been, and were, written on the same kind of articles when his predecessor was president by people who love dogs and are disgusted with police actions toward them. Amazing how some people see political attacks in everything where there are none.

        • fundraiser has been set up…

          please donate and share with all animal lovers

        • fundraiser has been set up…

      • Get your head out of the sand & see the facts the officer overreacted as always the cops think of ONE THING if there is even the slightest possibility of ANY aggression whatsoever , then start firing as many rounds as you can possibly shoot!!! Then ask questions!!! I think police officers should have to go through a NON firing your weapon training to avoid S(H)ituations such as this & the one a week or so ago when the HCSO shot up a Night Watchman!!! Too many ties officers think SHOOT FIRST then &ONLY then investigate!!!!

        • Country bumpkin

          It’s an unfortunate situation that happened on the Martin’s ferry bridge, but didn’t the night watchman admit to pointing a hand gun at the sheriff before he was shot?

          • Yes, but 22 rounds fired at him, not one hit him luckily, after they didn’t even ID themselves as LEO’s sounds a LOT like overkill from where I’m sitting!!! That’s my $.02 worth YMMV!!!!!

        • Aggreeing with Dan. I can’t believe the officer had no nonlethal means of dealing with a girl and her dog! As another comment mentioned, he could retreat to his police vehicle and use loudspeaker to ask her to restrain the dog. It is likely he also had nonlethal beanbag or rubber bullet ammo. And certainly a simple warning shot would sort out whether the dog is aggressive or not. My Shepherd puts on a good bark which is part of guarding. But she is very gentle and a big coward and would run from noise of a shot. That dog was simply barking at what appeared to be, and apparently was a true threat. There is too much military style training in U.S. police departments. Check out this link for police in Spain making a creative takedown of a truly threatening individual.

          They got creative on the spot. And obviously they are trained to go non-lethal first. Its all in training and attitude towards the citizenry.

          • All we have
            Is ex
            Military for cops
            We trained them to kill. They got good at it. Five shots at a motel 6 in front of children so they could kill. That was my week

          • Mary Beth Riordan

            Thank you. Creative thoughtful solutions can, and do, save lives. None of us were there, but even if the dog had been a threat, a warning shot, or, at most, a single disabling shot, should be more than enough. But, seven shots? Really?

      • She wouldn’t NEED help nearly as much if the Officer in question hadn’t been such a trigger happy MORON who’s first thought is “Shoot to Kill” then assess the s(h)ituation!!!!

      • We “destroy” objects. This was a living caring being. Chloe was shot for loving a human. I call it murder.

      • More Than One Side

        I have read most but not all of the comments posted thus far. Yours is perhaps the only one that expresses the need to learn more about this situation. Instead the vast majority of the commentators are ready to execute the officer based only the info presented here. I am reminded of the recent episode at Centerville Beach where a severely disturbed woman was trying to exorcise her child. The initial report stated 10-12 bystanders did just that. Stand by. Do nothing. The truth of the matter was those people were family members of the man intervening. The amount of malice and hatred against those “bystanders” was unbelievable. I should never want any of those folks, nor these as my jury.

        • I don’t care if we “have all the facts” or not. No .only did he shoot her dog but he shot up her car and she was in it! Did you not see the photos?! single day the cops now away our dogs for the simple fact that they are dogs. Period.

      • Innocent dogs are KILLED every day by gun happy police officers who LIE and say the dog was being aggressive, when body cams have proven otherwise….Just sickening!!!! When are we going to see them punished for this unacceptable behavior???

        • American Patriot

          They get punished if they get SHOT for being trigger happy! STOP allowing HIRED HELP to assault and kill us! Join and unite as ONE FORCE and DEMAND these bastards be DISARMED and TRAINED TO SERVE the people as they were hired, NOT act like deranged assassins and gangsters, which they have been turned into!
          Shooting a dog that barks is NOT going over well, and there can be NO justification in FIRING WILDLY to stop a barking dog! This [edit] was scared, and SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO WORK IN THIS FIELD AGAIN….NEVER! STOP BOWING DOWN TO THESE TERRORISTS! How many people, pets need to be SHOT DEAD BEFORE THE PEOPLE FINALLY RISE UP AND PUT AN END TO THIS INSANITY?

          Sheep love this, they never get enough abuse or terror by employee police, this is why these gons get away with so much! PROSECUTE and IMPRISONMENT is ONE solution, SHOOTING BACK IS OURS!

          WE ARE THE MASTER, the EMPLOYER, and NOWHERE in the constitution does it grant rights, power, authority or ANYTHING to EMPLOYEES…NOT ONE WORD!

          Employees get their jobs by APPLYING FOR THEM, NONE are given elected positions by a vote…so legally, NO EMPLOYEE CAN HOLD ANY AUTHORITY ABOVE US! HIRED HELP will NEVER have legal powers! Sheep allow this, and continue to bow down to acts like this…NO MORE!!

      • If you’re “not able to accept that a member of the professional law enforcement community would kill an animal for no reason”, get your head out of the sand! Cops kill dogs in this country every 9 minutes: that’s a FACT. Police in other countries around the world are shocked by the callousness of our law enforcement toward family pets, including cats (yes, they kill cats). I STRONGLY urge you to google the subject and see what pops up. If you don’t believe it, you’re in for a rude awakening. Watch the videos. They’ll make you sick. I’ll even give you a hint at a great one that sickened a lot of LEOs- Rosie the Newfoundland, whose murderers in Washington State got away with it through a series of postponements in their court case, although the city was eventually found liable in a civil case. They literally chased her out of her yard, hunted her through the streets, before cornering her in a yard…….. The do the cats and find out about the kittens clubbed to death, or a senior cat killed while lying by a pool, etc. Amazing that people simply take their word for it at all. This is why people like me, who are animal lovers, NEVER take the word of a cop when we know the pat stories and excuses they give verbatim.

      • Then you are naive Victor. Last I checked, police officers are human and while very capable of doing great things, they are also capable of making mistakes. A failure to acknowledge the mistakes makes life worse for all of them. It puts a huge strain on the public’s perception of police and, in my opinion, makes life more dangerous for all of them. As the wife of an officer I’m tired of it. I’m tired of peoples’ pets being killed and I’m tired of the negative light it shines on officers like my husband. I for one would not have let my dog wander without keeping a close eye on her, but I wasn’t there. I can only say that I have no doubt there were other options available besides firing multiple shots at that dog and putting the woman’s life in jeopardy as well.

      • PENELOPE Marmion

        Are u kidding me. They are killing innocent dogs every day. Wake up. I would NEVER call a cop if i needed help, I have 4 dogs that would probably lose their lives because they are pit bulls. Cops kill innocent family dogs every day. My GOD, don’t be so naive. Research it and get back to me

    • Effin trigger happy cops.

    • Hundred pounds..BUT low to the ground and many of those pounds may have been from being old and plump not all muscle hell bent on killing the cop.

    • Just barking? Did you not watch the video of the dog trying to mail the cop?

  • The Apache Warrior

    In this particular case (although I’m usually on the side of the LE), I think the CHP Officer was at fault. He jumped too soon to conclusions and started shooting and where is his training on a handgun. That many shots???? I think he needs to go back to the Academy and to spend lots more time on the firing range. CHP should pay for all of the expenses and also to help the Young Lady to find another companion. I think that this was WAY OVER THE TOP.

    • yep sounds like he needs more training. ..six shots!! Wow just because it was An American Bulldog. .pits always get the blame.So sorry for your loss. I hope the CHP pays for the vet bills and damaged window! Still won’t replace her broken heart over her fur baby! SMDH!

      • The dog was NOT a Pit just a regular short squat AMERICAN BULLDOG, not a Pit Bull!!! There IS a difference!!!

        • Pit Bulls are Sweet Too

          I have a pit bull. He is sweet with cats, children and other dogs. He barks when people pull in the driveway, with his tail wagging. That is his job- to alert me. He would run at a loud sound and come find me because he is very non-aggressive. Pit bulls are not all the same. I understand the stigma from non-dog people because they read dramatic news stories and also some terrible people have done terrible things to pit bulls and turned them into monsters. But they are not all monsters. If somebody hurt my sweet dog for no reason I would make them hurt right back…oops- gotta add- I keep him close by me and not free-range. I’m responsible but he is no threat. Biggest threat is stupid humans.

          • I agree with “Pit Bulls are Sweet Too”. My best friend and also my entire reason for living is a pit bull and American bulldog mix. He has never given up on me and never not loved me and let me tell you there are times when I wanted to give up and not love myself. He barks when there are people by HIS truck cause he is doing his job and alerting me of possible danger. I also have had to live in my truck cause it’s a safer place than being in a violent relationship but having a home. I cried reading this not only cause I would be lost and pissed as all hell if this happened to me but also cause I know Lilly personally and have had the pleasure of meeting her baby. I’m speechless and feel her pain. Please someone set up a go fund me account. It won’t give her back her best friend but it will help deal with the bills so she can grieve. Jesus

          • Couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

        • American Bulldogs are “pitbulls”. They are one of the many breeds known as the “bully breeds”.

          • Holy S*#t Checks out!!

