[UPDATE Thursday] Blue Shirt Guy and Bald Guy Ripped Off Property on Elk Ridge; Know Who They Are?

Collage of guy in Blue shirtOn June 21 a vacant property in Elk Ridge was burglarized. We reported about it in early July. Then on July 13, three 20,000 gallon water bladders were stolen from the same piece of property. This time though there was a security camera in place.

Here are the photos of the men pulling out the bladders and the Ford F350 they used to do it.

If you have any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 707 923-2230.Collage of bald guy Pickup in the woodsF350 front

UPDATE 11:15 a.m.: Press release from the Sheriff’s Department:

On 6-24-17 the Sheriff’s Office investigated a Grand Theft that occurred on Elk Ridge Road near the town of Briceland. Numerous items were stolen from the property including:

Two 2500 gallon water tanks $2600 total
Fifteen 240 watt solar panels $3750 total
One 4kw power inverter $3000 total
One Outback Solar charger controller $700
Ten L16 batteries $2500 total

The victim recontacted the Sheriff’s Office on 07-14-17 to report additional property had been taken. Three 20,000 gallon water bladders (total $12,000) were taken during the second theft. A game camera caught photographs of the suspects removing the bladders from the property. The suspect vehicle was also photographed.

I looked at the photographs and came up with the following descriptions.

Suspect One: 30-40 years old, dark hair, White Male Adult, camo pants, blue t shirt, bloused boots, boonie hat.

Suspect Two: 30-40 years old, bald, White Male Adult, camo pants, tan shirt, bloused desert colored boots.
Vehicle: Ford F-350, 6.0 era diesel engine, crew cab, short bed. White with gold stripe along lower rocker. FX4 off road package, Chrome front and rear bumpers, black running boards. After market silver fuel door, and aftermarket LED style tail lights. Stock looking rims. Very stock appearance.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help locating these suspects or this vehicle. Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 445-7251.

UPDATE Thursday: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On July 26th The Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip that the vehicle in this burglary had been sighted. Sgt. Jesse Taylor responded and located the vehicle in the Garberville area. The bald male suspect was driving the truck and was detained. The victim was contacted and advised we had the suspect detained and positively identified. The victim hesitant to cooperate and couldn’t decide if he wanted to pursue prosecution. Therefore the suspect was released from the scene.

The Sheriff’s Office requests no further help from the public reporting sighting of the suspects or suspect vehicle.



  • Beautiful Country

    Oh, the poor dope growers got ripped off? I find it hard to have any sympathy. Although not all dope growers are terrible I have generally witnessed most by far abusing the “medicinal” laws. They lie about it being medicinal and “for sick people” while they spray it and sell it to out-of-state markets while they destroy our forest environment while they make big piles of cash. And then other growers who do the same thing rush to their defense. So, unfortunately…I find it hard to sympathize. Not that I like thieves, mind you!

    • I knew as soon as I saw the headline that it had to be a dope-related theft. It’s all dirty.

    • Mmmm hmmm. “Abusing medicinal laws”? So when a company like Bayer makes aspirin should they only make enough for themselves for when the CEO of bayer has a headache? No. They make billions and billions of aspirin pills and sell them for “big piles of cash”. It’s called capitalism and it’s funny how no one questions it when it’s some faceless corporation but if you see your neighbor doing the exact same thing you hate him for it. Sad

      • Beautiful Country

        No. You are distracting again. I won’t run you through the history of Oaksterscam or even our own county under Gallegos. Many growers hang their scrips on their gardens, blow up their gardens to produce hundreds of pounds by hanging multiple scrips, spray Eagle 20 or Avid or Forbid, do not sell to dispensaries, tell us they are heroes for “helping out sick people”, make huge amounts of cash that they spend on luxury items elsewhere, treat their land terribly, draw large amounts of water during the historic drought with no concern and they are not awesome, wonderful or even okay. That is where we are now and I’m sorry. I don’t like Bayer or Monsanto either. But most growers here now, 15 years into the greenrush….suck. Some still are good people but they are the ones getting run over.

        • And when a faceless corporation takes over and is producing millions of pounds instead of hundreds using way more water and spraying chemicals freely most of you will be happy with that and not question because the tv news won’t be talking about these points they’ll be talking about how great it is for Wall Street and everyone will celebrate the freedom of the weed when it’s safe in the hands of the corporations. You’re all a bunch of sheep

          • If everyone saw how disgusting our food and our “medicine” was handled and treated and the trillions in profit that are being made by these corporations who don’t care about making us healthy or well…would your mind change? All of these huge corporations spray our “organic” food with pesticides that have been approved by the USDA as “safe”. These drug companies don’t care about making people well or healthy… so why is it ok for them? Why is no one complaining or trying to make a difference on a bigger scale? If you are disgusted by what your neighbor is doing and you think it’s wrong… you should really open your eyes to the world around you. This world and county has much bigger problems then weed. It’s so sad that it’s the main focus though.

