[UPDATE 8:43 p.m.] At Least Nine Detained in Ferndale During Massive Raid

Breaking news graphicA number of law enforcement have a place at the corner of Hwy 211 and Market Street surrounded. Nine people have been detained so far, according to Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt Sheriff’s Department. His office is assisting Fish and Game with a search/ arrest warrant for a wanted felony subject. Ferndale Police are also at the scene.

UPDATE 5:50 p.m.: According to a reader, “Fishing game Ferndale police and California highway patrol have their guns drawn on the car and there’s ambulance waiting on port Kenyon Road.”

UPDATE 6:07 p.m.: Fortuna Police are there with a K-9.

UPDATE 7:04 p.m.: Fish and Wildlife are taking a K-9 behind the home while other officers are clearing the residence, according to scanner traffic.

UPDATE 8:43 p.m.:

Shawn Hof, Jr

The Lost Coast Outpost is reporting that all those detained have been released. The Fish and Wildlife were after Shawn Hof, Jr. who is wanted for allegedly shooting at a warden in August of 2016. Reportedly, the home they raided today is the same they raided in February looking for Hof.

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  • Good job Kym

    • Victor G. Flashman

      Thank God there are brave Deputies! Anyone cowardly enough to fire a pistol towards an officer should spend lots of time in the cooler thinking about all the stupid things he did!

      Thanks HCSD!

  • Swithenbank.terrible cop.

    • JW swithenbank is an honest good man seems to me that he probably busted your lame ass in the past and now you are blaming him for the stupid things you got caught doing

    • I like Kenny, always has been fair with me…..

    • He is only sheriff ive seen be reasonable and deal with real issues in the community. I dont call the cops cuz they never help once there, but i would if i could request kenny. He really helped some friends out with a neighbor issue, he gets our community.

      Sorry jw if you had a bad experience but youre the first person ive heard say he’s bad. Ive seen bad, and i have not had any good experiences with police so im not a big fan, but kenny helped by showing that there are some out there that care.

    • Wish we had more officers like Kenny and less trash like jw, Humboldt would be a better place.

    • Veterans friend

      He must have busted YOU when you were being exceptionally stupid.

    • I think he’s one of MAYBE three HCSOs that are a pleasure to deal with. However, I speak as a business owner who has been burglarized several times through the years and not a troublemaker. 🙂

  • This just goes to show how worthless was downy was as sheriff .Since he bailed sheriff honsel ,and his crew are kickin ass just like, Buford Pusser you go Walking Tall honsell.

  • The Apache Warrior


  • JW – Swithenbank is an honorable man. It’s obvious that YOU are the POS.

  • Swivvenbank is alright by me.

  • I am so happy to see all the busts over the past few days! I hope it continues! We need to get all the slime balls out of Humboldt County!!

    • DUDE. Let’s keep em coming. Clear these transplants out of here

      • Are you of one of the local Native tribes?

        • the local tribes arent the only natives, white people were born here too, natives dont own this land they just showed up from asian 1000 or more years ago. they too are newcomers, yuroks are just japanese decendents there language is proof.

    • I agree, but the problem is that most are booked and released or given a really low bail. Most of the time, they are back out with even more vengeance against society. Like it or not, the more criminals within society, the more (or bigger) jails we need. Letting out one criminal to bring in another is not working, and the criminals know that current consequences are worth the risk. It’s only going to get worse unless penalties are strict and upheld. Otherwise, expect things to only get worse for us all.

      • the key is to stop creating the losers which have no choice but to become a criminal when they are 19-20. Shawn Jr. is a perfect example as with the majority of other losers we read about. education: liberal or technical is the key. maybe we should invest in a good vocational school instead of a bigger jail. we are going to see an endless wave of losers if we don’t do something and it is occurring coast to coast. Jr. did come here he was created here.

        • That trade school is actually an excellent idea!! Show them some other way to make money besides robbing people & selling drugs!!!