            If people would do their homework before spewing from the mouth with crap that has no basis of truthe to it. American bulldogs are not pit bulls or part of the same familyline. Just cause it has the word BULL in it don’t make it the same as a BULLdog. A BULLY breed dog sometimes has American Bulldog bred INTO IT and Pit Bull bred INTO IT.

          • Bull dogs do not have the terror influence that Pitt bulls have so they are less energetic – so many factors beyond genes though and by genes are so intermingled that what is doing what or inhibiting what in the gene world is still a mystery. No matter, dogs have been running free off leash for most of their co existence with us and not getting shot.

        • PENELOPE Marmion

          Who cares what breed of dog. It’s still an innocent dog.

    • Black people are shot in handcuffs and you’re usually on the side of LE. But let a dog – a white dog at that – get shot and well, here we have it.

      If we march, take a knee, or complain, white America yells. When we get shot, white America is silent. But let a dog get shot and they start acting like they got a heart.

      Sorry about your dog and all, but in a world where human beings are being shot on a near weekly basis while white America looks on in indifference, I can’t really get my hackles up over a dog.

      • More “white” Americans are killed by cops every year then “black” Americans. Get your head out of the race sand. It’s an accountability problem ( cops have none) not a race problem!

        • I read that same post on Trumps Facebook page during the election.

        • NOT PER CAPITA. Reactions are understandable and emotions run high AND lets at least get right what it is we are reacting to/about. If there are 10 black men among 10,000 white men (as an example, don’t have numbers here and you can google it if you care to) and 9 black men are shot, arrested etc. and 100 white men are likewise that means 90% of the black men were shot, arrested etc. and ONLY 1.0% of white men were. There is no genetic difference that accounts for that, there is only social ecology, institutionalized racism.

          • And just think that 100 years ago most of those jailed would have been hung . We have come a long ways and still have farther to go but labeling and seperating yourselves is just playing into the hands of those trying to hold you back. Rais above the game. Stop playing it and you will never lose

      • Maybe because we get sick and tired of hearing how race is involved. I for one am so tired of of people crying racisim. If the cry was why was this human treated in this way i would be all for supporting a cause but when people label themselves then cry about being singled out by that label i think hrmm, why does the color or lack of color of ones skin make a crime anyless or more of a crime ?. While i agree there is a long way to go look at how far we have come . Why jump so quick ? Why even bring race or color into it ? If the goal is to truely treat and be treated as equals , why label ourselves or each other? That is just playing their game . Refuse to label yourself and others. There are no aferician americians or white americians or latino americians, we are all merely americians and to me that is enough, dont allow others to divide us and keep fighting with each other while laughing at our pettiness.

        • Here, here,nicely said!!!

        • You get sick of hearing about it so you can just imagine (if you take an entitled minute to graciously consider) living it with it every hour of every day and having your entire family history and experience consumed by IT.
          Yes, it must be very troubling to some Americans, with their trips to Disneyland, 5000 tv channels, ATVs and in some cases three jobs to take the time out and slow down and consider how rough it must be. The French required a revolution, The South a bloody war…hopefully we can learn to empathize with less destruction.

          • The only reason race is a issue is because people label and group themselves. The only thing anyone is entitled to is the fruits of their own labor, in this country you have the right to try to be anything you want. Sure for some it comes easier than others, but no one is denying you or anyone else the chance to work hard dig deep and do whatever your heart desires. The more labels and excuesses that are put out the further and futher away we are being pushed apart. This country is a melting pot, that means melti g into one , not standing out from each other. Guess some people just will never fully learn or even understand that the only reason they feel left out is because they were told they were, useally by those attempting to use them .

      • “FieDeaux”, you sound like a racist with the comments you have made! This is not about race, this is about a women that had her dog murdered!

      • Veterans friend

        Over 1000 americans have been killed by police in the last 12 months, way more often than weekly. And yes more white people are killed than black people BUT ONLY 13% of americans are black, and as with incarceration the numbers are at a vastly higher rate for black people.
        The point here in my opinion is that regardless of race or species, cops are too fearful and too trigger happy and do not have adequate skills &and training to serve and protect, as they are charged with doing.

      • First thing I though of when I read this (right after, imagining her terrible pain) was “Life of people of color, particularly the men”

      • PENELOPE Marmion

        You sound ignorant. I’m sorry . You do sound like you have a chip on your shoulder. No one is talking about anything but an innocent dog being shot and here you come turning into a race thing.


      In several countries, a police officer does not even have to carry a gun. In Norway, Iceland, New Zealand, Britain, and Ireland, police officers generally do not carry firearms. In one of these countries, Iceland, it’s legal for citizens to carry guns—and there’s an estimated rate of 30 privately-owned guns per 100 people.

      But another key difference between the US and elsewhere is training. Paul Hirschfield, an associate professor of sociology at Rutgers University, points out that US police officers are trained for an average of just 19 weeks. Compare that to police in Norway, who have three years of training before they’re fully qualified.
      “If you only have 19 weeks of training, you’re going to spend those on the most essential things. Unfortunately, in the United States, it’s about what you need to defend yourself. How you’re going to avoid getting hurt,” says Hirschfield. “If you have three years, you can also learn how to protect people, how to avoid these situations from arising in the first place. It fosters a whole different orientation and culture in law enforcement.”
      Police in other countries are generally trained to de-escalate hostile situations and use minimal violence in response to a threat (as evident in the video below of British police responding to a man with a machete.)

  • Fuck that power hungry son of a bitch

  • The Apache Warrior

    And I agree with the person ‘F’. Thank you for that idea.

  • Police Kill Again

    Dogs bark and alert their owners to possible danger. That’s their most important job. This dog did her job. This police officer did not. He is dangerous, careless and uncaring. He should be relieved of duty. Then he should be fired. Then he should be sued. If this happened to my sweet pit bull I can’t say what I would do.

  • Gerry Spence would have a field day at trial with this case.

    The legal fiction of qualified immunity protecting public officials from personal liability in civil suits has had a big impact.

  • The officer could have remained in his vehicle and used his loudspeaker to address Ms Woods and instruct her to restrain her dog. This seems like an inappropriate use of force, especially because he fired towards an occupied car- not even during a traffic stop, but a WELFARE CHECK.

    It would likely be in the officer’s best interest to pay for the damages as a “couresty” to avoid more outrage from the community.

    • yep you nailed it!

    • You think the officer would have cared if he shot the owner too, or that he would get in trouble? Firing at occupied vehicles seems to be a trend lately, and you’re talking about an officer perfectly happy to commit murder.

    • Through all this, that is exactly how I would have done it. If I got out of my vehicle and saw a dog barking, I would have kept my distance and retreated to the car. You see a dog, keep your distance and use other means to have the owner restrain her dog. It would be different if this was a felony stop… But it was a welfare check. The officer should and could have handled it much different with a non aggressive ending. I feel terrible for the owner.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Get back in your car, officer. He should have to pay for everything, and add some for her emotional distress. Dumb ass.

    • Poor cop. All those shots just because he was scared to get bitten by a dog. Don’t let him wear a uniform during Halloween because he might just shoot everyone. [edit]

    • Firefighters wife

      Did the cop even see her?

  • So seven shots wasn’t overly aggressive? Give me a fucking break… Cops are way to trigger nervous anymore…. They rather shoot first…. Hell we were pulled over for the tint on my windows and when we questioned the cop he backed away and put his hand on his fucking gun and called for backup. .. We were not aggressive…. Trigger happy asshole…. He then made us sit there for 45 minutes to run our id’s…. Bullshit when none of us have records. .

  • Cops being cops. Bullies with badges.

    • bullets with badges

    • Triniboldticino

      [edit]sue the shit out of he and the CHP. What the FUCK has happened to civility and common sense in America? Militarized police. Cute. Time to jump on a boat and drift the fuck away until common sense returns.

  • I am so appalled and outraged by this action done by the CHP to murder of beautiful animal like Chloe could have been handled in ,so many different ways other than shooting 7 times at a occupied vehicle . the worthless cops are getting way out of hand rest in peace beautiful Chloe ,so sorry for your loss ms wood .

    • Yep. Once again, the only problem was that a cop got involved, and there wouldn’t have been any problem otherwise.

      I hope the asshole that called the police reads this. Never, fucking EVER call the police around here unless you think everyone, possibly including yourself, should be murdered. Even if it’s a bad situation, chances are they’ll just make it worse.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Just because she trusts the dog around people, animals, and children- doesn’t mean a parent would.

    She knows nothing of the events leading to the event, passed out in the car after not looking her best from being jumped by two girls.

    RP may have an entirely different story than her not looking her best and saying she’s okay.

    More to this story, but the message is don’t free range your dog.

    Any free range dog comes around my child runs the risk of a ticket off the planet.

    If you’re passed out free ranging your dog, it’s no longer under your control and don’t whine that a stranger doesn’t have a background check on your bulldog.

    Take care of your animals, people are fed up with aggressive looking free range dogs and our safety means more than your lack of care.

    Cry to someone else, I don’t care about your dog I have larger concerns.

