[UPDATE 5:30 p.m. All Lanes Blocked] Hwy 101 Blocked South of Redcrest

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA vehicle is blocking at least one southbound lane of Hwy 101 at the Redcrest exit, according to information on the scanner. A white Honda is in the center divide and a black Suburban is in a southbound lane.

Tow trucks and an ambulance are responding.

UPDATE 4:23 p.m.: There are six patients. Four with minor injuries and two with moderate according to the scanner. Please remember this is breaking news and details may evolve as information comes in.

UPDATE 4:28 p.m.: All lanes blocked, according to scanner.

Traffic stopped just south of the exit

Traffic stopped just south of the exit from 101 at Redcrest. [Photo by Lisa Gribi]

UPDATE 4:46 p.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports that traffic is backing up. An officer is en route to divert traffic. [Tip: Take the Avenue of the Giants to avoid this.]

UPDATE 5 p.m.: Supervisor Estelle Fennell is stuck in southbound traffic just past the Redcrest exit. She sent us these photos as she is trapped but has a good signal.

Traffic jam

This is the stopped traffic in front of Supervisor Fennell.

This is an ambulance going around the southbound traffic.

The view of law enforcement turning traffic off 101 onto the Avenue in her rear view mirror. Note: northbound traffic is flowing.

UPDATE 5:12 p.m.:
A reader sent this photo of the accident:

According to the scanner, one vehicle was turning around on Hwy 101 when another struck it. A 5-year-old was a passenger in the vehicle that hit the vehicle turning around but is not seriously injured.

UPDATE 5:30 p.m.: Northbound traffic is flowing normally. Southbound is diverted at Redcrest onto the Avenue. Supervisor Fennell tells us also that the trapped southbound traffic was just allowed through.



  • Just passed by this accident heading north, only one lane was open northbound and both south bound lanes were blocked. Cal fire inmate crew responding but no other first responders present. Definite injury accident, looked like 3 vehicles involved.

  • crazy shit going o n around here .

  • Im not saying this was the cause, but driving south on the 101 earlier today there were so many people tailgating, especially through the work zones.
    I get it, go fast if you want, but if theres no way for the person in front of you to move over or speed up due to other cars, then chill for a mile or so until youre out of work zones/other car can safely get over.

    It was pretty surprising to not see chp parked at each work zone that was active with workers.

    The 101 seems to have more traffic now with the delays on 36, just slow down a bit and be respectful on the road. If you cant and need to live the zoom zoom lifestyle then move to a city. We are not looking to become a fast paced place, so go away if you are.

    • This is so common-sensical it is mind blowing that it needs so badly to be said. Spot on.

    • if you are in slow moving traffic like this, backing off the car ahead of you a car length or more might cause its own chain reaction…
      maybe the guy behind you will back off you, and when the guy in front of you sees you’ve off him he’ll in turn lighten up off the bumper of the guy he’s on top of…

      remember to smile as you’re flipin’ others the *peace* sign!

      • You’re correct. Studies have shown that increasing following distances reduces traffic jams. The problem is the braking. Without a cushion to absorb changes in speed of the vehicle in front of you, you have to brake, and without a cushion, the guy behind you has to brake even harder, etc, etc, etc. In stop and go traffic I try to go as slow as I need to to not use my brakes. If every one did this, traffic would flow much faster.

        Not to mention that it’s much safer to have some distance/time to react to the car in front.

  • “According to the scanner, one vehicle was turning around on Hwy 101 when another struck it”
    A U turn on 101.
    Lucky that’s as bad as it was….

  • Highway 101 is HAUNTED

    What I have observed
    Is clusters of dumb drivers why? The forty minutes delays at leggett release everyone to this curvy haunted cluster fuck north of gvilll all at once. Too dangerous if I find myself in the middle of one of these now common “traffic jams” on 101 I pull over 5 min. Ahhhh solitude

  • Why the hell would you turn around in the highway?! That dumbass is lucky the people in the other vehicle didn’t have to pay the ultimate price for his impatience. Take the next exit if you have to turn around. Double yellow lines people!

  • Ditto Geez…. my sympathies to those involved and their families…..
    on my drive south from Eureka this mid-aft I observed a trucker with two trailers going 65 in the one lane of a construction zone, didn’t even brake going past the CHP parked in the blocked lane, nor did the CHP respond. Further south I observed a caravan of four lumber trucks going 70 until the lead one with whole logs slowed to 65 and the other three ‘had’ to pass, they maintained 70 mph for some distance as I waited for them to slow so I could pass, but they didn’t. I don’t mean to hijack a serious accident report, but jeez, where are the CHP? on 101 N. of Garberville to Eureka. People speed coming south out of Eureka like they are on a Bay freeway where anything goes. We sure appreciate the CHP at accidents but aren’t they supposed to go after speeders?
    Hope all involved heal up ok…

    • I say you are full of it ….What were the names on the trucks ….

      • Nah Richard I have no reason to lie, it was south of Scotia, I hung behind clocking them as I tried to figure out if I wanted to go 70 behind them or speed up to 75 to pass, which I did eventually. Please don’t take this as being a slur against all truckers… my comment was intended to add to what everyone can observe… people are driving too fast… even these trucks… I cannot recall ever being behind any truck groups going this fast (outside of the midwest megahighways) so I think it is quite atypical and I give thanks to the many safe driving truckers!

    • You should have speed up to 90kph to get around them!!

    • People leaving eureka going south that are driving fast are usually doing so because they are getting back onto the main freeway. Many folks forget eureka is a drive through freeway for 101- and people hate having to drive through it. I worked in eureka and lived in Fortuna and had to drive home each day, and I gotta say it’s fucking frustrating when people drive 45 mph on that stretch from south eureka down two exits, side by side, so no one can pass, driving 20 friggin miles under the speed limit. If I get stuck behind a group of slow ass driving people who don’t have the decency to get over to the slow lane for 5-10 miles of freeway, you can bet when I’m finally able to pass them I accelerate to 65 quick as possible. Guess when yer driving 45/50 and people passing are going the speed limit it would seem like they are driving extremely fast, wouldn’t it……

  • yer right about that stretch close to Eureka, but it aint gonna be me going slow, if that last line was directed to me…

  • Unicycle Maniac

    Took a trip up to Lincoln City a couple of weekends ago. Let me tell you, Oregon drivers are WAY MORE down to earth!!!

  • Its the location, look around you, average people up there are dumber than a potato sack

  • In March I made an emergency u turn on 101 after being rammed hard three times,it was deliberate ,I was going 62 mph and fishtailed all over the road. They passed me going at a high rate of speed in a box motion,they then started cat and mousing me, I knew I probably wouldn’t survive another bout so I opted a u turn ,they couldn’t mirrior my move because of 4 on coming cars. I felt fortunate to get away. Everyone wanted me to post on this site ,but I didn’t because of all the negative judgement and slander.but there have been to many accidents lately ,and I want to see everyone safe. So I am sharing there are reasons to make emergency u turns.

  • People drive so crazy,do stupid things,don’t use their turn signals.what the hell do you think their for? Pull out in traffic and don’t look,run red lights and can’t be bothered to look over their shoulders and drive to DAMN FAST! P.M.A pardon my attitude but I’m so sick of the selfish rude drivers.SLOW DOWN OTHER PEOPLE WANT TO LIVE

    • You are wasting your breath. Bad driving is a sign of disrespect, same as stealing and doing bad drugs. And disrespect is rampant in our dumbed down society.

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