[UPDATE 12:54 p.m.] Hwy 36 Closed After Logging Truck Spills Load; One Fatality

CHP Feature FatalityA fatal collision on Hwy 36 between a logging truck and a Honda Civic closed Hwy 36 this morning. About 5:54 a.m., two vehicles were involved in an incident near the intersection of Johnson Lane and Hwy 36 between Carlotta and Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park. The logging truck has spilled logs across the roadway.

UPDATE 7:10 a.m.: Caltrans’ Quickmap reports, Hwy 36 is expected to be closed until 1 p.m.
UPDATE 10:18 a.m.: Hwy 36 is now opened to one-way traffic control, according to Caltrans spokesperson Phil Frisbie.

UPDATE 12:54 p.m.: CHP Says Honda Civic Was on Wrong Side of Road in This Morning’s Fatal Crash



  • Thanks for the update. Was just heading in that way. There are a few other routes though.

  • Stay safe Humco.

  • What Trucking company was it?

  • I was traveling eastbound and I turned around at scene at 0650. The fatality looked to be in the Civic, as I saw the tarp draped over the drivers side. That vehicle was in the east bound lane. Also, the power line is down across the roadway. It did not appear that either the coroner or PGE was on scene yet. I commute Hwy 36 daily from Fortuna to Mad River, and there are many different logging truck operators from several active logging operations, with logs being hauled west from as far as Mad River. Too early to say which party was at fault, as I have witnessed poor driving behavior from just about every demographic. Make other plans today, the road WILL be closed til 1300!

    • I was helping at the scene. The truck driver was not at fault.

      • I was driving east one day a few months ago and a primer black Honda Civic was passing everyone on double yellow in this same spot, then Cut in front of me almost taking me out. Then flipped me off. I wonder

  • around the corner from me wtf every day a wreck 36 claims another.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    This is awful! How many more people will lose their lives while driving Humboldt County this Summer?

    Be safe, drive sober, drive polite, pay attention!

  • Please please drive safe out 36.Lately it seems to be a death a week on that road! And for the folks who have to drive it daily be alert,be safe,and come home tonight. My condolences to the family

  • Highway 36 is cursed I swear 🙁

    • No, it’s the drivers. We all are the ones who mis- judge time& distance— or just selfish with their own time. I drove home from humboldt to sac area yesterday afternoon and witnessed many near misses. In intersections. In merging. In lane changes etc. the list goes on. Just give people room!! Especially when they are bigger than you and/ or carrying a load! These folks are working too…..

  • I’ve witnessed more crazy, unsafe driving on 36 this year then I ever have before. Not sure why or what’s going on. I need a camera that is safe to operate while driving so I can snap photos of the jack asses running people off the road and passing on double yellows while on a blind curve

    • Veterans friend

      Get a dash cam

    • Mary Picknell-Scott

      Get dash multiple dash cams and place them facing out all your windows, that way you can get everything you need without endangering your own life. Be Safe Everyone. I am a mother who lost a son and three others in one car on one spring day, (Highway 101, year 2006). That’s a forever pain. 💗

  • Leave your phone camera on while driving and place on dash to document them.

  • “… so I can snap photos of the jack asses running people off the road and passing on double yellows while on a blind curve”

    CalTrans ‘double-lined’ over most all of the ‘traditional’ passing spots on that road. Backed up traffic creates dangerous conditions.

    Doesn’t explain the really ‘bad drivers’ though… probably many of the er… ‘new dope’ farmers are from ‘flat-land’ or other urban areas. Go flat-out on that road to get to civilization/back country.

    • I agree about backed up traffic. On the other end of the spectrum is the a-hole who purposefully drives slow, then speeds up when trying to pass safely.
      I’m more concerned with the guys that pass on blind curves, creating very unsafe situations.

    • I don’t mind people who pass over a double yellow, as long as there’s enough room for them to safely do so. There’s a lot of places on there that should allow passing, but are double yellow. Also, the vast majority of double-yellow passing I’ve witnessed has been passing people who should have pulled over a long time ago, and you’re blaming the victim if you fault them for passing.