            • Greatnortherness

              Right on well said thank you. But don’t k ow if sheeple can grasp upon the blatant or obvious. It’s baaaad

        • No. Growers are not the problem. Pharmaceutical companies run this country. Bigger than oil. They are making everyone an addict and making 100s of billions doing it. They dont care about you or the environment. U wanna blam humboldt and its meger population? Thats sad.

      • If these companies are as bad as you say, why would you think their evil gives permission for your evil?

      • If it makes arguement funner, Bayer and Monsato just bought into the marijuana business recently.

    • My feelings exactly, if they are non compliant.

    • Your on the wrong site. LoCo is the place to go if you want to troll.
      This was a reply to upthread ( beautiful country)and I’m not sure how it got this far down.

      • With this website design it’s very hard to see whom is responding to whom and the comments get very mixed up with each other. Just an observation. I very much appreciate this news site.

        • Sorry, it’s on my wish lists of things to change when I get rich…so don’t hold your breath.

          • Just kill your comments section. It’s a troll farm, and an embarrassment to your page. The same to tired fights regardless of whether they are relevant to the article.

            • This is something I can’t quite understand. If people don’t like the comment section, it is easy to stop scrolling at the end of the article. Then you don’t have to read it, but it is there for those who enjoy it. Why doesn’t that work for you?

              • Dr Brian Ormond

                Maybe Kim if the comments that people do want to read were marked in some way then those who do want to read them wouldn’t have to sort through the schlock and other negative crud and community members could read comments from community members that want to have a discussion.
                And those who just need to put down others could join some other site where they can continue doing what they want. I for one do not want to change someones mind nor their point of view.
                And yes there are so many sub-communities here. The discussions can bring us so many solutions to our issues
                And that is what made our community so sustainable.

                • But who would decide which comments need to be read? My idea might not be yours. Some folks think the comment section is a source of amusement, some like to feel smugly better than others, some want confirmation of their opinions and a few want to discuss ideas or give information.

      • Beautiful Country

        Not trolling. My real feelings on the subject after living here 35 years and witnessing the changes, knowing many people in many parts of Mendo and Humboldt. And I’m not the only one who feels this way even though we only express ourselves in small conversations to friends because we know the present paradigm- “anybody disturbing the mass money flow is an enemy”. All arguments above are based on distraction or excuses that others are even worse. That is no excuse for giving a pass to the rushers and greedy locals who have destroyed our community and our environment. I know you’ve been here long enough to see it too. Those who are only 10 years in here have no clue what they squashed. And yeah- the big corporations are taking over anyway. At this point I don’t see much difference. One big Trump or a thousand littler ones is what I see. Greed, selfishness, destruction and cover it with a hippie flag. I’m not feeling sorry for growers. Excuse me now- I must go water my medicinal garden from which we make extracts that I give away to actual real cancer patients for free. Not at a huge profit from my scammy dispensary while I proclaim what a wonderful person I am. I don’t make mad profit on the backs of sick people although I know it’s all the capitalist rage around here these days. You see- I’m only bitter because of what I’ve learned and seen from actual real events and what people have become…Have a nice one!

        • I understand, I also actually help people that need it instead of the harsh medicine their doctor gives them. Thank goodness I don’t depend on it as an income. Because I have a real job. But you know I am just a clueless local that has been around for 45 years.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      (This is in response to “Beautiful Country”). Sorry that you bought the one-note, it’s-all-crap, zeitgeist about marijuana and everything associated with it. Any major industry will have bad players, just in case you were born yesterday. We’re doing the best we can to dig out of an unfair and unwarranted legal status. Truth and justice have an uphill battle against evil just in case you skipped World and American history and don’t know who is currently President of the United States, “the last great hope of man(humanity) on earth.” Oh, please. Anyway, thanks for nothing and I am sincerely glad you exercised your Second Amendment rights. When everyone is irritated by everyone else’s freedom, we are still, nominally a free country. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      I agree, it’s nothing more than [edit] getting their rewards.

      More to this story most likely….

