Left in the Dust: Locals Bring Food and Water to Abandoned Dog at Abandoned Car

Several piles of dog food and treats have been placed near the vehicle. There is a large container of water not shown in the photo. [All photos by Thomas Norris]

Thomas Norris hopes someone can help this unneutered brown male dog left near an abandoned car beside the Martins Ferry Bridge off Hwy 169 past Weitchpec.

“He has been abandoned there for over a week,” Norris said that he was told. “Various locals are feeding it and giving it water throughout the day.”

Someone has written several messages in the dust on the abandoned Ford Explorer with California license plate #5MTM394. They say, “Dog’s car. Keep open” and “Someone take dog” among other statements.

Norris, who lives in Southern Humboldt but works in the area, stopped by to see if he could help but, he said, “The dog is kind of aggressive.”

He may have to call animal control but is hoping someone recognizes the dog or is able to help in some other way as the animal shelter is near capacity.

The open back of the Ford Explorer provides shelter and a white container full of water is available also.




  • Sit down in the area, do NOT make direct eye contact, and have some kibble treats in your pocket. Sooner or later this guy will wander over to you and in no time you’ll be pals, with him saying “thanks for the care and the treats!”

  • If everyone knows about this poor dog, why wouldn’t animal control pick him up, it’s obvious his owner doesn’t care! He shouldn’t have had to wait as long as he has so far!

  • Has anyone thought to check if the car’s owner is OK? Maybe a hiker that is lost or jumped off the bridge or ??

    • Born & Raised in Hoopa

      Good question, has anyone tried to find the owner of the vehicle?

      • On the Facebook page the owner whose vehicle was stolen in early July has been contacted and even made arrangements for the tow truck to pick it up but the dog doesn’t belong to the owner of the vehicle.

  • How sad! Poor guy stays with his owners car hoping they come back. People are so heartless. Even after being dumped he’s still being loyal. I hope someone gets him 🙁

  • The Apache Warrior

    What I want to know is WHY IN THE H*** the County doesn’t run the license plate number and find out who in the hell owns this vehicle and drag them down to get it and pick up the poor little guy who really deserves a good home and master. Come on Law Enforcement, I know it doesn’t take 5 minutes to find out who owns it left it there as an eye sore. Pathetic.

  • Maybe the owner of the car is hurt or deceased on a trail and the dog came back to the car, has anyone called sheriffs office about abandoned car? Run the plates? Missing person?

  • Uuummm, ya, the deal with the car… does anyone know if the owner of the explorer is the dog owner? Are there any concerns as to why this person’s car and dog are there but no person? I know shitty people abandon dogs and cars and everything else they can, but that explorer doesn’t look jacked up enough to have been something to just leave…

  • What I should have said but forgot is that the vehicle has supposedly been abandoned for about two weeks and the dog only for about one, according to Thomas Norris.

    A reader on the Facebook site thinks she knows the owner of the vehicle and it was stolen. She’s checking now.

  • That’s my stolen car

    • Did you learn about it through this post?

      • Yes a neighbor saw the post and showed me and yes that’s my car. The dog is not mine.

      • What gets me is that I’m the one who had to contact the police and inform them about my car because of this post. It was abandoned there for two weeks and not one passing cop ever ran the plates. They don’t care at all about abandoned cars. They aren’t going to check up on them. If not for the dog it would be an empty shell of a car. I wish I could keep the dog but unfortunately can’t right now. But I am grateful for him. The tow truck driver said he’s never seen anything like this. My battery was cut out of the car and there are missing lug nuts from people trying to get my tires and there’s some front end damage, but he thinks the dog ran them off

        • Sleepy Alligator

          I’m surprised your vehicle sat there that long and didn’t get torched. In that area abandoned cars usually get torched within a few days.

          So when you had the vehicle towed what happened with the dog? Was it there at the time? Was it aggressive towards the tow driver? Did it try to follow the vehicle ( the one thing left in the dogs life) as it was towed away ?

        • Thanks for posting that information. I wondered what process the cops use to deal with abandoned cars, I see it is what I thought it was, none. I live near a river bar, and at least once a month, usually weekly, a car is dumped. First a window is broken, then all of the windows, next the tires are stolen, then it takes a bunch of rock or hammer blows and graffiti is applied, next it gets burned out. This, process takes about 2 weeks. This is the point where the county steps in and hauls it off. Years ago I thought about documenting the cars for a coffee table book. I would have hundreds by now.

        • I live out off 169 and I have passed your car every day since the day it was left there. A few days prior to this post, I noticed that CHP did stop at your vehicle, finally, because there was one of those yellow notices that they leave on broken down/abandoned vehicles on the side of the road. It was on the very rear window on the passenger side. I guess they are too lazy to actually run the license plate of an abandoned vehicle and/or just assumed the owner left it there on purpose.

