Trinity County Man Wanted on Charges of Burglary and Violation of Parole

Trinity County Most Wanted:


Charges: [Violation of Parole], 459 PC- BURGLARY

Warrant Amount: NO BAIL
Court Case Number: 16F0133
Alias: none listed
DOB: 12/15/1975
Sex: Male
Race: American Indian
Height: 6’ 00″
Weight: 190
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Address: Burnt Ranch, Ca.LINCOLN EARL AMMON



  • Veterans friend

    Serious haircut violation there.

  • Eye lid tattoo?

  • NOW YOU ? look in to my eyes ? i wonder what Ernie branscomb would think ? i miss ernie branscomb comments hope he comes back someday .he of all people understands ,and knows a lot about what Humboldt has been in the past than most anybody around .He is just probably fed up with it all,and sick of beating a dead horse .

  • Deputies Love $100

    This isn’t “real crime” for Deputies to solve, but if there was any cannabis involved they would be coming by the dozens, especially if there are assets and property to seize, = but you know what deputies love most?
    They love loose stacked $100 dollar stacks, they stuff eachothers pockets with them, then they get their vacation bonus …… that”s why they only focus on Pot in Humboldt and Mendo, deputies love 100 dollar bills

  • Saw him in Salyer yesterday….he’s a real P.O.S…..hope they get him soon.

  • Why is it so many perps always seem to have ‘Earl’ or ‘Wayne’ as middle names?

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