    • Why you still bitching about the growers? It’s going legal state wide. The county already takes money from growers, let’s stop the bitching

    • Looks like dude they call Woody from Ferndale Darin I think his name is

  • Thieves stealing from dope growers? Im not that concerned.

  • At least the “Growers” were trying to WORK for their living whether legal or otherwise which is more than the Thieves can say!!! The only “Work” they did was loading the stolen items onto the truck!!!

    • Beautiful Country

      Who cares? If your work produces a sucky result for everybody and only rewards yourself then I have no respect for it. I’m sick of all the little Trumps running around here justifying their destruction of my county.

      • the little trumps. lol you must be joking. im sure anyone thats know you is sick of you too. try talking about something you know about. like how do you know there growers. you dont know . just another know it all with no facts spreading lies. group up

      • Do you own this whole country ? Do you own the land which these people grown on, or any land for that matter ? What right do you have to tell others what they can or cant do on land that they bought and paid for and pay property taxes on ? Maybe they should control how much power you use or what you are able to comment ? You seem to be the type that loves your freedoms , but others arent allowed theirs if you dont agree with them. Their rights are just as important as yours, your double standards and selfish nature is what is so very wrong in this world. Just agree that people will disagree and stop attempting to control others. If you dont like people growing, then buy their property and dont allow people to grow on it. But my dear, if you dont own it you do not get a say. As for spraying, most grows i know wont use what you mentioned as they show up on test results, so you are assuming that is what is being used constantly, yet i bet you dont really have a clue, just throwing up crap someone spoon fed you to try to control how others live their lives or what they do with their own private property

        • What if what others are doing on their private property spills over onto your private property? What if your house is filled with diesel exhaust from your neighbor’s generator? What if the noise of your neighbor’s industrial fans keeps you awake in bed at night? What if your neighbors drain the creek that feeds your homestead? Don’t you have a right to do what you want – like breathe clean air, sleep peacefully at night, water your veggies – on your private property?

    • “work for a living?” You mean like bank robbers “work for a living?” Pathetic.

    • Right, Dan. This is not a victim-less crime. Being ripped off feels like the violation it is. Thieves suck.

  • A lot of unjustified assumptions being made here:

    No proof the owner is a cannabis grower.
    No proof that if a grower, s/he is not legal.
    No proof that if a grower, s/he is growing irresponsibly.

    The only thing I can say pretty positively is that thieves don’t care who they steal from and the next victim could be you.

    • Thank you for being the ever present voice of reason!

      • That’s hard to find in this county of expatriates who are all caught up in their greedy stoned world and have lost sight of social values . For example, aspirin is not marijuana so that whole rant against Bayer and Monsanto is a non sequitor. Further, there is no question medical marijuana is merely a subterfuge for illegal activity. As an aside, plenty of growers use chemicals made by these or similar companies. The real issue is that the marijuana industry attracts misfits and the result is increased criminal activity that leads to increased expense and danger for law abiding people. But evidently marijuana is what a large part of the American people want.If there was no demand there would be no industry, legal or otherwise. Then the related crime would go away.

        • “Further, there is no question medical marijuana is merely a subterfuge for illegal activity.”

          What part of regulated does a peabrain prohibitionist not understand? Non sequitor my ass; cue the useful pawns for the [edit] cops and their corporate masters!

    • Thank you for clarifying that Kym. So many jump to conclusions and judge what they know nothing about.

    • Too true, Kym. Thieves are opportunists; do not care who or what they hurt. Dregs of society.

    • Speaking of assumptions here, maybe the headline should read “alleged” thieves. Maybe it was an ex-partner just coming back to claim property? Thats just how dope works! Large scale thefts occurring multiple times? Raises at least one eyebrow. JMO

      • If I put this in capitals, will you see it then? THERE IS NO POT THAT I KNOW OF…This is not how “dope works.” This is how thieves work. I have no knowledge of any marijuana being grown at this site. The property reported stolen to the Sheriff’s Department did not list marijuana stolen. You are making unwarranted assumptions. And, frankly, if the thieves stole marijuana I hope they get caught.

        • You’re right there is no direct evidence that its marijuana related. My viewpoint is from the likelihood that large-scale water storage in the Emerald Triangle is connected to marijuana growing. A law enforcement flyover would probably consider this possibility in the same manner as I am. And yes, this is how these operations work. Suspects don’t appear to be low-level scrappers either. Multiple, brazen thefts at same location is suspicious.

      • Must have been sent by OJ.

    • 3 20,000 gallon bladders…”No proof they were growers” That’s denial of Trumpian scope.

