Roll on the Mattole 2017!

Press release from the Honeydew Volunteer Fire Company:

Honeydew Volunteer Fire Company poster



  • I want to unscribe from this site. I have received 7 posts yesterday, way to many. I lived in Garberville for 50 years and I know there is not that much happening to get that many posts. I will go into this site and see the news as I like.
    Thank you for your site and all your effort.

  • Kym your site rules keep the posts coming!!! Thx

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Ms.Kemp is the only reporter available that produces content.

    CNN will definitely pick her stream up when the national guard deployed to root the marijuana growers out.

    When she’s live reporting on the eradication offensive, it’s going to be great.

    We’re going to need a Weather Girl, one that wears fancy clothes and points to a map showing the cleansing operations.

    Anyone else wonder what the aircraft carrier off CC is all about?

    • The vessel in CC is carrying cannabis sniffing, eradicating drones that drop bibles on the flat brim, Toyota driving, caliphate, jazz cabbage growers in the surrounding counties. They are gearing up for a massive eradication of the devil lettuce that is rotting the minds of our youth. After eradicating said devil’s weed, they will begin building Christian churches to oversee the fight against such evil. Once the devil’s lettuce is wiped out and churches built, only then will we find peace.

    • Honeydew Bridge T.R.O.L.L.

      Content? She’s just reiterating scanner squawk and law enforcement press releases. That’s not really quality award winning journalism. Plus reading your antagonistic fear driven views on cannabis makes this site the TMZ of Humboldt County.

      • Smoochies, I love you too.

      • Victor G. Flashman

        Actually, wherever the news is from, whatever it’s form, it’s freely posted, as is. Also there is provided plenty of space for random wisdom and effete sharing. A true example of progressive journalism for and by the unwashed masses.

        The news is not the real story! Meanwhile:

        Maintaining this site is obviously a lot of work, and the local focus is appreciated.

        Thanks for your service, Kym!

  • Victor G. Flashman

    I actually don’t think the military has enough guys to kick the growers out, just as there are not enough jail cells to hold the miscreants. Legalizing crime of all sort seems like a poor choice for the species, but it’s the cheapest approach. Kind of like the response to all the recent roadway deaths in Northern CA, the cops are sitting in their cars by the highway, and the speeders and drunks are slowing down, at least for 100 yards or so.

    The laws are bent to favor the mass of crime, so grow and drive with caution. Hopefully chaos and anarchy will cost less than law and order!

    • Beautiful Country

      They don’t need to chase any people down. Just cut down, chip and spread the stationary plants that just sit there in full view on flat ground next to easily traveled roads. Easy peasy if they just did it! Remove the profits, make future investments much less secure and you can turn this ship around in 2-3 years time. But you have to get the feds to cut through the propaganda and actually do their job. Sessions is doing his best!

  • Yes im,going to miss this without really missing it. Good job on hyping it up though!

  • After midnight at last year’s Roll. Not a professional photo… but shows the feel of live music under the madrone trees next to the river. I think this was Vidagua, just before Stevie Culture last year. They were all great!

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