James Etzkorn and Cherie Lynch Memorial: Please join us in sharing memories and stories of our parents

This section includes both obituaries and memories. Honoring our loved ones who have died does not end immediately after their passing. We recognize that… so we’re extending our obituary section to include individuals who may have left a long time ago. If you want to remember someone who is gone, either recently or long ago, please send a photo and a few sentences to mskymkemp@gmail.com. Tell us why you would like to honor the person–is it their birthday, the date of their passing or some other date of significance to you? Pet remembrances are also welcome.

James Etzkorn Friends and family of James Etzkorn and Cherie Lynch, please join us in sharing memories and stories of our parents that were tragically taken from us too soon.Cherie Lynch

We ask you to gather at the Alderpoint Fire Hall July 31st at 4pm for a potluck and celebration of life. Please bring your best stories!

They may have not spent their entire lives together, but due to timing of them each passing so close to one another, the Etzkorn sister’s have decided to combine their memorial, while also honoring their individual lives….



  • shawn the fisherman

    Really sorry for your loss. I hate death. Does not seem fair we are all so fragile. Prayers.

  • I’m sorry for ur loss, one death is hard enough. Tell me, I’m a little confused. They were brother and sister?

  • I am so sorry for your loss. Many years ago I met your mother and she helped me more than anyone I’ve ever known! R.I.P. Cherie

  • Jimmy’s use to pass by our house when I lived up on Rancho Sequoia on top of the hill every morning at 5:30 trying to be quiet so our dogs wouldn’t chase him i have known Jimmys since I moved up there at was 35 years ago I will always remember him and Sherry, may they rest in peace

  • God bless you cherie💕 you were a true friend to me.you helped me when i was at my lowest i will never forget your love and kindness💕💕💕

  • sending love and light…

  • I am glad you got to spend your last days with your daughters, Cherie. Here’s to hoping you are in a better place now, we love you so much.

  • Sorry to hear about Mike , his father woody and mine Jesse were cousins .The first time I met Mike I was 17 Drivin back from Garberville and Mike pulled me over I’ll never forget He looked at my license and informed me in detail that were cousins, SLOWW DOWN and tell your Mom and Dad hi. Well no ticket but how do you tell your parents you just happened to run into your Cousin IN Garberville????RIP Mike The Sanders Family

    • Bob, you accidentally put this on another memorial page. If you would like to repost this on the other page, then I can delete this one for you.

  • James and my wife and I all went to the same high school, graduated only one year apart, then lived in this small town of willow creek. When my wife seen his picture realized it was him. It’s to bad we didn’t get a chance to catch up. RIP.

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