      • Kym you should make a post just about this abandoned car and what the cops have not done for two weeks while a dog was sitting there with the car for at least a week. And the car owner who reported it as stolen had to alert the cops to the fact the car was there. What do the cops have to say for themselves?

  • I live right down road, The dog has been there for over two weeks, the dogs a little sketchy but will not leave, I’ve sat there and watched him pace back and forth

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Ugg, I’m feeling mad…. I’ve tried three times to text my thoughts…. keep erasing them…. Not suitable for this site… Love to you Kym. What a sunset.

  • Hey folks lets all call our supervisor and ask for the soon to come pot tax have a percentage go to the county animal shelter.
    Its almost always at capacity these days and if not for the tireless long hours volunteers commit to finding places for dogs to go so theyre not put down, the kill rate would be much higher.
    Can you imagine losing your dog only to find out it was at the shelter and got put down due to lack of space???

    We’re so very lucky to have such amazing volunteer groups but they are stretched thin.
    The shelter needs an upgrade and theres a lot of room for expansion in mckville on land already owned by the county. We really need a facility closer to south county as well. It would save a lot of gas money at the least.
    Lets ask for some of that tax money!!!

    In the meantime try contacting redwood pals rescue and its a dogs life rescue. Both have facebook pages.

    • Your trippin.
      That money is already spent.
      They are going to live it up like maggotts in a chunk of bacon.
      Big cigars and all.
      You actually believe everything they told you about making a difference by calling some greasy douchbag with a suit and tie?
      Now that is entertaining. That money is already spent pal.

    • Hell yea, “Act now”! A significant percentage of dogs, esp. pitt mixes, are at the shelter as a direct result of irresponsible “farm” workers!

  • The sheriffs dont give a flying fuck.
    This poor dog, someone take him home already. He looks like a good being. If hcso takes him to the pound and no one adopts him he’ll get euthanized.
    Someine please,step up and give this guy a good home! He hasnt done anything wrong and look how loyal he is waiting for some douchbag to come back. God id nab him up if i could.
    I pray to God someone good takes him in!

  • Poor little guy!!! Sounds like he belongs to the thief. People make me so damn sick.

    • I totally agree with you, what kind of sick &%$^& would leave a dog in a car like that? i hope they get whats coming to them…ugh

  • If HCSO “patrolled” down river, the way they claimed after they tried to murder George Robbins then the HCSO would have contacted animal control already. I’m willing to bet that HCSO haven’t been back since the attempted murder though. Hence, animal control hasn’t been down there either.

  • F&^% people who do this to innocent creatures.

  • I hate people who don’t understa nd how loyal animals are.

  • Hi, I am in contact with one of the people that is feeding the dog…trying to get the dog secured and safe…keep fingers crossed…

  • shawn the fisherman

    I seem to care more about this poor animal than I do about these house less campers all over the county. Am I A bad person? Im not sure?

    • Me too. The dog didnt do anything wrong n at least a quarter of the homeless are there because the cant go by the rules/laws. Betty Chin helped as many as she could, that want to be clean, sober n honest.

  • Just one viewpoint

    I totally care about the dog more. I wish someone would help him. I’ll donate a couple of steaks to lure him.

  • Praying the Dog finds a new forever Home and someone who deserves such loyality.

  • please keep up us updated. so worried about the dog. I live to far away to be of help.

  • It seems the dog may be in someones care..trying to make confirmation…

  • The dog needs love. Poor dog in the hot sun. Thanks for being so caring. Maryellen.

  • just hoping it helps

    I just saw this post alert on facebook, could it be the same dog? There is a pic but i couldnt get my phone to load it

    Copied from http://www.pawboost.com alert
    Please spread the word! Clyde was last seen on July 21, 2017 in Willits, CA 95490 near Near Penn St & E Valley St

    Message from Owner: Im missing my best friend, he’s well loved and cared for. Please share!

    Description: Small “Pocket” Pitbull. Brown with white markings on chest and toes. Not chipped, Un-altered. Has straight scar on top of head from running through equipment as a pup. Almost 1 year old. VERY friendly.

    For more info or to contact Clyde’s owner, click here: https://www.pawboost.com/p/700398

  • There are animal rescue operations that have techniques for helping abandoned, scared and abused critters. Kym, I have a friend who fosters abused and abandoned rescue dogs, and shd will have advice and contacts, I’m certain. If I post to you, can you be a conduit? Thanks in advance.

  • read the various posts. status of the dog. see the owner spotted his car

  • MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!He’s scared so he’s aggressive. I’ll take him.🐕🐕

  • Any word on the dog??

  • So awsome!thanks megan

  • Just so everyone knows, HCSO Animal Control does not have a contract with the Hoopa/Weitchpec area. They will NOT come here for any animal, any time. If you take a dog to the shelter and say it is from Hoopa, they will refuse to take it. We are on our own. Those who may have had the money to keep and care for this pup probably already have several of these dogs. I know I do.

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