Tow Truck Crashes into Parked Cars in Garberville

Photo by Evan King

Readers are telling us a tow truck crashed into two cars near Umpqua Bank on Redwood Drive in Garberville a little before 1:30 p.m.

One witness told us the tow truck driver said he “took a swig of water and started to choke and pass out behind the wheel.” According to the California Highway Patrol incident page, the tow truck belongs to “Willits Tire.”

Photo by Shanda Centeno



  • A guy who knows how to make work for his boss. Wonder if he’ll get a raise.

  • Good thing he wasn’t on the highway.

  • I hate it when I choke on my water and pass out behind the wheel!!!!!

  • Don’t drink and drive!

    • I guess instead of m.a.d.d it should say m.a.t.d.mothers against thirsty drivers. Or how about. M.a.h.s.d. mothers against heat stroke drivers. Wow

  • You sure it was Willits tire and wasn’t all-in-one Towing out of Ukiah theyre known to hit people’s cars…

  • I can see this happening, a swig of water can cause esophogial spasm which shuts off breathing. Not that rare.

  • Pic #1 clearly shows Willits Tire on the truck’s door.

  • Working man Thumbs up

  • Mammalian diving reflex

  • At least they didn’t have to wait hours for a tow truck to show up.

  • That would ruin your breakfast at the Woodrose.

  • Give the guy some credit. Unlike so many people lately, he didn’t run, and didn’t try to dodge the blame.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    The older guys who work jobs on the north coast are sometimes interesting. Like me!

    Dude, don’t pass out while my car’s on the back! Be careful out there in Goobsterdam, or they’ll put you in their hospital, where you stand a good chance of never walking out again…

    One more instance where Garberville should have just been closed down… Guy probably drove through a cloud of vape “smoke” and got dizzy!

  • Leonard azevedo

    Excuse me I did choke on water and passed out so it really does happen. I went straight to the hospital to drug test was cleared to the medical test was cleared had Witnesses including the passenger in the truck with me who witnessed me passed out on the Wheel after drinking the water I’m just glad no one was hurt nobody mentions the families that were in one of those car thank God they weren’t hurt I drove 18 years first accident and please don’t make jokes about it cuz you can’t chill can pass out from water it happened to me today

  • Put down the phone and nobody’s parked cars get hit!

  • shawn the fisherman

    Ever tried to keep your eyes open when you sneeze? I seem to sneeze in threes lately, Scary when you are in a turn.

  • Sneezin’ in threes, eh? I hate that too!!

    • I WISH mine were only in 3’s multiple times here then I stop long enough to grab a breath!!! Then it’s right back multiple sneezes AGAIN!!! ;-<

  • A co worker of my husband. Don’t get me wrong…I love garberville and the friends we have made. But people want to jump to conclusions. It’s not fair or right. I’m glad u are safe Augie.

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