Looking for Tattooed Man Involved in Stealing a Boat and Two Jet Skis


This is not the actual boat but rather one that looks like it.

On Friday, July 21, in two incidents only hours apart, a person/s stole a Bayliner boat and two jet skis from Brunners Mini Storage in Rio Dell. At 12 a.m. a Ford pickup took the jet skis. Then at 6 a.m. the white Honda pickup took the Bayliner boat. The boat says “It’s five o’clock somewhere” on the back. Letters are missing from the word “Bayliner” on the boat.

The driver of the Honda is a white male, with short hair, a red hoodie, and a tattoo on his leg and another on his arm.
The owner is offering a reward “if you can provide information and the property is recovered.”
If you have any information, please call the Rio Dell Police Department at (707) 764-5642 or call Johnny at (707) 497-8462.

White truck pulling jet skis on  surveillance camera

White truckJet skis



  • Fucking thiefs…getting pretty brazen I guess it helps to know you won’t get caught and if you do you just get probation what a fucked up situation. Can’t shoot the pieces of shit.

  • should be able to trade for a fat sack of twack

  • dont you need a key or something to get into a mini storage lot,and wouldent that mean these theifs had one??

  • Melody trailer park

  • I heard from people in the know that the gate was broken or had malfunctioned The thieves had access to the storage yard that morning, since it was not locked up! I’m not sure how long the gate was broken. Since the owner of the storage lot had not repaired the gate, I think he will be liable for the monetary losses.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.


      Storage places make you sign a waiver and offer to sell you an insurance policy.

      Sad to think a marijuana drug addict took that gear.

      • It is sad to think that, because it means that you are deeply deluded.

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          You don’t understand liability waivers?

          Storage place has no exposure to this rip off.

          • you should research before you spew.
            “As long as you’re providing reasonable security features and they’re functioning properly, you generally aren’t responsible for theft or vandalism by third parties. You could be found negligent, however, if thieves exploited a flaw you were aware of but didn’t fix. ” it looks like they should have fixed the gate.

  • Thieves suck!!I’m hoping for a big heap of KARMA!!!

  • F***ing thieves

    This is crazy but I caught these two guys steeling a trailer at about 3 o clock one morning but they live in redcrest if you want ur shit back!!!!

  • Gas tax hikes already showing a huge profit for the prisons. Way to go Calif.

  • Probably wade Harris career thief

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