Humboldt’s Cheatham Grove Makes it onto New York Times List of ‘Hidden Gems of California’

Yesterday, the New York Times published a list of the “Hidden Gems of California,” and Humboldt County’s own Cheatham Grove made it onto the list!

Not only that, but it was the first place listed. (Well…okay…the list is arranged geographically from north to south, and we’re pretty far north. But that still makes us number one, right?)

You know what? Don’t take our word for it. Just click the link below and check out the list for yourself.

California Today: Hidden Gems of California

Cheatham Grove is part of Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park, and, according to the California State Parks website, the spot “provided a backdrop for the scooter chase scene in [Star Wars: Episode VI] – Return of the Jedi.”



  • I’ve attended several weddings there. A very special place for a lovely walk in the woods.

  • Maybe so, but they are right. If you like Star Wars, you will love this place. You can walk under the tree that Princess Leia road the speeder bike under.

    “scooter chase”? Speeder bike or jumpspeeder, not scooters.

  • Surprised Kym is allowing “buttpirate”

  • just up the road from me

  • That’s fucked. Now we’re going to have a bunch of out-of-towners ruining our locals spot. Thanks Cecilia Holland of Fortuna.

    • Cecelia Holland is a hard-working local author and teacher. Back off!!!!

    • I find this remark to be a total crock of crap!!! I don’t like all the extra traffic on this road either but I would rather follow a tourist going 35 MPH than be run off the road by a Tweaking Growdozer, passing on a Blind Corner, over the Double Yellow Line!!!

    • shawn the fisherman

      I agree! Been to Fern Canyon lately? So crowded with tourist, Trash all over, Everything trampled, Gotta wait on people constantly. Yeah lets bring in more people. Just freegin beautiful.

    • Nah, being a 5+ hour drive from the Bay really helps keep it from getting too crowded. Some tourism is a good thing – we’d have a lot fewer businesses without it.

  • No one asked, for your negative comments, on the matter either!!!
    Thank You, The OTHER Management!!!

  • Veterans friend

    Right near where a forest protector was killed by a logger only a few short years ago.

    • Sad that. So sad.

    • Actually it’s about 5 miles West of where that happened, which was right across the river from where I live!!! It was a damned shame I agree!!! I still think that the faller involved was deliberately targeting him!!!

    • Think about everyone who was killed off all over this beautiful land before you or i ever touched the ground

  • Interesting that the NY Times did not go further north in California and look at the Stout Grove in jedediah Smith Redwoods. I would put that above the Cheatam Grove.

  • shawn the fisherman

    Should be trying to protect that place from the f-ing tourist. Not let them destroy it with their heavy traffic. Great pic tho.. I do love that place.

  • Cant beat them cheatham.

  • “Scooter” chase? The fuck!? It’s fuckin speeder bikes u trekkies

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