  • I agree with “Cove guy” well said 😉

  • JW leave town [edit]!! 😠😠😠😬

    • Got busted by him before, eh? Pretty sure he’s not leaving town because you said so. Stay out of trouble.

  • Fish and Game, not fishing game…

    • nope, kym is oh so right.
      they are fishing game and might be landing a big un!

    • LOL – just another name for the new video game about life in Humboldt County? ;^p

    • The name of the agency is now Fish and Wildlife. It has been this way for quite a while now. It is hard to break a habit. For instance, there are still lots of people who call Cal Fire, CDF, which was changed quite a few years back. There are also many people who still call recording something (sound, video, etc,) “taping”. Most things are recorded digitally now. Oh well…no biggy, we still know what they are talking about.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        They changed the name because people were calling them F.A.G’s embarrassing them.

  • Kenny Swithenbank is a good person and an honorable cop. They are few and far between.

  • Seems like honsal is kicking ass! I heard about downey selling peoples stuff 10 years ago! Loving all these busts!!!! Go Honsal!!!😄 update on this bust kym?

  • I grew up with Kenny I got nothing but good about Kenny he took me to jail about 18 years ago ,and that was the beginning of my life of sobriety. that’s when i said fuck this shit .I don’t like going to jail ,so old friend thanks for having a part in my recovery btw Kenny my 69 roadrunner Wil be in the eureka show hope to see u there ,and will be very surprised if it doesnot win its class .

    • So cool MOPAR GTX!!! I’d come up to Eureka see a 69 Roadrunner! ANYDAY! But I think I’ll be outta town, DANG! Used to have 72 Duster, and 66 Barracuda stock, no dents. Wish I still had the Cuda…but had to get rid of that husband! lol Good luck in the car show! LOVE cars!

  • ive been listening on my scanner since the story broke and hasn’t said anything about it at all except some guys thinking about trying to commit suicide he has a gun that’s what they’re concentrating on now

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Wonder if there’s a marijuana connection to this story?

    Marijuana leads to a life of crime!

    If someone offers you marijuana or you see growers trying to sell marijuana on the school yard-

    Report that to authorities.

  • Ah i cant wait for the day chumps computer breaks.
    Chances are chump will end up with a disease that gets relief from marijuana eventually where he will literally havta eat his words.

    I dont find his comments humorous in some snippy way, its only humor if its said every once in awhile, not all the time
    Its getting boring and lame, pls make a section for chump to rant without our eyes being accosted by it.

    • How about don’t read it? Ever think of that?.. Just skipping over what makes you uncomfortable rather than suggesting to gut our constitutional right to free speech. Thought of Censorship is more concerning than anything that commentor mentioned.

    • GOOD one Peeped, I agree maybe he can try Hodgekins lymphoma, edibles are the only way to go to beat the discomfort, and nausea when it starts…good times…NOT.

    • That’s the best revenge: when the peabrains fail to utilize cannabis for an ailment which, instead, kills them.

  • #lawenforcementproud

    UPDATE, 7:35 p.m.: Everyone who had been detained at the scene has been released, says the Outpost’s Andrew Goff. No arrests were made.


  • Looking for the jerk that shot at them. Drug house. Bust their shit! Sick of the drugs!

  • Proudsponsoroffishandgame

    Chasing ghosts wasting time and tax payers money. Good luck boys

  • Fish & Game serving Search Warrant, HCSO and FPD K-9 is assisting. Meantime CHP have guns drawn on a Traffic Stop in the area. A Ambulance is waiting by Port Kenyon Rd (which turn off ? ) Why wasn’t Ferndale Police involved ? Is there a trust issue? What’s the address? What is this about “Looking for the jerk that shot at them”? and “Drug House” ?

  • Come to Manila and bust the breaking bad motorhomes dealing and cooking.

  • That guy has been on the run for quite awhile . (Hof) ,but the wardens got there man good job .

  • I keep hearing stories there are strains of marijuana out there that will turn a normal guy into a homosexual. Does anyone know if this is true? It takes a few weeks of use but once they turn homosexual, it`s all over and there`s no going back.

