Gnarly Ass Nature Video With Funny Narrator

A rubber boa snake and a lizard battle for supremacy. [Photos and video by Reuben Childs]

Today, a Humboldt County man captured an epic battle between a rubber boa and a lizard with a yellow jacket buzzing in to drop some stings.

If a little blue language bothers you, skip the sound on the following video. (Also, click on the lower right-hand corner brackets to expand to full screen.)

Pretty sure the boa lost this one or hopefully got away,” Childs reports. “After another 30 minutes, there was no sign of the boa but I saw the alligator lizard lurking in the huckleberry [bushes] a few feet away. Might have drug his lunch somewhere in the shade there but I couldn’t spot it.”

A rubber boa snake and Lizard fight

The lizard bites down on the snake’s head.



  • dammit Carl you ruined the video

  • Chewing the Fat

    Reminds me of all the bloggers on this site chewing on each other!

  • Lost me at “Gnarly Ass”.

    • Sigh, I’ve had to suppress my sense of humor most of my life. When I do let it out, folks like you let me know it’s unacceptable.

    • Really! That was a gnarly, ass, far out, groovy, right on, rad, out of site, bad ass, righteous, bitchin, wipe out, between those out there reptiles!

      I remember the word “gnarly” being used in the 60’s and 70’s as surfer lingo in Santa Cruz.
      You could probably substitute “sick”, as one of the equivalent slang words these days.

      I liked the slang Kym. You work hard. It is necessary for you to have some fun. Go for it girl! Those youngsters on your site just need to get in the groove man and get hip! Later.

    • Oh, don’t be boring! With all the sad news that goes on around here, lighten up and enjoy some humor!

  • Those alligator lizards are mean and fearless. I’ve had them charge me. They bite too

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Really? I have never been charged by any of our local lizards or snakes, including fence lizards, alligator lizards, skinks, ringneck snakes, rattlesnakes, garter or racers during my years living in the woods. They always tried to get away or ignore me. Alligator lizards don’t like excessive heat and are fairly reclusive. You can dig up alligator lizards, rattlers, scorpions while managing in-ground plants, especially in hot weather, which is another good reason to stick with large containers.

      The only lizards that have bitten me were ones I picked up. Can you blame them? They were gently released with no harm to either of us, except for the frightened lizard.

  • I didn’t know we had boas around here

  • Know a guy who was fighting a forest fire and had an alligator lizard run up his pant leg. It attacked his rosy boa. Painful, frightening and he got a new nick name. Fellow firefighters gave him a sort of trophy. A stuffed iguana with a plastic penis in it’s jaws. You can’t make this stuff up! The names were changed to protect the embarrassed.

  • I think one of the gnarliest things I have seen was watching a snake swallow a Banana Slug some years back. Recently I was checking some mouse traps that I had set in our laundry room and found a King Snake chomping on a dead mouse in one of the traps.

  • In about 81, while on on a ccc crew clearing log jams on Yeager creek. We heard a “peep peep”. It was coming from the weeds on the bank. “Peep peep”, what could it be? We couldn’t see it. We looked and still couldn’t see it. What could it be? “Peep peep!” We all agreed, it must be, a, “baby quail” we decided we must save the, baby quail. Finally we parted the grass at the side of the creek to see a frog hanging on to a branch. He had a garter snake up to his chest. We didn’t save the “baby quail”.

  • This is great! LOL, Humboldt’s own OzyMan, maybe. Needs more ‘hella’.

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