    • get off your fuckiNN HIGH CHUMP HORSE

      • DO NOT FEED THE TROLL!!! Just ignore the CHUMP!!!!! We’re ALL hoping if we ignore him long enough he’ll get bored & leave us in PEACE instead of having to read his ridiculous rants about Devil’s Lettuce etc!!!

    • I wholeheartedly agree CHUMP. I hate when people say their dog is not aggressive, so it gives them license to just let it run loose. Reality is you don’t know how a dog will react to certain stimuli, past behavior is no guarantee in an animal. They can get spooked or set off by something and all that training is out the window.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        It’s not my dog, how am I supposed to know your herd of free range pitbulls are friendly?

        It’s not my responsibility!

        My responsibility is protecting my child, period.

        Good advice is don’t free range your dogs around my child or chickens.

        Control your dog or face the realities of people that don’t want to be bothered.

        • No childern or other people involved [edit]. Im tired of your hateful garbage[edit].

        • The dog in question the one the CHP ASSASSINATED was NOT A PIT BULL, [edit]!!!![edit] LOOK at the PICTURE the dog id clearly NOT A PIT!!!!

        • Veterans friend

          Your child is a CHP officer? You must be very proud. [edit]

        • sorry about your dog but if you don’t want your dogs shot take care of them. why is this so hard to understand. you cant let your dog run free with out supervision. there are consequences. its not only the law but its not fair to the dog. a dog doing her job and got let down by her owner. and now she is dead. just another example of people blaming others for there problems. look after your animals and this wont happen. if im out and a big dog i don’t know comes after me or my family im doing what ever is necessary to protect my self and family and my animals. we have live stock.if we see strange dogs on our land we shoot on sight. law of the where land as far back as i remember.

      • You as an adult raising a child should have conquered your insecurity so you can teach him or her to not approach said wandering dog. People like you are ignorant and scared of the unknown. If any bear, wolf, lion, racoon, fox walks by are you going to shoot it too? All pose a threat. Animals have walked this land far before us. Learn to live among them, respect them. But go now, lock yourself in your little glass world. Life is rough. Cops also react terribly due to certain stimuli; similar to being scared of a dog like you are.

    • I put my money on what the RP said had a play in what happened. probably just as delusional as you. I had my neighbor call the FD and state “he set the forest on fire” when in fact it was a warming fire contained in a concrete block fire pit. the FD, cal-fire and the jumper crew from 45 minutes away were fairly mad but not at me.

    • chump two days in a row i agree with you. i might be in the matrix i have had problems with dogs running free. its not ok. out where i live stray dogs get shot. look after your dogs and this wont happen.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Just put them done as quietly as possible.

        If the owners cared it wouldn’t be all up in your scene disturbing things.

        I’m long past caring or crying over stray dogs.

        As property owners we have a Right to peace and quiet.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          Your argument doesn’t even relate to this story chump. The dog was not stray, the dog and the owner were parked on a public street ( not your private property), there was no mention of any child, etc etc. So as usual you are just leaking your moronic ideas all over this thread.

          For someone crying about not wanting to be bothered and preaching about his right to peace and quiet you sure do spend a lot of time bothering me and you seem to never give any peace and quiet to any story on this site. Why don’t you and your chickens go to your private property and Fuck Yourselves!

    • And I could care less about YOU. Your statement says everything. Even if you agree with the officer’s representation that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t care that a life was lost. You really are a CHUMP!

    • First time ever I agree with chump. Too many idiots out there with aggressive dogs.

      • Emily im with you. my mom and daughter got attacked by so called nice dogs that the neighbor just let run all over. first time they went after someone he says. he doesn’t know what they do when there out and about. trying going to the beach is impossible. the girls i know that run with there dogs have to carry spray and a stick to deal with free running dogs on the beach. its a shame. how about a $1000 fine or pull peoples license . that will stop a bunch of this. a drunk driving in the 1968 was $300 and no one cared. they care now. price went up. think same would work with dogs.


    • GO AWAY CHUMP!!!!

    • The only thing almost as disturbing as this story is learning that Chump has offspring. That poor kid.

    • American Patriot

      Let’s FLIP THE NARRATIVE, and place YOU at the scene…now, tell everybody what YOU should have done!
      THE FUCKING COP CRIMINALLY FIRED HIS WEAPON…ENDANGERED the entire area, firing SEVEN SHOTS, and NOT UNDER PROPER CONTROL…one entered the vehicle, passed through the door of the car, ALMOST KILLING THE DRIVER…yeah, nice work officer [edit]!
      Go on, support these murderous bastards, maybe YOUR pet will be shot in front of you…then tell us what you think.
      To be honest, crap like this MUST BE STOPPED TODAY!

      Constitutionally, no employee was ever granted any rights, not even civil rights…

  • Carolea Goodwin

    The dogs barking was obviously an indication that the dog was doing just what a dog is supposed to do. The officers actions however reflect something entirely different don’t they!!!

  • Yet another example of the police around here doing harm, instead of good. How much more of this are we going to put up with? Good thing Linfoot wasn’t there too, or the dog’s owner would be on the ground next to the dog. We shouldn’t keep tolerating “shoot first, ask questions later”.

    • American Patriot

      Employeesd have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, and NONE should be carrying ANY weapon…they are SERVANTS, and no damn servant gets to use assault, murder and threat to order their masters around…NO MORE EMPLOYEE TERRORISM!! STOP BOWING TO HIRED HELP…NO rights, no legal authority, and NEVER ina capacity that is superior to the people they were HIRED TO SERVE!!


  • A lot of people commenting here without knowin any solid facts. Just because the owner states the dog was barking, doesn’t mean the dog didn’t charge the officer. I’ll tell you right now, cops pull up on situations and never know what to expect. If a dog is charging me, I’m going to shoot it. 7 shots is actually a pretty disciplined officer IF, and only IF the dog was charging him. Most people unload a full magazine during their first shooting without realizing it. I’ve seen a man get shot 12 times and still charge de to adrenaline. In my opinion, if the dog was just barking, no charge towards officer, no lunging towards him, then the cop should have just stood ground and given verbal commands. If the dog charged him, it’s a clean shoot, well justified. Since none of us know, sounds like even the dog owner didn’t see, unless the cop has dash cam or body cam footage, it comes down to he said she said.

    • If the dog is charging at you, maybe you should get the fuck out of there? The officer wasn’t responding to a crime in progress with a dangerous suspect, and could have retreated to his vehicle. The officer’s presence was unwanted and unneeded, and he had absolutely no justification whatsoever for forcing his way into the scene with violence. That, of course, is assuming the dog was actually attacking him – most adoption places test dogs very well for temperament, and a dog that randomly attacks people wouldn’t be put up for adoption.

      I hope the dog’s owner sues both the officer and the CHP, one for actually committing the murder, the other for telling officers that’s it’s perfectly OK to use lethal force every time you feel threatened by anything or anyone.

      By your logic, it’s perfectly OK to wander around bothering people who don’t want you around, and shooting their dogs if they object to you doing this. If you have no need to be there, you can’t justify use of violence, under any circumstances, to be there.

      • i wish they would shoot more of them and put the owners in jail. im sick of these people and there stupid service dogs. takec are of your dogs. its you falt they get killed

        • Maybe if you learned how to spell someone would take you seriously, as it stands right now you look like just another Troll that can’t spell worth SHIT!!!

        • I hope some day YOU have to rely on a Service Dog, (editt)
          Then we will see what your attitude is then!!!!

          • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

            Service dog or emotional support animal?

            Service dogs act aggressive, eat chickens, and trespass?

            You sound like a greenhorn that feels like it’s fine to free range your pitbull unsupervised and see nothing wrong with your animal making others uncomfortable.


            What else does one expect will happen to a free range aggressive looking dog unsupervised, barking at people that don’t know it?

      • Too much for a COP to think about they ALL seem to think SHOOT FIRST, then sort out the facts of the matter!!!!

      • All the cop knew was it was a call for service to check welfare of a person, if that’s how it was reported. He was within every right to check out the situation, and he had not even had a chance to speak with the person in the car. All of what you say is moot. Not to mention that it’s not very easy to outrun a dog depending on location, how close it already was, et . I feel you are just complaining to complain. As I said, if the officer just felt like shooting a dog, he’s in the wrong. But, if he felt that he was in danger, and couldn’t remove himself from the situation, he was completely justified. Cops don’t come to work to get hurt, it’s a job just like any other. People attempt to hard these days to find wrongdoing when it comes to police. I say let the cops take a week off and what happens happensX see how THAT goes for yaall, eh?

        • If I feel I’m in danger, I don’t respond by shooting everything in sight. I’d quickly go to jail if I did this. “I might be in danger” is not justification for “I should kill others to prevent this danger” unless that danger is of an immediate, certain, possibly lethal variety. And even if the danger is immediate, certain, and possibly lethal, you’ll still have a major legal hassle on your hands of you use lethal force if there was any other possible option, such as retreating. Unless you’re a cop. Then you can just shoot whomever and whatever you want, whenever you want, for any reason.

