Woman Allegedly Stealing Tool Sets Gets Into Black Mercedes; You Know Her?

Woman in a dressEureka Police posted on their Facebook today:

Do you recognize this woman? On July 16th and 17th she walked out of a local hardware store without paying for the pictured tool sets. She got into a black Mercedes SUV. If you know her identity or have helpful information email Officer Soltow at hsoltow@ci.eureka.ca.gov.v



  • according to time stamps on pics , looks like she changes clothes before she steals things

  • What the heck? She drives a Mercedes SUV that probably costs more than I make in a year and she’s gotta steal tools from a local business. ?????

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      I used to repo autos…
      The higher status symbol auto, the higher odds for a nightmare tow.

      Having a car doesn’t mean it’s hers, title status, heck it could be a weed growers car. Enough is never enough for marijuana addicts so they steal.

      • Michelle Steele

        Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P. we also used to do Auto Repossessions and I know what you mean by this car may not be hers. We have ran across some bad apples when it comes to Repoing cars and the people can get very nasty with you over it. Not to mention all there tools, clothes, garbage and junk you have to clean out of every car. Some of them were down right Gross. I feel for you man when you had that job.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        Imagine that! The chump was a repo person. I guess you must be just as unlikeable in person as you are on here.

        • best comment of the year!!!!!!

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          Sounds like you couldn’t pay your bill and now have an engrained attitude towards recovery agents?

          Heck, maybe it was me that left those beauty marks in your driveway boss man?

          Let’s just assume it was me that did that, but if you weren’t smoking dope with a sense of entitlement you wouldn’t have met me or had to look at those marks in your driveway that took oh so long for the rain to wash away.

          • Triniboldticino

            Douches have a sense of “recovery entitlement” thinking somehow they have the “right” to play policeman or “secret recovery agent” for ripoff scam artist finance companies and used car crooks that destroy people’s lives. Makes the douches feel like big men, tough guys. Until their caught and pee their pants. One of those companies is taken down daily in the U.S. Sell, finance, 5 days late, repo. And no, never had the opportunity to take a Louisville Slugger to someone trying to repo out of my driveway. I help people, not hurt them, so I only tap kneecaps and elbows. Both actually and figuratively.

            • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

              Don’t sign if you can’t pay on time.
              Banks pay contractors to recover THEIR property, if it’s not paid for than it’s not yours.
              Pot growers hire thugs to collect debts, and that’s fine in the eyes of the marijuana addict.
              Banks hire licensed contractors, insured, screened to recover their defaults.

              If you have an issue with recovery agents taking property you don’t own my advice is pay your bill.

              You read and signed the contract, accept responsibility and don’t blame others for your poor financial planning.

              In America we pay for things- this isn’t the land of social justice snowflakes.

              You may have met me, but most likely you were shopping, sleeping, and weren’t aware your Facebook tracks you.
              Guess you just roll a marijuana joint with those collection notices?

              • “Pot growers hire thugs to collect debts, and that’s fine in the eyes of the marijuana addict.”


              • This county has gone to hell in a hand basket. I am a lifelong resident so I know the changes in local attitudes. People used to work hard and pay their bills. Today, people have a deep feeling of entitlement. Nobody gets their car repoed for being a few days late on payment. You have to be a few months late and even then, they want to work with you. Who wants to take back a vehicle that someone has trashed, uses as a garbage recepticle or for hauling lbs of weed or 100’s lbs trim and has been used to drive roads meant for 4 wheelin? Banks lose money on these vehicles.
                For growers, (not all) it is easy come, easy go. They have created a false economy for themselves. Its all good when you have a buyer, but when your buyer finds it cheaper somewhere else and theY always do, you are back to starvation because YOU DID NOT PUT ANY MONEY AWAY TO LIVE ON MONTH TO MONTH. Grow up, pay your bills and instead of buying shit you don’t need when your stuff sells, PAY OFF YOUR VEHICLE. THAT IS THE CURE FOR CAR REPOSSESION.

                • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

                  It’s true.

                  Unless the people were known runners, I’d lift, strap, and secure the car before making contact to ask for keys, allow them to get their things, call the lender and make a payment.

                  These things were months in the works, months and months of non payment not even a call.

                  Yet, someone with a real job is a villain.

                  Imagine the hero of the dope growers-

                  The praise they would give someone that could get their stolen crop back?

                  Dope growers have no honor, manners, or pride.

                  Dope is the path to misery and they are the most miserable excuses for people you’ll meet.

          • Sleepy Alligator

            Sorry chump but you never left any marks in my driveway. I pay my bills. I also go to sleep at night knowing that I didn’t spend my day fucking up someone’s life who obviously already has enough problems if they are struggling to make their car payments.