      That said, I’ve seen people pass around blind corners, and have swerved more than once to avoid someone in my lane coming around corners…

      Alcohol, meth, weed, and phones seems to be the major issues. And trimmers. Get rid of all of those, and 36 will be a lot better. It’s surprising how often you see someone driving with their phone in their hands, and you know there’s not enough signal for a voice connection, so they have to be texting…

  • The 36 never used to be like it is now and I’ve lived here my whole life. The worst are those diesel trucks that are speed demons on the 36…some are towing trailers wider than the trucks themselves, cutting corners. I live at the 19 mile marker on the 36, and have to drive it to get to town for supplies. I fear for my life on those trips and kiss the ground when I make it home and pull in my driveway. Stop lights, with cameras attached, at various sections on the 36 would help. Redwood trees do not move over for drivers and the white lines go right up into them at some places. Cutting down those big trees along the 36, and selling the logs could fund the expense of the stop lights and compensate the families who have lost loved ones on the 36 caused by reckless and unsafe drivers.

  • It’s all the mega grows flat landers that are killing them selves on the 36 I’ve been driving that road every day for the last 25 years and I’ve gotten doing Hail Marys before I leave to go to town hoping I make it there and back safely not because of my driving but because of everyone else’s that’s my theory on why are so many deaths on 36 it’s not the locals dying

  • So many people use both lanes all of the Time!


  • If drivers would SLOW DOWN these accidents wouldn’t happen. DOUBLE YELLOW LINES! Drivers are passing on them. Its no wonder we are loosing our family members. I would gladly have a dash camera on my vehicle if these terrible drivers were punished. A vehicle is a lethal weapon! Would you handle your firearm this recklessly? Peace and love to the family of all those who have lost someone in an accident.

  • Living on 36 in 9residential) Carlotta, Cal Trans needs to re-evaluate the speeds they allow. Hydesville is 35 to 45 then 55. It seems to work well with the 35 near a school zone. Carlotta is 55 to 45 then back to 55 into the woods. People drive 50+ all the time through residential Carlotta, even though a school is there. Then hit the 55 zone and drive 60+ through the trees and badly banked curves. Speed limits need to be lowered and CHP/Sheriff need to be more present. I know signs are sometimes meaningless, but with LE presence, the word might get out to drive the speed limit.

  • More people = more wrecks. Its not the road.

  • What’s with all the traffic on 36, I grew up on that road, lucky if I seen 10 cars in any given hour as a kid and 20 logging trucks , now 5 logging trucks and 200 cars, man that’s alot of drugs

  • Were is our resident deputy?oh that’s right hes not around .He is up working pukereaka busting tweekers bums.

    • So much for all the promises made during that Public Meeting the Bridgeville Community Center arranged last year!!! If anything even with a new “Resident Deputy” who seems to be unable to find Hwy 36 much of the time as Mogtx said!!! All that was promised except the new deputy (who is NEVER around) is found to be Non Existent so far!!!!

  • Anthony Westkamper

    I once had a boss who told me that 36 from Alton to Red Bluff was a 3 hour drive. He said he got that from Google maps. I asked him to drive it once, and he never complained about my drive time again.

  • One of the biggest problems is most people think “it won’t happen to me” so they do what they want text, drive too fast and use both lanes. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO SLOW DOWN, DRIVING IS NO JOKE!!

  • Imo it’s the drunk drivers and people in big ass dodges that are riding your ass even when yer already going 10mph over the speed limits. There really shouldn’t even be speed limit on this road, cops are never there to enforce, and people either drive waaaay too slow or wayyyyy too fast. People just need to use proper judgement. In some sections of the road, the potholes and uneven paving kind of force you to use the whole road if it’s clear, but obviously doing this before a blind corner etc is stupid. Not to mention there is deer and shit that jumps out in some places. I’d rather deal with traffic flow that’s driving super fast but stayin in their lanes with slower drivers allowing them to pass than deal with the tourists that drive 10mph in a 45 causing wrecks. I’ve been stuck behind a car goin 5 mph around a corner and some truck comes around going to speed limit of 35( May have been a few miles per hour over limit but still) and having to slam on brakes to avoid hitting us, all due to the driver fucking crawling at snail pace.

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