        • Mail carriers don’t come to work to get hurt either, but they don’t get to shoot every dog that barks at them. Dogs bark to alert, in the majority of dogs, that’s all it is… It’s an alert. If I’m driving up to an unknow car/situation. I’m not going to jump out of the car and hurry up to something I haven’t carefully took the time to access the surrounds. The dog would have heard the officer and been barking very quickly, in which GE could have addressed Mrs Woods to restrain her dog. There is no need to rush a non emergency situation.
          I do agree we are listening to an emotional perspective of the victim… Rightfully emotional, but so far it doesn’t sound much in favor for the officer. I’ve been around unknown dogs my entire life and I honestly can’t say I’ve ever been scared for my life or the possibility of grave danger by a dog ever. The ones that acted aggressive were dealt with fairly easily with some common scene and not panicking.
          I hope a dash cam or body cam comes out on this. If the dog full on charged him when he was far from cover, I totally understand his actions. If it’s almost anything besides that, there would have been far better options if some care would have been taken on his approach.

      • Bushtails I am not condoning or condemning the actions of the chp officer, but that being said that is the dumbest comment I have ever read. And I have read allot of chumps.

      • American Patriot

        Who’s NEXT?
        What CHILD needs to DIE for PLAYING IN A PARK?
        How many PETS need to be SHOT DEAD IN THEIR OWN YARDS?

        If the people stand up, rise up and MAKE them stop,[edit] then the GAME CHANGES, and WE CAN REGAIN THE POWER WE LEGLLY HAVE, and FORCE THEM TO ADAPT OR DIE…NO EXCUSES….[edit]
        FEAR US, or GET OUT!

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      The owner was passed out after being jumped by two girls….

      1) she saw nothing

      2) she’s got trouble

      3) she didn’t control her dog

      Blah blah blah…

      Aww man, it was the sweetest scary looking dog ever, kind brother…


  • Poor doggo 🙁

  • Ive seen countless stray dogs in my time in humboldt and, not a single one has ever been shot. Yet the dog that has an owner that cares, even if her life ISNT perfect, gets killed out of fear. Cops are equipped with a pistol, a tazer, and mace. There can always be an alternate route besides pulling and firing your weapon. Especially in a neighbor hood and an occupied vehicle. That cop is lucky one of those bullets didnt hit miss wood as well. Talk about a law suit.

    And hey C.H.U.M.P [edit] Kym needs to boot your ass off this website. There were no other people or children involved. The guy who called for the welfare check seemed genuinely concered about this person. I dbout if he knew this cop was 1 was a scared [edit] 2 trigger happy asshole and 3 an absolutely terrible shot.. 7 shots and STILL didnt kill his target… he wouldnt have made that call.

    So crawl under that honey dew bridge and ask for a toll. [edit]

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Your delusional vision of the story distorts what you read in my above comment that triggered you, grasshopper.

      Please reread and apologize.

      • I wont apologize to the likes of you CHUMP. All you do is spew garbage and hatred on this site every single day. Im sick of it. Garunteed if we were face to face… you wouldnt say shit. Youre a coward that hides behind your online alias.

      • It would be nice if you ever for once have anything positive to say. You rag on day after day. Although people do have different opinions, which I like to hear, you really deplete the quality of this site with your constant negativity. Is there anything good about life?

      • I’ll apologize for all of them, Mr. Chump. They respond to you like they are very insecure and need to bully. They are the trolls. But they won’t see that. Probably because they are deluded by drug use, defending their ever-decreasing circle of reasoning with excuses and distractions. Many of us appreciate your candid comments on this blog! You have brought fresh breath to the many of us who have had to endure the constant drug-addled lies and obfuscations. They are attacking you? Good! That means they are afraid- and just about to lose! You keep on truckin’, my friend!

        • Talking to yourself again CHUMP???!!!!

          • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

            Keep telling yourself I’m the only one out there fed up with these last waves of growhounds.

            Tell yourself that, act it, and maybe we’ll see your face and scene in a story here.

            You young ones are nothing but a little mud on the tire.

        • I just jumped the watchman
          Right outside the fence
          Took his ring, four bucks in change
          Now ain’t that heaven-sent?

    • I don’t bother responding to anything he says. He just makes whatever argument he thinks is going to piss off the most people. Don’t feed the trolls. 🙂

    • Agreed 250%!!!!!!

    • Truth. Alternative methods. Dogs come at all of us…a pitt bull came at me when I was jogging and I have friends who ride bikes and dogs come at them and we don’t carry guns just in case.

      Our officers are not well trained in this country.

  • The dog was probably on high alert considering her owner didn’t have a home and was injured. I often pull into secluded areas and allow my dog to “free range”(supervised at all times of course). It’s one of the benefits of living in a rural county. My dog is my world and I cannot imagine the trauma and horror she she must have felt. Already down on ur luck and then they shoot her best friend. Make her move her bleeding dog multiple times and wait to get her to medical care. SHAME ON YOU!! Completely heartless. What was wrong with the Fortuna Hey? Drive an hour to Arcata. This broke my heart

    • After five, it is my understanding that Sunnybrae is the only vet available for emergency care.

      • Good to know for future reference. Thanks Kym. The only thing that concerns me is the dog was shot at 4:30. She should have been rushed immediately. Laying there suffering puts a horrible image in my mind.

        • American Patriot

          CHARGE THE DEPARTMENT WITH cruelty AND lock the entire building staff up!!
          SHOOT FIRST, THINK LATER, or NEVER, as this case proves.
          Open fire, and seven rounds..almost hitting the driver, punched a hold in the door…nice job of SPRAY AND PRAY there officer shit-for-brains!
          Add attempted murder to his charges…destruction of property, assault, battery , murder of a pet. discharging a weapon without legal justification, wasting taxpayer resources, criminal waste of public resources, felony assault with intent…
          Probably have a few federal charges as well, like USC TITLE 18.


      • It is!!! I had an emergency situation with my wife’s dog, he tangled with a Dobie & he was a Fox Terrier!!! I live in Bridgeville but had to go all the way to Sunny Brae for treatment for the mutt, who unfortunately passed anyway!!!

  • Nice….Spray bullets all over the place and wonder if a bystander was hit!!!!!How about you sit in your car for a moment to assess the situation? Trigger happy SOB! What the hell is the matter with you? Shoot my dog like this and you won’t get off so easy!!!!!! Some “welfare check”!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sit in your car for a minute….seriously what is with these cops…no more sugary donuts and decaf from now on. Wasn’t like he was cornered alone with the dog with no other means of protection. This is heartbreaking. Oh and that is what it is like to be a male person of color.

  • Yeah you were not ok my son is who called and you were slumped over the steering wheel and did not respond and your dog tried to go after him also. So guess he could if let you be huh. Sorry about the dog that does suck thi.

    • It STILL DOES NOT justify the SHOOTING of the dog!!! He could have used Mace or his Taser, instead he chose to fire his service weapon at an OCCUPIED VEHICLE, then & only then does he inquire as to her health!!!

      • How do you know? Were you there? Yaall seem to be heavily opinionated when you don’t have a clue what actually occurred.

        • nasty they dont know. they just like to see there stuff in print. they are a special group. yes they know everything. just ask them or disagree with the norm on here and they will get you back on track. they are entertaining

        • Enough has been stated in this article to determine it was reckless and excessive force..murder of a companion animal. The officer was not cornered alone in a dark alley and that dog isn’t tall enough to attack the officers jugular and the officer had many other means available to protect himself and proactively protect everyone at the scene.

      • American Patriot

        Yes, spray and pray worked out well for him, the dog dies, almost assassinated the woman, and was NOT the least concerned until AFTER he sprayed the area with bullets….FUCKING RETARD!!

    • Thank you, I have had problems with several people’s dogs over the years, one went so far as attempting to attack a child on my property and the owner of the dog swore up and down his dog would never do such a thing. You can not leave a dog unattended, let alone unsupervised

    • But we’d miss you so much!

    • So your son is now partially responsible for the death of an animal, and serious emotional trauma to an innocent person who got to watch her companion die. I hope you’re proud of him. Maybe tell him to mind his own fucking business before he gets anyone or anything else killed?

      NEVER FUCKING CALL THE COPS AROUND HERE. Or most other places, really. They’re just as likely to make a situation worse as they are to make it better. What do you think they would have done to help? Put her on a 5150 hold for being distraught? That’ll help! They don’t provide medical or mental help, so calling them when you think someone might need one of these won’t accomplish anything. There is no possible way calling the police could have improved the situation. The best possible outcome would have been nothing happening, and everything else is downhill from there.

      • Agreed. 5150s are a sad sad sad joke….a doorway in an abyss of zero assistance and mandatory pharmaceuticals.

  • NotBitterButBetter

    So, let me get this straight. Another person was able to approach the car without being intimidated by this dog, have a conversation with the dogs owner and leave with no fear, but the trained officer couldn’t pull that off without emptying a clip into the dog, car and who knows where? And, the dog is deemed to be “aggressive” and dangerous?

  • Does CHP have Dash Cams? Pretty sure they do. Kym, I suggest following up on obtaining that video footage. That would be some story to break.

    • I too would be curious as to what the officer’s Dash Cam shows if it was even on???!!! That seems to be a convenient excuse my cam wasn’t on!!! Whether or not it’s intentional which it seems to be, since more times than not it’s questionable situations such as this & Martin’s Ferry Bridge incident that brings on this lapse in procedure!!!! It’s enough to make me go Hmmm!!!!