    • That’s a great point you make. A massive concern that’s not being discussed is the relation between Homosexuality and Marijuana. 97% of Homosexuals admit to using Marijuana before they participated in Homosexual behaviors. Very concerning if you study the negative impacts Homosexuality has on society. Could this blight be prevented starting at Marijuana? Hopefully, with time, this correlation will be studied Scientifically and we can begin to find the solutions necessary to heal this once Great Country from the damage the Liberal Scocial Engineering Agenda has caused.

      • For heaven’s sakes, I really hope this is some sort of satire. If you are serious about this claim, please back it up with any sort of scientific studies. The implication of the first statement is that homosexuality is a caused or learned behavior not something intrinsic to the person. Second, you state that homosexuality has negative impacts on society. Could you elaborate?

        • If you’re interested in reviewed studies being performed on the relation between Homosexuality and Marijuana you’ll have to reference Dr. Wesley Muhammad of the Nation of Islam. As you know, Isreal has been conducting extensive scientific research of Mariuana for the last 20 years and host any and all discoveries of that subject. This is an issue of biology first environment second. Science supports the statement and in terms of elaborating on the negative impacts of Homosexuality.. I’ll have to assume you’re being fictitious.

          • I would say you are a true homophobic, Mr. Stevens.

          • I prefer to get my science from scientists, not from professors of religious studies.

            • Who needs stinkin’ facts? Not the prohibitionist. Nope: for the peabrain, fox FAKE news is real, just like the “documentary” Reefer Madness.

          • Wow.

            We really see some ass-backwards thinking there. Not only the comment, but more so thinking anything factual comes from the Nation of Islam.

            Oh man, that’s a bigger facepalm than quoting trump for a fact in my book.

            Dr. Not.

        • Cannabis is an estrogen plant

      • Dear god, is this for real? I feel like this isn’t satire and you are dead serious which makes it somewhat more hilarious. Dude, you think weed strains turn people homosexual? Homosexual isn’t a choice or a decision and marijuana isn’t a determining factor of becoming gay/lesbian. It sucks that you refer to yourself as Dr. because of the influence you may have on some people that buy into your bulsh*t beliefs (Not Facts).

  • Too bad they haven’t caught Shawn. The day is coming. I can say this, they are anticipating gunfire. They had an ambulance staged, not only at this raid, but another raid looking for Shawn as well. They will not hesitate to shoot his ass. I don’t blame them one bit. No excuse for what he did.

  • do yourself a favor kid and turn yourself in. no use avoiding the inevitable.

  • Fishing game??? (“Fishing game) Ferndale police and California highway patrol ) I realize it’s a quote but…!!! ;-\

    • When you quote someone you aren’t supposed to alter what they said. I imagine voice to text did this but I couldn’t immediately recontact them to get clarification so I thought that getting out information from a witness outweighed a little spelling issues.

  • shawn the fisherman

    Wow! I assumed they caught this guy a while ago.. Need to have this guy brought to the forfront of the news until capture, Put his face out all over. Old time wanted posters with 20,000 buck reward in bold print. Get his cohorts turn him in. I havent kept up on those missing 4 guys up mad river. Anybody hear anything? Speaking of older news.

  • yay Jane dough my Road Runner is a one-off all custom machine I would like you to come and see it at Eureka show

  • Ahhhh…. The jerk who took a shot at a F&W warden was the target. Good.

    • Multiple shots actually & this kid has been in trouble for the better part of his young life!!! I worked directly with him a few times when I was a Volunteer at Bridgeville Elelmentary School!!! He was a “Problem Child” even then!!!

      • Thank you for not blaming the teachers, like so many jealous ignorants. People need to take responsibility for their actions; it’s all about the choices we make every day.

  • “When you quote someone you aren’t supposed to alter what they said.”

    That is one of the best things I’ve ever read on the web, but I am an English teacher!

  • Kenny Swinthenbank busted my pot 30 years ago.( not his idea). He was then & now very profesional & a good , honest sherrif !
    Put that in your pipe Jw and smoke it !

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