[UPDATE 12:28 p.m.] Marble Fire Near Somes Bar Grows

Smoke from the Marble Fire looking southwest from the Slater Butte Lookout. [Photo by Barbara Geidel]

As of 8:30 this morning, the Marble Fire burning near Hwy 96 north of Soames Bar had spread over 200 acres with 0% containment. Structures are threatened and there are voluntary evacuations for the Pattern Patterson Ranch area. 

According to the Northern California Geographic Area Coordination Center, “[M]ultiple snags in the fire area due to past fire history are causing hazards and spotting issues for firefighters.” They also report there is controlled traffic on Hwy 96.

Today is expected to stay under 80 degrees but gusty winds which can whip up flames are predicted. The weather will likely grow hotter and dryer into next week.

UPDATE 12:28 p.m.:
Inciweb is reporting this is only 120 acres.

Yesterday’s column of smoke from the Marble Fire taken at approximately 8 p.m. [Photo by Roberto Beltran]

Earlier Chapter: Fire Crews Battling Vegetation Fire North of Somes Bar



  • At 2:12 pm, the Marble IC also indicates approximately 120 acres, with moderate to high potential for spread. Besides the current helicopters and fixed wing planes, there are 3 additional State air tankers enroute which will be replaced by 3 Federal tankers later this afternoon.

  • Beautiful Country

    Pattern Ranch? Is that supposed to be Patterson Ranch?

  • Thanks for the update. My daughter lives there.

  • Does anyone else besides me still refer to that area as youngs ranch. Sending prayers to those resident’s in that area. I have a few friend’s there and if they need help moving stuff out plz call me at 5305980657.Or anything

  • Youngs Ranch is now named Marble Mountain Ranch. They have a web site. The fire supposedly started at the high end of the their property.

    Thank you to the fire fighters and to all the folks who have offered up help and prayers.

    It is mighty scary to drive home past the fire on Patterson Road.

    It is nice and cool this evening with low winds which is a very good thing.

    Last we heard is that the fire is over 200 acres and a Level 2 Incident command team came in this afternoon and the fire camp is set up in Orleans.

    Lots of activity at the Patterson Ranch with folks packing up and being ready to leave if needed.

    And lots of engines and fire crews there.

    Nellaskota go to face book and try to connect with the Orleans Salmon River complex as they have an active page and you can place your offer of help there.

    We will keep your number handy if we hear of folks needing help.

    Thank you so very much for offering it.

  • Thanks for the informative article. With the predicted gusty winds and hot temperatures, this could develope into a dangerous major rager, for the weekend.

    All the best to all those hard working fire fighters.

  • Be safe for Wally and Edna,

    kathy, ot.

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