  • What if it had been a police dog and someone had shot it -they would be in jail for murder . That was one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met . It’s criminal what that cop did. SAFETY CHECK MY ASS!!

  • What if I found you chump walking around my property and I just shot you and had your wife watch you die. It be ok cause your just a human and there’s plenty of you around.

    • That sounds like the BEST IDEA EVER on dealing with the CHUMP!!!

      • I know you really don’t have a mean bone in your body. Just ignore these heartless scumbags comments. It’s easy. This story puts everything in perspective.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      1) I’m from the old school with manners and respect others.

      2) Odds are I wouldn’t even want to be on your property because it reeks of dope, has giant trash piles, rats everywhere, and mosquito in the mud puddles of where a nice creek once held wild trout.

      Think about all that, because I’m probably correct just gauging you from your post.


      It’s illegal for drug addicts to have a firearm.

  • Officer responds to a call for a welfare check, condition of subject unknown. Encounters aggressive dog preventing approach to vehicle. Has this dog attacked the subject in the vehicle? The officer had no way of knowing. I can’t imagine any other outcome than what the Officer did to determine the condition of the subject. The responsibility to control the dog lies solely on the owner of the dog. Why was it off leash?

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.


      • i have friends that are cops. they all have bad dog stories . cops get shot at and attacked all the time. too i went to school with got killed on the job. another got attacked by a big dog and lost the use of his hand and his career. so this cop should put his life and career on the line for someone whos breaking the law. ya sure. she should be fined for having the dog unintended

        • American Patriot

          What ‘law’ was being broken’ in THIS scenario?
          Dog off the leash?
          NO LAWS…it MIGHT be an ORDINANCE violation but NOT A DAMN LAW….KNOW the DIFFERENCE!
          Stupid cop acted ;like a TERRORIST…READ the story first!


    • The cop suddenly was unable to drive his vehicle alongside the reported vehicle? Unless I’m unaware I think people can let their dogs out of the vehicle.

      • You don’t jus drive up on a vehicle, leaving yourself exposed to danger, to do a welfare check. I’m so sick of people who’ve never been in a combat situation, that line of work, or anything next to it talking like they know wtf to do. 90 % of the comments on here are spoken with no knowledge.

        • BULLSHIT!!!!!

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          Exactly, but drug addicts have no sense of the real world and would never grasp your comment.

          Dope is good, non drug addicts are bad in their reality.

        • American Patriot

          Know WHO you are talking about first, we all come from a wide range of backgrounds, and many are NOT willing to brag about it….

      • @Nasty
        So a welfare check immediately puts a cop in a combat situation? Jesus. If officers are that paranoid and on edge all the time, maybe a career change is in order? By all means assess situations as you approach a ‘scene.’ As a police officer you are depended upon to act decisively in really shitty situations, and also be able to control situations from escalating. But according to you driving by a vehicle that was reported for a welfare check immediately makes a cop fear for his life? That person should not be allowed to serve as an officer. That person should realize they don’t have the mental well being and self control to calmly operate in that field with a firearm. Please go ahead and say ‘walk in their shoez!’ Well I won’t because I know I wouldn’t be the right person for the job, which hopefully this guy also comes to conclude. This officer needs to go sit at a desk for awhile. And if he is that afraid to approach a vehicle, call for backup. Call animal control. Otherwise look for a different job where shooting things isn’t the Go to solution.

        • I feel trying to discuss these type of things with people on here does no good, yet I cannot resist posting anyhow. If a vehicle is by itself at the end of a road or pull off, a distress call (welfare check can mean many things) comes through, officer by himself checking the situation… sees at least one individual in the car and a dog outside, given the heightened issues of violence against police officers as of late from idiots that believe everything they read or hear in the news…. cops DO have to assess situations on the fly. They DO NOT come to work to get shot, jumped, ambushed, mauled by a dog, etc. if the officer parked 20 feet away, got out to approach vehicle, dog charges, cop makes split decision to defend himself.. come on now. As I’ve said in all of my previous statements, he’s in the wrong if the dog did not charge him aggressively. If the dog did, he’s justified, bottom line. No matter what you feely types think. Dan fuller, you know nothing of what you speak on, calling bullshit etc. as law enforcement in this day and age, they never know what to expect. Are they more on edge now? Sure why wouldn’t they be? Look at how all you fucks are acting! Do I care for cops? No, not really. I think that they do a horrible job taking care of crime around here, and put in lackluster effort most of the time. The legal system is broken, in a big way. But so is society. So, given the response seen here, I’m sure that the chp will release a follow up statement. Hopefully they will review dash cam footage. And, if they see the dog charge, cop justified. If dog just barking, bad shoot. Simple.

    • truth.

  • regardless if the shooting was justified(prob not) the bastard LET THE DOG BLEED OUT FOR HALF AN HOUR without getting help BECAUSE OF POLICY!!!! “Let the objective fact finders find the facts and then we’ll weigh this against the policies [to determine whether there was any wrongdoing on the officer’s or on the dog owner’s part.]”OBVIOUSLY COP AT FAULT.

  • Justice for chloe

    Ok that basically ruined my day. So sorry. Poor pup. How traumatic for Lillie wood …very sad outcome. Prayers .

  • This is really sad & my heart is broken for all involved. When the woman from MN was carjacked last week while parked in broad daylight in a redwood grove south of Stafford, the same question was asked by the perp before he ordered her out by gunpoint: “Are you ok?” Sounds caring… but wasn’t, obviously.
    As one who travels with my lab & stops frequently to enjoy the beauty, I was skeptical of the concerned citizen who called LE for a welfare check. I used to appreciate such a gesture but no more.
    Why is Hwy 101 becoming the most unpredictable, crime-ridden, accident-prone, crazy-ass place in the country? 47 years I’ve been traveling it & remember such better times. People, we need to change the course of this journey!

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.


      Greedhorn growers, that’s why.

      They’ll be gone in a few years and mass properties will be in foreclosure.

      Picking up the pieces is what many are waiting for.

  • Theyrr supposed to use pepper spray!! Why the f*ck are we paying all these taxes for “non-lethal” weapons when they rarely use them??!# Why is there no video from body or dash cam???
    The officer definitely should have gone on his loudspeaker first.

    And they wonder why people dont trust the cops and dont want them around. A majority of cases in that cops have responded to ended with a way worse situation than the original call. Usually they escalate the situation and end up killing someone.

    I dont call them anymore, at least a thiefs a thief not a thug in a uniform pretending to help you. Everyone i know has called about break ins to their home have literally gotten no help, even when they had the tools the burglers used.
    People can say im wrong and bad and all that, just wait til you see a cop hurt or kill your loved one and you’ll understand.

    • American Patriot

      We too, have NO USE for employee terrorist police!
      Most are self-indulgent, arrogant pricks and think they know law, when in fact, I have proven time and again, they do not, but will argue they do. IGNORANCE IS A BITCH!
      Employees have this is spades!
      They are HIRED GUNS ONLY, and that is why you no longer see: ‘to serve and protect’ on ANY TAXPAYER OWNED VEHICLES!

  • Justice for chloe

    707-268-200 chp complaint /comment line.

  • I really shouldn’t have read that. A complete nightmare. My heart hurts for this girl.

  • The officer was in the wrong ! That said, no owner of a pet should let the pet run free unless it’s on their property. It’s not only to protect the public, but to protect the pet as well. The woman is at fault also. She was negligent in her duty as a pet owner for passing out while her dog was loose outside. Sorry for the death of a good dog.

    • IF you read the article, it says she was just previous to this incident attacked by two girls in Rio Dell that alone likely caused her to possible lapse in judgment as well as make her pass out!!!

  • This is dog owner! Respectfully agree with all comments made. My goal was for one to not ever have, Chloe, suffer again. She should have been killed if he feared for his life.
    Clearly he was not scared of pulling trigger. Why not one more to end mine & Chloe’s suffering .

    • I am soooooooooooo very very sorry this happened to you. I can’t imagine your pain. I too do not have children and have an American Bulldog that has gotten me through tough times like no other dog I have every had- such a sweet sweet dog and I am in constant fear that if he gets loose he will be shot. Dogs get loose, it happens and has been for thousands of years and the human race has survived. At a dog park a man let his dog attack mine because he doesn’t like “Pitt Bulls”.

      Chloe’s a martyred hero veteran now in the war against ignorance and reckless aggression (apparently the human breed is the most prone to). So very sad about this.

  • Thinking allowed

    There was one thing that could have changed everything that happened- Ms Wood could have accompanied her dog out. She could have had her on a lead.

    I would free bottomlessly traumatized if something like that happened to my dog. Which is why I would have never, ever simply opened the door to let my dog out then got back in the car and shut my door.

    I don’t know what happened. Apparently neither did Ms. Wood as she said she first saw after her dog got shot. And neither does anyone here.