    • I agree 250% which is why I put the word Grower in Quotation Marks!!! There is NO proof here that the individual being robbed is a “Grower” he may have had the water bladders for some other reason such as personal NON Cannabis Growing, need!!!

    • North Coast News made the assumption with their headline…

      “Deputies looking for men who allegedly stole nearly $25,000 in growing equipment”


      Appreciate your journalism, Kym!

      • I specifically spoke to Lt. Fridley and he said these items could all be normal items used by folks who live in rural areas.

        • Hey town dwellers, people in the hills use these for fire safety, and winter rain catchment for all kinds of gardening. Believe it or not the climate here grows really nice fruit and veggies too.

          • Sometimes the gap of experience between urban and rural readers is nearly impossible to bridge. I try but as a rural dweller I sometimes just get exasperated. I shouldn’t. It’s hard to understand what you don’t know.

          • Who's Laughing Now

            Ah yes “Town Dwellers”
            The go to insult of the off-the-grid-elite who stare down the end of their nose at the pesants that inhabit the lowlands.
            You’ll be a townie too once Fish&Wildlife and the Water Quality Control Board get ahold of your “alternative” “self-sufficient” lifestyle. Your whole exsisence is a massive violation of the federal clean water act and subject to asset forfeiture. Regulation is coming to take your land in the name of environmentalism. Bwahahaha!!

    • Too bad the LoCo trolls have infected your site.

    • Triniboldticino

      Your pet Chump is suspiciously absent from the reparte’. Hmm. I was going to say I hope (he/she/it) is O.K., but . . .

      • That IS extremely unusual, 10 times out of 9 he’s usually all about screaming bloody Fire & Brimstone about, anything even possibly associated with Cannabis or it’s production!!! Everything even faintly tied to Cannabis in ANY form is a ploy of the Devil!!! Strange indeed not to see him!!!

  • The Apache Warrior

    They are still thieves no matter who they are ripping off. They should be caught, tried and put away for about 20 years or so and everything that they ‘might’ own, should be sold and used for restitution for the costs of the legal proceedings. As far as the landowners, if they are running an illegal grow OR WHATEVER, let the law enforcement take care of it. That’s what they get paid for. And for all of you ANTI-LAW ENFORCEMENT IDIOTS, go get a real life and maybe a new Country that agrees with you, like Iran or one of those places. LONG LIVE THE LAW ENFORCEMENT MEN & WOMEN. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THAT YOU DO AND THE CHANCES YOU TAKE WITH YOUR LIVES. BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU.

    • Just an aside: there is PLENTY of “law enforcement” in Iran. It is a sharia state. Women are required to wear hijab and there are “morality police” who go around arresting women for “immodest” dress, couples walking hand-in-hand in public, etc. Punishment is public caning, imprisonment, and sometimes execution. Alcohol and drug use is prohibited. Surely there are better examples of places to go where there is little to no “law enforcement”. Chicago, Illinois or Oakland CA for example.

  • The photos are good enough that somebody should be able to recognize them.

  • Naughty!

  • I would just about bet they are neighbors. Cams need to be readjusted to get plates.

  • Find em and kill their dope!

  • no license plate number recorded?

  • shawn the fisherman

    Weed economy begets criminal enterprise….

  • Stealing is stealing!!!Your taking things that don’t belong to you period. Our homes have been trashed,broke the stuff they couldn’t make money at. Thieves SUCK!!good luck stealing from me again. I hope someone knows this asshole and turns him in

  • Could these comments possibly be more predictable?

  • y’all fighting abut somthing you all are a little wrong and a little right. During this little debate our country struggles with much bigger problems that we are being distracted from over petty things like this lol come on people. Theft is a crime period end of discussion, catch them prosecute them onward we go to the next. Social midia arguements reminds me of fights in a bad relationship. No love, no progress, no point in fighting any further. Have a good day 🇱🇷

  • The bald guy looks Bulgarian.

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  • None of you must have read the piece… it was a VACANT property…. Those bladders may have been water storage for a house or fire protection by the former residents… Nothing in this article said anything about Growing involved. As for growing….If people want to play the blame game, how about this… people have been growing here for decades!! We didn’t have any of these rip offs, transient issues, murders ect until Quinelle and his “Pot Cops” did their TV show, and the other local person did that show “Marijuana a Chronic History” where she said “Come to Humboldt and grow Weed… It’s fun. That’s when all these thieves, Cartels, and Mega Growers moved in and brought their violence.