            • Black Rifles Matter

              Wow. So repo recovery agents are heartless people who fuck up poor people’s lives??? Go back to sleep alligator.
              You are the problem with society. Really, go to sleep.

              • Black Rifles Matter

                So if a repo person is bad for doing their job, it’s like saying a veterinarian is a bad person because they euthanize pets when old age catches up with them. Go find a safe space and a box of Kleenex

              • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

                He should back his talk and give free things to people having a bad day.

                Marijuana addict types are some of the most self centered people walking the planet.

                People who don’t pay for things don’t deserve them.

                People take contracts to recover default property, it’s a job.

                Nothing wrong with working for a living, & not being stoned off dope 24/7.

                I don’t regret a single repo out of thousands I’ve done.

            • Why should someone else provide the guy with a vehicle? Don’t buy what yoy cannot afford. Their are no VEHICLE WELFARE DEPTS. But, if you are poor and work, there are bus passes. Can’t pay for a car? Take the bus, ride a bike, hitchhike or walk. Only stupid people think you should get your car for free when you can no longer make the payment. Smfh. Welfare mentality.

          • Sorry, i had a repo guy attempt to take a car from me once, even though i had a receipt for every payment and was even 30 days ahead. He didnt get to far before my ak stopped him, police came and i pressed charges . Just a word of advice never deal with key bank for auto loans .

      • CHUMP, I’m not feeling a “marijuana addict” in this case. There’s not a Toyota, the official truck of marijuana addict’s involved.

  • Why didn’t they stop her when they had the chance? Baffling 🤔

    • Black Rifles Matter

      Liberal snowflakes don’t think anyone should be stopped for stealing nor should their cars be repoed if they don’t make car payments says the tards above

    • Legal liabily if my assumption. Nowadays people sue stores for just about anything. It’s been too long since I’ve seen someone get stopped for shoplifting.

  • Yeah she did it….just like that. When she wants sumthin’, man, she dont wanna pay for it!
    And she walked right…through the door. Walked…right…through…the door!!!

  • JustWantToHearTheEndofthe Story

    She closely resembles a woman I had the misfortune to be in line with at the Safeway in McK. She had her phone on speaker and was going on and on and on about dogs and her Mercedes. Wonder if she has stolen from the Ace in McK also….

    • I would also say she closely resembles a woman, but may also be a dude. Pretty good frame on that person.

  • Gloria Johnston

    I am glad they are publishing the pictures. I hope it does some good. Shame on her for being a thief. Bad Karma coming your way, lady!

  • DeWalt tools =Grade A meth

  • Definitely 3 different outfits. WTH!?!?! is wrong with people?!?!!. UUUUUGH!!! I’m so very sick of reading this CRAP everyday!!!!

  • Veterans friend

    10 days ago? She is in Oregon by now, stealing

    • I agree it looks like her but I don’t see the tattoo on her neck like ginger has?

    • Was thinking Ginger also but she had a different last name when I knew her. Certainly the same person. I actually seen here last night high af at bear river casino.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    She kinda looks like the bitch that was involved with the murder in Klamath. Although I think she was reported as missing after that. Or did I read that she was no longer missing? Damn it’s hard to keep track of these criminals!

  • Stealin’ when she shoulda been buyin.’

  • Maybe she stole the car too!Thieves suck.

  • She loves walmart too and k mart and home depot I bet if you checked all the servalinance tapes she is on them all she is wanted in Red bluff for identity theft Also

  • Kind of amazing that a place like peirsons doesn’t have sensor’s on their pricey stuff.ive seen this person at shell getting gas,she’s rude and full of herself. Once you have picture of them,blow them up and plaster them all over town so businesses know her face and she can’t pull this shit again.

  • Silly girl. She forgot to bring her political pass that gives permission to steal from others.

  • I worked for a large equipment finance co down south back in the 80’s & it was usually at least 5-6 months before we repoed anything. We tried to work with our customers because it was their only income & they had families to support. So for those of you that get your shit repoed don’t shoot the messenger they’re just doing their job. And for those of you who do the repoing if it wasn’t for the people that don’t pay their bills you wouldn’t have a job. As far as the thief… “marijuana” addict? Really? More like a tweeker. Meth or heroin probably. Regardless she needs to be stopped & put away & sentenced to toilet scrubbing or some nasty gross job no one wants to do for the rest of her miserable life.

  • Juanita Douglas

    Her name is Ginger Mae Mills. She is around Tehama County now. She was just released from Red Bluff Jail.

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