    • True that. Terrible outcome. But if you’re going to nap in public and let your dog out of the car while you do so….at least tie it up on an obvious leash. Dog Ownership 101

      • She was a victim of a beating for God’s sake…stop being so arrogant and high and mighty to assume what you would have or could have done under similar conditions and even if similar conditions you don’t know her background and what she may have already suffered before yet another series of hardships.

      • Human capacity for empathy 101: prerequisite humility and an ability to ask questions, listen oh and consider her condition and conditions.

        • Umm okay but here’s a reality check for you- Now her dog is dead. Because she failed to demonstrate that she was in control of it. I have a non-aggressive, sweet pit bull. I know that I must always demonstrate that I am in control of him in public. He’s a very good dog but public mis-perception being what it is I feel I stand between him and some terrible misunderstanding. It’s not right or wrong- but it is what’s real. So yeah- basic dog ownership 101

  • This is not the first dog [edit]has killed. He stabbed both of my dogs, then went inside to get his gun- shot and killed one of them while they were trying to come home. He sent his CHP neighbor (another piece of entitled trash) after one with a SHOVEL when she was COMING HOME so he could shoot my other dog. He shot his gun within city limits (Fortuna) which is ILLEGAL. His defense? He “had to go get those pits,” despite both dogs not being pit bulls. I was advised not to pursue pressing charges because he would have my recovering dog put down. This was because they started a dog fight with his pathetic yorkie. Completely rational to pull out a knife to breakup a dogfight, right? He is a disgusting excuse for a human, and if you want to hold him accountable for his actions I am more than happy to testify against his unstable mental capacity. He is irrational and ego-driven. He does not deserve to be in a uniform.

    • Wow…this info needs to be widely publicized. Thank you for posting it here. Too often owners of small dogs feel entitled to let them sh!t all over and yap and act badly while other breeds are not allowed to bark without being shot. Apparently excessive reckless aggression is too common in the human breed – particularly those given a license to act on that tendency without consequences.

    • Thank you for sharing! The majority of the population in Humboldt County believe everything they hear from local law enforcement press releases and propaganda! The cops here have a sick sense of privelege and they live their dailey lives believing that they are better and above the rest. It’s an illness and it is growing!

  • bystander comes by. see’s a woman slouched over her steering wheel unresponsive. guy tries to get out of his vehicle but there’s an agressive dog. goes home dials 911. dispatcher calls chp . unresponsive woman in a car and an agressive dog on the loose and charging anyone that comes close. chp arrives detemines the woman may be in need of help. dog charges chp officer. officer pulls his service weapon fires 7 times. cuz he’s a terrible shot. eliminates the threat. chp does a welfare check on the woman to make sure she is good to go.chp finalizes his inspection then goes home with all his fingers and toes.

    what a mess…rip little doggy…. glad no kids were around riding bikes

    • WHY OH WHY, did the officer involved choose to shoot repeatedly at an OCCUPIED vehicle 7 shots, then & ONLY THEN evidently he asks after the woman’s welfare!!! After he just shot up her dog & her vehicle as well!!! Sounds VERY trigger happy to me!!!

    • You forgot the part about CHP arrives on scene sees dog & immediately responds with DEADLY FORCE at an OCCUPIED VEHICLE at that!!!

      • American Patriot

        OUR POWER IS MILLIONS….care to find out what a few hundred thousand pissed off people can do?


    • The lady told the rp that she was ok, and he went and called it in anyways, most likely bot out of concern for her but becauee a homless woman was on his road. The welfare check is just a term they use so that they can skirt peoples rights , the officers intension was to scare her out of there, that is why he shot her dog,

  • I have a six pound mini pinscher, I never let her run free without supervision. This girl let her large bulldog run free outside of her car while she napped with the doors closed. As tragic as this was, if she had control of her dog it would not have been shot.

    • Maybe, maybe not this officer sounds a “bit trigger happy” from where I’m sitting he had other options available such as returning to his vehicle or use Mace or the Taser he should be equipped with, instead he chose to start BLAZING away at an OCCUPIED VEHICLE instead!!!!

      • And that’s the “crime” in the “crime scene.”

      • I am not necessarily a supporter of the police but after having had problems with my neighbors aggressive dogs, you have no idea of the life threatening situation a unsupervised 100lb dog can cause. I do and it is nothing sort of terrifying. As I am writing this my mastif is in his large kennel as I am a responsible dog owner and I could never even think of leaving my dog in that position where I would not be able to immediately intervene.

    • Correction: Back door left open so dog could get out, which it did when CHP came on scene. Tragedy ensued.

      • You are right, I missed that. That does change my opinion, the cop should have associated the dog with the car. I hope his reason for shooting is that that the dog surprised him outside of his car. That makes it his fault for getting himself into that situation.

    • American Patriot

      She was NOT taking a nap…she was JUMPED and ASSAULTED by TWO CRIMINALS JUST MOMENTS PRIOR….READ!!

  • Whatever happened to tasers?

  • Trigger happy fucking CHP. Ice should be charged with killing the dog. If the “regular”- non cop people in CA can be charged with hurting animals, why is it the king cops can’t be charged? She was on a dead end road, and let her dog out for a few min. if the a hole cop was so worried, he should have called out with his loud speaker. what a king whip. he murdered a dog, and will get away with it. cause they never have to be held responsible for anything they do wrong.

  • Ok aggressive (possibly) dog. I know all CHP are required to carry pepper spray and most, if one is available, carry a Tazer. So I do not understand why this Officer went to lethal means when less than lethal options existed.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    If the trigger happy officer had not been trying to sneak up behind this girl in an attempt to catch her doing something illegal this dog would probably still be alive. Just like if the officer who shot George Robbins had of announced that he was law enforcement or turned on his cop lights that shooting could have been avoided also. The sad thing is that this dog will get no justice and this officer will get no punishment. Even though he shot 7 rounds when no crime had been committed. Fuck cops always getting away with murder!

  • Damn fucked up poor dog cops argue with humans for days and call in negotiatiaters he could have gotten back in the car and called out to the lady idk didn’t need to shoot the dog .

    • There are rarely any negotiations involved with law enforcement these days! The majority of shooting incidents that involve law-enforcement in the United States occur with in the first minute of a response! This involves mostly people armed and unarmed usually with out a gun! It is now socially acceptable for cops to shoot befor they ask! Hell half of the officers don’t even announce themselves anymore because they don’t have to! In this situation the driver could have been deaf or ill! It still doesn’t mean that the cop had the right to fear for his life and kill her dog! Nothing will become of the incident! The owner will be left with the bills and the damage to her vehicle! Unless she has funds for a lawyer, nothing will be replaced!

      • Not to mention the fact that there are people wandering pretending to be cops right now, so if you try to question them to find out if they are real or not you stand a good chance of getting shot

  • I m scared of cops can I start shooting them? (Sarcasm)

    • Actually, a judge recently ruled I favor of a black man who ran from cops and ditched his drugs, throwing the drugs out stating the officers wouldn’t have found it if the man hadn’t run. And that the black man ran due to fearing for his safety from cops, given the current political climate regarding police on black shootings recently publicized. How fjcking stupid is that eh?

  • “…..pretty aggressive?” What? At the very least, the vet bills should be picked up by the cop that killed her.

  • “obviously they are trained to go non-lethal first.” Seems to me that LOCAL LEO’s should go through this type of training!!! Maybe if they had better training in NON Lethal methods, we wouldn’t have so MANY officer involved shootings around this county!!!

  • Everyone is so concerned about the dog and nobody has mentioned that the cop shot the car, twice. He should be fired just on that alone.

  • Take that fools gun away from him and give him a desk job where he belongs.
    Better yet, put him to cleaning the latrines.

  • When I travel with my G Shepard, I often pull off the main road to let her out and throw a stick or ball for her; and so she can ‘do her thing’. Don’t blame her for letting her dog out for a bit. The officer should have announced himself behind his open door before ever approaching her car. At that point, if the dog made moves toward him, he could have gotten back in his vehicle and the girl could have called her dog. Situation under control and everyone, and the dog, are safe.

  • Thinking allowed

    And everyone of these things the dog owners should never say has been said by the owner or one of the police haters.

    • Even if we assume the dog was being aggressive (I don’t make that assumption, but let’s run with it), that still doesn’t mean the dog was doing anything wrong. Her human was passed out after being attacked. Most non-toy dogs aren’t stupid, and will know something is wrong when their humans are upset. She may well have been being a good dog and trying to protect her human from an unknown threat. And she was murdered for it.

      The problem is that officers are trained to respond with lethal force to any perceived or imagined threat, even in situations where the hypothetical reasonable person would have not have perceived a threat. Shoot first, ask questions later.

      As to being a police hater… I hate murderers. I hope you do too. They’re even worse than child molesters, or whatever other evil you want to pick. Right now, this country’s police force has a serious murderer issue. Did you hear the one a couple weeks ago where a cop simply decided to kill the woman who made the 911 call when she walked up to the responding car and tapped on the window? These things ARE NOT OK. People like you who make excuses for murderers like them are why this is allowed to continue.

      • Thinking allowed

        It isn’t a matter if the dog ‘doing wrong.’ It is a matter of the dog being a threat to the safety of a person. If the dog charged out, barking aggressively, the police (any rational human for that matter) would be looking to protect himself. If the dog just stood still, barking, then the police did not need to protect himself unless there was further action by the dog.