    • Yup! Social media and those stupid shows are what ruined it. It’s ridiculous how many more people are here in just the last 4 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if the county did it on purpose to get more people to scam on the permit process. They knew what was gonna happen doesn’t take a rocket scientist to foresee that lol

  • Well, the one dude is wearing ACUs with proper undershirt and boots, so, he’s either a national guardsman, retired army, or one of the many wannabe transient military impersonators. Seeing as his age is of that that could possibly be from that era of uniform, police should be able to compare facial imagery if chose to do so with federal database. It’s a shame to see the uniform discraced by Being worn improperly like that, and being worn during the committing of a crime. Hope yaall catch him [edit]

  • I’m glad the owner put up the cameras and caught pictures of these guys. Stealing is not something we should say is okay and allow to go on. I hope someone identifies them and they are charged with their crimes.

    • Ya I’m sure they’ll go away for about an hour, until criminals are held responsible for the crimes they commit and actually punished there is really no deturrant. Dope growers or not FUCK Thieves.

  • All the comments hating on growers is comical. Most likely made by individuals who shop at Wal-Mart, eat processed junk food, eat fast food, take pharmaceuticals, sit around and watch tv, abuse their spouse wether physically or emotionally, drink cheap beer, have bad personal hygiene, drive gas guzzling cars, spray their yards with Round Up and have an all around shitty attitude.

  • To be honest. They look bulgarian. I know that look. They always dress para military or “track” suits when not working. Also look at body build n skin tone,Just my 2 cents…

  • They are dressed like camp

  • Just want say we have 100,000 gallons storage. It’s for our well that Peters out in May. If we didn’t have those bladders we would have no domestic water to make it till fall. No marijuana on property. But my parents have lots of flowers and maple trees.
    Just mentioning lots of people out there that need that kind of storage.

  • Instead of a motion activated camera, they should of had a [edit] Yeah, I know that’s illegal, but I hate thieves with a passion. Forget I said that…..I think.

  • Where there’s a victim, there’s a crime. Book them Danno!

  • only in humboldt would people gossip to the point in which a bystander turns into the culprit. this guy resembles a lot of people does not mean its somebody you know! never mind some people might of been out of state . So dont go spreading fake news out there people it just ends up with the law being confused and asking questions that have no merit.

  • Besides im better looking than that guy

  • Theft from anyone is not something that we should tolerate.

    ID them and charge them.

  • Spend less time bickering about how hard it is to grow pot, fake news and track suits and use that energy to help ID these guys. Ford isn’t the most common pick up brand around these parts any more. BOLO that shit.

  • I hope the greedy thieves get what’s coming in the form of Karma! And I hope the poison oak reaks havoc on you like nobody’s business.

  • I can’t believe what I’m reading. Racism, accusations, assumptions, and 1st grade pissing contests all in one comment section of one article. Sorry, Kym. They will never hear you, even if you use all capitals. I can’t believe what I just witnessed. Now, wait for it! Here comes the “I know you are but what am I” stuff…..

  • There are known tweeker theives living just up shop road area.
    They took apart another persons solar power system as well.

  • >”There are known tweeker theives living just up shop road area.
    They took apart another persons solar power system as well.”

    Those guys don’t look like tweekers…

  • Lets see.
    Doesn’t the DMV have a list of all White,Ford,350?,Year?
    Call a dealrship to ID the model year.
    Call DMV.

    Address of known owners?

  • If the thieves are growing weed here it will be busted soon

  • Wow, I came to look at comments that someone might actually have a lead or a “heads up”out there about the thieves. Instead, as is happening on many of the comment threads, it quickly runs to drivel about possibly this, or possible that. Honestly, do some of you folks have nothing better to do with your time than dream up what ifs? Two big looking dudes came to one of the local neighborhoods and took stuff that (as far as we know) they have no right to. For all you folks worrying the items were being used to grow pot, What on Earth do you think the thieves want to use the items stolen for? Their Organic vegie garden? Maybe some of you need a hobby or take a critical thinking course to put your brain in gear.

  • The big bald guy looks like a Bulgarian I saw at Dazey’s a couple of months ago.

  • To be honest with everyone… In this case, obviously it’s a garden spot, the fact so much materialistic items were left unattended makes me more obvious. Given it it could be legit, I’m not ignoring that. But let’s be real…. Indoor garden and outdoor.. lights and solar panels were jacked… And numerous water holding tanks.. so had they not been robbed, would the feds have kicked door come 4 months? I mean ya they got got for some petty thief shit, when in reality they might of been given there freedom in return.

  • That truck is a long bed not a short bed

  • Good for the landowner putting up cameras. I want one for sketchy neighbors.

  • We should all invest in a camera that will ID the dirt bags. Its a lot better to have good pictures available for the day the thieves show up at your place. With the pickup & these clear pictures hopefully they will at least get arrested. But then this is liberal x 100 California where criminals get many get out of jail free cards!

    I like the old Turkish treatment for thieves.

    • Still playing the manipulator’s game. “Liberal, Progressive, Conservative, Neo-Fascist.” All terms supplied by the corporate media to divide people who are actually connected by income, social standing, relations.
      It is, and it has never been; a “left vs. right” or “liberal vs. conservative.” it has always been “top vs. bottom.” “Rich” vs. poor/mid-class.” Listening to goons call their neighbors and relatives “snowflakes, libtards, progs.” does nothing but demonstrate how manipulated and stupid these people are.
      Some idiot who votes away his own rights. Votes away his own autonomy. Votes away his retirement fund, his health care, his right to advance educationally, financially; sits there in his easy chair while the anti-Americans loot our treasury, and calls his neighbors names for daring to stand up to the criminals stealing our children’s inheritance.
      They’re obviously not working people, since they’re against anything that benefits workers. They don’t care to be educated, or help their children become educated; since they support taking away public education and turning it into a ponzi scheme for the rich. They don’t care about American jobs, since they vote for the biggest “off-shoring” capitalists there are. And finally they must not give a damn about what are facts, and what are lies. Since they are comforted by neo-fascist lies that they are the “true, patriotic” Americans, proved by how they help to destroy every ideological value that makes the US a great country.
      Traitors believing traitors dismantling American freedoms and strengths one disenfranchised citizen at a time.
      And those who run willingly into the arms of a puppet like Trump, or McConnell, or Ryan; are, every one of them; a hater, a jealousy-driven-punk who hates their neighbors. They hate the people in the store. They hate the people in the DMV. They support the destruction of our country because they hate this country, they want to turn it into a fascist state, where all the decisions are given up to the wealth-class. Maybe they hope they will be guards at “liberal-concentration camps.” Ha! Now that would be funny. They think giving it all to the rich is going to benefit themselves and hurt their “Proggy” neighbor. But in reality, once the freedom to sell your people into financial slavery is used and done; there ain’t no getting it back.

      • I’m either an ultra-conservative who couldn’t stand the fake conservatism or an ultra-liberal who doesn’t like the fake version of that, either. I end up thinking a lot like your first two paragraphs, Moviedad.
        But to me that’s where it ends. The “liberals” who make it near the top are often slick talking, false hope spreading, stooges of the elite. The “conservatives” are a rough talking lot who pander to a different version of false hope. They trade off with each other, selling your vote to themselves for the money of the elites. They sell us all out as slowly as necessary to keep us arguing with each other about who’s the bigger dummy- socialists or fascists– and who’s the bigger crook. The tendency is for sell-out power-seekers to rise.

        Neither your conservative neighbor nor your liberal neighbor is a bigger dummy than me or you. We’re all just frustrated by the rigged game — maybe especially because of its amazing positives that we often feel are misused.

  • Definitely nothing going on except a case of “theft” here. Suspect apprehended, victim refuses to pursue charges. Validates my original assertion that this seemed like more of a case of “partner” vendetta involving &*%#. Funny how a few pictures can paint a whole story. What a waste of time and resources.

  • Thinking allowed

    So the police catch one of them, the purported victim won’t follow through and the guy is released. No wonder the police are jaded. A couple more of these public assistance wanted , oh-no-I-didn’t-really-mean-it news pieces and I’ll be pretty uninterested too.

    The time to decide is before a police report. Not after.

  • Beautiful Country

    Umm…okay so now what do you people want to attack me for? It’s sad how growers use our limited police resources to spin their tales of woe. It’s sad how they use Kym Kemp’s optimism to get her to support them and broadcast their shallow cover stories. And sadder yet again how many of you rush to the defense of chicken-shit growers who simply will not deal with their own messes…https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2017/jul/27/bald-briceland-burglary-suspect-detained-victim-di/

    • The same info is in the latest update in the story above. [To be fair, why should growers have to “deal with their own messes” but everyone else can call law enforcement for help? If we are asking them to sign up and be legal, then they should get help from law enforcement. Also, though the man may indeed be a grower, there is no proof of that.] Thanks for the sweet vote about my optimism though. It makes me realize that in spite of growing more cynical, thank god, I’m not there yet.

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