        All this going back and forth with no facts is what is wrong. Dogs can kill so what the dog did does matter and can’t rationally be ignored. People who assume the police was wrong have no information to base it on. People who assume the police did nothing wrong have nothing to base it on.

        The only thing that is sure is that the owner ‘opening the back door’ – her own words- so the dog could go in and out unsupervised then getting into the car and shutting the door on herself was wrong. Everything else is speculation. Mostly based on flaming emotionalism and assuming what pleases them. In fact some people seem to be feeding their innate hostility with creating scenarios based on nothing real at all. They egg each other on and on to ever more outrageous statements and irrationality. They form an online mob.

  • Wow. I’m literally speechless… If we can’t trust officers who can we trust? Just disturbing

    • Naive, much? Trusting officers is like trusting politicians: naive!

    • Trust no one but yourself, no one else is responsible for your saftey. That is a fact even police officers are not responsible for your saftey but for their own, that is a fact. They are not allowed to act in your behalf for your saftey according to the us supreme court rulings. Think about that.

      • American Patriot



        Tamir Rice was playing in a park, and an EMPLOYEE COP JUST HAD TO GUN THE CHILD DOWN….
        12 years old…….DEAD BY COP!

  • Kym, you’ve lost control of this blog’s comments sections to trolls.

    You know that person does not give a damn about anything they write. Not all of the readers/commentors get that, and they feed the nonsense.
    The nonsense fills the comments section. I’ve said all of this before and it only gets worse.

    You handled the henchman nonsense. Please, handle this crap for the sake of the sane readers and commentors.

    Thank you.

    • It does distract; discussion hi-jacked.

    • An “ignore button” would help. But I can ignore the losers manually!

      • This thread is filled with b.s. troll posts and naive responses to the troll/s:
        i.e. the troll is getting what they want: attention and a derailed thread.

        The worst one has admitted more than once, they consider their posts “satire”.
        It is not satire. It’s trolling. Clearly designed to foment discord and inflame emotions. That is the only purpose and it’s succeeds here at RHBB because it’s tolerated and, at least once, encouraged.

  • Dogs should always be under control. No excuses.
    Cops are never under control.

    • There are known techniques to deal with dogs that seem aggressive, but it is always the dog owner’s responsibility to be in control of their dog-no matter what. Part of education during 12 years of school should be teaching people how to be responsible with animals, especially dogs. And during Police schools, it should be mandatory that they learn how to stay calm& defuse a dog before shooting as a first option. So sad…

  • What if that woman was diabetic and had passed out while letting her dog out to take a shit or piss on the side of the road. If you can’t deal with a dog you shouldn’t be a cop. He wasn’t serving a warrant. Any human with any common sense or situationally awareness would get back in the vehicle. Reasses the situation and come up with a legitimate option for dealing with the dog. Fireman and ems don’t shoot dogs to gain access to scene. This cops just a moron who’s lucky he didn’t kill that woman when he fired into her vehicle.

  • Another 100 pound dog loose. I would have pulled my gun too. Owners take no responsibility. It isn’t the dogs choice whether to bite or not. I don’t allow dangerous dogs to make such choices but a lot of pathetic owners do. She owes the cop a box of new ammo ; )

    • Sorry Dan but this isn’t going to happen! The only training local law enforcement get is the simple and basic academy at College of the Redwoods! It’s true that CHP do receive a little more training but it’s proof in the past 3 years that the majority of training provided is how to shoot! The CHP primarily recruit veterans and there are many problems with the majority of veterans returning from combat, they like to shoot and over react! They don’t cover very much Behaviorial analysis in the basic acadamies because the majority of the student reqruits don’t have the IQ ability to pass the courses! I hope more people become interested enough to pay attention to the law enforcement problem because this is not going away soon! Current politics are building up a bigger arsonal and will not be promoting stand down or diffusing techniques!

      • If they are taught how to shoot or are all former military wtf did it take 7 rounds to just wound a dog ? I was in the military, your comment about most military not having iqs or having serious mental issuses is a disgrace. And btw every former and current military member i know can hit to kill with a 9mm at 50 plus yards with one or 2 shots, but hey what do i know

      • @ hoopa mom. Are you serious? Show me a solid statistic about veterans bering trigger happy on the force. [edit] it offends me, as a veteran, to see your assumption. Stop speaking out of your ass. I’ve had plenty of training and believe it or not, but most of the training is on how to diffuse situations, deal with the public, don’t shoot unless shot at first kind of trainings. What you say is absolute bullshit. Also, why do you say intelligence is lacking in veterans? I happen to have a documented I.q. Of 145, run two legal businesses and have a family. I’m only 30. I was combat arms MOS and I had a 98 on my ASVAB. My line scores were all great. I know a ton of folks in the service that were just as intelligent, if not more, than I. What do you have against service members?

  • Out of control, [edit] He could of killed the girl firing so recklessly during this “welfare” check. If I would have done this I would have been arrested. This [edit] will suffer ZERO consequences except for maybe a paid vacation. These[edit] need serious untraining. YOU ARE A PEACE OFFICER sworn to uphold the constitution asshole. It is your duty to serve and protect. You guys fucking suck and this is one of the many reasons so many people hate you. I am no liberal either.

  • If you need to rest by the roadside, and you have a dog, be sure it is leashed, walk the dog, put it back in the car with you. If you want to let it rest in the shade, tie it up, with water and food, and be sure it can’t get tangled up or into mischief, before you lay down for your nap. There is a leash law in every county in the state, the only thing I have seen allowed to free range are cattle…
    Around my area, loose, stray or free ranging dogs are shot by the local cattle ranchers.

  • dogs are better than humans

  • Yes, Silkentek: Loose, stray or free ranging dogs often are shot by local cattle ranchers. A dog running loose is like a loaded gun that can go off at any time. When will people realize their dogs are animals, and most owners shouldn’t own a dog, because they don’t take responsibility. Silkentek is right, in California there are leash laws. For every damn dog.

    I couldn’t believe when my local hillbilly grocery store was and is allowing “service animals” (which is 99% bullshit) to enter the store without a leash. What I told them was that the animal isn’t a service animal, and I don’t give a shit if it is, no animal is to be off a leash! Service animals especially !

    People, you think under the guise you have to accommodate service animals – you don’t as business owners or business customers have to accommodate a dog interfering with your business. LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT PEOPLE: Service animals cannot interfere with anyone else’s business. Get it? NO DOG has any right whatsoever to touch me or anyone, unless I or they have granted permission.

    You hay barbers should buy guns, not animals, for your “security.”

    • Go ahead and deny my service dog entry to your establishment, i beg you , i jave lawyers and will own not only your place but you by the time they are done with it. Many service dogs are trained as something than seeing eye dogs some of the tasks they are depended on to preform require them to be off leash.

      • [edit] fuck these so called service dogs and the there owners too. i have had problems with them in restaurants and stores. at best its rude and annoying to say the least. have some respect for yourself and stop being a jerk. take a 60 second break from your dog. know one thinks its cool to bring a dog in a restaurant.

        • You try to f my dog , please try, some service dogs are used to warn of impending medicial problems, some are there simply because people are worry about folks like you that want to preform sexual acts on them or their dogs .

  • The force used was completely uncalled for. The owner could easily have been killed.
    Non lethal weapons are a much better solution and a FIRST & only approach!
    All expenses and repairs should be covered by the department or the State.
    Replace Car , dog, any costs for therapy…
    Officers should be on animal care duty for as long as it takes to get better perspective on BRAINS OVER BULLETS!!!

  • This is because the assault of officers killing dogs is a very sad, common occurrence!

    Dr. Seuss for cops:

    You shall not kill the people’s dogs
    You shall not kill them like they’re hogs
    You shall not kill them with a gun
    You shall not kill them one by one.
    You shall not kill them on patrol
    You shall not kill them in their homes
    You shall not kill them when they roam

    You shall not kill them, do you hear?
    Or should we grab you by the ear
    And drag you squalling down the hall
    And make you watch them as they fall
    We’ll make you watch the children cry
    As they scream in horror while it dies

    We’ll make you listen all the time
    To the ruined lives you leave behind
    We’ll make you watch their agony
    And loop their screams endlessly
    We’ll make them echo in your head
    All day, all night when you’re in bed
    Until you learn your lesson well
    You shall not put citizens through hell

    Do you hear us, coward cops?
    Do you know the screaming never stops?
    The parents hear it every night
    As the children struggle with their plight
    Your selfish actions ruin lives
    Sorrow and fury all that survives
    Obey the law, uphold your oath
    Courage and compassion, you need both

    Stop killing dogs! Stop, we say
    You shall not kill them every day
    You shall not kill them out of fright
    You shall not kill them every night
    You shall not kill the people’s pets
    You shall not silence us with your threats

    You shall not kill the people’s dogs
    You shall not kill them like they’re hogs
    You shall not kill them with a gun
    You shall not kill them one by one.
    You shall not kill them on patrol
    You shall not kill them in their homes
    You shall not kill them when they roam.

  • No matter what the situation was, he was wreck less with his weapon. He could’ve shot the girl. This whole story is ridiculous. Now we have an already traumatized girl, traumatized again. She should be HEAVILY compensated. It won’t bring back her BEST FRIEND, but it’ll help in alot of other ways!!! This is very sad. And Hoopa mom , I love your Dr. Suess poem. Lol

  • charles engebretson

    All this outpouring for a dog…a 90+ year old man was beaten to death by sheriffs and everyone says squat….sorry you lost your dog…somebody’s grandpa got murdered by cops for unarmed old man slammed to the ground and left there to die…then they took the cuffs off of him and called the ambulance and said he was released and was walking away to cover their murder..yeah the dog prolly barked..[edit] with a gun got scared

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I think you need to speak to a lawyer from out of the area. Charles my deepest sympathy to you and your family. I have seen how ruff the H.C.S.D. Can be…

    • I hadn’t heard of that incident (murder). So very sorry. More publicity needs to get out and stay out in the public and we must demand change. Life as a black man is what I thought when I saw this article…this has gone on so long and they are canaries in the coal mine we all live in.

    • I understand yet I have been finding that the population does not want to deal with reality! I have found that getting people’s attention any way I can will work for a little while! If they find it easier to admit that the death of an animal has occurred then maybe they will open their eyes a little more tomorrow to the hate that is rampant against us! I am not a Caucasian American so my experience is very different than the majority of Humboldt County peeps! I lost a child to law enforcement neglect and I will not stop this fight until more people wake up and feel!

    • Agreed, the incident with the older gentleman as well as the Martin’s Ferry incident & now this makes me wonder just how much of what the cops are telling us is ACTUALLY true???!!!

  • Good thing mailmen don’t carry guns.

    • SPOT ON!!!!!! LOVE YA!

    • Veterans friend

      The good thing is that mailpersons, like most cops, CARRY PEPPER SPRAY. Which is all this cop needed to employ. But he never though of that, went straight for the lethal option.

  • This is what happens when you call the cops.

  • My sympathies for all involved in this tragic incident.
    If the dog were leashed, being a public place, would this have been prevented?
    My heart aches for her, her dog, and for the startled cop. I assume he was walking up to the car, not just standing by his own car which he could have jumped back into for safety while sorting things out.
    Dear Officers, please demand training seminars by local dog trainers. They too, could extend their repertoire to include how to behave around startled, scared, and protective otherwise normal dogs as well as the viscous dogs. We could all us that training.
    Respect the leash laws people! They’re in place for good reason.

    • American Patriot

      There are NO LEASH LAWS…they are simply CITY ORDINANCES!
      People NEED to KNOW the DIFFERENCE!

      • On this site, I don’t allow people to advocate violence which is why many of your comments have been deleted. Please don’t continue to do so as I will have to ban you.

  • Kym time to let chump go you never edit him he has become ugly you should never let him comment on real ilfe storys leave the weed to him where he is just a joke and all know that he is not funny just nasty! GO AWAY chump YOUR DAYS HERE ARE OVER YOUR UGLY SIDE IS SHOWING YOU IN THE LIGHT IS NO GOOD GO BACK TOO YOUR HOLE

    • You don’t see the ones I delete.

    • Why limit his free, STUPID, speech. It’s what makes America great. When you see his username (at least he knows he’s a chump) just skip his dogshit lame comments. It would be a lot different if you met this jerk in person, though.

      • Probably hangs at the Honeydew store drinking beer and popping pills. He most likely makes money off the very industry he spews his nonsense about. We already know he is a hypocrite who grows. He justifies it by not wearing a flat brim hat and driving a Toyota. Probably has diesel spilling out the back of his dodge.

  • A women slumped over her steering wheel and a potentially aggressive dog…. wouldn’t it have been a good procedure for the CHP to use his loudspeaker from a short distance away to ask the woman if she is alright and to please get her dog under control or back in the car, before he approached with a gun? Just a thought.

  • Drug test the police, ha

  • And by the way, Chloe doesnt have teeth.

  • This appears to be the location where this occurred. Notice that there are no homes in the vicinity, so should be a safe place to let a dog out so he could relieve himself.,+CA+95562/@40.4521635,-124.0629311,687m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x54d46d3c5a9ea53b:0xa382b775e05d979!8m2!3d40.4993013!4d-124.1064369

  • Not just shooting the dog unnecessarily but firing at & into an occupied vehicle as well!!! If they call this shooting justified then I KNOW something is rotten!!! But it certainly isn’t exclusive to Denmark !!!

  • Firefighters wife

    From what I read, the girl was in her car and didn’t know that the cop had even pulled up. She said her dog was barking. It was not on a leash. She only got out of the car after it had been shot. So the girl has no idea if the dog was aggressive towards the cop or even went after him. What if a deer ran by and the dog chased it onto the freeway and got hit. Who’s fault then? By standing outside the car and watching the dog,this would not have happened. People, watch your dogs.

    • You didn’t read the location nor what she had just gone through prior so you don’t realize that no matter how responsible a dog owner is there are moments when dogs are not leashed due to owners’ struggles…to err is human and not worthy of immediate death. For most of human history dogs were not leashed and were not shot at for barking…especially old, fat dogs too short to jump up and bite one’s jugular.

  • Firefighters wife

    Also, so sorry this happen.

  • i know ms wood and Chloe quite well and have actually had Chloe stay with me for over a month at one point and she was one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever been around both to people and other animals Chloe was never aggressive that I have ever known she may have been vocal but not aggressive in sure she came out of the vehicle barking but there’s no way she was overly aggressive and I’ve known Lillie for 12 years and one thing she is not is an irresponsible pet owner and I hope they actually look into this because there is no way that Chloe was even capable of the level of aggression that would warrant the officers actions for starters she was bout 15 or 20 lbs overweight and never shy about being lazy lil I’m so sorry this happened and I hope the officer that shot Chloe is removed from duty before someone gets killed by his irrational behavior 7 shots fired? this cop needs a psych evaluation

  • Veterans friend

    Has the name of the mur…I mean officer, been released. He needs to be publicly shamed & shunned.

    • The officer’s name has not been released.

    • The one commenting in the article is the one that violently attacked my dogs. He should also be shamed, shunned, and fired. I assumed he was the one that did this to her as well, but I would not put it past their department to have more than one mentally unstable person on the force. I spoke with one of the canine unit CHP officers after the incident had happened.. they said he is “quirky,” and the only way to get him is to go to the higher ups- out of this county. They really think they can get away with anything, and this needs to change.

  • Excerpts:
    New Zealand police were disarmed for routine work in 1886, following the principle of the British police that: “Constables are placed in authority to protect, not to oppress, the public. For officers to carry guns would not just be unnecessary, he says, “but also antithetical to the values of civil society.”

    US police officers are trained for an average of just 19 weeks. Compare that to police in Norway, who have three years of training before they’re fully qualified.
    “If you only have 19 weeks of training, you’re going to spend those on the most essential things. Unfortunately, in the United States, it’s about what you need to defend yourself. How you’re going to avoid getting hurt,” says Hirschfield. “If you have three years, you can also learn how to protect people, how to avoid these situations from arising in the first place. It fosters a whole different orientation and culture in law enforcement.”
    Police in other countries are generally trained to de-escalate hostile situations and use minimal violence in response to a threat (as evident in the video below of British police responding to a man with a machete.)

    • Thinking allowed

      From the article-
      ‘Of course, in all but Iceland, citizens in these countries generally don’t have access to guns. This means that police are rarely taken by surprise by a firearm. ‘

      Also, formal schooling may be 19 weeks but on-the-job training and probationary periods are longer. Could they use more and could there be more police to be effective? Yes but a certain level of non effectiveness in law enforcement is dear to American hearts. They don’t really want laws imposed on themselves. Just the other guys.

      In many northern European countries obedience to the law is wide spread. In the US it is not. In fact the woman who owned this dog would have not likely been allowed a dog to begin with. Certainly it would have been taken away from her when she was homeless. Keeping things organized has been a fetish in those countries of small, homogeneous populations. A situation that is being changed rapidly at the moment. To their great surprise, multiculturalism is not a neat, orderly road they thought it was.

      • Lets not forget if we are speaking of differances that large groups of multi three letter agencies are also not permitted under the law here yet they are here. Neither is the use of military personal supposed to be used against citizens and everyone is supposed to be avle to confront their accuser in a court of law. Very little does that happen anymore either. Now the jury, a jury is supposed to be of peers 12 of them, how many juries are truely of ones peers as defined by websters ? …. haha the law in this county is a joke it is nothing more then a system to steal our rights to be a free people

  • Lillie, I am so very sorry for the loss of Chloe . It breaks my heart, because I know how much my Baby means to me.


    Time to fire the CHP officer, next time his trigger happiness might wound or kill a small child or another person. Officers like this are what give law enforcement officers a bad name! This Officer deserves to have his weapon taken and a demotion to a office desk or investigator. Rise Up and Speak Out Humboldt, next time it may be your child or nice or nephew! Fire this trigger happy Officer Immediately!

  • Fundraiser for Helping Ms. Wood with the vet, vehicle, and attorney costs:

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